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Christine O’Donnell Tries to Revive Clinton V Obama Narrative for 2012

Last updated on April 7th, 2012 at 11:39 pm

Christine O'Donnell Pushes PUMA meme and thinks no one will know

Christine O’Donnell Tries to Revive Clinton V Obama PUMA Narrative for 2012

Christine O’Donnell showed up this morning on Good Morning America to talk about how weak our President has been on the current Wikileaks cable dump. She managed to be a good puppet Grizzly for her Mama Bear, suggesting that President Obama was incompetent and that she would vote for Hillary Clinton in 2012 primaries because “anybody is better than Obama.”

This little narrative of the failed President Obama on Wikileaks got its best shout out yesterday on Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page, and here’s O’Donnell to carry the water for her Mama Grizzly courtesy of ABC News:

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““I would love to see her take out Obama in the primary. You know, I would even be tempted to change my registration so that I could vote for her in the Democratic primary,” she told me during “GMA’s” Morning Mix.
O’Donnell praised Clinton via Twitter yesterday for her handling of the WikiLeak situation.
“You Go Girl!!” she wrote. “She’s no Reagan yet her verbal lashing against wikileak is tough- watch out Obama!”
So is the former Delaware GOP senate candidate pushing a Clinton candidacy because she thinks Clinton would be easier to beat in the general election?
“No. It’s because right now I think that anybody is better than Obama,” O’Donnell told me.”

In an effort to seem bi-partisan and pro-woman, Christine claimed to be impressed by Hillary Clinton’s handling of the situation over the President’s and said she would vote for Clinton in a 2012 primary. Note that she didn’t say general election.

I can only assume O’Donnell thinks the rest of America is as naïve as she is, because these tired narratives from 2008 and the desperate Right wing strategy to pit Obama against Clinton in a replay of 2008 are not only old, but transparent. Obviously O’Donnell has been told that the best hope for a Palin win (or any Republican for that matter) in 2012 is a divided Democratic Party, but she must not appear to be pushing for that — so stealth-like, she’s taken to tweeting out support for Hillary Clinton, suggesting Clinton’s stronger than Obama.

Maybe O’Donnell was sleeping during the failed 2008 PUMA meme or perhaps Ms Palin still believes she can siphon off those bitter Clinton voters in 2012, in spite of the fact that a) she failed to do so in 2008 and b) her approval ratings with women are much lower than her approval ratings with men, whom studies have proven are more likely to vote for attractive female candidates.

Palin launched this lame attack against the President yesterday regarding Wikileaks and has been made a laughing stock (read: nervous, unbelieving laughter) the world over for her assumption that the President has sovereignty over Sweden and her suggestion that she would treat Assange as a terrorist. For O’Donnell to keep pushing this meme is simply the act of someone who either doesn’t know the reality or who has a stake in pretending it’s not true. Both discredit her.

And it should be noted that O’Donnell is praising Clinton for her “verbal lashing out”, which is apparently a highly regarded trait in the Mama Grizzly camp. It ought to be, as it’s what Ms Palin does best. Yet, lashing out is not exactly the number one trait the country looks for in their President.

And it seems to escape O’Donnell that the job of Secretary of State and the job of President have different functions. Perhaps she missed this while she was plugging her ears during Obama’s strong statements against Wikileaks and calls for investigations and criminal charges if applicable. Oh, I know, in Palin/O’Donnell world, the constraints of the laws are nothing but blue-blood distractions from the common sense conservative approach to problems. Lash out! Show ‘em who’s boss!

If you wondered what Christine O’Donnell was going to do now that she’s been defeated mightily in her Senatorial bid and is being investigated for campaign finance malfeasance, you need wonder no longer. She’s gonna beat that Mama Grizzly drum of media fame, hawking the values of a regular person (read: don’t blame me for not knowing anything, that’s my qualification, you fool!) and gearing up to be Palin’s sidekick in 2012.

This will include a non-stop attempt to revive the failed narratives from 2008, as it’s clear Palin has no new strategy in mind for 2012. For heaven’s sake, she and O’Donnell are even dusting off the charge that Palin had more executive experience than President Obama in 2008. I guess they’re going to ignore the fact that he’s been President for two years during some of the largest challenges this country has faced in a long time, because, you know, denial of reality has always been an effective political strategy.

Palin/O’Donnell can keep pushing their delusions onto the American people, but most Americans are simply not so far gone as to fall for such blatant revisionism. If Palin plans to bring nothing new to 2012, and is instead going to rely upon hate and division to stir up the base, she’s no threat to President Obama. She may, however, be a threat to our country’s international standing and domestic well-being.

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