Sarah Palin’s Hunting Fiasco

The Great White Huntress

Sarah Palin’s folksy outdoor image has taken a hit in light of her obvious shortcomings as a modern-day Jim Bridger, ironically while exercising her Second Amendment rights. It’s one thing to lie to the Lower 48 about being a wilderness scout in larger-than-life Alaska, but when you put it on TV for everyone to see, the mystique wears off pretty quickly.

People aren’t complete idiots, even people naturally disposed to like Sarah Palin – like hunters and conservatives.

And that’s just what Sarah Palin did. The former governor of Alaska brought a TV crew on weekend-long trip to the Arctic tundra to do some shooting for her Sarah Palin’s Alaska show on TLC (The Learning Channel) and her shortcomings became evident immediately. Among her errors:

  • She shot 4-5 times at a wandering caribou and missed
  • When she shot the first time and missed, she panicked and shot at it as it moved, apparently thinking it would be easier to hit that way than when standing still
  • She took no practice shots
  • She didn’t check the sites (they were off)
  • She didn’t carry her own rifle; she let her father and his friend carry it for her (her father is 72-years-old to Palin’s sprightly 46)
  • She let her father load the rifle
  • When the rifle was passed to her, MamaGrizzly “moved her finger inside its trigger guard, a breach of basic safety rules” as one website noted
  • “On leaving her hunting camp one morning, Ms Palin pointed to the horizon and declared ‘Let’s go west.’ There followed an awkward pause. “That’s east,” noted her father.”
  • She was under-armed (her father called her weapon a “varmint rifle” yet she expressed concern that it might have a kick)

The problem for Sarah Palin fans is how to reconcile her obvious phoniness with her claims. Republicans have shown a breath-taking ability to put facts aside for the sake of ideology, “what should be” for “what is” but can they do it when it’s blaring in their faces on their big screen HD TVs?

The reaction from liberals has been more predictable. Aaron Sorkin, who created West Wing, told Huffington Post that she had made a “snuff film”  and called her a “phony Pioneer girl” and a “witless bully.” Animal rights groups and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have also complained.

Sarah Palin’s witty Facebook response?

“Unless you’ve never worn leather shoes, sat upon a leather chair or eaten meat, save your condemnation.”

At least she used Facebook rather than treating the English language the way she treated that caribou on Twitter.

That’s scant justification for putting herself, her crew, her father and his friend, and the animals she is shooting at in danger through inept handling of firearms. There are reasons people take lessons in handling those things, Wannabe Huntress-in-Chief.

Sorkin’s response was typically witty and scathingly to the point:

I don’t think I will save my condemnation, you phony pioneer girl. (I’m in film and television, Cruella, and there was an insert close-up of your manicure while you were roughing it in God’s country. I know exactly how many feet off camera your hair and make-up trailer was.)

Palin isn’t likely to care what Hollywood thinks, or what leftist elites like PETA think, but she should care about what her supporters and potential supporters think, and she’s just misfired on that front. Imagine hiring a guide to take you over the Rockies only to discover he’d never been out of the city himself? That’s what Republicans are doing when they put their trust in a savvy-common sense politicians only to discover that she’s simply a self-promoting grifter who has no idea what she’s talking about.

She’d be a fish out of water in the White House, as out of water as she has been hunting and fishing on her self-promotional TV show. She’s a fake and a phony and it has never been more obvious. Take note, America, especially you Republicans.

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  1. One could ask what hunting has to do with being President, but I know facts like this are most confusing to those who vote for a myth, so I’ll not ask.

    Since I work in TV as well, I’ll second what Aaron wrote and add that her “kill shot” was a nice cut-away, so we don’t know if the moose was even shot by her. I didn’t watch the whole thing (I’m on a strict intake of only necessary Palin propaganda), but from what I did see, I have to wonder if that moose was even in the same area as them. Of course her hair and make-up folks were hovering with the bendy straws and wiglets, and her stylist was putting Sarah’s precious feet into her boots to keep her from having to bend over like regular folk. Starbucks was probably flown in that morning on its own plane or with some overworked PA. Then to the edit room to make everything dramatic. I only wonder, since Palin is the ex producer, why she left in these bits with her dad correcting her, unless she thought this sold her as the perfect patriarchal puppet – that non-threatening, takes orders well, can’t think for themselves, anti-women’s rights “feminist” the Right keeps going on about.

    I’m so glad you tackled the disintegration of this myth, Hraf. I am on Palin hiatus as I recover from the “arrest Julian Assange for treason” and “stop the Wikileaks like I stopped my book leaks” insanity.

  2. Sarah, I’m glad to step into the breach until that shell-shocked look on your face fades. :)

    I have a difficult time watching any live footage of this woman – it’s like evil seeping out of my speakers, so I understand your own revulsion – it’s natural.

