Democrats Should Stand Tall Against Republican Tax Cut Extortionists

After President Obama and the leaders of the Republican caucus met this week to discuss working together to solve America’s problems, one may have been left with hope that finally something productive would be accomplished. Indeed, after the meeting the president and Republican leadership talked about compromise and working together for the good of the American people. Alas, the goodwill and spirit of cooperation expressed by Republicans turned into obstruction and claims of no compromise under any condition.

Republicans stated categorically that unless the tax cuts for the wealthy are made permanent, they would block every bit of legislation Democrats want to move forward. On Wednesday, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that nothing will be addressed until all the Bush-era tax cuts are extended; including and especially tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans. Democrats propose and support extending the cuts for every American except for the extremely wealthy.

What that means is that Democrats want to continue tax cuts for 98% of the American people and allow the cuts to expire for the remaining 2%. That 2% includes millionaires and billionaires who will gain an average of $104,000 in cuts at the same time Republicans are blocking extending unemployment benefits for millions of Americans who lost their jobs to Republican sponsored outsourcing and the financial meltdown caused by deregulating financial institutions and banks at the hands of Republicans.

No matter how one assesses the current Republican obstructionist tactics in the legislature, it is nothing less than extortion, and it will affect working Americans as well as national security. Republicans are threatening to block a vote on the START treaty that will limit the nuclear arsenals of Russia as well as the United States.

Republicans are saying that extending the tax cuts for the rich will create jobs and stimulate the economy at a time when jobs are scarce and the economic future is looking bleaker every day. But Republicans do not mention that for the past 10 years when the wealthy have enjoyed lower taxes, job creation was anemic at best. Their argument that wealthy people drive job creation and increase business here in America is a lie, and still, Republicans repeat the same tired talking points as if their arguments are facts beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The American people who support extending the tax cuts for the wealthy are falling for the Reagan-era philosophy that when the wealthy increase their income, money ‘trickles down’ to the working and middle class. The trickle-down theory did not work during the Reagan years and has never proved to be anything more than a scam. Republicans do understand that the majority of Americans are not critical thinkers or they would not continue the same lie that when the wealthy prosper, America prospers. For Republicans and conservatives, the wealthy and corporations are America, and the working class and poor are a scourge.

If Americans don’t see the Republican Party as the front line of the class war against 98% of the population they must be blind. It is curious why Mitch McConnell’s constituents in Kentucky would support him when he wants to punish 98% of them to benefit the wealthiest 2%. McConnell has aligned himself with the wealthy class in their efforts to deprive the working middle-class of a decent wage and protections against outsourcing that McConnell supports, and now he is willing to hold unemployed people hostage until the wealthy get a permanent tax cut. It should be noted that if the wealthy tax cuts expire, they will see a tax increase of 3% that they will mitigate with deductions that only the wealthy enjoy.

Republicans have a habit of never talking about the middle class in America because they could not care less about working Americans. Their only focus is preserving the obscene wealth for their elite donors, and they lie to Americans that Democrats are raising everyone’s taxes. Democrats have been very clear that they want to extend tax relief for every American except the wealthiest taxpayers who have enjoyed lower taxes for 10 years and created no jobs. The tax cuts for the wealthy have to expire because they were never funded, and Republicans want to continue that process permanently at a cost to Americans of $700 billion a year. For the party that lays exclusive claim to fiscal responsibility, Republicans belie that fact when they insist on increasing the deficit just so their wealthy donors can have a 3% tax cut in perpetuity without funding.

Democrats and President Obama must make their case to the American people that they are working for 98% of Americans by extending their tax cuts. It is disgusting to watch one Republican after another pontificate on the merits of extending the tax cuts for the wealthy as a means to create jobs and spur economic growth when they blocked jobs bills, small business loan assistance, and legislation to curb outsourcing Americans’ jobs. They are disingenuous at best, and lying pigs in reality.

Republicans are holding Americans hostage to increase the wealth of those who do not need more wealth. They are extortionists who are willing to endanger national security by blocking ratification of the START treaty, unemployment benefits, and climate legislation unless they are paid off by extending tax cuts for the rich. It is time to call the Republicans what they really are; criminal extortionists and killers of the working middle class.

