Gibberish Results as Sarah Palin Attacks Obama’s Tax Cut Compromise

Sarah Palin took to her Twitter account today to show her displeasure with the Obama/GOP compromise on the Bush tax cuts. The result was a bit of classic Palin Twitter gibberish where she both criticized Obama and urged fiscal conservatives to fight. What they will be fighting for is something only Sarah Palin knows.

On the subject of the tax cut compromise, Sarah Palin tweeted from her Blackberry, “Obviously Obama is so very, very wrong on the economy & spins GOP tax cut goals ;so fiscal conservatives: we expect you to fight for us & America’s solvency.” What exactly does this mean? How is Obama spinning the Republicans’ tax cut goals by giving the GOP what they wanted? Is Palin arguing that in the name of fiscal conservatism the Bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire? Do you think she has any idea what she is talking about?

The joke here for anyone who knows anything about Sarah Palin is that she is still trying to sell herself as a fiscal conservative. Palin is cut out of the George W. Bush mold. She talks the fiscal conservative talk but she is really a tax and spend Republican. As the mayor of Wasilla, Palin took a surplus and turned it into debt as the budget rose from $3.9 million to $5.8 million. Palin pushed through a sales tax to fund a $15 million sports complex for the city that was such a boondoggle that Wasilla has been dealing with budget shortfalls for years.

As governor this “fiscal conservative” continued her spending spree. Spending rose sharply during her time in office. From 2008 to 2009, the state’s budget increased 34%. Palin governments love to spend, and she had no problem with the idea of borrowing in order to fund her spending binges. Palin is no more of a fiscal conservative than George W. Bush was. In fact, one of the Rovian techniques that Palin has picked up is to say one thing in public, but do the opposite in private.

The notion of compromise seems to have Palin befuddled. Goodness gracious, who should she attack? Being that Palin is the breed of political beast that always requires conflict and an enemy, since she could not figure out who to attack, she attacked everyone (in 140 characters). The resulting tweet was a mash up of attacks on both Obama and the establishment Republicans who cut the deal. The tweet was a look into Palin’s clueless, fluttering, failing psyche, where an animalistic need for power has replaced all signs of serious study and intellect.

Sarah Palin can’t politically function without an enemy. Her modus operandi is a two pronged strategy of conflict and victimization. Within her tweet, Palin did her best to rally the troops to fight an enemy. Who were they supposed to fight, and what were they fighting about? These questions weren’t answered, but Sarah Palin knows that if there is no enemy then her conflict based power erodes to nothing, so if she can’t think of an enemy then she’ll make everyone the enemy and sort it out later.

It is stunning that anyone would want to elect a woman president who appears to have no clue, or not even curiosity about the most basic of current events. Palin had no idea what the tax cut compromise was about, but her undying need for the spotlight compelled her to inject herself into the discussion. There are usually only two outcomes that occur when Palin tries to insert herself into a policy debate. She either misinforms and creates conflict, for example death panels, or she makes herself look like a fool. Judging from this tweet it is clear that Palin has returned to her role as the jester of the 2012 Republican presidential candidate court.

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  1. Jason, she’s pissed at Sorkin for calling her out and accusing her of being a lying skank hypocrit on HuffPo. She has come unglued (or rather Becky has come unglued for her).

    They quite literally “have no clue” Jason. There really is no “there” “there”.

  2. Spitball against the wall, see if it sticks.

    I wonder what the GOP thinks of her tweet? Are they a) more likely to support her or b) leaning towards her having a runaway caribou accident?

    How dumb can she be? She didnt even offer alternatives as if that was posibble

  3. I think maybe the whole operation is coming unglued. Ever since the rigging of DWTS backfired on them, Team Palin has grown even more unstable.

  4. The woman is determined to become president. She just won’t give it up. She really really believes she’s smart as hell..she really really believes all her money buddies can buy her into the WH..she really believes she has us all behind her to put her in the WH so she’s teasing the media because she really believes she’ll get over 200,000 people to come out when she announces Obama! NOT! NOT! NOT IN A MILLION TRILLION YEARS! See…the thing is, two years from now she will be so washed up and so old news from saying the exact same thing over and over again–“common sense conservative” (none of which she is) that no one will be able to look at her let alone listen to her! How does that one line make one an outstanding speaker to even be considered a president? She’s been saying that line for two years now. Oh well. IMO? She’s equivalent to an old wino lady whose constantly yelling as people walk by making absolutely no sense whatsoever to anyone but herself with her mumbojumbogoingnowherewords. And thats exactly how I see scarahpalin.

  5. Palin had to wait to get her marching orders from Senator DeMented who announced that he will oppose the compromise. I guess that after she discovered what her position on the issue should be, she received a briefing on the compromise from one of her paid advisers, decided to tweet it, and as usual, demonstrated that she doesn’t understand what the compromise entails.

    She’s such an attention w*0re that she’d jump in front of a bus if she thought the president was on it and might see her.

  6. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, if it makes the press in any sort of big way, she just HAS to insert herself into the mix somehow.
    She knows nothing about economics and gets it wrong every time she tries to talk about it. (she really shouldn’t as it contributes greatly to the “idiot” label she has acquired) Her answer to any fiscal problem is to just spend money and then everyone will support her. It is interesting that the group most unlikely to support someone with her record, the tea baggers, are exactly who supports her the most. Which just goes to show that the message sells but reality does not.

