Attention Conservatives: You Too Benefit From American Socialism

America is undergoing a transformation at the hands of conservatives who have convinced ignorant voters that the government has grown too large, and that it is time to revert back to the Founders’ days when there was a limited government. The Tea Party and Libertarians claim that with limited government, citizens will be able to conduct business without regulations or taxation, and the nation will prosper. That argument may have worked in 1776, but in 2010, it is a fantastical dream of people who are apt to cheat and take advantage of the less fortunate. Welcome to Conservatism.

One has to wonder if those who long for smaller, less intrusive government realize that without government intervention and support, their lives would be Spartan at best. The people who want limited government really want no taxes and no regulations on their ability to conduct business. The corporate world has convinced individuals that their freedoms and liberty are being eroded by the government in their effort to rape consumers and the government as they increase their bottom line. The intrusion the corporate world complains of has no direct consequence on individual Americans except to protect citizens from corporate abuse.

Individuals in the Tea Party have complained that Democrats and President Obama in particular are turning America into a Socialist country. It’s an interesting concept because most of America’s institutions are socialistic by nature, but not definition. Socialism is a form of governance where the State owns everything, and private ownership of the means of production and distribution has been eliminated. Although America is not Socialist, we do enjoy a privileged lifestyle that is the result of social programs.

Our highway system, air travel, food safety, medical care, and old age assistance are all social programs, and whether or not teabaggers realize it, they enjoy and benefit from socialism. The biggest Socialist, entitlement program is the American military, and it accounts for more wasteful spending than any other social program. It is the one aspect of government that takes the most money from the American people without any return of benefit for the majority of Americans. It also fills the coffers of corporations who produce expendable products at the highest cost set by the corporations.

Which part of limited government would the teabaggers and Libertarians be willing to accept? Would they be willing to forgo regulatory agencies that guarantee safe medicine or air travel? Or would they prefer to drive on open ground because the highway system is part of the government that is too big? Perhaps older teabaggers would want the government to withhold their retirement income from Social Security in order to downsize the federal government.

There was at one point, a shared pride in the standard of living in the United States, and Americans could boast the finest roads, hospitals, schools, and quality of life of any nation in the civilized world. That is not the case anymore, and in fact, Americans have a lower life expectancy, worse health, and crumbling infrastructure because there is more emphasis on allowing the wealthy to shirk their responsibility as citizens.

Unless members of the myriad Tea Party groups and Libertarians realize that the limited government they long for is a ploy of corporate America to stir up discontent and malice for corporate benefit, America will continue its slide into 2nd class nation status. Our standard of living and safety is only the result of government regulations and taxes that pay for the infrastructure we enjoy. America is more complex than the original thirteen colonies, and if not for big government and regulations, women could not vote, serve on juries, own land, or run for political office. There was no standing army and no defense budget to protect the country; under the limited government the teabaggers want, the only defense would be the shotgun in the closet.

Tea Party members are being duped by corporations to vote against their own interest when they elect candidates who promise limited government. Corporations want a limited government that allows them to pay no taxes and rape, pillage, and abuse the American people and the land. Corporate America has no interest in citizens except to use Fox News to lie to them so they vote for corporate rule and control of the government. Conservative corporate rule has grown the government by wasting precious resources and tax dollars to benefit big business and their wealthy shareholders.

Now that conservatives have a foot in the government door, America is moving toward limited government, but it is government limited in its ability to protect its citizens while it provides unlimited power and profit to the wealthiest Americans. Conservatives may end up getting limited government, but they won’t like what they get, and by then, it will be too late.

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  1. excellent post Rmuse. I can understand the tea bagger leadership throwing out ridiculous BS about no regulation and no taxation, but I cannot understand anyone with above an eighth-grade education falling for it. do they think that roads make themselves? I’m certain they think that schools can be privatized, but in that privatization the costs will skyrocket. education in America will fail as people will not be able to afford to send their kids to school.
    The best example I can think of is that they want the Cuyahoga River in Ohio to be permanently on fire. They want their rivers full of mercury. When I worked in Mexico there was a leather plant nearby and the stream that ran past the was the color of the dye that they were using on the leather that day. I’m thinking that sounds good to the conservatives
    they want all the stuff to go back to the state claiming that the federal government is corrupt. It’s not nearly as corrupt as any corporation will be given the chance. And once you take all those responsibilities to the state you now have 50 corrupt governments. Who will want more and more money all the time.
    I feel for the tea beggars, because they have really had the wool pulled over their eyes. And the conservatives will continue to spit on the Constitution that they think they are in office to protect.

  2. There’s no question in my mind that those who advocate smaller government, although inconsistently, would be squawking the loudest upon suddenly being deprived of what they consider basic rights. Since so many of them have absolutely no concept of what it was like to have to work endless hours for whatever the bosses felt like paying (which was often a pittance) or to drink filthy water, as examples, they do not understand what they are advocating. The Tea Partiers, in particular, are blind to the fact that they are being used as patsies to advance the agenda of people who do not care about American interests. I firmly believe that sooner or later, at least some of them will wake up and realize they’ve been had. The means of duping them has been to appeal to the narrow-minded selfishness and bigotry in some of them that drive them to whine about their “rights” which they seem to think more important than anyone else’s.

  3. Reading posts on this website I feel is unhealthy for me. Like, it makes me sick to my stomach. But anyway, here’s a few things

    1. The return we, you, get from our army, is maybe, perhaps, just a little bit, being protected. Just putting that out there. Sounds crazy, I know. But it could possibly still be the reason you’re here today. Whose to say though. Clearly the best decision would be to eliminate the U.S. army so we’re not wasting all our tax dollars in those areas when instead we could be doing something great for the world. Like developing medications for depressed dogs or something like that. Something that really touches my heart.

    2. Highway system. Yes. This is one of the things the government SHOULD provide. No overstepping boundaries here. Tea Partiers and intellectuals are fighting for a limited government, not anarchy my friend.

    3. Medical care. What are you talking about—who the hell wants that? The government doesn’t provide my medical care. Is it because I’m a rich upper crust asshole who doesn’t care about anybody else? Again, whose to say. But this is a whole other issue

    4. The social security system is broken. No. Like, really. If you’ve taken algebra 1 you can figure that one out. Do the math. Good intentions, but….

    5. Why is there this negative connotation with words like “wealthy” or “corporate”? And as soon as I hear “unemployed” or “lower class” I’m supposed to get my bucket out and fill it with tears? Well…NEWSFLASH! No matter how you try and group them, the reality is that, PEOPLE ARE JUST PEOPLE! There are good people rich and poor, just like there are bad people rich and poor. And why is business a bad thing? Business is expansion and creation. Without business, where would our world be today? Maybe the computer you used to write this would have been better developed by the federal government. Oh yeah and Bill Gates, rich guy right? That mean’s he’s bad and is a burden on society. Yeah totally. That’s why he spends time GIVING HIS MONEY AWAY for a career.

    Clearly anyone who holds any view that opposes yours has been “duped”. Aww shucks. You’ve caught us. There’s a secret cave of anti-liberals who are trained in the art of brain-washing and duping idiot voters into believing in things like freedom, individuality, truth, and not being a dumb ass. You know. all those crazy things. And that Fox News. Boy I’ll tell ya they sure are an evil bunch. What would yall have to take shots at if they weren’t around huh? Err, wait. Taking shots…like with a gun…oooh that’s bad. Wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt. Protect me Uncle Sam! Save me!

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