Scrooge Rush Limbaugh Claims The Poor Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote

On a day when the US unemployment rate rose to 9.8%, Rush Limbaugh used his radio show to argue that poor people should not be allowed to vote. While commenting about a piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about people lining up for housing assistance, Limbaugh asked, ” If people can’t even feed and clothe themselves should they be allowed to vote? Should they be voting?”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

While bashing Obama and railing against an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that described poor people lining up for heating assistance, Limbaugh decided that poor people, since they tend to vote for Democrats should not be allowed to vote. Limbaugh said, “This story raises a very unpolitically correct question. If people can’t even feed and clothe themselves should they be allowed to vote? Should they be voting? If people who are receiving government assistance, that is taxpayer assistance, if they weren’t allowed to vote can you imagine the political difference in this country? Can you imagine? It’s just a think piece, putting it out there for you to ponder?”

Property requirements for voting were abolished by 1860,but this has not stopped people like Tea Party Nation President Judson Phillips who argued that property requirements made a lot of sense, “The Founding Fathers originally said, they put certain restrictions on who gets the right to vote. It wasn’t you were just a citizen and you got to vote. Some of the restrictions, you know, you obviously would not think about today. But one of those was you had to be a property owner. And that makes a lot of sense, because if you’re a property owner you actually have a vested stake in the community. If you’re not a property owner, you know, I’m sorry but property owners have a little bit more of a vested interest in the community than non-property owners.”

Glenn Beck picked up this right wing talking point earlier this week and used it to label the fact that poor people are suffering in America a lie, and today Limbaugh picked it up in order to call for the disenfranchisement of 15% of the American population. From a political point of view, Limbaugh was dreaming of way to give the Republican Party permanent control over the government. For people like Limbaugh and Beck the poor aren’t good people who are struggling to survive, no they are greedy, undeserving sub-human parasites.

The idea is that the rich are better and more important Americans because they have money. Property requirements undermine the very fabric of our democracy. When critics of the right call them un-American, things like dreams of voter disenfranchisement are what they are referring to. Our democracy is already threatened by a political system that has been overtaken by outside money, and I guess the best way for the wealthy and corporate America to finish the job and make sure that the American people never have power again would be to disenfranchise as many voters as possible.

Boy these Republicans really know how to celebrate the holiday season! Not satisfied with cutting off the unemployment benefits of 2 million Americans right before Christmas, now they are trying to make sure that the same people that they threw in to poverty never have the ability to vote them out of power. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the right are one speech about sending the poor to work houses away from going full on Scrooge on us. Merry Christmas America. You can be certain that rich white Republicans like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh won’t be thinking of you this season.

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  1. Poor people shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    Neither should blacks, women, homosexuals…any and all other minority and/or deviant groups.

    Let’s face it; the only people that should be allowed to vote in this country are rich, white, land/stock owning men. After all, we all know that rich white men always exercise good will, compassion and generous judgment when taking care of all the little dependent people.

    We should do like our founding fathers did. Give all the power to rich white men.

    Imagine it. Just imagine it.

    How great would this country be today?

    Instead, we have what we have today–a bunch of dirty little brown and yellow people bleeding all of us dry through welfare and food stamps.

  2. Wow… I’ve never been much of a conspiracy guy, but lemme see if I have this straight…

    Right wingers deregulate the banking industry… the banking industry then gorges on bad mortgage loans in an orgy of irresponsible greed and then sells them to their competitors… the economy collapses as a result, causing competing banks to go under and also for millions to lose their homes… then the Right wingers (while blaming Clinton, Obama, and Barney Frank for the economic collapse) start a push for property ownership as a requirement for voting rights…

    Mind, consider yourself blown…

  3. The main diference between a loony ranting on the Times Square subway platform and Rush Limbaugh is that Rush Limbaugh is in broadcasting.

  4. I laugh that Rushs feverish fans think that he actually has their interests in mind as he comes home from work and sits in his multi million dollar sea side mansion. They think that as he champions the real American on radio that he really has “average” folks like unemployed steel workers in Pittsburgh on his list of concerns. If you are an average American worker, a good person who only wants to work and provide for your family and you tune into Rush, Beck and the other fakes who tell you that they are on your side, you are saps, suckers and fools. Rush and co have only one real interest, money. The only difference between Rush, Beck and the Glad garbage bag man spokesman is that the Glad guy is the only one not peddling true trash. Seriously, with all due respect, if you think that Rush, Beck and Fox news has anything other than the interest of corporations and their own bank accounts on their agendas, well..God help you.

  5. Some American Muslim minds are being threatened with narration sickness. The radical talks about his reality as if it were motionless, static, compartmentalized, and predictable. Or else he expounds on an outlandish topic completely alien to the existential experience of his listeners. His task is to “fill” the listeners with the contents of his crazy narration which is detached from reality, disconnected from the totality that, he believes, will inspire them — and could give them a perverted sort of significance. As for their Christian counterpart, they have Rush Limbaugh.