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  1. And how about traitorous pigs. To hold up something their own past secretary of states went on TV to urge them to sign (START) just to get a tax cut for the rich is obscene. If we thought the Clinton years were bad, we better get ready. The GOP is too busy having secessionist balls to care about the well-being of this country let alone the middle class or god forbid the poor!

  2. I’m livid about the START treaty being held up. Just like they held up the TSA chief. It’s one thing to hold up ideologically driven legislation but quite another when it’s something every American knows we NEED for our security and safety. Listening to Boehner refer to the tax cut bill as “chicken crap” yesterday was a great introduction to the level of debate we have in store for us from the GOP. “Chicken crap”? That’s how they refer to our legislative process now? Maybe they don’t recognize the way things are supposed to be done because they never do it that way when they have power. America is going to get what she asked for by voting these clowns into power.

  3. it is truly amazing that the people vote for people who refuse to represent them. In fact it is unbelievable. The current Republican Party has set politics and our Congress back 100 years in credibility. they are acting like they have a mandate from the tea party.

    There are a myriad of polls that show that the people do not want the upper rich people to get a tax cut. Why are the Republicans so bent on getting these cuts? Is it because many of them are millionaires and they will get the tax cuts? Alan Grayson thinks so.

    while I have my own thoughts on where this is heading, it’s totally beyond me why people vote for these people. This is corruption at its best

  4. Shiva,

    I’ve lived in GA all of my life–50 + years–and there seems to be some pathological dedication to making sure that the rich stay rich, the middle class continues to struggle, and that the poor just disappear into an abyss. It’s been this way here for quite some time now, and I think the reason many continue to vote for the republicans is because the republican candidates who run for office wrap themselves in the flag, the Bible, and Family Values (thanks S. Lewis!) Very few of the conservative-leaning voters seem to realize that these conservative politicians don’t practice what they preach. For example, Georgians overwhelmingly elected Nathan Deal to be our next governor after information emerged during the gubernatorial campaign about his lack of fiscal conservatism and his penchant for corruption to serve his personal agenda. My guess is that conservatives’ addiction to these types of politicians will only be broken when they reach rock bottom and find that, in spite of all of their efforts to get ahead, they’re worse off than they’ve ever been in their lives. From what I understand about addictions, an addict will only change when he/she is almost totally destroyed as a result of his/her addiction, and it certainly seems that this is the direction we are headed based on today’s unemployment figures. The conservative-leaning voters have consciously chosen to ignore the fact that none of the conservative politicians have any solutions that will speed up our economic recovery. Their main focus is on destroying President Obama and the democrats, all else be damned.

  5. Great article! Yeah, let’s give tax cuts to the rich, trickle down economy, right?
    NOOOO!!!!!! That has never worked and never will. The rich will just spend the money while the rest of the country struggles to survive. At this rate Tom Cruise will be able to buy his daughter another 6,000 dollar Halloween outfit.
    So wrong. Why don’t Republicans understand these things?

  6. Guess what happens when the rich spend their money? They buy it from companies which employee people. It is such simple logic. Rich people not only employ people, they spend money on the products/services that the middle class create.

  7. All politicians are liars thieves and whores, Democrats and Republicans. What this article doesn’t mention is how small businesses are losing a tax break (larger businesses too) which employ many people; businesses need a tax break too and not just individuals. Our economy is driven by business!

  8. It’s a little hard to believe anything that the democrats, and especially Obama, have to say anymore and that’s why America voted the dems out of office. Get a clue. The reason why the economy is the way it is, is because of the mismanagement by all branches of government for the past two years. Never has a party failed more than this legislation and they have made America into a joke. Raise taxes is never the answer and, hello, even if the rich keep their $104K each then that gets pumped into the economy. That equals BILLIONS being put back into the economy. Why, what a marvelous thing. Why not look at the bigger picture of how our president allows something like wikileaks to still exist. And before you start typing that ignorant rebuttal, anyone of the many brilliant hackers can take that site down in seconds. Believe it or not, we have the most advanced technology and that site is still up. It’s a joke and spare your “rights” speech. That’s why this world has turned into a dangerous place. Grow some balls America.