    I don’t understand either why she would allow herself to look bad. We know her handlers, whoever they are, can’t stop reign in her recklessness but let’s face it, this hunting trip was a BAD idea. At least Teddy Roosevelt actually made himself into an outdoorsman, and Abe Lincoln came by it naturally. Sarah Palin hosted her own episode of a city-slicker looking stupid. She literally shot herself in the foot here.

    If she thinks this episode in any way ADDS to her image, she’s completely out of her depth. Even the conservative blogosphere is going wild with disbelief.

  3. I think she allowed herself to look bad because she doesn’t realize that she looks bad. As in so many things, she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know and can’t be bothered to learn. She couldn’t be bothered to learn about gun safety or practice with the gun she would use on the trip beforehand in the same way she can’t be bothered to read or learn about the issues facing our country and the world. She thinks that she can go film an episode of “her Alaska” satisfying her blood lust and Electra complex in the same way she can give a speech of empty rhetoric and hate without being questioned for her lack of depth or understanding. She’s gotten away with it so far so there would be no reason for someone with an ego of her magnitude to think she couldn’t get away with the same superficial inauthenticity as a reality show huntress that she has with being a politician & political commentator. But while people may not understand or care about the complexities of politics or economics, they know hunting and gun safety, proving the old adage “…you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.
    Great article, thanks!

  4. I’m sure she thinks she did well. Now, how will she answer her critics on this? That should be interesting, but she may decide to ignore it, convincing herself that it’s just the liberals taking shots at her. My favorite part of the show, which I watched for the first time, was when she acted like they “needed” to hunt to put meat on the table for the family. Had the show been about hunting the game to give to needy Native Alaskans, it would have been somewhat more acceptable even with her being an obviously inexperienced hunter. However, I understand Native Alaskans have much more reverence for the animals they hunt and hunting in general.

  5. Callie, best reason I’ve seen so far. I think you must be right; she simply doesn’t realize how bad she looks. And the nasty “liberal media elite” has helped her along by taking it easy on her thus far, probably encouraging her to think she can continue to get away with it.

  6. I should have made that point as well. It’s laughable to think Palin “needs” to hunt. She probably doesn’t even do her own grocery shopping. I’m a meat-eater myself so I won’t criticize killing animals for food but as you say, she didn’t need the food.

  7. I too am amazed that she would do this. When I lived in Michigan and probably still, the first day of deer season Michigan almost had the largest standing army in the world. I can guarantee you that 9/10 of those people didn’t have a leather chair or have leather shoes made from animals they had killed. And neither does Sarah. trying to make herself out as a frontiersman doesn’t go well. It’s a total shock that the people doing the filming didn’t just show her shooting and then show a shot of the caribou dropping.

    I’d be interesting to know what the ratings were for the show. I know her book is disappearing on the Amazon bestseller’s list and quite frankly I think people could only watch the show to see how stupid she is. And the people around her.

  8. Kimmel did a wonderful short comedic sketch featuring a nagging Kate and Liar, liar pants on fire Palin, harrassing and tormenting bears for miles till one commits suicide to get away from the two belittling, nauseating women.

    Yes B.S. Sarah does have an Electra Complex.

  9. I will have to do some Googling or “Binging” and see if I can find out what the ratings are like. I’m curious about that too.

  10. The ratings for the snuff episode were down 700K from last week.
    Debut episode = 5M, then 3M, 3.5M and 2.8M this week.

  11. Callie,
    You hit the nail on the head! She is stupid she doesn’t think how bad she comes off! And her braindead bots….they are too stupid to notice. But everyone else is.
    This TeeVee show is showing the world how fake she is! :D

  12. We just gave her the out she will use. Of course now she will tweet that she gave the spoils of her “hunt” to some Native Alaskans who were nearby and looked hungry. This woman is able to weasel out of almost anything.

  13. If you ever need to be reminded how adored she is, read the comments on her Facebook page. I have never seen anything like it, about anyone.

  14. And they said progressives treated Obama like a messiah. I think they need to look in the mirror.

  15. Honey it was a caribou not a moose. They are docile, like cows. You can actually walk up to one and hit it over the head with a hammer.

  16. Palingates has uncovered information about this “hunt”. It was a canned hunt, a guaranteed kill (if you don’t kill it, someone will). It was way over-gory (reminds us all of the turkey slaughter and the halibut beating to death and Bristol holding the still-beating heart).
    Face it, these individuals are crazy. Not for hunting – but for acting like blood sucking monsters in everything they do. Many people hunt (I do not) – they don’t GLORIFY killing like she does.
    From one of our posters:
    For all those asking why the Caribou just stood there- go read this excellent post by Micheal Stinson the Co-Author of the Going Rogue Coloring Book.

    Having lived among the caribou in the tundra I know that for the most part they as docile as lambs. If you walk up to one slowly they’ll just stare at you. Pull out a handgun and you can plug them between the eyes. You could kill them with a sledgehammer. They aren’t spooked by people because they rarely if ever SEE people. They don’t KNOW what a human being IS. A moose is a different story. They’ll kick you to death. They do it to Iditirod dogs all the time, and people. If Palin had hunted a moose I might have marginal respect for her, they’re delicious, as are caribou.

