The DDoS Attack That Wasn’t: Sarah Palin’s Operation Payback Lie

Sarah Palin likes to tell stories about herself
Sarah Palin likes to tell stories about herself

In an attempt to show her dashing ability to thwart off DDOS attacks, Sarah Palin told ABC News she had been the victim of a DDoS attack from Operation Payback but that she had been prepared for the “backlash” and hence warded it off. All of the above turned out to be….untrue.

When I first read Ms Palin’s email to ABC about her victimization (the only thing Ms Palin has yet to quit, it seems, is her vision of herself as Joan of Arc) at the hands of the Evil Wikileaks people (whom she called to be treated like the traitors she thinks they are, even though they aren’t American citizens), I shook my head in pity for poor Jake Tapper.

One day, these folks will learn not to simply publish everything Ms Palin tells them without doing cursory diligence of their own. For Ms Palin has an allergy to the truth, whether lying about the weather or about being found guilty of violating the ethics laws in Alaska, when Ms Palin speaks, one must fact-check every word lest one trip on the banana peels of false narratives Ms Palin litters the political landscape with.

Here’s the original report from ABC:

“Hackers in London that the Palin team believe to be affiliated with “Operation Payback” – a group of supporters of Julian Assange and Wikileaks – have tried to shut down SarahPac and have disrupted Sarah and Todd Palin’s personal credit card accounts, SarahPAC aide Rebecca Mansour said.

“No wonder others are keeping silent about Assange’s antics,” Palin emailed ABC News. “This is what happens when you exercise the First Amendment and speak against his sick, un-American espionage efforts.”

A technical aide said that the “DOS attackers, a group loosely known as Anon_Ops, used a tool called LOIC (Lower Orbit Ion Cannon) to flood The attackers wanted us to know that they were affiliated with through an obscure message in our server log file.”….

Added Mansour, “the governor voiced her opinion knowing full well that she was speaking out against a shady disreputable organization with no regard for laws or human life. This is how they operate. The world should not be intimidated by them.”

Mansour added that Wikileaks supporters claim to be “in favor of free speech yet they attack Sarah Palin for exercising her free speech.” She said was not harmed because Palin’s staff was able to move quickly to protect the site.”

So Ms Palin managed to do what MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and Wikileaks couldn’t. This is the sort of lore best swallowed with KookAid. And what jumps out at the person who’s been paying attention to the way Ms Palin’s mind works is that she is the heroine of this story. Ms Palin’s the only person who called out Assange, anticipated his counter-attack and warded it off! My goodness. Those are some cojones.

I’ll not even address the credit card claims ( she claimed her credit card number was released and it wasn’t) or the hubristically blind nattering on about freedom of speech from a supposed communications major who fails to understand important rulings such as the Pentagon Papers. In Ms Palin’s world, the only person who has freedom of speech is her and she’s quite certain that anyone who doesn’t agree with her is violating her freedoms. This notion is troubling to anyone who loves America and comprehends our country’s core principles.

The problem I had with her statement is that PoliticusUSA has been DDoS attacked and so I know a bit about it. We were told that this attack might kill our site for good. It was a very unpleasant and sobering experience (coincidentally, our website was brought down in a coordinated attack after an article I wrote about Ms Palin and her actions of stoking violence in Alaska). A DDoS attack bears little resemblance to being hacked, and yet Ms Palin’s story reads more like a five minute attempted hacking than a DDoS attack.

For example, one doesn’t know immediately that they are under DDoS attack and neither does their server host, because it appears to be a flood of traffic. The pattern becomes clear over time, however, as a denial of service attack lasts for weeks and months, as it is meant to shut down a site all together.

So as Ms Palin was nattering on in her email to ABC about her freedom of speech being attacked, my Palin hackles were immediately raised.

See, Ms Palin is rather infamous for her projections. Whatever she accuses others of doing is what she has or will do herself. From death panels to accusing the President of not loving his country, Ms Palin suffers from a painfully obvious inability to deal with her own transgressions without projecting them onto others.

And I suspected this latest Palin Myth with its dashing heroine didn’t come from her imagination, it came from her need to project onto others her own modus operandi. Because you see, the story Ms Palin fed to ABC has already been debunked. The group of activist hackers admitted targeting, PostFinace, Visa,, and others but deny ever targeting Sarah Palin. reported:

“A group who refers to itself as Anonymous has as taken credit for a recent string of high-profile cyber attacks against the websites of businesses, banks and politicians that have either spoken out against or stopped doing business with WikiLeaks.