    Khalilah Sabra
    Muslim American Society

  6. Limbaugh appeals to people who don’t think for themselves. He echoes and reinforces the biases of his many listeners, and he does not have their economic interests in mind. In an increasingly racially and religiously diverse country, he appeals to the resentments of many white working class Americans by demonizing those who are not like them. By doing this, he is actually doing them a disservice since he is encouraging resistance to the realities of this country, as opposed to a mythical version that many cling to. In addition, he appeals to the condescension and scorn many feel for the poor, whom they consider unworthy in the first place. Apparently, it doesn’t occur to them that they could easily find themselves in the same dire straits that they have so far been insulated from. What it boils down to is that all Rush Limbaugh cares about is his own personal wealth, which is largely at the expense of the gullible individuals who hang onto his every incendiary word.

  7. The problem is that most of the people listening to Rush Limbaugh don’t realize that they are the poor. He can garner support for ideas like this from the very same people who would suffer if income requirements for voting were ever implemented. Somewhere, someone making $50k per year is thinking that this sounds like a great idea, and is sick of what they perceive as poor people calling the shots.

    …Somewhere else, someone who thinks 10 million dollars is chump change is laughing at the “middle class” man who thinks he’s going to have a say.

  8. Thanks for saying it out loud. I love your sarcasm – it is biting and it is funny – but it is also scary because THIS is what the true Repukes believe.

    I do predict that before too long, the entire Republican party will tear itself apart. The TeaBigots will go away because there is NO WAY the Repukes will listen to “them” (ignorant hicks that they are).

    Monkeying with the Constitution is just one of many of Rush’s dreams when he is under-the-influence. I wonder if it’s his mixing his oxycontin and Viagra. Or perhaps he just needs to visit some little Dominican boys for a little “outing”.

    I do love the snark though. You have a real flair!

  9. I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more ignorant and pigheaded comment.

    I respect your right to have your own opinion, but keep you ignorant hate-filled bile to yourself.

  10. Ha, he’s right, we should restrict who can vote, but it shouldn’t be based on what you own or how much you make.

    Let’s do it based on intelligence. If your IQ falls below 100, your reasoning skills are below-average and therefore you should not be allowed to vote.

    Oh, I’m sorry – I guess that means the Tea Party will no longer have much of a voice, will it? Darn, I guess we’ll turn into a nation run by well-informed individuals instead of idiotic bigots mindlessly spewing all sorts of lies and disinformation. Ho-hum, what a pity.

  11. (To clarify, since I realized tone isn’t well-conveyed via text, I’m being sarcastic. I think everyone over the age of 18 should have a vote; I just wish more of the population would stop listening to pundits and start looking at cold hard facts before stepping into voting booths. That goes for both sides of the aisle.)

  12. I sincerely hope you’re being satirical. If you gave your audience a wink and/or nod, I didn’t catch it.

    If you’re serious, then congratulations! I honestly thought your breed were extinct. It’s not often one meets a living pure-blooded Neanderthal. We oughta put you in a museum… or a zoo. Take your pick.

  13. The junkie is close, its not poor people who shouldn’t be aloud to vote……….its fat, selfish, hypocrytes who were to stupid, lazy, and worthless to pass ANY of his classes. He then lied to the public saying the school was to liberal. right and i never played in the NFL because the uniforms were ugly. all the junkies fans are fools.

  14. It is reasonable that the hostility Limbaugh and his ilk are advocating against society’s victims of his class, will soon be turned upon him. Second amendment rights pertain to the poor and it is hunting season. The reaches of Palm Beach are not a stronghold against the ire of the poor. As the czar fell to a rag tag gang of victims so too will Limbaugh. He is a moth flying to close to the flame and the fat will melt off of his flaming carcass.

    The impunity with which Limbaugh speaks is meant to be a distraction from the issues and what it is spawning is a new focal point for those who are continuingly facing harder and harder times. When the holiday season approaches and poor families must do without, and their parents must bear witness to their sufferings there will arise a new force. It will be large, it will be angry and will have many allies in other stations. Its coming…

  15. As long as people vote as a visceral response and not an intelligent one, intelligence tests will serve no purpose. The historical results of elections are evidence of this. The idiocy that has bankrupted this nation was spawned by elections for Bush and Reagan which rode and emotional wave of hostility towards the underprivileged and the poor.

    “Only dictators, tyrants and fools believe they can have it all their way. Every dictator, tyrant and fool in history who has tried to have it all his way has failed in spectacular fashion. Often, that failure brings about the destruction of their family, their army, or their entire nation. Yet the lessons of history do not resonate with dictators, tyrants and fools. That, more than anything else, is why they always fail.” William Rivers Pitt.

  16. Since most property is actually owned by the banks (mortgaged), not owned outright by the people who use it, then that would cut the people who are allowed to vote to about…oh, 25% of the population!

  17. What I want to know is: what kind of hoops of cognitive dissonance do the “just say no” Republicans have to jump through to justify having a junkie as their spokesman?

  18. Oh, and to expand a bit on Elizabeth’s comment: actually, my fiance has suggested that voting really should be:

    1: restricted to those who have performed at least 2 yrs of civil service
    2: obligatory, and the punishment for NOT voting would be comething like having one’s driver’s license suspended for a period of time

    Before anyone asks, yes, he is a US Army veteran. He’s done his time serving the country.

