Stone Age Mythology: the Republican War Against Stem Cells and Climate Change

war on science

There is a sickening trend in this country of conservative Christians decrying science as fraudulent, and it affects everything from addressing global climate change to stem cell research. It will have long-term effects on America, its standing in the world, and the health of millions of Americans. Whether or not it is because conservatives are too stupid to understand science, or too steeped in ancient Jewish mythology, it is harmful to every person in America.

Republicans have taken it on themselves to decide what is best for the entire country based on their belief without empirical data to back up their positions. Conservatives think if they believe something, no matter how idiotic, then it is fact. In the legislature, Republican representatives from Southern and Midwestern states block legislation to combat global climate change because they don’t believe it’s real; they say it’s a hoax.

When presented with empirical data refuting their belief, many conservatives claim scientific data is invalid based on Stone Age mythology and mentality. In warm climates around the country, at the first sign of frost, people claim that global warming is a hoax. When Atlanta was buried in snow a couple of years ago, some Fox News pundits showed pictures of  Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” sitting in a snow bank. Obviously Fox News commentators do not understand what global warming is, and if they do, they are deliberately concealing the fact to whip up discontent with their viewers. Fox never mentioned that the unseasonable snow was predicted by climate scientists who said global climate change would produce extremes in the weather.

Around the country, conservatives fight attempts to pass climate bills based on energy industry directives and their limited world view. A common comment from conservatives is, “God controls the weather, not scientists” and it resonates with ignorant people who have no concept of weather other than the bible says God made it rain.

It is frustrating that Republicans just know stem cell research is bad and goes against God’s laws. If Republicans want to use the bible to cure disease and heal wounds, they have that option. But Christian Conservatives run to science and research-based medicine when they are diagnosed with cancer, the flu, or other life-threatening diseases.

There is an example of a man who railed against embryonic stem cell research, and when queried why he believed that way, he said it was in the bible. Recently, that science denier was diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and he immediately booked a flight to Mexico for stem cell therapy to treat his disorder. Before he could get treatment, subsequent tests came back negative and he went right back to fighting stem cell research.

It is great if Christian Conservatives can cure themselves with the bible, but their beliefs are becoming the death knell for the rest of America. It is especially true when Republicans use their anti-science beliefs as a basis for laws that affect everyone’s health; and the environment.

Where do conservative Christians attain such superior knowledge that they are more informed than scientists? It is not from research, testing or data-gathering that real science uses. No, it’s from archaic Jewish mythology. It is not necessarily their asinine views that astonish semi-reasonable human beings, but the way they state as fact a belief they learned in Sunday school.

Real scientists, psychologists, and researchers have an answer for why some morons will not believe a fact if it hits them square in the face. Apparently, when some people believe something strongly, there is nothing whatsoever that will change their minds. It is faith and arrogance, and the danger is when the morons are lawmakers because they affect all Americans.

America’s days as a leader in technological development and research to improve the quality of life are numbered, and in some cases, over. Conservative Christians who deny science as fraudulent or against God have set medical research and climate legislation back decades. If conservative Christians want to deny science and follow Stone Age beliefs, that is their prerogative. But denying the benefits of science to the rest of America is short-sighted and wrong; and, it’s the Conservative Christian way.

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  1. the Republicans remind me of the Catholics to a degree in at least one area. Birth control. Catholics cling to the fact that sex should only be for procreation and that no man should be used to prevent it. Republicans claim to the abstinence program. Both of them are rooted in antiquity. None of them realistic as proven by their failures.

    I have to wonder if the Republicans are afraid that mankind will be playing God. Stem cell research will bring about new cures and processes that will require big Pharma and big business to make new machines and new drugs. You would think that the Republicans would be all for that. So on one hand they are looking teary-eyed into the ancient past and on the other hand stabbing their corporate masters in the back.