  9. It’s a little hard to believe anything that the democrats, and especially Obama, have to say anymore and that’s why America voted the dems out of office. Get a clue. The reason why the economy is the way it is, is because of the mismanagement by all branches of government for the past two years. Never has a party failed more than this legislation and they have made America into a joke. Raise taxes is never the answer and, hello, even if the rich keep their $104K each then that gets pumped into the economy. That equals BILLIONS being put back into the economy. Why, what a marvelous thing. Why not look at the bigger picture of how our president allows something like wikileaks to still exist. And before you start typing that ignorant rebuttal, anyone of the many brilliant hackers can take that site down in seconds. Believe it or not, we have the most advanced technology and that site is still up. It’s a joke and spare your “rights” speech. That’s why this world has turned into a dangerous place. Grow some balls America.

  10. Ya nice to know that those top 2 percent are accounting for over a third of the fed’s total revenue. I have an idea let’s raise their taxes that way they will cut other things, like employees, so that they can maintain their lifestyles. I know because that’s what I do! Currently I hire quite a few people I don’t NEED and so if the gov wants to take away my money from me I’ll recoup it through the wages those people won’t be getting!

  11. So, what about the fact that many companies are outsourcing jobs to other countries? That contributes to the problem, just as these wars do that are bleeding the economy.

  12. “Why are the Republicans so bent on getting these cuts?”

    Maybe because their campaign donors are expecting paybacks for their huge donations?
    According to a Seattle news article “Protecting the rich, afflicting the jobless”,
    an extension of the Bush tax cut would immediately put an additional $1.3 million into the pocket of media mogul (and Fox News boss) Rupert Murdoch.

    Then we have the Koch Billionaires who personally poured millions into the coffers of every Tea Party EXPRESS candidate. The TP Express was their baby… well funded and carefully crafted by them and they paid Palin to be their cheerleader. (That’s why she quit her Gov job) She got a well paying job offer from the Murdoch/Koch machine.
    Oh and they’re also behind FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity and many more groups, but those were fairly prominent before the midterms.
    Many say the TP Express co-opted the grass roots tea party groups/movement but those tp people didn’t know it was Billionaires behind the TP Express so they just fell for it hook, line and sinker and like good little children they voted for the candidates the Koch’s wanted in place to further their own radical agenda….which is totally different than what the “people” really wanted unless you’re a John Bircher or super radical Libertarian bent on shutting down half the government agencies in existence.
    Some TP groups did object when they found out who was pulling the strings in some of the TP groups but they didn’t get any news coverage to speak of when they tried to expose things.

    The Koch’s are well known in Washington political circles but until this year when a series of articles came out about them, most ordinary folks didn’t know of them or their radical history and buying of political influence and crafting (Koch) beneficial legislation.
    They’ve even been tied to unethical dealings with some of our Supreme Court justices. Read the below and connect the dots….
    We’re some SC opinions bought? It’s sure looking like it.
    Thomas and Scalia have flouted ethics rules by attending seminars sponsored by Koch Industries, an energy and manufacturing conglomerate run by billionaire brothers that has donated more than $100 million to far-right causes.

    The 5-to-4 Citizens United decision last January gave corporations, foreign contributors, unions, Big Energy, Big Oil and superrich conservatives a green light to surreptitiously funnel in as much money as they want, whenever they want to elect or unelect candidates. As if that weren’t enough to breed corruption, Thomas was the only justice — in a rare case of detaching his hip from Antonin Scalia’s — to write a separate opinion calling for an end to donor disclosures.

    This is short but informative about the Koch’s. — Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party

    Here’s Bush giving them a slap on the wrist instead of the hundreds of millions in fines they were charged with under Clinton for massive oil spill and enviromental damage.

    This is the piece on the Koch’s that’s mentioned in the NYT’s link above.
    It’s long but most excellent. After reading it and following the news daily I can see their influence in everything now. Murdoch’s too, the Koch’s spent millions on campaign ads ON Murdoch’s media empire.