  19. James 5:1-6. Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries which are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted and your garments have become moth-eaten. …Behold, the pay of the laborers who mowed your fields, and with you have withheld, cries out against you; and the outcry of the harvesters has reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. You have lived luxuriously on the earth and led a life of wanton pleasure; you have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter.
    about a minute ago ·

  20. Jer. 5:28f. “[The wicked] do not plead the cause, the cause of the orphan, that they may prosper; and they do not defend the rights of the poor. Shall I not punish these people?” declares the LORD. “On such a nation as this, shall I not avenge myself?”

  21. This appears to mean that Rush Limbaugh is in favor of stripping quadriplegic Americans of their right to vote.

  22. I feel terrible saying this, but if you spent your life voting Republican, thinking you were being “patriotic” by supporting a corporate culture in hopes that the corporate culture, would, in return, employ and enrich you … and if you are unemployed and standing in a line for food or heating assistance right now … I’m sorry for you, I really am, but you asked for it because you believed the lie, and you are weeping right now in the exact same way that the pregnant teenage girl weeps because the boy who swore to love her forever has skipped town. It is a horrible, terrible lesson to learn, and my heart sincerely goes out to you. I will hold you in my thoughts, and I will hope that you find employment and a way to care for your family. In the future, I hope you stop believing the lie. Corporate America does not exist to create jobs — they exist to make money for their shareholders. If they could do that by employing no one at all, they would, and that is why you are in heartbreaking situation you are in today. I wish you well. Truly, I do. But please learn from this.

  23. I am appalled, i cannot even believe what i just read. You have some nerve to talk about poor people. You obviously are not poor, and if you haven’t lived it then shut the hell up about it. And no i am NOT poor myself, but i had to work my way up to what i am today…. and that is just a middle class citizen. BUT I do believe we need to boot ALL illegal aliens, it is bullshit that they come here and suck up all of our welfare. That i do believe should happen, but to talk about your own American people is pathetic. I also believe we should do away with ALL green cards, why are we letting them sign up to be an American?? Most people we are giving green cards to have been born and raised to HATE Americans…. so why do we let them come over here and learn all of our technology so that they can go back to their own country when they are older and teach everything they learned here to their own people. Please let us train them to kill us all, because that just sounds like a great idea…. Good job America!

  24. I don’t care so much about “poor”… I’m poor. But I work for what I have.


    All voting does is determine how the tax dollar is spent.

    If an individual does not pay more taxes into the pot than they get out of it in public assistance, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.


    If you want to vote – get a job and pay taxes.

  25. yeah, that’s it. big old bad republicans. you know, the ones who donate more of their money and time than those bleeding heart liberals. those righties, right?the whole point is, if the poor continue to vote for dems and remain poor generation after generation, perhaps they are not voting properly. just sayin’……

  26. which cities or states in america are the poorest? now, how do they vote? i do believe there is a correlation AND a causation there.

  27. The law says American citizens can vote. It doesnt say that it depends on how much money you put into a pot.

    Lets read it again.

    American citizens

  28. Looked around lately? No one will get rich on republican time. The poor (which have been here since the first day of this country, remain poor).

    Want to compare jobs created under Clinton Bush and Obama? Bush loses.

  29. Okay, so Rush says that poor people shouldn’t be allowed to vote…but it gets better….

    Ann Coulter has called for a return of a poll tax, said that only Christians should be allowed to vote (and how many times is she going to say crazy crap like this in front of Bill Kristol without him saying anything?), and the 19th Amendment should be repealed.

    Basically, only Republicans should be allowed to vote.

  30. And makes millions of dollars at it.

    I remember Sean Hannity saying ‘If Americas so bad (and only GOPs seem to think that a lot of Americans think that America is so bad) why do people keep coming here?’ Well, this is why. You can make a stupid (and I mean stupid) amount of money for doing friggin ANYthing. Sextuplets? There’s a show for that. Made a sex tape? There’s a show for that. Are you obscenely fat and decided not to say ‘Hmmm…I’m over 350 pounds, maybe I should do something about that’? There’s a show for that. Pregnant teen? There’s a show for that.

    And I’m expected to apologize for being a smart person and defend being smart as an ‘elitist’? I’m new to this site and I don’t know what the commenting policies are but…fuck that noise.

  31. And that the ranting loony doesn’t have constant access to oxycontin, whereas Limbaugh does, apparently. Oh, and the ranting loony probably wasn’t married and divorced…what is it, 3 – 4 times? Therefore the ranting loony has more “family values” than does Limbaugh, apparently.

    Limbaugh must only be mocked – he must never be taken seriously. Ever.

  32. Clinton and your democrat elected pushed for deregulation to allow everyone to own a home as an American right. They deregulated the banks (fannie and Freddie) to allow everyone that asked for home loan to be able to get it. It wasn’t right wingers and you will never take the time to question it because you probably are waiting on your next talking point so you won’t have to think on your own. In order to finance, banks put together packages to sell of these questionable loans they were forced to offer and accept. Then it fell apart, and somehow democrats had nothing to do with putting people in homes that are questionable. Then Obama promised everybody who would take care of them and they believed it. You will never take the time to research the timing I just described. So comment all you want, it means nothing if you are not willing to find out the truth. Unfortunately, your vote does!