    I have a theory, and it’s probably a very silly theory. Our conservatives and Republicans are hell-bent for election to make sure that we are at war whenever possible. And they are against life-saving measures. They need to see people dying to reinforce their belief that these people are going to heaven or hell. if we stop wars and cure diseases we will not be able to talk about the brave soldiers who are going to heaven supporting their country

    in what area has this country truly progressive in since the 1970s? politically we have went backwards a very long ways based on today’s conservatives actions and words

  2. As a scientist, I am increasingly alarmed by the anti-education, anti-science, anti-advancement drivel being issued by men (With terminal degrees no less) who were elected to lead us. Governors across the country are attacking teachers, schools, & institutes of higher education as greedy whiners and suggesting that the Department of Education should be abolished. This odd upwelling of anti-intelligence seems to come from some sub-cerebral mob prodded on by shtick TV. Our nation is descending quickly, falling behind in education, health care, research, technology, and green initiatives. The answer is to invest in our future and encourage innovation and development. However, since we have acquiesced to mob rule, their solution is if it isn’t working, don’t fix it, just throw it away and replace it with nothing. Wildly destructive attitude. You know where the jobs went? The reason there are fewer jobs here is because other countries have proven their dedication to advancement while we demand that the world abandon progress and continue to purchase 60 year old technology from us.

  3. You guys are forgetting that someone is whipping these people up into this frenzy.
    It has little to do with the Bible, anyone can be convinced of any lie, as long as its presented properly.

    Since i am a christian that may be biased somewhat, but these are still people, our neighbors, not the enemy. They are simply misguided.

  4. I am not going to argue your point at all, I think it is an important one. I agree it is shocking beyond all measure how deep some people’s hypocrisy reaches. However I do have one question for you, as a fellow seeker of truth. When you gave the example of the man who went to mexico but returned to rail against stem cell research, were you just too lazy to post your source or was there actually no source? I never comment on blogs, but I am really curious about this one. Do you know how much more legitimate your argument could have been if you sourced your anecdote? Your logic is rock solid, it is even valid. However it can not be called sound because it does not jive with reality, at least you have not proven such yet. So I return to my original curiosity. From how smart you sound in your article you surely must have know that sourcing an anecdote that you then form you whole argument off of would sound so much more legit than just throwing a statement out there like a rookie. So, given this, I am really confused, or maybe just have not seen your angle yet. Either way I would really appreciate a response.

  5. This post is really no better than the sort of dreck I usually read on conservative blogs. Seriously. Please stop.

  6. This is consistently the least coherent blog on the planet.

    Can you please refer to a scientist every now and again.
    Most of the successful research has to do with adult skin stem cells.
    Nobody…. Let me repeat that… NOBODY is against Adult skin stem cells.
    Nobody is against any Adult stem cells. How should I rephrase that…
    Nobody is against any types of Adult stem cells.

    The only discussion has to do with Government funding of embryonic stem cells.
    Since the original research on embryonic stem cells, the government has never outlawed research. They have only restricted the types of funded research.

    It’s that simple.

    And yes, there have been private institutions that have been researching embryonic stem cells for over a decade. Yes, even during the ban on government funding.

    The biggest finding is that embryonic stem cells that are not used on a family member has a very high incidence of malignant cells. That would be CANCER to those who don’t like to read.

    So, lets paint a picture. In the not too distant future, someone with a shattered bone may have the opportunity to donate skin cells to create new bones. Notice that the donor is also the person requiring the bone.

    Or someone with skin cancer will have the ability to donate blood to create new skin.
    Again… The donor is the receiver.

    If you wish to believe in the tooth fairy, then embryonic stem cells that don’t match the host, will cure everything.

    I’m guessing that you are much better in the Audio Teaching than the sciences. Please stick to what you know.

  7. Since you are a Christian, have you been guiding your Christian brothers and sisters toward real knowledge about the universe your God has created?

    Seriously … you seem to be in a better position to point out that what science has discovered about your world is even more impressive than these folks have thought.

    Some of us prefer not to throw in supernatural beings into the discussion, but if that is the way you have to go to help them see just how much science can see of nature, then so be it.

    But surely you can do something.

  8. First ; You say “real knowledge,” and the way you say it, the obvious fact is that what you say and or think is the real truth which makes what you think and say subject to criticism. There is no room for your intellect to grow with greater understanding unless it fits a certain criteria.
    Secondly; You refer to a creator and then to “what science has discovered.” Again it appears as though those that discover are more credible than someone that has been the creator. So if I discover a Van Gogh painting I’m more credible or more of an authority on painting than Van Gogh.