    Murdoch has a rich history too….he’s like the Koch’s in many ways.
    Back in the 1980’s he terrorized politicians in Australia. Now he’s here doing the same thing……oh and he’s also in the UK too buying up media there to push his agenda and influence elections there too.

    “Rupert Murdoch discovered very early in life that through his media establishments if he helped out politicians, the favors would be repayed in multiples.

    That if he ever chose to take down a government, such as he did by turning his newspapers negative on Gough Whitlam after having previously supported him and thus been bought into his confidence, he could. He would also be very aware that this would give him control over the democratically elected governments actions and influence over the policies they adopted.

    In other words, the power that Rupert Murdoch wields through his media empire is more than any politician could ever hope for.
    If Murdoch decides to help, you’ll do OK.
    If he decides not to help, the other guy will win.
    And if after a short time, after he has laid the ground work to make you and the general public believe he is supporting you but he actually intends to destroy your government, he will.”

    Can you see why Fox is out to destroy the President now?
    One more small mention…… since Koch Industries makes some of their money from Oil….lots of money…..and THEY have spent Millions on climate change denial.
    While the whole world is moving to green energy, we have Billionaires convincing people that there is no such thing with fake groups and think tanks set up for just that. If you hear about shutting down the EPA or restricting their powers or that of the Energy Dept…..that will be the Koch’s influence behind it.

  13. “The rich will just spend the money”, hey dumbass, thats exactly the concept behind trickle down economics. Who do you think the rich are buying from, and who made the crap they are buying? THE WORKING CLASS!

  14. DEMS can’t stand Tall they have their heads in the sand wondering why their Progressive ideas are failing and sucking up to their base didn’t get them re elected.

  15. All of your conclusions are correct, so thanks for that, but you make the same mistake that EVERY commenter on my tee vee makes. You say “What that means is that Democrats want to continue tax cuts for 98% of the American people and allow the cuts to expire for the remaining 2%. ”

    No, what that means is that Democrats want to continue tax cuts for 100% of the American People UP TO $250,000. Everybody gets the tax cut – Bill Gates & the homeless guy – on the first $250,000 of income. This is a big difference and many folks don’t understand it because everyone in the media misstates it (I’m talkin’ to you, NPR). When people understand this, polling shows that the Democratic plan is OVERWHELMINGLY popular (instead of just popular), & the Repub plan – not so much.

  16. You’re an ignorant fool.

    – You actually believe that the economy is in the tank because of the actions
    taken by the administration in the last two years? Let me ask you, which
    president asked the American people for $750B to bail out Wall Street
    and the banking industry? Here’s a clue, it wasn’t Obama.

    – “Raising taxes is never the answer” Hello!!! America has never, ever gone
    to war without raising taxes to pay for it. That is until President Bush decided
    that we needed to be in TWO wars with no additional funding. Can you say
    massive deficit?

    – The wealthiest 2% have had their tax break for the past 10 years. The wealthy
    are just as frugal as your average middle class citizen. They don’t spend
    money just because they have money. Trickle down economics does not work
    period. Jobs are created when there is a DEMAND for products. Business
    owners do not hire additional workers based on tax implications alone.
    If you want small business owners to hire more workers, you must put the
    money in the hands of those that actually buy the products. Giving additional
    spending cash to the top 2% of the country will not do this.

    – “The President allows something like Wikileaks to exist”. What would you
    suggest, an act of war against Sweden perhaps? Do you really think that it
    would be ok for the President of the United States to suggest that we use an
    illegal act of terrorism to crush something that we don’t like?

    – So you think our “rights” are a joke huh? How anti-American of you.

    Yes, grow some balls America!! Let’s attack Sweden next. How dare they
    allow freedom of speech in their country.

    Grow some balls America, we need to cut entitlement spending so that
    we can guarantee that the top 2% of the population will have some
    extra spending cash. Deficits be damned.

    Grow some balls America, we don’t need additional taxes to fight foreign
    wars. We’ll just ask the Chinese for another loan. Remember, President
    Reagan said that deficits don’t matter. Huh? Sounds like deficits matter now
    doesn’t it.