    But she’s a liar and a coward.

    It took her repeated shots to drop an animal that never moved. She complained of the sights being off on the scope. As I mentioned above, you don’t NEED a scope. A baseball bat will work, if you were starving. The number one rule of hunting is to maintain your tool. You test your scope BEFORE you ever shoot at any animal, for a number of reasons.

    Number one is, if you’re going to miss the animal you ain’t gonna bring home the bacon. Number Two is, If you can’t hit the “kill zone” on an animal all you are doing is torturing it. Hit anywhere else and the animal will run, bleeding to death, if it’s lucky, or horribly injured and suffering while you try to find it and finish the job. Its that simple. Not to mention that if you stress the animal it can ruin the meat. I’ve eaten moose that was “run to death” via those 4 wheelers, until it’s lung froze and it fell down dead. The meat is full of adrenalin, which your body processes when you consume it. You can get a buzz that makes you speedy and aggressive, which may have benefited ancient man, but may also explain Palin’s cranked behaviour and aggression.

    And here – a guarantee “trophy” hunt:
    OMG, this was a GUARANTEED KILL!



    2 Hunters , 1 Guide.
    Caribou Hunt option 1: $ 5200.00 per hunter

    This hunt is a single Caribou hunt.
    Caribou Hunt option 2: $ 7500.00 per hunter

    This is for the hunter who wants 2 Caribou.
    Caribou Hunt Option 3: Trophy Fee Option

    With this hunt… you pay $3000.00 non refundable plus a $3000.00 refundable Trophy fee. Your trophy fee portion is refundable if an animal is not harvested. This Trophy fee MUST be paid by June 1st.

    Current Available Hunt Dates:

    July 31st – August 7th : /full
    August 7th – August 14th : 2 sots
    August 14th – August 21st : 2 slots
    August 21st – August 28th : 2 slots
    August 28th – Sept 4th : /full
    Sept 4th – Sept 11th : 2 slots
    Sept 11th – Sept 18th : 2 slots

    **you may pay a $3000.00 Trophy fee for additional Caribou with hunt options 1 or 2 in the field or prior. **”


  17. She is a psychopath and has advanced paranoia as well as a superego. She is very sick. And we have to listen to it.

  18. Cant wait to see how president Palin dismantles the idiots at PETA, the gun control douche bags and all the other unAmerican communist organizations in this country.

  19. The only thing Palin has dismantled is herself. Gun control hasnt been much of an issue in some time and could you name the commie organizations?

  20. You would actually vote for a woman who points to a rising sun and says “let’s go West”?

    Oh, sorry, that’s right, republicans think that ignorance is a virtue.

  21. Would any of you Palinites like to add something of substance as opposed to the “nyaah nyaah step on you” so typical of your responses? Is it really possible to say something substantive about a box of hair?

  22. That is it in a nutshell so to speak. She surrounds herself with people who tell her constantly how great she is, on Facebook if it isn’t about how wonderful she is, it gets deleted. She doesn’t respond well to criticism so people around her don’t give her any.
    With zero feedback in ones life, how on earth is a person to be able to make rational decisions, to act responsibly?
    They won’t and she doesn’t.

  23. I’m glad to see her show “trending” fewer viewers. She is a shallow, superficial woman who is incapable of seeing that the show only makes her look bad. But she’s only the latest caricature of one-dimensional, cardbard “ril
    ‘Merikans” that appeal to those among us with an insular, simplistic view of this country and the world at large.

  24. Since it’s the Learning Channel maybe they could indicate the cost per dressed lb it took to put that cow in Palin’s freezer. Now that would be educationa­l!

  25. I think there’s a 99.9% chance that no cow has ever seen her freezer. In one of her shows she was pointing out how much meat she had in her freezer or refrigerator. I don’t think she has a freezer put meat in. You go to the store, you buy the moose meat, and you make chili. Her pretending like she is a frontiersman is pretty passé

  26. Seems like there are quite a lot of self serving folks able to cut down if not just make fun of a persons love of the country Sarah Palin grew up in. Why don’t some of you give us examples of wht you grew up with? Just might be too much fog on the brain huh? Did you watch Kate’s (from Kate plus eight is enough). On her camping trip with sarah Palin and family? Never say a bigger boob or complainer, then when John was with her. Talk about someone out of touch with reality.
    Would like to see hillqry Clinton Walking in the park.
    “Ouch, Ouch, my heels are killing me Get me the golf cart”. A+ for Sarah.
    Yes I am a Republican. and from Utah.

  27. It has nothing to do with what she grew up with. It has to do with how she treats and uses people. Kate is a bore for sure, but did you approve of the faces and things Sarah was doing behind her? The show on Alaska has little to do with Alaska and more for Sarah to whine about who doesnt like her. She is as much a whiner as Kate is. In short, she is a fraud.

    I can only ask if you are assuming Hillary would need the golf cart, you fell right over the edge with that one.

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