Sarah Palin’s Thanksgiving of Spite

Joe Lieberman Heads Stalker Palin off at the Pass
Joe Lieberman Heads Stalker Palin off at the Pass

Sarah Palin’s Thanksgiving of Spite

In another sad, desperate attempt to get media attention on a holiday, Ms Palin spent her Thanksgiving licking her North Korean ally wounds on Facebook and creepily stalking the President. I’ll not be linking to the FB post as you can easily find her outrageously petulant post for yourself if you so desire. Just consider that the first paragraph is devoted to all of the Presidential gaffe’s her hack research team could find, leading us to the conclusion that Palin thinks she is on par with the President.

This hopeful false equivocation is nothing but the dreams of the deluded and anyone so ignorant as to not understand that when Palin makes a mistake it’s because she doesn’t grasp the issue at hand, not because she made a gaffe, probably isn’t winning any critical thinking tests. This has become clear over her entire career, not just the last two years. To assume she had a slip of the tongue when every other time she did not know what she was talking about would be illogical and catering to the accusations of bias she takes refuge in.

This is the same woman who preened to her gubernatorial competition that while he had a grasp of the issues and she didn’t the issues, it “didn’t matter”. Two termer Republican member of the Alaska State House of Representatives Andrew Halcro, who ran against Palin in the 2006 Alaskan gubernatorial race as an Independent, wrote:

“On April 18, 2006, Palin and I sat together in a hotel coffee shop comparing campaign trail notes. As we talked about the debates, Palin made a comment that highlights the phenomenon that Biden is up against. “Andrew, I watch you at these debates with no notes, no papers, and yet when asked questions, you spout off facts, figures, and policies, and I’m amazed. But then I look out into the audience and I ask myself, ‘Does any of this really matter?'”

Tell me again that I’m supposed to give her the benefit of the doubt. Tell me how it’s “fair” (is this nursery school?) to cater to intellectual laziness by approaching this gaffe as if it were the first time and not a tell, in a pattern of reckless abandon for important issues of national security. Maybe some are willing to put this country at risk in order to avoid hurting Ms Palin’s feelings, but as of this moment, I’m not so inclined.

Gosh, just how much further do we need to lower the bar in order to accommodate the GOP’s front-runner for highest office in the land? Are there any standards we are allowed to apply to Ms Palin? Apparently, it’s more important to be “fair” to our Lady of Eternal Victimhood than it is to have a person of merit in office or have a debate seasoned by a grasp of the issues.

In the interest of “fairness”, allow me to point out that Ms Palin did not know there was a North and South Korea just two years ago, while running for VP of this country.

She also thought Saddam Hussein attacked the U.S. on 9/11.

While running for V.P. Shudder. But hush, now, we don’t want to hurt her feelings or insult her base by pointing out that there might be qualifications for President. We should all lower our expectations lest we be accused of being lamestream media elites.

John Heilemann, co-author of the book, Game Change, told Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes that McCain Campaign manager Steve Schmidt claimed, “She knew nothing. She had to be taken through World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and Palin was not aware there was a difference between North and South Korea. She continued to insist that Iraq was behind 9/11; and when her son was being sent off to Iraq, she couldn’t describe who we were fighting.”

Courtesy of Think Progress, “She Knows Nothing”:

And we’re supposed to chalk this up to a gaffe? Really? Where’s the proof that she has been studying up after quitting as governor, between her reality TV shows, appearances on Fox News, book writing and tabloid media management of her family? Oh, we’re supposed to assume this, contrary to all apparent evidence, in order to be “fair”?

Schmidt did claim that in spite of knowing nothing, she was a quick study. Sadly, this side of Palin was never made evident to us and any chance she might have had of convincing thinking Americans that she was interested in serious things evaporated when she quit her job as Governor of Alaska to pursue money and fame. Maybe if she allowed someone to interview her other than Fox personalities, she could show us just how much studying she’s been doing. We need to know that she understands the complexities and not that she has just managed to barely memorize the talking points.