  33. Red states are the welfare states, so I agree with you. They are the poorest, they vote Republican because they still believe Fox News. And we pay for them. SC, AK, GA, Texas, etc.

  34. The only people who should be denied the vote are those that are wicked in their heart. Any other criteria makes no sense at all, and even wickedness is debatable.

  35. Then, clearly, the law is wrong.

    Every hear of this thing called history?

    Read up on the fall of Rome. The Dole (welfare) had so weakened Rome that the Vandals had no appreciable resistance.

    We are following the same path. You can only steal so much from the producers to give to the leechers – before the whole thing breaks down. We are getting close. This house of cards will collapse soon.

  36. I was *far* better off under “Republican time”.

    I’m not a big Republican fan, either. Just stating facts.

    I had my own business for 19 years. My pastures were *much* greener under Republican policies.

    Things got so bad under Obama’s socialist agenda that I closed my doors in 2010.

  37. Sorry, I dont buy it. There is no socialist agenda, and the vast number of businesses that went out did so between 2005 and 2009.

    Just love it when people use themselves as an example and think they are the entire country.

    So tell us, what is this socialist agenda?

  38. Not only Welfare, but the corruption of the senate. The republicans are the corruptions as we speak. The corporations are also the corruption.

    Ask why we have welfare. Could it be that companys are setting on huge sums of money and not spending or hiring? The producers are not doing their share. No jobs = welfare.

  39. You don’t BUY it???
    How unfathomably arrogant!

    I wish that these facts that you don’t “buy” would just magically change themselves because you do not approve – but, so far they haven’t.
    And the main fact is: a business that I worked very hard and sacrificed greatly to start is no longer financially viable. I *could* keep it going – but, it simply doesn’t have the potential it had in 1990. And it can’t.
    I was looking at an increase of at least %18 in my tax burden in the the next 5 years. And that was on top of the fact that consumer spending has decreased dramatically in the previous 5 years.

    Further, I’m not hanging myself up as the poster child for ANYBODY. I’m simply stating what has happened to *me*. And having looked at my numbers for 2 *decades*, I know EXACTLY why I needed to call it quits.

    Socialist agenda? What isn’t?
    Massive “wealth redistribution”.
    Stealing from those that have and giving it to those that don’t is the very definition of socialism.
    The health care bill (steal and kill bill), a record “stimulus” package, Cap and Steal, Codex Alimentarius (Ex Order 13544).
    Do you even know what all this stuff does?

    READ some of it. The actual legislation – not some reporter’s synopsis.

  40. Rush you are a worthless peice of something I will not mention here. You always have had the silver spoon in your mouth so you never did a hard days work in your life.

    How Dare you say the poor should not be allowed to vote! If you took the time to study the United States Constitution you would understand that your opinion and words are totally incorrect.

    Since you believe what you are saying I can only conclude that you are just a big windbag filled with hate for your fellow man. You may never be poor in wealth but your soul is poor, poorer then the most destitute bum that lives today.
    You have no soul you only worship the dollar and you spread that evil with your words.
    I urge everyone to find out what sponsors Rush has and complain and refuse to purchase their products. Tell them why, Because Rush is a scrooge and plain evil and hates mandkind. Maybe they will pull the plug on him and his hate speak….

  41. Hey B,

    I feel for you and I understand your pain, I am in a similar situation. But your saying you had the best times under the Republicans? I am a moderate Republican, been one since Regan and I seem to remember the best years I had were when the Dems were in office. Mind you I am not saying things were easy, I am saying that the wealth was there for all to grasp if they had the way to do so.

    The past administration really set us up for failure through a few administrations.

    My parents lived through the depression and taught me a lot of common sense stuff to keep my finances in order. Even with their advice the past 10 or so years has been a struggle. I made money sure but I could not save any. No matter what I cut, no matter how I cut it, something always came up to take it.

    I do not blame the administration, I blame you and I because somehow we did not do enough to make sure these “politicians” did not get elected or we did not do enough to keep them honest. We did not do enough to keep all of them honest.

    I do not give us much hope if we cannot get these “politicans” to work together for our benefit. We need to find a way to get them to make what we need work.

    I wish you well and a Merry Christmas, happy holidays if your not Christian…

  42. Business is not the only entity in America, I hope you realize that. There are individuals as well, and if you really want to blame someone for your failed business, blame the Republicans who made it easier for mega-corporations to form. Those corporations are capable of out-spending you in every department, and because they aren’t forced to hire American labor they are able to undersell you as well. Liberal policies force business to be pro-American. Conservative policies allow business to be pro-business. See the difference there? Conservatives and Republicans have lied to you and told you that tax cuts would encourage businesses to spend on America, but the truth is that business will always try to maximize profit. And if it takes hiring Chinese workers at $4 an hour with no benefits or protections, that’s what business will do. They don’t care about hiring American workers if they don’t have to, because the more costs they can cut from their budget the greater the profit they report each quarter, and the higher the value of their stock goes.