  9. Just think, some day we may live in a world wide garden. The only place we will have snow would be up in the high mountains. We wouldn’t even have to move to the south to get away from the winter weather. That would be hard to take.

  10. Dreck, yes that’s fitting. Even though I couldn’t resist answering a couple of these comments.
    I’m stopping.

  11. And yet you keep coming back here? why? No one asked you to. This is a site for thinking people and you obviously don’t fit into that class. As for no one being against stem cell research – how about Georgia? They didn’t ban just embryonic stem cell research. And so what if it is embryonic? no one is killing babies to get it so what is your problem with science?

  12. You didn’t cite one problem with the article. Just baseless slander. But then you read conservative blogs all day so that’s how you roll.

  13. It really scares the hell out of me when the leading candidate for a committee on global warming publically states that he doesn’t believe it because God said in the Bible that he wouldn’t destroy the earth again. Christians aren’t the only religion in this country they just act like it. And the Bible isn’t the only religious book in the world. As a matter of fact the bible we know today has been translated (and MIS translated) over the centuries and so no one really knows what it ORIGINALLY said
    aside from a handful of scholars of ancient languages.
    I see this country devolving into a kind of post Roman Empire Dark Age Europe where knowledge and learning were all but extinguished and the Christian church was the center of everything. Church law was the law of the land (and usually flouted with impunity by those with power or money…..gee sound familiar?). The commoners and usually the rulers themselves didn’t know how to read or write ( Charlemagne was a great promoter of learning yet had trouble learning to write his own name). What passed for justice was trial by ordeal adn what passed for medical care was things like shaving your head and tying a primrose on it to cure madness or being bled to release ‘foul humours’. Opening the skull and pressing salt on the brain itself to elminate ‘evil spirits’ (this was actually done. Needless to say the patient died). And things like bathing were rarely carried out as they were ‘against Gods will’ (Thomas Becket’s clothing was so filth-ridden that when people tried to move his body after his murder, the robes fell apart in their hands. Everyone agreed that to be that filthy he MUST be an extremely holy man!)
    Funny thing about the Dark Ages is that this sad state of affairs only began to change after the Crusades began and crusaders returned from the Islamic world with things like regular bathing and washing of clothes, medical and scientific books, etc. Stuff that was common in those lands in that time (in the 9th century when Charlemagne was learning to read and write, Baghdad had 11 public libraries and 4 hospitals complete with infectious disease wards!) and alien to Europe, would have been startlingly familiar to people today.
    I really worry about the direction this country is going in. But until people wake up and realize what we’re about to lose, nothing is going to change.

  14. America America America who do you love. All the parts of America. What part has the answer. No part. No human/man has the answer. We as a being have no knowledge of how to solve humans problems. It is not in you.
    Look at you. We have never solved humans problems, and we never will. The answer= human/man you cannot even control your breathing. One (1) breath in Life. One Breath out Poison = car-bon dioxide. The answer= A Tree and it leaf/leaves that live off and filter the gas we let out as a results of breathing. America America America who do you love.

  15. It is amazing to me that if this was written about any other group but Christians it would be put up as an example of bigotry, by commentators such as yourself. Understand that I am not even questioning the context of what you are saying, whether or not I agree with the context is irrelevant. Until we stop demonizing opposing points of view we will never affect change. Change can only happen when you make an argument without judging those with opposing views. Let your argument speak for itself. If as you say the science is all there, then let the science speak for itself. All those that don’t believe it make themselves look like fools. Instead, you look just like the description you are using to make your point.

  16. I suggest that anyone who thinks science is wrong should stop using things like cars, trains, and airplanes because they don’t trust the science that created them and one day the cars, trains, and airplanes may hurt or kill them. Likewise, their refrigerators and stoves may one day blow them up! And certainly they should stop covering their pumpkin pies with aluminum foil because we wouldn’t have any if it weren’t for that ‘evil’ science. Oh, how about they stop using money since it was printed using machines that were developed because of science. And they certainly won’t be able to read this article on a computer developed because of science. I could go on…

  17. That’s not how global warming works. Heat drives the weather, higher heat will cause more extreme weather. Enjoy your world wide garden filled with hurricanes, torrential rain, blizzards and heatwaves.

