Democrats Arrogantly Overestimated the Intelligence of the American Voter

The loss of the House of Representatives by Democrats this election will be analyzed to death, and there is certainly enough blame to go around regardless which group is critiqued. A great portion of the blame can be attributed to corporate infusion of cash to Republican and Tea Party candidates. However, Democrats and President Obama must accept that they too, own their fair share of blame for overestimating the intelligence of the American voter.

Keith Olbermann Mocks the New Weeper of the House John Boehner

On his MSNBC program Countdown, Keith Olbermann was recapping some of the stranger moments from last night's victory and concession speeches when he discussed John Boehner's leaving his man pants at home and crying at the drop of a hat, "This was set against the context of a republican campaign filled with demands from conservatives about manliness and manning up. Ladies and gentlemen, the new weeper of the house."

Obama Takes Responsibility for Democratic House and Senate Losses

During his press conference this afternoon, President Obama took responsibility for the Democrats losing control of the House of Representatives. He said, "So there is not only sadness about seeing them go but there is also a lot of questioning on my part in terms of could I have done something differently or done something more, so that those folks could still be here. It's hard, and I take responsibility for it in a lot of ways."

How Sarah Palin Lost the Senate for the Republicans

The finger pointing has already begun in the Republican Party due to their failure to win the US Senate last night. Republicans had a golden opportunity to take control of Congress, but they failed, and the blame for this failure should fall on the shoulders of one person. Sarah Palin's meddling in the races in Nevada, Delaware, and Alaska likely cost the GOP the United States Senate.

The Terror From Within

The rich and powerful together with the GOP, the bigoted, the racists and the misguided have waged a consumptive and gigantic battle against Obama, the Democratic Party, main stream America, and the very concept of Democracy.

When Did the Mainstream Media Start Working for the Conservatives?

Americans go to the polls today in spite of main stream media reports that Republicans and Tea Party candidates swept every race. Usually it is only Fox News that tells their audience what the results of elections will be in advance of an election, but in this election cycle, real journalists are jumping on the Republican bandwagon in a big way.

Glenn Beck Jumps On the Jon Stewart Bandwagon

On his Fox News program today Glenn Beck claimed that while Jon Stewart's rally had been co-opted by the left, he still wished him luck with rally and then jumped on the Jon Stewart bandwagon by saying, "Jon we disagree on a great many things, but I don't think we disagree of the type of people that we need to be as individual Americans."

Dear America, Why Are We Voting Against Our Own Self Interests?

As we head to the polls tomorrow, ignorant, confused citizens are intending to vote against their own self-interests. Knowing Republicans have done nothing, and campaign on doing nothing for the next two years; why are people willing to vote for them? Republicans promise to help corporations by getting rid of regulations, but that only helps the wealthy.