    So please, tell me how you think Liberal policies destroyed your business? Was it the fair wages for workers? Was it the tax you paid, which is far lower than any other time in U.S. history, when businesses somehow didn’t fail? Explain what exactly it is that you are so upset about in regards to Liberalism and Socialism. The sharing of wealth? Oh, well now that your business is failing I expect you’ll be wanting a job soon, right?

    Too bad.

    You don’t want to share your wealth, we won’t share ours with you. You see, here in America we create laws that benefit everyone all the time. We don’t create laws that benefit only a few people all the time, and screw everyone else over the rest of the time. Or at least we didn’t until Reagan and the Rethugs got into power and Fox started warping the minds of millions by convincing them to support policies that not only don’t work, but end up working against the majority of Americans.

  43. You know who should be denied the right to vote?

    People that own, and/or receive salaries greater than $150,000 in, businesses which employ fewer than 50% of their workforce in America.

    Why? Because fuck them, that’s why. They aren’t helping America, they’re helping foreign countries. And they aren’t even helping the foreign countries, they’re just using them for cheap labor.

  44. You have your prima facie “fact” severely crossed up.

    I quote from the 29SEP99 issue of the New York Times:
    Fannie Mae, the nation’s biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people…

    Not right wingers. It was the liberal left dictating more socialism that started that particular house of cards. Banks, if left to their own devises, are very conservative to whom they give money to. While arguable unfair (people who can get loans don’t really need the money), it is financially sound (those people can pay their loans back).

    Further analysis of the situation shows that the increase in demand for housing (due to the steady influx of buyers in the market that shouldn’t have been there) pushed housing values to ridiculous levels.

    And, as all things unsustainable, it finally broke.

    Perhaps if those that are forever tasked with paying for the ludicrous promises and ill-conceived “wealth redistribution” schemes of the left had more of a say in such matters, there would have been a more financially responsible structure in place. And if that were the case, we surely wouldn’t have suffered such a collapse.

    Just sayin’…

  45. I’ll agree to corruption. Rome was rife with it – as are we, now.

    We have welfare because elitist liberals think we are a country that “needs to be taken care of”. So, they cultivate a culture of succubi to engender themselves the vote.

    But, such a culture weakens us at every level. People become incapable of taking care of themselves. The problem is, the government can not take care of them either. All the government can do is take from the producers and give to the dead weight. Meanwhile, the dead weight continues to grow (that is what happens when you reward dead weight for being dead weight). And the producers continue to shrink (that is what happens when you punish producers for producing).
    Eventually, it turns upside down and collapses.

    Look at the per-capita welfare numbers from 1940 on. After WWII, there is a steady increase in the % of Americans on welfare, and every other form of public assistance.

    I don’t need anyone to wipe my butt when I go to the toilet (I can take care of myself). I just want everyone who sits on their butt to keep their hands out of my pocket whenever I work to make a dime.

    As far as companies setting [sitting] on huge sums of money…. [yawn]…

    Producers will produce what there is a need for. It is called supply and demand. And it works.
    However, excessive government interference (like taxing the crap out of a business) tends to break the balance required to make it work.

    Not everyone can be rich. Not everyone has to be poor. The current liberal policies seem to be striving for both.

  46. JRH,
    Thank You. But, fortunately – I’m not in too much pain. It would certainly be worse, I think, if I were trying to maintain my business, or God help me, start my business now. I got out… comfortably.

    As far my best years… I think my best were under George W – years 2 through 6. My income was certainly greatest then. Of course, my business had been in operation for a decade – and I had the ability (my pockets were deep enough) to capitalize when opportunity presented itself.

    But, the first term of Clinton was not bad, either – all things considered. My business was still new – but, I was able to grow it during that time. Clinton’s second term was not so good. Growth stopped – and actually my revenue decreased a small amount. But, it was survivable.

    I can’t say I’m a fan of the Republicans, either. Both parties are destroying everything about this country. It is just the Democrats are destroying it faster.

    Unfortunately, in the political environment we currently have, I see no way to keep a politician “honest”.

    We don’t need them to “help us” (work for our benefit). We just need them to stop working for their benefit.

    Merry Christmas to you, too JR.

    God Bless

  47. Tristan
    You have given me so much to work with here… it’s almost overwhelming…
    Business is not the only entity in America, I hope you realize that. There are individuals as well…
    You can’t separate business from the individual. they are intrinsically linked. Without the individual, there is no business.

    …if you really want to blame someone for your failed business…
    I blame libtard ideology that is stealing me blind – and stealing from those who would do business with me – but, now can not afford to. “Mega-corporations” were the only ones left who had money to spend with me. And that alone would have been enough to stay in business – if I weren’t going to have nearly 20% more of my income taken from me by my government.
    And just as a note – my business didn’t fail. I closed it before it became financially unviable.

    Was it the tax you paid, which is far lower than any other time in U.S. history…
    Are you stupid enough to really believe that statement?
    While the top tax bracket is the lowest since 1993, the only thing that is keeping middle class taxes from being the highest they ever been are the Bush tax cuts.
    Check your numbers before you begin braying your “facts”.
    Additionally, tax exemptions and deductions are pushing an all time low. So, while the tax rate looks lower, 80+% of individuals would actually pay more than the historical average without said cuts.