  18. Oh, please. You are not being martyred. We are discussing things that people who are self-described as Christians have told us (repeatedly) that they believe.

    We don’t believe them. We prefer to listen to people who put effort in their work and apply knowledge to solve the mysteries of this world. It is not bigotry to refuse to give credence to Luddites.

  19. D0 a little more research next time. This is old news and it was not the stem cells that possibly caused cancer but the retro virus (delivery method) for the stem cells.

    The same retrovirus that would have been used to deliver any stem cell cure.

  20. Remember the days when scientist and professors were motivated by knowledge and learning instead of exaggerating any angle they could to draw more funds into there research, organizations and pockets. Have the Al Gores done anything more than enrich themselves?

  21. There is no bigger threat to national security, and the future of America than the Conservative Christian movement.
    They are a bigger threat than the Converative Muslim movent in the Middle East. The governments security offices better get ther S**t together and start reigning in these hoodlums, before our new Chinese masters reign them in

  22. I am not a scientist in any way, shape or form, but I do take my wife (who has MS) to one of this Country’s leading stem cell researchers- Dr. Douglass Kerr, formerly of Johns Hopkins hospital, now @ Harvard. Over the past nine years of knowing him quite well and following his research quite carefully, I can tell you that it it hugely frustrating to him to have “know-nothings” who promote other stem cells as equal or superior to embryonic stem cells attempt to drive this debate.

    It isn’t true. Call his office and ask him. No blog, no spin, no horseshit. IT IS NOT TRUE.

    It’s a lie in much the same fashion as the Bush administration’s disingenuous claim to be funding 88 stem cell lines for research. The were hopelessly corrupted as to make them useless for serious research.

    It is designed to fool the public with misinformation and confuse the issue. How I wish “embryonic stem cell research” had been called “blastocyst research”…then idiots would have ignored it until it was a medical norm.

  23. If you find a way to explain how Van Gogh painted it…
    If you can explain what part of his brain comunicated with his eye and hand mixing with the drug and/or alcohol and/or mental disorders he had and the reason for every line, every choice of color, the reason for every single detail of the painting…… maybe i’ll consider you an authority in the world of painting.

    Have you ever concidered science as a human way to explain a great creation.

  24. Your belief in global warming doesn’t make you any more smarter or enlightened, in fact given the history of the recent past to many it portrays a certain level of ignorance; ignorance that you so vehemently, dare I say the word, preach against. In the 70’s it was the imminent ice age that was going to destroy the earth, the 90’s and the ozone layer was going to envelope the world. Now the same clowns who still can’t tell me whether it’s going to rain tomorrow or not are running round like Chicken Little telling me the sky is falling. Sorry but I deal in statistics and your batting average doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. So before we kill billions and make no mistake that’s what global warming policies will do, I think we need to make absolutely sure that experiences like “climategate” and alike are the exception and not the norm!

  25. Really? Women being raped, murdered, disfigured and made to be slaves isn’t as bad as protesters outside an abortion clinic? Suicide bombings that target civilians and military alike aren’t as bad as christians against stem cells? I think we all know where people like you are coming from with this nonsense. You’re just another divider. Another jackass bent on making sure people stay on their sides of the line. But at least you’re in the right place here on politicus.

  26. You are the epitome of the Ignorant American.

    Every sentence you wrote is false, and YOU could have easily realized that with just a few minutes of googling. But no! Like all the dittoheads, palinboobs, and becktails, you would rather just spout rightwing nonsense.

    We, the USA, are doomed!

  27. Of course, if Gore did not invest in green tech, the right wing nutjobs would accuse him of hypocrisy.

    Scientists are still honest, brave, and steadfast in their quest to understand our environment. It is the non-scientist (or non-climate science specialist) shills – paid for by the fossil fuel industry – who are enriching themselves.

