Joe Scarborough Exposes Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck’s Fake Palin Support

Palin in Scarborough's Crosshairs
Palin in Scarborough's Crosshairs

It turns out that Joe Scarborough’s criticism of Sarah Palin in a column for Politico today was just the tip of the iceberg. On his MSNBC program Morning Joe, Scarborough exposed the truth about the right and Sarah Palin. Talk radio hosts and Republican leaders privately say they don’t want her, but they are afraid to take her on. Scarborough basically accused the talk show hosts, who defend Palin for 3 hours a day on the air but don’t really support her, of lying.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Scarborough opened his Politico piece by discussing the GOP’s Palin problem, “Republicans have a problem. The most-talked-about figure in the GOP is a reality show star who cannot be elected. And yet the same leaders who fret that Sarah Palin could devastate their party in 2012 are too scared to say in public what they all complain about in private. Enough. It’s time for the GOP to man up.”

Scarborough expanded on his comments during Morning Joe today. His co-host Mika Brzezinski opened up the segment on the Politico story by saying, “But the bottom line is you know, we talk off set with a lot of major Republican figures, and they say all this. They refuse to say it on the record.”

Scarborough then expanded on her point, “All of them. All of them say it offset. All your talk radio show hosts that will defend Sarah Palin for three hours every day, all offset quietly say this, all your leading conservative figures, off the record, will say all of this about Sarah Palin but they want ratings and book sales and don’t want to upset the 18% of Americans who like Sarah Palin. I, however, my main concern with actually good governance.”

It doesn’t take much effort to figure who Scarborough was referring to when he mentioned talk show hosts who take the airwaves for three hours a day to defend Palin. Of course he was referring to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and especially Glenn Beck. Judging from his statement that the talk show hosts support Palin to boost ratings and book sales, I think that he was especially taking aim at Beck.

The reason why these talk show hosts are lying to their listeners can be found by examining demographics. The average viewer age for Sarah Palin’s Alaska is 57 years old. Roughly 80% of Fox News viewers are over 50 years old, and it has been estimated that 70%-80% of Rush Limbaugh’s listeners are over 50 years old. Palin’s supporters also listen to and watch Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh, so it is in their financial best interests to never let their true feelings about Sarah Palin be known on the air.

In order to make a buck, these right wing talkers go on the air, and lie about their support of Sarah Palin every day. What Scarborough did this morning was provide an insider’s view of how the right wing media works. It isn’t about beliefs for them. It is all about feeding the audience what they want to hear, and making money. The problem is that what that audience wants to hear could bring down the Republican Party if Sarah Palin is allowed to become their 2012 nominee.

I think almost everyone who is not on the right underestimates what a powerful brand and marketing machine Sarah Palin has established with evangelical and social conservatives. People like Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh are happy to keep milking the Palin cash cow, and are afraid of rocking the boat. These so called voices of right wing truth are so terrified of Sarah Palin and her cult like following that they tell them exactly what they want to hear.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes these propagators of false reality to line up and proclaim their love and support of Sarah Palin, and even though some on the right will see Scarborough as a traitor or a closet liberal, he is actually doing his party a favor by exposing the dirty business of selling Sarah Palin.

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  1. I got a huge laugh out of Pat Buchanan doing whatever he could to defend Palin. Buchanan is a gentleman who has absolutely nothing to lose by speaking the truth about Sarah Palin. he no longer has a political career. MSNBC is not going to fire him if he speaks out. I think he is just taking the party line and probably on-set only. it was interesting to see Pat Buchanan admit that Sarah did not go home and do her homework. At least he has to admit that she is unqualified for the candidacy.

    It kind of surprises me about Scarborough to say things like this because sometimes when I go on twitter in the morning the people are just bashing him to death. But at least in this instance he was levelheaded and honest. very scary. This is something that has been mentioned on these boards here several times, the validity of a Sarah Palin candidacy. I certainly don’t think she is valid as she has absolutely zero content behind her and would be destroyed in any type of debates even with her own party.I can see Mitt Romney walking on stage with the butt end of an ax handle and just beating the daylights out of her with every question.