    And at 39%, the tax on my business was nothing to sneeze at. Additionally, just the same as with individual taxes, there were fewer write-offs and deductions making actual money paid higher than in past history.

    Oh, well now that your business is failing I expect you’ll be wanting a job soon, right?
    Too bad.
    You don’t want to share your wealth, we won’t share ours with you.

    Fortunately, I don’t need or want a handout from you. That’s kinda my point….

    Further, I’ve shared my “wealth” plenty. I’m sure I’ve given more to charitable causes than you. And I know nothing but your political view…
    But, my donations were my choice. And, as it were the fruit of my labor, it should be my choice to make. Any other way is still stealing.

    We don’t create laws that benefit only a few people all the time, and screw everyone else over the rest of the time.
    No – you create laws that punish those that work and reward those who do not.

    Fox started warping the minds of millions…”
    I can’t really argue about FoxNews.
    I’m not a fan.
    However, 5 minutes of MSNBC, CNN, CBSNews, or any of the other “so far left it’s ridiculous” mainstream “news” outlets should serve to warp that brain right back into shape [sic]…

    God help us if any of them start reporting the facts – instead of their opinions. Our population has been told what to think for so long, we wouldn’t know what to do with plain facts.

  48. You know I completely passed over the whole “outsourcing” thing…

    Are you aware that our government uses tax dollars to subsidize non-US interests in foreign countries to directly compete with US businesses on every level of agriculture, manufacture and service?

    Guess what?
    Those are Democrat programs.

    Which is worse?
    “Mega-corporations” outsourcing to try to save money in an economic environment that is bleeding them dry, or our government selling our it’s citizenry?

  49. Your “talking points” are so unoriginal I can finish them for you before you even get half way through first sentence. It’s as if you think we haven’t heard these arguments from Fox. Really? LOL. You are a clown.

  50. Good for you, Mr. Saddle.
    But, I don’t watch FoxNews. At all.

    I guess that makes you a presumptuous ass.

    In comparison, I think I can handle being a clown.

  51. At Boscoe – The CRA had nothing to do with the Housing Bubble, did it? Hmmm….

    At Everyone – I’m not of the opinion that everyone needs to own property, but voting rights should be limited to taxpayers. Having anyone vote for their own pay raise is just plain idiotic. Whether it’s the representatives themselves, or people being supported by the government.

    To put it in terms everyone can understand. If a class of 20 kids wanted ice cream and 9 students were able to foot the bill for the entire class. If the 9 paying students wanted vanilla, which cost $20 total, but the rest wanted triple chocolate chip, which cost $35 total; should the 11 students be able to get the triple chocolate chip? Even though they aren’t contributing to the fund?

    Furthermore, read the last sentence of the second paragraph: Limbaugh said, “This story raises a very unpolitically correct question. If people can’t even feed and clothe themselves should they be allowed to vote? Should they be voting? If people who are receiving government assistance, that is taxpayer assistance, if they weren’t allowed to vote can you imagine the political difference in this country? Can you imagine? It’s just a think piece, putting it out there for you to ponder?” It’s something to think about. Lay the hate/taboos down for just a second, and think about where the thought could really lead in so far as a financially responsible government.

  52. There are 2,263,962,240 acres in the U.S. There are 307,006,550 people in the U.S. Now it takes roughtly 1.2 acres to feed the American diet (so about 368,407,860) Then you realize that the government still owns 650Million acres or around 30% of the land.

    The simple truth is, the people with land, have money, they have used their power to maintain that money, often at the cost of the lesser earner. So taking away power from the lesser earner is just asinine

    I use to have some respect for Mr. Limbaugh, but this notion just plans under minds the American way more then Obama ever could.

  53. IMO, anyone that receives a government check (with the exception of those who actually WORK for the government) shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    By receiving a social welfare check, you’re being bought by the government. This ensures that you always vote for the people that will ensure you keep getting your check. This hurts the WORKERS that actually pay into the system.

  54. You do understand where unemployment comes from, don’t you? You get that people who pay into it receive it, right?

    WELFARE STATES: Conservative red states. Ditch them.

  55. In the future please do not include pictures of Rush Limbaugh. This creates a major problem for me. I’m about to lose my lunch on my wife’s new chair

  56. Mike,
    Thank you for being able to convey what I could not. It is as clear to me as night and day that those who make a career out of public assistance, and those who provide that public assistance in return for votes have created a quagmire that will eventually implode. But, not before doing irreparable damage to this country and it’s citizens.
    However, I simply lack the skills to explain the difference between night and day to a blind man.

  57. Thomas,

    I have land.
    20 years ago I had none.

    I have (some) money.
    20 years ago, I had none.

    I have not inherited anything.
    I have not had my hand out to the government.

    And, if more than 1/2 of what I’d earned hadn’t been “legally” stolen from me and given to those who won’t get off their butts and do for themselves, I’d have a lot more of both.

  58. DC,

    You clearly do not understand the system. I’m from one of those Red welfare states. And I have seen this crap all of my life. Working in a Dr’s office (part time job in high school), handling records, I saw a lot more than most.