Palin has never been interested in history or policy. She claims she wants to discuss her record, is given an hour to do just that on Fox News with nothing but subservient host (Greta) who let’s Palin natter on about anything she chooses with no pushback or correction, and not once does Palin choose to discuss her record.

What she chose to discuss was how the media picks on her and never talks about her record. We got to hear all the tabloid insults that have offended our Queen of the Media. Why is this? Because Sarah Palin cannot discuss her real record because her real record belies the myth she’s selling. Sarah is selling feelings, not reality, not policy, not ideas. And that’s why it’s vital that she keep this fight in the tabloid gutter, where she can win.

Sadly, Ms Palin is still clueless about how she may have some responsibility in creating the anger she so routinely feels victimized by. When she returned to Alaska after playing the role of the pit-bull in 2008, Palin was wounded that the legislators were no longer on her side. Did she meet with the legislators to discuss this or take responsibility for the idea they got from her behavior that she was a demagogic hater more interested in her national opportunities than in their state? No.

Instead, Palin scheduled a meeting with the Alaskan legislators (all of whom were Republican, by the way) regarding her claim that she wouldn’t take nearly a third of the stimulus money (another blatantly false pandering to her future status as Tea Party Queen), blew it off, and then told the press they had canceled on her.

Senate President Gary Stevens said the statement Palin sent to the press about what happened was “absolutely false, absolutely false.” “Someone should be brought to task on that,” the Kodiak Republican said.

Our Victim of the North strikes again.

Later, when she quit, Ms Palin claimed political opponents working for President Obama were behind the “attacks” on her, never acknowledging that the majority of attacks came from Republicans because this didn’t fit well with the narrative of victimization by the usurper she was crafting for her Tea Party base.

Instead of discussing “her record” in her Greta Van Sustern interview (FNC), Palin chose to focus on her claim that her daughters only slurred someone on Facebook because they were sick of their little brother being attacked. According to the Facebook pages cached by numerous outlets, this never happened. But it sure makes for a good story, doesn’t it?

And so we come back to the gaffe. Ms Palin’s Thanksgiving Whinestock of Spite infers that there’s no difference between a Summa Cum Laude Harvard Law graduate and a 5 or 6 college communications major who did not know the difference between Iran and Iraq. We’re supposed to believe that lazy ignorance is the equivalent of hard work and willingness to learn, lest we be called elitists, but at the same time, we’re supposed to embrace the notion of American exceptionalism. Hard to keep it all straight.

We’re supposed to give her the benefit of the doubt, when she is so scared of the press that she has refused (for two years) to be interviewed by anyone other than friendly press that is also her employer and her publisher — and when she messes up answering questions she was given in advance, we are biased if we expect a decent performance. I guess we’ll wait for Sarah Palin to tell us when it’s OK to expect something of her. After all, I wouldn’t want to offend her. Perhaps we need to add an amendment to the constitution: “Thou shall not offend Queen Sarah nor ask her anything nor expect her to know anything for to do so will be considered treasonous, sexist, vile and mean.”

How about this: The President does not spend his Thanksgiving attacking people. Only the most petty, immature and emotionally stunted would spend a day of thanks dishing out the petty.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for Ms Palin, but then she goes and does something like this, leading me to believe that were she ever to be President, we would all be in peril if she ever perceived even the slightest criticism from a foreign leader, let alone an American citizen. It’s clear our rights to speak our minds would be limited under Palin. What isn’t clear is exactly how dangerously reactive and emotionally challenged she is. I fear we don’t know the full extend of her limitations due to her clever avoidance of accountability via her Facebook/Fox PAC bunkers of fear.

A Thanksgiving of spite. That’s what you get when you cater to the feelings of a celebrity instead of insisting upon a modicum of personal responsibility and grasp of the issues. Anyone still making excuses for Sarah Palin and clinging to this desperate equivocation simply can’t be reached through reason. This is all about feelings for them. And that’s fine, but you’ll pardon me if I carry on with attempting to hold her responsible given that she refuses to do any media other than tabloid, quasi-reality propaganda where she has complete control of the narrative.