    Grow some balls America, we should have just let those stupid banks fail. We
    should have let GM and Chrysler fail too, Hell we should have let them all
    fail. Forget about the stupid employees, oh and the stupid sub-contractors, oh and the stupid small business owners in the towns near the manufacturing
    facilities, oh and all the other people that depend on the infrastructure
    surrounding all of those industries. Hell ya, 9% unemployment, HA, we could
    have had at least a 25% unemployment rate. yeah, that would teach all those
    slacker moocher class entitlement bastards!!!

  17. The reason the Dum-o-crats can’t win over the American people is that they spend WAY too much time on promoting their San Francisco liberalism and telling most of flyover America that they are a bunch of gun-loving, racist bigots who are only a half step up from Cromagnons because they are not as enlightened as the limousine liberals on the coasts.

    Then they try to sell those same Americans on a fiscal plan to “help” them out. Most Americans are church-going family values patriots. They are so pissed off by the NYC coastal “elites” that they wouldn’t vote for a Democrat even if the Republican in the race was found to be stealing directly from their pension fund in order to fund his toxic baby formula factory in China. They see the Republicans as the defenders of their faith and traditional culture.

    Americans are tired of the culture wars of the left. They are tired of being called racists, warmongering, anti-ecologists. Most Americans are sickened by racism, prefer peace and want clean air, water and wild spaces. But we don’t want to have it shoved down our throats by holier-than-thou liberal elites. Their over the top extremism on nearly every topic in the culture wars sets flyover America on its last nerve.

    The other thing that sets off most working Americans is that nearly 60 percent of the budget goes to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. They see their taxes going to fund programs most of them do not use and feel won’t be there when they need them. As working Americans, they don’t get any benefit from them. And all they hear the left do is call for more. They already feel their taxes are too high and they don’t want to send more of their own money to those who don’t or won’t work.

    Until the Dum-o-crats get this, they will continue to vote Republican. I say this as the grandchild of a lifelong Union member, the child of two people whose hero was JFK, but who all see themselves as Reagan Democrats (aka Republicans). We didn’t leave the Democrat party – it left us. Dum-o-crats come back to your roots and end the culture wars on Christianity, Patriotism and family values. When you do, the middle class will come back to you.

  18. The upper middle class and the rich are NOT spending their money. It is invested and being held close for the future. There are literally trillions of dollars sitting on the sidelines, due to uncertainty. Most of it in brokerage accounts – a bit in the market.
    When you have money, you don’t HAVE to buy. If you have certainty, you don’t have to worry. You CAN sit on the sidelines and just wait.
    Tax cuts do not produce jobs. They simply give more money to the people who have money. Just because someone gets a tax break doesn’t mean they go and hire someone. That’s ridiculous and it’s never been proven.
    Bring some of those jobs home from China and India – and put people to work in their own country.
    It’s greed, not tax cuts, that is destroying our country.

  19. Agreed – however if that is true and what the Republicans want, why did they vote against tax cuts for the middle class up to $1,000,000? At what point, does a “small business” begin?

    These are the BUSH tax cuts. They were set to expire. For everyone. They are not the Obama Tax Hikes – they will always be the BUSH TAX CUTS THAT EXPIRED.

    Small business (does that include the Koch Bros?) should have tax breaks. Not a problem. So should everyone who makes less than $250,000. Nothing wrong with that.

    Businesses were given tax breaks to move jobs overseas. We lost over 7MILLION jobs during the Bush years – over 27,000 factories CLOSED. Businesses have moved branches overseas to manufacture and sell to their company locations in the US. CHEAP LABOR. We need to close the BUSH tax LOOPHOLES that make it attractive to move jobs overseas.

    Most of the lost jobs are probably gone forever. I think we will see tax breaks extended for 2 years (goody we get to do this AGAIN in 2 years) – let’s see, if that happens, WHAT the JOB MARKET shows ok?

    Meet me here in 2 years and let’s see what these RICH TAX CUTS have done to produce jobs for the middle class.

  20. I notice you left out the part where the tax breaks are UP TO $250,000 – the ONLY increase is on any $$ ABOVE the $250,000. So if you make $250.,001 – you ONLY pay the higher tax on the $1.