  28. You only show your own ignorance you buffoon, I’m from New Zealand… Hey but I know I write in English right, I must be an American!
    You my friend do wonderfully in convicting yourself, and are in fact that very same ignorant American you accuse me of being. If you should ever dare to travel out of that virtual cocoon you call the USA you’ll realise there are other countries and nationalities. Oh but wait, you want us all to stay put and not travel in order to save the world. Alas I’m afraid you and your ignorance are gonna be sticking around a while if you have your way.

  29. As it turns out, when those “conservative Christians” are out spreading falsehoods or railing unfairly against science, they’re actually not being very good Christians (let alone doing anything actually “conservative,” since they have pushed for a *change* in policy). That they choose the label for themselves or that you choose it for them doesn’t change the fact that it’s a false label and slanders both conservatism and Christianity.

  30. The truly devout Christians who believe this tripe are the ones who are hastening the day when Americans are completely dumbed down and completely controllable. Whether these folks in power truly believe in God or not, they are cynically exploiting ignorance and fear in order to rule. While they work to silence anyone who doesn’t believe this is the greatest country on earth, or anyone who simply says there’s room for improvement, they go about ensuring that this country will fall behind in critical areas like health care, education, job training, etc., and stay there. They have never before been as open and brazen about their intentions.

  31. All Christians should support science that advances health and humanity.

    I am a Christian. And I support medical research. If we are here truly to help others, science and faith must coexist. (Francis Collins said, the more he discovered within the human genome, the more he believed in a Divine Architect.)

    That medicine remains stifled by the limits imposed on stem cell research is hardly a new condition. History is replete with those afraid of–or more likely opposed to–scientific/medical progress. Free thinking challenges positions of authority.

    Am glad I won’t need to account for that position when I meet my Maker.

    Illustrating I’m not a liberal in disguise, review the Hippocratic Oath, the secular cornerstone of medicine. Of note, “I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.”

    There is a common place for faith and science, if we’re willing to go there.

  32. The irony is that the science which advances health and humanity plays a big role in drastically reducing unnecessary illnesses and deaths, just as the birth control methods discovered by science and in conjunction with comprehensive sex education drastically reduce abortions. Apparently, religion and critical thinking are mutually exclusive concepts according to the mindset of these folks.

  33. Rmuse,

    I am Christian, but it has little bearing on what I’m about to say. During my university years, I heard a very convincing argument against stem-cell research. Now, I’m not going to either support or reject stem-cell research. It is something where I see the benefits, but I digress.

    Personally, I believe the true logical argument against stem-cell research is something Professor Alfonso Gomez-Lobo (of Georgetown University) presented along the lines of human rights moral choices. As such, the final argument against stem-cell research is indeed a moral choice, and is not steeped on pure facts.

    However, the argument is quite logical. It’s based on the premise that we respect the dignity of people because they prove themselves to be rational creatures who participate in the moral community. And furthermore, since humans are biologically born, the starting point at which a human reaches person-hood is not when they are born, but rather when they are an embryo. (As this is the point by which the organism is fully itself, and will have a direction progression toward becoming the fully matured human being) Since stem-cells cannot be extracted from an embryo without destroying it currently, the objection against stem cell research is that the extraction of additional stem-cells for research is equivalent to the destroying of human life. As such, it is equivalent to the death penalty, and pardon the emotional implications of invoking the Holocaust, but that as well.

    I’m only invoking this argument, because the media seems to have a way of misrepresenting arguments. The full argument is not fully expounded, and even if they were, people ultimately have these inherent or learned value systems– meaning that some arguments only garner a resounding response from certain groups in a population set. As such, it seems as though dismissing all Christian rejections of Science as being Biblically based is a bit prejudiced, and quite the grandiose claim.

    Nonetheless, I do grant you that many Christians ignore arguments without fully hearing the other side– in an illogical manner.

    For his full argument, you can refer to his works:
    Morality and the Human Goods: An Introduction to Natural Law Ethics
    The Foundations of Socratic Ethics

  34. To be fair to Christians and Christianity, their religion dates back to the Bronze Age, not the Stone Age. Still both backwards ages, but one was 3500 years ago, as opposed to 11,000.

  35. Boo hoo hoo, poor wittle Christians aren’t being allowed to run roughshod over others’ beliefs with impunity, therefore everyone hates them.

    Here’s a quarter. Go call somebody who cares.

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