If this were indeed a gaffe, then why didn’t Ms Palin use her Facebook time to address the history of North Korea’s oppression of their people instead of playing petulant and angry that we expect things of her? This is what any person who understood the importance of her “gaffe” would have done, but I suspect – and this is the root of the problem – Ms Palin has no idea just why this was so disturbing.

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  1. Greta is totally smitten with victim from the north. Greta tried a teeny weeny bit to suggest to the spiteful one that it’s not only her children have been targets and the sad thing is that people like it if it happens to children that are not on their political side. Awkward….after the perpetual victim declared it only happened to conservatives in a very whiney accusatory manner. Also, her children let loose over a fairly innocuous statement that the fibbing one totally mischaracgterized. There was not trashing of the family or the baby. This women is off her rocker and there are way too many people drinking the kool-aid spiked tea.

  2. Well little miss spite was quite busy last night wasn’t she? Busy dishing on greta how POTUS should come visit ANWAR (she still trying to get his attention anyway anyhow) as if he would step foot up there she doesn’t GET ANWR is a NATIONAL Treasure that belongs to all AMERICANS and we don’t want it drilled period! We want sanctuary for the animals that live there.
    And the H8 fest on fakebook. BTW SarahJ I don’t think Bekki wrote this one I think new Dutch adviser Joshua Livstro did. Why do I think that?
    I analyzed a paragraph of writing from a piece on c4p from April of this year it cam out
    9 grade level readability 38
    The screech’s Fakebook rant
    9 grade level readability 40
    For comparison Bekki is
    8 grade level readability 50
    Screech is
    7th grade level readability 51-53
    (Higher readability easier)
    All I can say is…she sure know how to pick ’em! :D

  3. The more and more of her I see in the news, the worse and worse a Palin presidency looks (it looked pretty bad back in 2008, mind you, but has gotten even worse). At the end of her first four years, we’ll be living in an Orwellian nightmare. Anyone who even dares to think a mean thought about Mama Palin won’t have a bright future. But, I may be overblowing her intelligence and ability to pull off such a regime.

    What I do find most depressing, and even more of a real threat than Palin becoming president, is all of this anti-intellectualism her and Faux News keep pushing. Since when has thinking for oneself and actually being knowledgeable an undesirable attribute?

  4. Her recent attacks on the President and First Lady reflect the lack of respect she has for honor, patriotism, country and pride. Only palin can turn the First Lady’s important message about nutrition and healthy children into something wrong or negative. This pathetic grifter is only permitted to continue as a result of the media and their lack of responsible journalism. Show me the journalist that begins to expose her lies nationally, consistently and without fear and you’ll show me a hero. Because America is not supposed to buckle under attack from within our borders or outside our borders. This grifter is attacking everything we hold dear and that includes our President and First Lady, our freedom as a nation to choose our leaders and our right to disagree with her. Her books, her public appearances, her insane ramblings and her terroristic messages are shocking proof that there really is “evil” in this world and it’s dressed up like a flight attendant with red pumps. Anyone that still donates to her, follows her, reads her books or even shakes her hand shows a serious lack of basic intellectual abilities. Sad…..

  5. Wonderful post.
    Ahhhh Sarah Louise Heath Palin, Our Lady of Perpetual whining, hubris and emotional instability.

  6. Sharon,
    I wish the like buttons were back! I totally love your post sums it up quite nice.

  7. Sharon,
    There is also hope! The BBC hadThanksgiving dinner with Phil Munger yesterday in his Wasilla home. Phil is the first Alaskan blogger that I found in my search for the truth of sister screech!
    Its just not a “piece” they are working on more like a documentary he said. Now maybe if the BBC will put that out the “Journalist’s” of the MSM will “man up” and start reporting on this scam artist/grifter/liar!

  8. Palin is trying to come up with Obama “gaffes,” because her own are so well-known, well-documented, and well-established. I figure she must know that they are a source of the richly deserved ridicule and contempt she receives, or she wouldn’t be doing that. She is a poster child for the difference between occasional gaffes, and the kind of egregious gaffes that are so much a pattern of ignorance that they can only be called blunders. That’s the only appropriate description for a misstatement of the magnitude of “North Korean allies. In addition, blunders like those would lead someone who became president to make tragic and catastrophic errors in judgment that would have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences.