  2. The reason these guys don’t speak up is because they don’t have to. If Palin actually runs (And I still think she won’t, she’ll just pretend she might in order to keep the attention on her as long as possible) the other Republican candidates will DESTROY her in the primaries. Rush, Hannity and Beck won’t even have to get involved.

    Seriously, if she runs, you’ll be able to count the seconds before all the things we’ve been saying and have been popping up on Mudflats and Palingates will go mainstream.

    The AIP, quitting and reverend Muthee stuff alone will chop her off at the knees.

  3. Biscoe, can you imagine being in the same room with Sarah when she watches the Joe S episode? There will not be a can of food that will be held sacred. The walls will be deeply dented. Teeth will be lost

  4. I agree with that statement!!! She’s probably writing and rewriting on her facebook page as we speak. Schreech!!!!!

  5. Let us all hope we are safely asleep when she launches her next Facebook grenade against reality. Americans deserve a break.

  6. Think about it though, if she fires back at Joe like she did America and Obama’s 57 states, she will just give more fodder to prove she is not presidential.

    Facebook, ignorance and her mouth will be the end of her(amongst other things)

  7. LOL that’s for certain!

    Off topic: I’m still waiting for the episode of …Alaska where they show her reading newspapers. You KNOW it’s coming…

  8. Not so sure about her not running. She sure does love the money and the star status she enjoys now, but she craves power.

    And given the results of the last mid term elections, with the number of crazy jerks who have been elected, I no longer believe that the average voter is reasonable and can see through her lies and crass speeches. She was able to deflect a lot of questions about her past record, and made a new set of rules to which the media has not objected.

    I prefer to be wide awake and well prepared in front of this type of situation. Know your enemy and never underestimate it. And in this case the stupidity of some voters

  9. Palin may not have the courage to take Joe Scarborough on even via Twitter or Facebook. She may turn to Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity for help. I expect them to weigh in on it tomorrow. If they don’t step up, that will be a story.

  10. Palin has extended her 15 minutes of fame not only because of the media which values ratings over actual news, but also because of the dimwits who actually believe her BS.
    They could see irrefuteable proof of her glaring shortcomings both as a person and a politician. That would do nothing to sway them, because for them she serves as a validation of their limited world outlook and their skewed reality.

  11. The only one I have noticed that Palin is afraid of is Limbaugh. She will never take him on, but she may go after Joe. I can’t even believe she went after Barbara Bush. She may be republican royalty, but she is well liked by a lot of people. That she called them blue blood elites is very daring. She really can’t risk alienating too many other demographics. She is already disliked by nearly every liberal, is she really willing to alienate the old school republican’s too?

    I wonder if someone in her cult saw Joe’s comments and locked her in a rubber room until they could calm her down. She probably popped a blood vessel when he called her out on coming in third in the Miss Alaska pagent! All she has is her looks, ’cause it sure isn’t her quick wit and charming personality is it?

  12. I guess you’re remembering how she went after Rahm Emmanuel for using the the R word, but her silence when Rush Limbaugh used it was deafening.
    In fact, she even made an excuse for HIS use of it.

  13. Yes wasn’t that was quite the dance she had to do for that one. As if what Rush said was OK, but Rahm was so awful for using the slur in a closed meeting.

    I think she may actually be pondering the ramifications of attacking someone like Joe. Although I am astounded nearly every day by her lack of restraint, so who knows. It should be entertaining at least.

  14. As much as I dislike and disagree with Scarborough most of the time, I have to admit that he is reasonable and calls it like it is sometimes. Pat Buchanan, on the other hand, is a staunch conservative and will never let the truth or reason cloud his convictions.

  15. I’m sure there are plenty of elected Republicans who do not support Palin, but are savvy enough to avoid the wrath of Palinistas until/unless Palin actually runs. Joe, of all people, should understand this.

    You make numerous lofty and illogical assumptions about which talk show hosts are insincere in their support. Of all the Conservative radio hosts (there are hundreds), I can guarantee you that Beck and Hannity don’t make appearances on Morning Joe, so there are no “off set” conversations to be had. I sincerely doubt Rush Limbaugh has any use for Joe, either. Being a Republican employed by MSNBC carries the same stigma for the right that being a Fox employed liberal does for the left. We don’t take Joe seriously.