  7. I’m a loyal Republican who saw first hand what Palin did to the dying 08 ticket. I was a strong supporter, until it became obvious she was ‘out of her league’. When she stepped down as governor, her political was over. I’m not sure why she has a rabid fan base who follow her constantly. She is a reality star and it is laughing all the way to the bank.

    She tweets, fb her political remarks that string along her supporters who are making buy her books, pay big bucks to hear her speak, watch her reality shows…along with her family. How anyone could think she’s presidential is beyond my wildest dreams.

    I’m Republican and would never support this woman and it breaks my heart. She’s not running anyway, can’t believe anybody thinks she will

  8. Sarah Palin is an insult to all women. She doesn’t want to be president, she wants to be Queen of all she can behold, which obviously means Russia too.

  9. “What exactly does this mean? How is Obama spinning the Republicans’ tax cut goals by giving the GOP what they wanted? Is Palin arguing that in the name of fiscal conservatism the Bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire? Do you think she has any idea what she is talking about?”

    1. It means, “Look At ME! LOOK AT ME!!!”;
    2. If Obama is saying it, it HAS to be spin, NO MATTER WHAT;
    3. Yes AND No; and
    4. Of course not – don’t be silly.

  10. She was waiting for the Tea Party leader DeMint to come out either for or against the proposed tax deal. He panned it so of course she did, too. Unfortunately what she said makes no sense whatsoever, not that it is unusual for her to be throwing her word salad around, but there is no correlation to what she said with what has been proposed. Then she leaves a stupid twitter about her latest favorite author to quote, Sowell, who is basically saying, “give the rich more money and people with only $250k a year are actually poor”. These three belong together.

    Why I actually expect her to make sense once in awhile is because she had to have some scant amount of knowledge. Right? Wrong! She has zero idea of how to run this country. Her policy positions are simple, whatever President Obama says, she opposes. I really laughed today about the alleged Wikileaks attack on SarahPAC that are paltry little staff were able to fend off but MasterCard wasn’t?? Bullshit, $arah.

    She can’t even lie well!

  11. Every day the GOP puts another nail in it’s coffin, problem is they don’t know it yet ! How the President thinks that there is an ounce of compromise with these strongarm thugs is beyond understanding.He should have allowed them to show their true colors and total disregard for the average American;Instead he gave them a platform.Had he not offered a compromise They would have been forced to show their intentions “Enrich the Rich and the hell with the unemployed and average worker with families to support.Wake up people were being sold out by the very people we put our faith in!(And it’s going to get worse fast) Maybe we need a shakeout in the Democratic Party;A guy Like Grayson Maybe?

  12. Well done Jason. And a h/t for Best Use of Palmpic 2010.

    P.S. Anon @7:07 – FAR more than any other consideration, she thinks God wants her to be president.

  13. Good article, Jason. Alaska Dispatch has a story about Palin’s FB messages vs. the truth as to what she accomplished as the half-term, aborted governor. It’s quite good. I’ve never heard of or known anyone who embellishes, exaggerates or fabricates as much as Paline does. She has no answers to any problems; she just opines and whines.

  14. And so new talking points have been born. They are doozies and I think they should be repeated over and over until the public realizes the truth in them: “Tax and spend Republicans.”

  15. I think you’re right, primarily because the pay is too low, and the work is too intense. Can you imagine, though, a Palin concession speech? (shudders)

  16. Great post Jason. Whenever there’s a chance to read relative information about Sarah Palin, it makes my day. When so called respected journalists like Barbara Walters give her so much play, it’s frustrating. It feeds her gigantic ego even further. Palin has no platform or policies for this country. Her only talent is to play attack dog and then play victim. She seems to get high on the blood of destroyed animals. There’s something that just is not right about that. If Obama is for it, she is automatically against it. It doesn’t matter what it’s about. Palin is a reality celebrity. She has now made her daughter, Bristol, an unwed teenage mom with barely a high school education, a reality celebrity as well. I celebrate Bristol’s hard work, but since the country is rated number 23 and number 25 in math and science in 30 developed nations, Palin is sending a confusing message to our youth about education and success. How can Palin even be considered as a Presidential candidate just because she’s a reality star? She seems far more interested in making millions off the Americans who follow her. Again I say, she laughs and winks all the way to the bank. Her tweets and Facebook remarks should be seen simply for what they are … rambling messages of confusion, hate, bigotry, and separation.

  17. The whole point of Palin’s nonsense is to be anti-Obama no matter what the reason is. When she speaks publicly, it’s usually to disparage something he has said or done, whether he’s right or wrong. Because she is factually challenged, as well as being reflexively against the president, she invariably spews the kind of stupid nonsense that has justifiably earned her a reputation as a 14-karat fool. There is always some kind of blowback on her whenever she does criticize him.

  18. When Palin talks it often reminds me of the drunk aunt at the christmas table who rambles on and on thinking that she is making some profound statement that astonishes everyone without realizing… everyone is laughing behind their palms.

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