Cyber attacks, dubbed Operation Payback, targets those who have caved into US government pressure to shun the whistleblower website that recently released thousands of classified US diplomatic cables.

“We have been DDoS’ing sites,” he explained. “We have been flooding them with traffic so other people cannot use them and they have been taken down like this and they cannot operate like this anymore. We’ve been attacking them, we’ve been DDoS’ing them so people can’t buy things, people can’t make transactions.”..

Although the media had reported the group planned coordinated attacks on, the groups representative said they do not have any malicious plans to take on Amazon nor had they attempted to. He also said the group was not responsible for any coordinated attacks or hacks on Sarah Palin, although she claims to have been a target…

“We don’t really care about Sarah Palin that much, to be honest. I don’t really know what she’s trying to accomplish or what attention she is trying to gain. We personally don’t care about Sarah Palin,” he added.

Yes, see, they don’t even care about Ms Palin. And why would they? She is no one. She has no power to harm Assange or Wikileaks, in spite of her own refusal to comprehend American laws, borders and most significantly, freedom of the press.

Not only did Ms Palin and her sidekick Rebecca Mansour call a DDoS attack a DOS attack (usually a much less sophisticated attack, but no matter as Operation Payback admits to perpetrating DDoS attacks, not DOS attacks), but also they obviously have never experienced a real one and sadly, Ms Mansour lacks the skills one would have thought a wannabe screenwriter would have at least cursory knowledge of (before you write a fictional account of a dramatic experience, interview someone who has gone through it). Steeped in their ignorance of the real thing, Ms Mansour and Ms Palin obviously thought a DDoS attack was like hacking and that like the Jedi Warrior she is, Ms Palin could step in with her frontier gal spirit and stop a DDoS attack with her feisty sayings and a few nasty kicks to the “gutless” “anonymous” terrorists taking away her freedom thereby showing us all what a great President she’d be.

Credit is due for a great story premise and one that would have perpetuated the Palin myth nicely, except that anyone who’s been through a DDoS attack knows better. Ask Julian Assage. The fight isn’t over in five minutes. And Ms Palin made a fatal mistake when she asked thinking people to accept that she knows more about keeping her SarahPAC site online than Julian Assange does about keeping Wikileaks online (Wikileaks has been suffering under DDoS attack since revealing the cables dump). Nope. Warrior Princesses can’t stop DDoS attacks, just like they can’t stop pesky citizens from asking questions about their illegal trust funds or stop citizens from writing about their calls for violence.

Ms Palin is obviously exceptionally deluded into believing that she can sell these lies to anyone and we will all believe her. The failure of our media in fact-checking Ms Palin has only allowed her belief in her ability to sell us whatever she wants us to believe to grow into now monstrous proportions, and this is only adding to her brazen willingness to play chicken with the truth. Ms Palin’s real enemy here is her own ego and her inability to see reality as it really is. Her latest foray into fiction should be enough to convince American journalists that she is not well. No sane person would be so paranoid as to believe they were under attack when they weren’t nor would they believe they could manufacture this utter fiction to ABC, no less, and get away with it.

But what is even more interesting is that in the wake of this humiliating exposure of her allergy to truth and shoot-first mentality, Ms Palin will show no shame. And that is what I find most disconcerting. Shame, after all, is the mechanism we use to moderate behavior and keep some semblance of humanity ruling. Shame fills in the gaps between our laws; it’s a form of punishment for bad behavior in Western societies.

Shame reflects a decrease in our stature while pride is the emotion that is supposed to reflect an increase in stature. Perhaps Ms Palin’s lack of shame indicates something troubling about her own standards regarding the truth.

Ms Palin has enough pride to fill the galaxy, but it’s built upon self-aggrandized, mythical, fictional accounts of herself that have no bearing to reality. From claims to being a huntress to claims of fiscal conservatism to claims of being a reformer to claims of hating pork, Sarah Palin is a self-produced legend in her own mind.