    Unemployment is only a part of the larger welfare system. There are a variety of federal and state programs that can be taken advantage of. Some of these programs are time or benefit limited. Many are not.

    And there are numerous ways for recipients to get cash out of the system. Medicare and Medicaid are two of the most often abused. They are expensive to start with, and more often than not, drugs prescribed throughthese programs are sold on the street for cash. And the reality of that situation is that for every dollar garnered by the recipient, the taxpayer pays over $100.

    Back to unemployment…
    There are many recipients who are cyclical. They will exhaust their benefits and extensions, and then find employment just long enough to re-qualify. After which, they will file for benefits again until the benefits are gone. Then they will file for extensions. This has been a loophole for years now – and is why it has been a hot button topic on the hill this year.

    Frankly, IMO – unemployment is probably the most effective welfare program that we have. I would much rather see it funded than the other money pits. But the abusers have put the spotlight on it – and it’s pretty certain it will be cut… just in time for Christmas.

  59. Well, I remember hearing this when Rush said it, and I also recall (as was recaptured in the left-wing Media Matters replay) that Rush called for this to be a “Media Tweek” – which is basically an opportunity for tinfoil-wearing leftist lunes, or deluded dupes of the Democrats to get a hizzy in their collective tizzy. Glad to see it worked! Imagine all the bile and lost meals from those of you who know not when a joke is being had upon you. If you’re like me and took it with a grain of sand then you’re awesome. You ought to worry about your child’s school no longer being able to have bake-sales if a new FDA inspector deems the goodies too high in sugar content. (Yes, the big bad government is meddling in our CHOICEs again.) Defending Liberty – Its Not A Vice! (Appologies to the GREAT Mssr. Goldwater for reappropriating his quote.) -whw

  60. This is the kind of mentality the lackeys of the super elite spew out of their gorged and fat ugly mouths. Greed and avarice mocking the fallen on a battlefield these same ugly minded sycophants created along with their masters in the first instance. Come the revolution those ugly mouthing people might just find out what it is like to be down trodden under the feet of tyranny for that is what these sick people are. Evil human beings and not fit to lick the feet of common man.

  61. You are very ignorant, and possibly are forgetting that America was born from immigrants, not to mention all the people who gained green cards and then joined the military and ended up giving you the right to be ignorant and run your mouth.

  62. As a member of the ranks of the unemployed, property owner, and a conservative/populist, I donot agree with Limbaugh nor Beck’s perspectives, in regard to voting. I would ask if the shoe were on the other foot, would they feel the same way? Presently, good jobs are almost impossible to find and meagre ones are not easy to acquire. But here’s a twist, our federal government, is mostly to blame for our decrepit(depression) economy. They have single-handedly caused the demise of our manufacturing base, as those corporations have chosen to outsource their production overseas. Our government has simply taxed and regulated them to where they cannot compete in the world market. Not only that, our average tariff on imports amounts to around 3%. As a result, unemployment has sky-rocketed, and the economy is in the tank. Kudos to our federal government.

  63. You are wrong “taxed and regulated” 66% of US corporations did not pay one cent in taxes this tax year, not one cent. When W. took office he lower taxes and regultaions and yet we had the highest level of offshoring ever! Under W. and his tax cuts and cuts in regulation which you seem to think is a problem the GDP rose the least amount in 40 years .8% and the unemployment rose from 4.6 in 2000 to 6.8 in 2004 and has increased ever since. Note this data does not include the economic crisis as that would be unfair and inflate the numbers well beyond what historical damage one President can do in two terms.

  64. The concern isn’t to disenfranchise any class of voter, as these class warfare nimrods would have you believe, but when people who don’t pay taxes, who don’t own stock, who don’t own land or property can vote themselves goodies that other people have to work and pay for, you end up with the same problem that killed the roman empire.

    In our representative democracy, when you can have a campaign to take money from other people and use it to buy votes, you’ll have a budget problem, and generations of people who game the system to maximize their dole. You have a welfare system that destroys families and has generation after generation of people trained and groomed to be unable to care for themselves. You have a health care program that’s rife with fraud and abuse.

    No, not everyone on welfare is a deadbeat, but there are plenty of individuals and agencies that are operating outside of the group that these well meaning programs were intended to help.

    Much like our legislature manages to exempt itself from laws it passes on the rest of us, too many voters don’t “have any skin in the game”, that is they don’t have to live with the fallout damage that their vote causes, be it over taxes, regulations, eminent domain concerns, etc.

    Nah, it’s easier to call conservatives bigots with a cheap straw-man argument: “U Conservativz R teh racist – LOLz”, right? It’s easier to demand someone else support your drug habit, or your laziness, or your lack of self control. It’s too easy to come up with grandiose schemes for other people to ride the bus. It’s too easy to say “it’s not fair!”, rather than make the most of what you have.

  65. As someone home bound disabled, I very much resent your attitude (and B?, you’re… you are tunnel vision sick, and only prove that some people can be stupid WITHOUT watching Faux News.).

    I fought going on SSDI until a social worker mentioned that I could be declared a “ward” of the State if disabled and unabled to take care of myself.

    Yeah, I could have beat that, but they were right. I was unable to see how distructive pride could be.

