Conservatives Lick Their Chops While The Left Cannibalizes Obama

After President Obama’s press conference announcing a deal with Republicans on tax cuts, the left exploded with such ferocity and divisiveness that it’s no wonder conservatives always win. It’s sad to see the left demonize Obama as a sellout for making the best out of losing situation for the majority of Americans.

There is justification for the ire on the Left over the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy; but where is the elation that Obama got a 13 month extension for millions of unemployed Americans? With no super majority in the Senate, and Blue Dog Democrats in the House, there was little hope there would be any relief for the unemployed. It makes one wonder if the humanitarians on the left felt it was worth watching millions of Americans lose their homes to make a point. Some on the left repeated Republican HCR talking points with, “we are saddling our kids and grand-kids with debt.”

Every American receives a tax cut that will stimulate the economy, but that is lost in the outrage on the left. The deal affects every American, not just the whims of liberals who possibly don’t need tax relief. No one except Republicans and the wealthy wanted the rich tax cuts extended, but in order to help the majority of Americans, the president made a very tough decision.

The deal Obama reached with Republicans is not perfect, but in this political climate he had little choice but to help the most Americans. The left ignores that out of the $3.7 Trillion dollar tax cut deal, only $130 Billion goes for the wealthy tax cuts. The deal includes several Progressive tax cuts and this agreement is a back door stimulus package the country needs. For all the liberal talk that Obama sold out his base, there is no satisfaction that the tax cuts for 98% of Americans will go back into the economy; Obama didn’t sell out America.

Every American has a pet policy issue they feel is more important than any others, and it is perfectly natural. Those on the left feel their signature issues should take precedence over the good of the majority, but they forget that America is more than just right and left. A great majority of Americans are in the center, and Obama recognizes that he is President for all Americans; not just liberals and progressives. During President Obama’s victory speech in 2008, he plainly stated that he was president to all Americans whether they supported him or not.

The pundits on the left have gone super-critical in their pomposity about Obama selling out his base and losing his support, and the talking heads on MSNBC lead the list of elitists. A respected journalist said today that Keith Olbermann is MSNBC’s Glenn Beck, and there is more than a kernel of truth to that description. Olbermann’s 12 minute rant against the tax deal was condescending, and the pompous tone makes one wonder if he is sincere or showing how “fair and balanced” they are at the network.

Instead of blaming the president for every problem dealing with Republicans, very few are blaming the Democrats who are fearful of the perpetual campaigning and election season that they failed to support the president when there was a majority in the House. In fact, although there were numbers to suggest a majority, the truth is, there were never 60 votes in the Senate. Republicans have an easy time filibustering and blocking every one of Democrat’s legislation but there wasn’t talk of filibuster reform until the time comes when Republicans have the majority and there’s no hope of reform.

If they can lose their arrogant, spoiled child attitudes for a minute, the left should take a lesson from the right. At least the Tea Party and Republicans know to unify for a common cause. The Left has no common cause. Perhaps if Democrats could count on a unified base, they may be more willing to fight harder for progressive issues, but as it is, there is such a fractured, me first attitude, that there is no unified platform. Health care reform was a monumental achievement, but many on the left still complain there wasn’t a public option. There would be no HCR if Democrats and Obama stuck with a public option.

Liberals and Progressives are supposed to care about Americans, but their whiny, Tea Party mentality belies their convictions. The tax deal President Obama made is not ideal; it’s not even good, unless you are unemployed and wonder where your children’s next meal is coming from, or how you’ll pay rent this month.

Conservatives are licking their chops watching the left cannibalize President Obama for governing from the center; it is short-sighted and arrogant to believe otherwise. According to a July 2010 Gallup Poll, 20% of Americans identified themselves as liberal, 42% were conservative, and 35% are centrists. President Obama still enjoys an 80% approval rating among Democrats, so the outrage coming from elite liberals like Olbermann and Maddow is misleading; they are defaming a Centrist President.

The left should beware making Olbermann their Glenn Beck, and should start looking at political realities. No one knows how the tax deal eventually plays out, but one thing is certain; millions of Americans will benefit from unemployment extensions, and every American will get a tax cut. Children will get school lunches and parents get credits worth $2,500 for their college students. Maybe it isn’t everything to everybody, but the deal has something for everyone; even the wealthy. That is what happens in politics and life. Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good, and in this deal, there is something good for a lot of Americans; even those on the left.

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  1. I personally do not feel that Keith Olbermann has any comparison to Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck spends conspiracies and tells lies. Olbermann pretty much gives facts as he sees them. But you should also note that along with Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow also chastised the president for going along with the Republicans.

    the president did something that has not been allowed by the Democrats since the beginning of Social Security in lowering the rate.

    It is true that the president does not have a Congress to back him up. for all at the party supposedly stands for the democrats are the worst for sticking together in times of need. Somehow the Republicans find a way to set aside their problems and vote as a block.

    All I know is is he better pull something out of his hat real soon because he is quickly losing his base as far as I can tell. He could have stood up to them and didn’t have to make a deal. If he had stood up he probably would’ve had the votes. I’m siding with Keith Olbermann and Rachel on this one.