Self-respecting journalists had best take Jake Tapper’s hard learned lesson to heart. When reporting on Ms Palin, if she tells you the sky is blue where she is today, you would be well served to double check. For Palin, if it makes a good story and dramatizes her into an all-American heroine, she’ll say it. She’s as reckless with the truth as she is with calls for war. And that’s pretty darn reckless. This is the person the GOP is selling as their best and brightest for 2012. Shoot first, ask questions later, and truth be damned.

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  1. excellent article Sarah Hackles. I especially like the part about Palin coming forward as a Jedi Knight and stopping a DDOS attack. Those type of attacks do not leave a message on your server for you as no hacker actually touches your site. If someone had gotten their way into their server I think we know where her site would be today unless it’s backed up.

    This woman is just like Michele Bachmann who jumps on the back of every train going by. She has jumped on the tea party gravy train, she has jumped on the Jim DeMinthe gravy train and now she has to get in on the hacking gravy train. I swear she must have people out there watching for her, click jump on this people will feel for you.

    She is just plain out lying about their credit card accounts and that’s very clear as all of the credit card companies have said none of the numbers that were posted were real.

    she is just like a little girl who was planning to do some evil while the grown-ups around her watch and see everything she is doing. Unfortunately she has a bunch of little girl types supporting and surrounding her. They have no idea that adults look upon them with amusement.

    But even stranger, why did she go to ABC news when she never talks to those people? Could it be because she didn’t want to involve Fox news with just another lie?

  2. It may be that Fox News did not want to get caught with their pants around their legs again post O’Keefe and they of all people know Palin’s reputation for dishonesty. Note that she emailed ABC. God forbid she ever speak to a journalist on the phone or in person and they get to ask a question! Nope. She sends her press release out when they fail to pick up her FB Twitter cries for attention and poor Jake T fell for it.

  3. by the way did you see the tweet yesterday From SarahPainusa? burned half the system down. Had political circus writing damning articles against Sarah Palen when the whole thing was a fraud!

    Hugely funny

  4. No! I was on the road and mobile internet wasn’t working for some reason. Please send me link; you know I can always use a laugh.

  5. Before they changed their story, the intitial email to Tapper said: “The attack originated in London from the broswer” Tapper was immediately flooded with comments and tweets pointing out that a) wikileaks is not a browser and b) wikileaks had been offline for at least a couple days at this point. Tapper asked for clarification and updated the story with the above text and a screen shot of “” over and over again- (the ‘message’ they received.
    I think what happened was that Palin’s tech team, seeing her name as a possible target, decided to ramp up security and fucked something up. A commenter on a website said that they saw an irc message from one guy, kiwileaks, that said he took the site down for about 5 minutes a couple times. Whatever the case, it was not Anon and it was not coordinated and it had nothing to do with wikileaks. If she came down at all from the outside, it was just some random person who was screwing with her.
    Earlier in the week, C4Palin had sent out an email saying they were transitioning servers and downtime should be expected. When C4P went down, the media reported it Sarah being hacked by wikileaks supporters.
    We will hear about this forever now, even though nearly everyone doubts the authenticity of her claims.

  6. Sarah Jones, I so look forward to reading your posts on Sarah Palin. I will never understand why her twitter and face book rants and lies function as official press conferences and no one in the main stream media ever seem to challenge them!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s a coward and a bully dressing herself in disguise as a female patriotic hero. She stays true to character.
    She attacks and then plays victim and then plays hero! She’s an ego maniac in truth and a dangerous one at that, because she is so misinformed.

  7. We regulars at Palingates said she made it up, as she is so prone to doing to dramatize herself.

    Just as the visit to Haiti, is now being called poverty porn by Pooja Bhatia in todays NY Daily news. Calling it an ill timed insultingly opportunistic visit.”

    Anything Palin says or does is opportunistic.

  8. I’m afraid Palin will not be “comfortable” around “unglamorous” people like the Haitians. Is she aware that their skin color is not the same as hers? On the plus side, she might bring cookies for her photo-ops. Nothing says helpful like a plate of cookies given to the Alaskan natives while they starve and freeze to death.

  9. You people are so full of crap…..

    Your PDS, knows no bounds.

    But it makes me smile that she is in your itty bitty heads, 24/7. LOL

  10. The reason for PDS is a condition called cognitive dissonance. When the truth of someones beliefs are shown to be false then the person experiences anxiety to the extent that those beliefs are important to them. People then resort to various means to intellectually and emotionally reject the offending evidence. For a minor example, a person who sees themselves as not a good student ends up with a A in a course. They then explain it away with whatever excuse comes to mind: they fooled the teacher, it was just dumb luck, etc.