    But I can tell you that I can now accept the help I get from SSDI and the other government programs I must rely upon.

    I could NEVER accept that kind of help, long term, from charity or religious groups. That would break me, period.

    John Cheney 88

  66. P.S. AARRGGG! I got so angry reading some of the BS commentaries, I forgot to respond to Flush.

    Another group that shouldn’t be allowed to vote, Mr. Limbaugh, are Assholes.

    John Cheney

  67. Poor people don’t understand the fundamentals of how systems work, so WHY should they be allowed to vote?! Walk into a auto repair shop with your friends and start ‘voting’ with the mechanic and the accountant about how , what and why concerning the repair of the car and what will you get? Wanna vote? Then learn to understand the system! To just vote and vote for handouts is asking for socialism and it doesn’t work.
    If 50 million people are on foodstamps, ask yourself WHERE does that money come from?- Obama? Hardly- it’s robbed from people whom ARE working. At some point nobody wants to work and everyone wants to collect and guess what? DOOM comes a visiting.

  68. Dude, the guy was joking, he was being sarcastic…tho it is odd that his nickname is ‘conservative heart’….anyway I have to believe he was joking because can you imagine someone actually feeling that way, actually believing in that way? You would have to be a Ku-Klux-Klansman to really believe that!

  69. The comment above was made in error…I hit the wrong key somewhere…

    What I really wanted to point out was that if billions upon billions of bailout money isn’t ‘government assistance’, what the hell is? So by Limbaugh’s reckoning, the bankers and investment firms who received these billions should be BANNED from voting, being the biggest ‘leeches’ of all!!!

  70. Well, if this is simply the case then, prescription pill popping drug addicts should not be able to vote. Clearly they are not capable of having an intellectual thought process because of being under the influence of drugs. Also, they are not able to make crucial decisions about this country such as voting while being under the influence. I mean what if the circles Rush was supposed to be filling in kept moving on him because of his drug use and he filled in the wrong one, and that he did vote for Obama. : )

  71. “at some point nobody wants to work’…are you actually serious? have you ever tried to buy nutritious food, keep affordable housing, on a government benefit? why would ANYONE choose this over a job??

  72. ok, rush. I call your bluff. no one on government assistance can vote. that means no one on Medicare or social security can vote. so the poor dems can’t vote but the old repubs can’t either. awesome.

  73. Tea anyone?

    Judson Phillips is a fool, so all our military personnel, firemen, policemen and elderly who don’t own property can’t vote?

    How about all people who have filed bankruptcy can’t vote (like Judson Phillips), or those who fail to answer questions about our country history can’t run for public office (like Sarah Palin or Christine O’donnell), how about that, please.

    So what do you think these losers want next, SLAVES?

  74. If the right could make a cogent argument we might have a starting point for a discussion. But instead we get the usual assortment of simpleminded explanations for complex problems, mixed with “facts” that in reality are solely the product of the writers’ imaginations.

    People cycling on and off unemployment? Are you kidding? UI is paid when people are unemployed through no fault of their own, not because they cycle on and off the program. And in any case. UI benefits are not a living wage, they are a fraction of what a person made while working.

    How about “most of the drugs are sold on the street”? You have some evidence to prove this?

    And please, stop with blaming the CRA for the financial crash. Yes, a lot of people bought what they shouldn’t have, but they didn’t change signed contracts, they didn’t package garbage loans into a bond with a AAA rating then short against it, they didn’t develop or sell the derivatives and credit default swaps and the other garbage. The CRA did not force banks to make bad loans, that is just so much Fox BS.

    Please, please, please, stop making stuff up. That doesn’t fly when real problems need real solutions.

  75. John,
    I empathise with your situation. I do. Life is not fair, and all men do not get an equal chance.

    But, the issue is the society of entitlement in this country. It is fact. Recognizing that – despite the political incorrectness of doing – so does not make me stupid.

    These people are now a significant voting block – with significant lobbying power, and a lot of support from people who start their sentences with “Awwww…”

    As I’ve stated before, I’ve worked very hard for what I have. Despite the fact I could “qualify” for disability a few ways myself – I’ve had 2 knee surgeries already, and I will eventually have 2 more knee surgeries, and back surgery…

    But, while I’ve worked hard, I’ve watched many, many people make a career of doing nothing, and sitting on their butts. And sometimes, those people are considerably better off than I.

    I’m tired of it. I’m tired of more than 1/2 of what I earn being taken from me and given to those sycophants.

    As far a you accepting help from private charities… why not?
    It is their choice. They choose to do so.
    Why is that worse than knowing your tax burden has prevent a working families children from getting the better food, or a vacation, or the “in fashion” tennis shoes that are all the rage at school?

    Because, those are the decisions I’ve had to make over the years. I’ve had to live within a budget so that those who don’t even try to work haven not gone without.

  76. People cycling on and off unemployment? Are you kidding?
    No I’m not kidding. What you describe is how it’s supposed to work.
    From what I’ve seen, that only works about 20% of the time.

    How about “most of the drugs are sold on the street”? You have some evidence to prove this?
    Yes. Watching it for over 35 years. I grew up with this surrounding me.

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