  2. I have to say that although I agree that it is crucial that the tax cuts for the middle class have to be continued and that unemployment MUST be extended, however, I believe that had this been played differently, there may at least have been a CHANCE to not be forced to make THIS bad a deal in order to get those two crucial elements. It is my opinion that had Obama made a speech more similar to this one: – things might have turned out differently. At the very least, I believe it would have been worth a shot, because as heartless and soulless as the Right may be, news stories of families being made homeless at CHRISTMAS so that millionaires can have tax cuts is NOT something I really believe the Right would have honestly DARED as much as they may be blustering now.

  3. I completely agree. Obama made the best out of a bad situation. I would rather people have those unemployment benefits than for the rich to not have their tax cuts. In this deal, everyone gets a tax cut, and unemployed people don’t have to worry about putting food on the table. I’m still voting for him in 2012, no matter what people like Olbermann say.

  4. For someone who ran on the slogan “Yes We Can!” to stand and deliver the “it’s impossible” speech he gave on Tuesday is beyond redemption.

  5. @Shiva

    I think what muse was getting at here was not the content of the programs, but the fact that both Olbermann and Beck play on emotion. When have you ever heard Olbermann deliver a Special Comment that wasn’t emotional? Like Beck his whole program centers on emotionally connecting with his viewers. Olbermann’s gimmick is to echo the outrage of the a certain part of the left.

    That’s the purpose of the special comments. Both Olbermann and Beck use humor, emotion, instead of making fact based arguments, which is the difference between Olbermann and Maddow. Rachel deals in facts and analysis. The difference between Olbermann and Beck, as you accurately pointed out, is that Olbermann doesn’t make up his own facts, but he has been known to cherry pick, but the central goal of establishing an emotional connection to the audience is the same for both Olbermann and Beck.

  6. I have to wonder how people who love ideological purity and want to not give an inch think any government can possibly work. Compromise and give-and-take are essential ingredients. It was compromise that got the Constitution written. Nobody got everything they wanted; nobody will EVER get everything they want unless it’s a dictatorship, and I’m guessing most of us would still vote against that (until the GOP disenfranchises all of us)

  7. 1.) Unemployment benefits will be extended only for those who have been unemployed for less than one hundred days. Those who have been left to rot for the last two or three years apparently continue to somehow twist in the wind. If that and the rest of the sorry “accomplishments” of his administration is the best that Obama can coax or beggar from the Right, then he ought to be sentenced to seating people at Denny’s. I never thought I would miss the Bush Baby, but at least he had the two houses under his thumb and he efficiently and thoroughly manipulated them.
    2.) Knock off this “liberal” jive already. Both parties are right-leaning. The Republicans are so far right that their fringe groups from 40 years ago seem positively cuddly and practically liberal. The Democrats have been cowed into such a right-leaning middle area of fearful and prudish stultification that Republicans label “liberal” when they and most other people would not know a liberal if one liberally spanked their face with his or her liberal pelvis.
    3.) Our roads and other infrastructural assets are falling apart. Our school system has been a wretched joke since the era of California’s Prop 13. A high school grad from the 1970’s is better educated than a college graduate out of the class of 2010. Those of you who feel current taxes,are too high, try the Eisenhower-era 91% bracket for the wealthiest or the 50-70% range from the 1960’s & 1970’s. You get the America you pay for.

  8. Cannibals eat their own. Obama can only be a Republican since he’s giving the rich a tax cut while having everyone else make concessions. Therefore, only the Republicans can cannibalize him. I’ll be glad to supply the ketchup.

  9. But think about what could have happened: Republicans could have stood firm, and not have yielded. Then what would we have? We would have no unemployment extensions and everyone’s taxes would’ve gone up. It wasn’t worth the risk–there were real life people on the line. I think Obama made the right choice. He choose to make sure the unemployed were thrown a life line, and not to take the chance that the Republicans would be ruthless and cruel as usual(think the 9/11 First Responder bill) and let the poor suffer. He did the right thing.

    And trust me, I know all about how not everyone is getting a tax cut.

  10. Loonesta, you nailed it. We don’t have a truely liberal/progressive major party in this country right now. And while what the President just did will provide some short-term help to those who need it, the long-term price will be high indeed. I am getting very worried about all of the money the rich are amassing that is sitting there doing nothing as our schools and our infrastructure crumble. I understand that compromise is necessary, but I can’t help but think that the President could be getting a lot more out of these situations.

  11. I would like to see this president use his veto power when the Party of No comes up with one of its usually morally bankrupt ideas that invariably jam some group other than the very rich. They don’t care about the value of compromise, except when it’s on their terms, and they are the kind of people who demand a mile if anyone gives them an inch.

  12. My attorney says a good settlement is where neither side is happy, but can live with it. I think that is what has happened. I definitely didn’t want the rich to get the tax cuts, but if the alternative is more homeless families without food……

  13. Great point. Rmuse said what I was thinking. Glad to hear I’m not the only disgusted with the left liberal out there. Talk about liberal elites. What in the %&^^ does “liberal” stand for if we would rather see the poor screwed over just to make a point?

  14. Hear, hear! The left has inflated its sense of self and maneuvered into a position from which it can inflict harm and do little good. Did anyone see The Nation’s chronological roster of the 50 most influential progressives? It begins with a giant (Eugene Debs) and ends with a clown (Michael Moore).

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