    As you say, Sarah, she is indeed “petty, immature, and emotionally stunted.” The defenses on her behalf are all of those things. It’s easy to find defenders who say women are jealous of her because she’s “hot,” as if that matters and is not in the eye of the beholder. Apparently, it escapes them that just as many men have a low opinion of her. Another jewel is that she is a successful millionaire, though that’s a result of her success at being a grifter and nothing worthwhile. Still another is that intellectuals have screwed up, and why not elect someone who is “regular?” That is the most dangerous, because it shows a willingness to entrust a large, complex country into the charge of someone who is ignorant, divisive, intolerant, obnoxious, and tiresomely confrontational. It would be disastrous on a global level for someone like that to be president. With every asinine, hate-filled action and word, she displays more and more that she is unfit for any elective office. And the cumulative effect of each of her blunders costs her defenders more and more credibility each time they try to draw a false equivalency between her and President Obama.

  9. Greta’s husband who is into Scientology has also been involved off and on with Sarah’s campaigns. You will remember that Greta and her husband were at the airport during Toads famous rough up the cameraman routine.

  10. I still tend to think that when she said North Korea it was a slip. I know also that if you don’t understand these things as you’re growing up even if you are a quick study you just don’t know them. So there’s every chance she slip because she is ignorant or she just slipped period.

    However her response to the media as far as I’m concerned squashed any chances of being or even thinking about appearing presidential. After that revenge rant she showed that she is in no way in a frame of mind to run for president. no matter who she did it to such a thing is simply not done. John McCain, a man whose head is on 15 swivels could not do this on his worst day. Even John Boehner whose brain is tied into little tiny alcoholic frenzy fits could not do this. Joe Biden could not do this.

    While she may have pleased the right wing nut jobs, any normal person out there that reads this has to immediately dismiss her. This is why she couldn’t even do her job as a Mayor.

  11. Sarah Messiah is not on par with Obama bin Biden.

    She is head and shoulders above; if Obama is South Korea, Sarah Palin is North Korea; that is how far above the president she is.

    Even better, she is further above than that. She is Russia. Yes, North Korea and Russia, both of which she can see from her house.

    So what if she said “our North Korean allies?” Who are you going to believe, some lame-brained Harvard law grad who is supposed to be a constitutional scholar, or the person who can actually see North Korea from her house? She CAN SEE North Korea from her house, dumb libtards!

    She can tell if they’re naught or nice because they’re in her line of sight. I’ll bet Obama’s never even seen North Korea; hell, I’ll bet he’s never ever set foot on North Korean soil. How would he know if they were enemies or allies?

    Stupid liberals…you can believe whatever dogma you want.

    I, for one, trust the Messiah sent from God.

    There you go, libtards! REFUDIATE THAT!!

  12. Out of the two videos she showed of News Anchor gaffes, one was of Shepard Smith saying “Blow Job” and apologizing almost immediately for saying that. Is that the best one she can honestly come up with? Seriously, this woman has problems.

  13. Do you remember back on February 6 this year when she made a speech at the Tea Party Convention, in which she made fun of the president for his use of teleprompters while reading from her hand? As thin-skinned as she is, she got defensive about that and tried to invoke a narrative from the Bible itself in order to justify it. That rationalization was in response to the widespread mockery and laughter she incurred because of that incident. If it were not a pattern with her, I might have been inclined to give her a pass, but she does it all the time and it is usually when she is badmouthing our president.

  14. What’s most sad to me are the insane comments that people left on her Facebook post (I had to see it for myself) … She posted all of these slips of the tongue that Obama has made (and of course anyone who speaks in front of a camera all of the time will make some slips of the tongue) including the “57 states” one in an attempt to show that she just made a similar mistake with the North Korea comment (and I actually think that’s somewhat reasonable) but then you have her idiot supporters harping on the 57 states comment — which is … exactly the opposite of the point their hero is trying to make… isn’t it?

