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Stone Age Mythology: the Republican War Against Stem Cells and Climate Change

There is a sickening trend in this country of conservative Christians decrying science as fraudulent, and it affects everything from addressing global climate change to stem cell research. It will have long-term effects on America, its standing in the world, and the health of millions of Americans. Whether or not it is because conservatives are too stupid to understand science, or too steeped in ancient Jewish mythology, it is harmful to every person in America.

Republicans have taken it on themselves to decide what is best for the entire country based on their belief without empirical data to back up their positions. Conservatives think if they believe something, no matter how idiotic, then it is fact. In the legislature, Republican representatives from Southern and Midwestern states block legislation to combat global climate change because they don’t believe it’s real; they say it’s a hoax.

When presented with empirical data refuting their belief, many conservatives claim scientific data is invalid based on Stone Age mythology and mentality. In warm climates around the country, at the first sign of frost, people claim that global warming is a hoax. When Atlanta was buried in snow a couple of years ago, some Fox News pundits showed pictures of  Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” sitting in a snow bank. Obviously Fox News commentators do not understand what global warming is, and if they do, they are deliberately concealing the fact to whip up discontent with their viewers. Fox never mentioned that the unseasonable snow was predicted by climate scientists who said global climate change would produce extremes in the weather.

Around the country, conservatives fight attempts to pass climate bills based on energy industry directives and their limited world view. A common comment from conservatives is, “God controls the weather, not scientists” and it resonates with ignorant people who have no concept of weather other than the bible says God made it rain.

It is frustrating that Republicans just know stem cell research is bad and goes against God’s laws. If Republicans want to use the bible to cure disease and heal wounds, they have that option. But Christian Conservatives run to science and research-based medicine when they are diagnosed with cancer, the flu, or other life-threatening diseases.

There is an example of a man who railed against embryonic stem cell research, and when queried why he believed that way, he said it was in the bible. Recently, that science denier was diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and he immediately booked a flight to Mexico for stem cell therapy to treat his disorder. Before he could get treatment, subsequent tests came back negative and he went right back to fighting stem cell research.

It is great if Christian Conservatives can cure themselves with the bible, but their beliefs are becoming the death knell for the rest of America. It is especially true when Republicans use their anti-science beliefs as a basis for laws that affect everyone’s health; and the environment.

Where do conservative Christians attain such superior knowledge that they are more informed than scientists? It is not from research, testing or data-gathering that real science uses. No, it’s from archaic Jewish mythology. It is not necessarily their asinine views that astonish semi-reasonable human beings, but the way they state as fact a belief they learned in Sunday school.

Real scientists, psychologists, and researchers have an answer for why some morons will not believe a fact if it hits them square in the face. Apparently, when some people believe something strongly, there is nothing whatsoever that will change their minds. It is faith and arrogance, and the danger is when the morons are lawmakers because they affect all Americans.

America’s days as a leader in technological development and research to improve the quality of life are numbered, and in some cases, over. Conservative Christians who deny science as fraudulent or against God have set medical research and climate legislation back decades. If conservative Christians want to deny science and follow Stone Age beliefs, that is their prerogative. But denying the benefits of science to the rest of America is short-sighted and wrong; and, it’s the Conservative Christian way.

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