    However, I commend Joe for thrashing Palin in defense of the elder Bush and Ronald Reagan (which was his purpose for this piece). Someone had to do it and Joe is one of the few “Republicans” that have nothing to lose in doing so.

  16. I think Joe Scarborough is the perfect person to “break the ice” of truth about SP and the repubs, because you know darn well that she’s going to get back at him in one way or another – and he can handle it. History is going to look back on this era and Joe will be remembered as the first one to finally shout “The emperor has no clothes”!

  17. Sarah Palin is the National Enquirer of politics: trashy, lying, disgusting but you just can’t look away. Sells alot of papers, but in the end, just worthless.

  18. Congratulations to Joe Scarborough he is now at the top of the Quisling RINO Cocktail Party Christmas list moving ahead of Kathleen Parker-Spitzer. Does this mean that Client No. 9’s new “host” have to turn her knee pads over to Joe Scarborough so he can kiss the Matthews, Oberdork, Pyscho Schultz and Lawrence “I am a Hollywood failure” O’Donnell. Mr. Scarborough left congress to be a ambulance chasing scrumbag trial lawyer and has the Left’s favorite racist, anti-Semite faux conserative on his show.

    Mr. Scarborough has about as much integrity as Bill Clinton has a love for marital fidelity or Barry-O has any brains. He is and always will be a loser. Maybe he can welcome home the terrorist Lori Berenson by kissing her ass on his lousy faux show.

    Mendacity they name is Scarborough.

  19. Every now and then Joe Scarborough makes sense. This is one of those rare occasions.
    The GOP are masters at misleading the American public. I give Joe credit for having the guts to actually speak the truth about Sarah Palin even though he’s a conservative republican.

  20. The video was very hard to watch. The windbag commentator was talking over everyone; his co-host, guests, and most distractingly, himself.

    I am no fan of Palin, the Bushies or uncle Ronnie. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth… what is it. I think the best way to describe it would be right wing cannibalism.

  21. Its true the Republicans are a lot like the “witch hunts” of 100 years ago. They will consume, kill and ruin their own ‘free speakers’.

    You are never free to debate or have your own opinion if your’re a Republican. Sure you can have your ‘thoughts’, as long as you never speak them openly and do exactly what ‘they’ want you too. Just shut-up and vote for them you ‘sheep’!!

  22. The Republicans have to be very careful here. Palin is going to win if she continues to get good press from conservative outlets and she’ll win the nomination. She’ll lie and run a smear campaign against anyone she runs against. She won’t care what bridges she burns within the GOP, because she’s only interested in getting fame and money out of a presidency. In the end it’ll be up to the independents and they won’t vote her in. The economy is much better, peoples 401ks, home prices have risen, jobs are slowly improving given recent unemployment numbers. It would be foolish to nominate her in.

  23. Never, ever underestimate (or misunderestimate) the stupidity of a large portion of America. That percentage that believes Saddam was behind 9/11, that we found WMDs in Iraq, that tax cuts for the rich help the middle class via “trickle down” economics, that George Bush was a great president who made no mistakes, that the deficit comes mostly from welfare cheaters and earmarks make a huge difference in the budget, that Obama is a Muslim, can’t find Afghanistan on a map and believe that America was created by the Christian saints Washington, Jefferson and Madison…this is the America that is bought and sold on Palin and they will vote in droves to stave off their cognitive dissonance.

  24. Your post is like Republicans saying “lets just get this Declaration of Independence thingy signed now and we’ll forget All-l-l-l-l about that slavery stuff, ok?” then 100 years later one of the most violent conflicts ever erupts. If you are going to cut her from the fold, do it now and take the losses so you have a unified front in the summer and fall of 2012. Otherwise, you will have to fight it out then and it will be bloodier still as she will continue to manage her status up higher and higher going forward. She will be like the macarena…it seems harmless enough at the start but by the end…the horror….the horror

  25. Scarborough is one of the few but growing number of Republicans who are willing to tell the truth that the empress has no clothes. Of course, they should have done it sooner, but in their zeal to win they glossed over the fact that she is imminently unqualified even as VP. It’s a sad commentary that so many people deny reality in the name of party loyalty for fear of being called a RINO.