    The amount of stupid you would have to be to think that Barack Obama thinks there are 57 states is… just monumental. I mean… even the stupidest of the stupid know that we have 50 states. I mean… it’s so incredibly obvious that he just slipped there and meant to say something else (probably 47 states… he was talking about how many states he had visited during the campaign.) It hurts my brain that people are so caught up in their blind hatred of the President that they would make themselves think something so stupid.

  15. As you can see, they have to go all the way back to 2008, and it’s obvious that he included territories in that figure. Just the same, there is nothing he’s ever said that tops HER doozies then or now. Imagine the one about visiting the state of New Hampshire and voicing excitement about visiting “the great
    Northwest.” The spectacle of a woman who hails from the northwesternmost state in this country visiting the second northeasternmost state (next to Maine) and making that kind of error was just too funny. If she didn’t make so many blunders, especially while attacking the president, I’m quite sure people might give her the benefit of the doubt.

  16. Anne: When he said 57 .. he meant 47 … if you can find an undoctored video on youtube he says:

    he visited 50 .. (pause) 7 states .. then goes on to explain that he has 1 to go, because he can’t visit Hawaii and ALaska ..

    It’s very clear that he meant 47, and misspoke when he said 57.

    Just so you know :)

    The other popular attack on President Obama is that he ‘slipped up’ and said “MY MUSLIM STATE” … that is what it looks like on written transcripts, but if you watch the interview,( I believe it’s with George Stephanopolous (sp) …) the context is clear, that when he says the words, it’s in the tone we normally use when we do that ‘airquote’ thing, you know? It’s on youtube too, I’m sure. But, out of context (as FOX does) it is interpreted differently.

    Just FYI … :)

  17. But these folks still focus on 57 states, while choosing to disregard Palin’s numerous ones, including her reference to New Hampshire as part of the “great Northwest” during a visit there. This is from a woman who actually LIVES in the northwesternmost state in the country. As you have pointed out, all public figures have misspoken. However, in her case, she views ignorance as a virtue because she thinks it makes her look “regular.” I would think that after GW, we need to deep-six this idea of a leader we think we could have a beer with, or who some think is “hot,” as if those are necessary qualities in our leaders rather than education, knowledge, and common sense.

  18. So let me get this straight — when Obama makes obvious mistakes as a result of his teleprompter crapping out it’s no big deal. But when Palin says “North Korea allies,” you TRULY BELIEVE that she meant to say that? Is that what you’re saying — that Palin is so stupid she thinks that NK is our ally?

    Sorry, but this column is so disingenuous that to call it a stretch would be ridiculous. You don’t believe for a second that Palin is that stupid — you just have nothing else.

  19. It’s funny how Palin is always whining about her lack of privacy and the “lame stream media”, yet, she puts herself out there and reveals more through facebook and twitter than any news outlet does.

  20. You know the comments the Queen of BS made about reading, maybe the problem is and she doesn’t want to admit it, is she can’t read. Maybe that’s why she quit so many colleges. She couldn’t find one where reading isn’t mandatory. She probably got by just looking at pictures and guessing what they meant. I get a distinct feeling she failed Geography every time.

  21. Someone who whines about lack of privacy while doing all she can to invite media attention IS stupid. What’s even dumber is taking potshots at the president about various issues without knowing what she’s talking about or offering any solutions of her own. Every time she belittles him, she trips over a figurative banana peel, and it diminishes her even more as if that were possible. Picking fights about nothing, or in response to even the smallest slight, is also stupid. But her biggest, most egregious stupidity is thinking that she could handle the presidency, especially since she couldn’t handle her gubernatorial responsibilities and is too thin-skinned to take criticism of any kind. All those things are prime examples of stupidity, which loosely defined is an inexcusable failure to exercise basic common sense.

  22. Anne, you always leave such well articulated comments. I esp vote yes for your definition of stupidity:-)

  23. Which is why I’m not that concerned even if she managed to get into the White house. I don’t think she’d last six months before she “became ill” and had to step down and let someone else run the show…

  24. You should have to pass a test to become a member of the US Congress. After Bush and now the threat of a utter idiot with only a talent for public speaking, its time to expect our politicians to know the issues at hand. I wonder who would fair better, the GOP or the Dems?

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