Daily Archives: Mon, Dec 6th, 2010


Despite Media Reports Otherwise The Obama Coalition is Alive and Well

It has become a popular theme in the media lately that the presidency of Barack Obama is doomed because the coalition that supported him in 2008 has shattered under the weight of disappointment and anger, but the facts tell a different tale. Polling tells us that Obama remains wildly popular with African-Americans, Liberals, Democrats, Latinos, Voters 18-29, and women. In short, the Obama coalition is alive and well.


Conservative Christian Bigotry Lurks Behind Opposition to Lifting DADT

People like Sen. John McCain will always find bigots like himself who object to gays existing, much less serving in the military. A couple of days ago McCain came up with another objection, he said he and 41 of his Republican colleagues would block repeal because the economy is sputtering. He really said it and he was serious. He’s also a raging bigot who cannot escape the biblical foundation of hate he espouses.

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