  26. Has Java Joe gone all Wikileaks on us? Next thing you know he’ll expose what Republicans really think about poor people.

  27. I for one am hoping beyond all hope to see Queen Sarah run in the primaries and be completely obliterated, sacked upon and crippled by the Rove Party Machine. This will be the best political show I have ever seen. And, if she actually gets through it, and wins the nomination, it’s a guaranteed win for Obama

  28. It’s all about marketing. Can you imagine if S. Palin or C. O’Donnell looked like Virginia Fox or Jan Brewer? It is possible that given their gravitas (or lack thereof) they would be little more than low level political hacks. But, deceptive marketing works, as the last election shows.

    Wrap a kook up in enough flags and every redneck in the country will come pouring out of the hills to protect their ‘purty little Palin’ from those ‘evil lefties’

  29. I have maintained from his introduction as a Moderate on the Morning Joe Show that Pinocchio Joe is a genius Media Manipulator and a shill for the Republican Party. His topic from the day Obama was elected was the takeover similar to the Flash in the Pan Republican Takeover of Gingrich, Scarborough, Bill Frist etc in ’92. That being said, if the Trinity of Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh wanted Joe silenced,,,, silenced Joe would be – Lindsey Graham can just think of something Moderate and they are all over Graham,,,, Try though I May I have NEVER EVER EVER heard a cross word about Scarborough from any of the Trinity,,,,, and nothing could make Limbaugh or for that matter the other two happier than the introduction of their mutual friend Jeb Bush into the Presidential Frey. He would be the “Uniter” of the Party, the the only other thing they would need for the Evangelical Vote is Mike Huckabee, Scarborough’s second choice for President. — Limbaugh and the Bush’s are tight, and Scarborough’s wife used to work for Jeb Bush. I a no fan of Joe Scarborough, think the Liberal MSNBC is scared to death of him,,,,, and have to admire his ability to control the message and appear as Moderate.

  30. I have never really been a Scarborough fan, but I bet dimes to donuts the story WOULD be if any of the three of them said beans against Scarborough. and if they did, it would be their first time. I think Scarborough is a shill for the Republican Party, and is there to do what he is doing, with the Blessing of Beck and Limbuagh. Scarborough has blasted both of them enough,,,,, and if you can name one other republican that dared stray from the message that wasn’t all but castrated by Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck within nano-seconds,,, please do so. What happened to Judd Gregg when he dared think about being on Obama’s Cabinet???? How many times has Eric Canter, Paul Ryan and for that matter Rand Paul, had to “re-define” what they meant???? How long did it take for Boehner to “correct the record”? – Even Newt Gingrich had to “splain himself” – Never a correction, or peep from Pinocchio Joe regarding any of his attacks against Beck, Hannity or Rush. That isn’t a coincidence.

  31. Joe Scarborough is the best weapon the Republican Party,,,,, CONSERVATIVE Republican party,,,,,, has,,, and they have been using it beautifully since Obama was elected. Like all other Republicans, the first voice against Bush was after he was defeated,,,,, and Scarborough, Did you know he was a Congressman,,,,, had been hoping for and working on a reapeat of the 92 Republican takeover since he left Congress.

    When someone high in the Republican party fights back against Joe, I will believe he is a Moderate,,,,,until then, my money is on the Conservative Joe doing what is best for the Republican Victory in 2012 – Otherwise Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck would have made him into toast regarding all the anti-Palin (ant others) Statements he has been making

  32. Well, Pinocchio Joe Scarborough is a master Media Maniuplator,,,, and I think shilling for the republican party – and perhaps a stab at supporting and endorsing Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio (VP) in the next election – It may take guts for some,,,,,but since this isn’t his first time at exposing Republicans not ready for office,,,, and he has never had even a cross word made about him from Limbaugh, Hannity OR Beck,,,, I would look deeper into who may be just a tad misleading.

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