    Anyone who runs a small business that is NOT a corporation is a fool. You put corporate expenses and employee expenses through a corporation. Then you take a $250,000 salary out of your corporation. Since corporate taxes are much lower, you don’t pay the HUGE taxes you would if you tried to do it yourself.

    We’ve been a corporation for over 20 years. We are a P.C. – a single individual corporation. We pay at a corporate tax rate on corporate items. It allows us to have our health insurance paid through the corporation, and reimburses all expenses the corporation requires such as equipment needed. It costs approx $1500 per year to maintain. And it saves us a ton of money on our Personal income tax. It reduces our personal expenses. Any side money earned (legal case medico review/speaking fees) are paid into the PC and taxed accordingly. They are not added to our income.

    So to all those whiny small businesses out there, get yourself a good financial advisor and accountant and set up a small corporation and take advantage of the tax laws for small businesses.

  21. Obviously you have chosen to completely ignore putting TWO wars on a credit card not being added to the deficit.
    Sure the deficit is high because your Lord High Bushie paid for 8 years of war on a SUPPLEMENTAL that was outside the budget.

    Do you honestly possess a functioning brain?

  22. HAHAHA! Dum-O-Crats! So Funny on so many levels! Are you Jon Stewart?

    Aside from that, every single word in your post is demonstrably wrong, including “the” and “and.”

  23. I think that door swings both ways. Our family was Republican but once the fundy religious fruits and nuts hijacked the party, we all left. The Republicans may be strong right now, but their poking into people’s bedrooms, and forcing death panels like Brewer is doing in AZ, and the hated they spew from every orifice is a huge turn off to most right thinking HUMANS.
    I wouldn’t vote for a Republican if the Dem candidate ate a puppy on live TV because I guarantee you when the show was over, the Republican would put bar-b-q sauce on it and eat it too.
    What most turns me off is this wacko religious RWNJ nosey hatred. Why is it that Republicans want less government but want to wi-fi your bedroom to make sure you’re doing it the right way and not with an “opposite” .. ? Maybe if the republicans went back to being human, they’d attract a higher form of supporter? Right now I see nothing but brain dead morons following Senator Orange off the nearest cliff – to the applause of most of the country.

  24. Which progressive ideas have failed? The Bush bailouts? The Mitt Romney health insurance reform act?

    Sucking up to their base? When? The progressive base that swept the Dems into power in 2008 didn’t turn out precisely b/c many of them were disillusioned by the fact that no progressive ideas were pushed by the administration.

  25. “Currently I hire quite a few people I don’t NEED…”


    Wow…no wonder American business is going down the toilet…

  26. surely, no one is surprised. The very rich bought and paided for the republican congressmen. Is anyone suprised they expect their puchase to pay off?

  27. Well lets see what the National Federation of Independent Business has to say :
    “The organization states that 75 percent of small businesses are taxed as individuals and will be negatively affected by the tax increase scheduled to occur on Jan 1. ”
    “Increasing the individual rates will mean that business owners have less money for business investment and job creation,” the NFIB stated. “One study found that a 5 percent increase in individual tax rates decreases business investment by 10 percent.”

  28. I’m from Canada and watch all the craziness that is going on the USA. It’s really sad how many Americans fall for Republican fear mongering and can’t seem to listen to Democrat logic. I watch Meet The Press on Sunday mornings and get a laugh out of Boehner’s debates – no facts in what he says, just a fear talk. How can people not see this – how can they not understand that Republicans are not looking out for them, just themselves. It’s so sad to see this and disgusting how their only goal is to beat Obama – nothing else. The USA has a great opportunity and are wrecking it every chance they get. Republicans in power will set the USA in a terrible downward spiral – the middle class will become the poor, and the poor will suffer terribly, and the rich will have no one left to feed off of.

  29. Obama and the Dems should only agree to extend tax cuts for those earning over one million each year based on the following conditions: The tax cuts can be allowed as credits on their tax returns only if the millionaires agree to use these tax cut credits for starting or supporting new business ventures in America. These investments must be documented, and then the millionaires can share in the profits, as long as good American jobs are being created.

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