    Sarah’s views and the entire way she has lived her life and achieved one success after another not only in politics but financially and personally as well is a living testament that the liberal left’s looney theory of how a woman is supposed to act in order to be successful is all wrong.

    So they HAVE TO attack her, her family, and everything she stands for in order to try and resolve the inner turmoil that her mere existance creates in them. At each stage of Sarah’s assent they have tried to explain away her achievements and each time they thought they were done with her she has another big success forcing them to resort to further rationalizations and attacks which have now become almost comical by their desparateness to find some way of dismissing her. Yet she continues to rise the more they attack her. They may even realize this but because of their problem with the cognitive dissonance she creates within them they can’t help themselves.

    Leon Festinger was the psychologist who discovered and named this important concept. In his original research he observed religious groups who predicted that the end of the world would happen on a certain date. He would join them on the appointed end date of the world and when that didn’t happen he would observe how they explained that to themselves and each other and how it effected their belief in their now challanged religion. From such observations he developed his theory of cognitive dissonance.

  11. The political carnival page is gone, no surprise

    Sarahpainusa tweets are gone back to Dec 4th

    And this is basically waht it was about

    jennifer_larson Jennifer Larson
    I can’t believe Sarah Palin said Elizabeth Edwards’ death was “God’s indictment on her life” for being “pro-abortion”

    Tons of people fell for it

  12. Pot kettle DOH. You are so clueless. Why don’t Sarah’s actions meet her words? Cognitive dissonance in YOU. Her followers. You justify anything she does!

  13. Its obvious he cant address Sarah’s shortcomings. I say just let him ramble while he thinks he has a point

    He is a useful tool. Sarah barks and he craps on the lawn

  14. Whoever this person is is a blind follower of Palin and/or has poor reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. SJ laid out all of the background information to justify calling Palin on her BS, but this person chooses to ignore the facts and attacks those of us who live in the real world. It must suck to be so blind to the faults of so obvious a liar as Palin. I now have a much better understanding of why some have called Palin a female version of GWB.

    P.S. I never read what this person writes because it has zero basis in reality, and I don’t like wasting my time.

  15. She may end up wiping her hand on Franklin Graham’s shirt the same way GWB wiped his hand on former President Clinton’s shirt after shaking hands with some of the Haitians. If I live to be 100, I’ll never forget how GWB had someone on hand with wipes when President-elect Obama and Michelle made their first visit to the WH after November 2008 election.

    Loved what you said about the cookies she took to the freezing villagers in AK last year. I, and thousands of others from around the world, sent money, food, and clothing to them last year, and all she took were homemade cookies. I found it strange that she had to wait until F. Graham and Samaritan’s Purse came to AK to make a visit to check on her own citizens. Who would Jesus have allowed to freeze and starve while He went on publicity tours to raise money for himself? These Christians who follow her need to be very careful about claiming how much of Christian she is. While she was attacking President Obama about visiting the Gulf Coast during the Deepwater Horizon fiasco, not once did she set foot in the area to show how concerned she was. Not once.

  16. idesign: Do run around every site to defend her. You must get exhausted.
    Better jump back to Politico she needs you there ASAP.

  17. Sometimes I truly ask myself why I detest just about anything Sarah Palin. It cannot be jealousy, I am 72 years old and not inclined to run for anything. And no, ‘idesign’ it has nothing to do with being liberal (I am actually a Heinz 52 mix), but there is something very wrong. Personally, I cannot understand why so many news outlets actually take her seriously. Just look at the recent “Time Magazine” story, or Barbara Walters interview, or Chris Mathews reverence. I detest her because she is fooling everyone, including her admirers. She has the whip and makes everyone dance and drool and jump.
    Maybe, we should really look at ourselves and ask why she and her daughter Bristol and the whole family crew has become such a lightening rod.

  18. Conservatives for Palin were screaming that of course she was ddos-ed just look at her Alexa ranking spike! So I went to Alexa and guess what? SarahPac doesn’t register traffic because they’re not under 100,000. So another big lie from c4p. big shocker.

  19. Bobbie, check out the other stats for on Alexa. There is indeed a spike, but I’m suspicious of it. There is nothing to indicate a DDoS, but it does look like the site did experience a couple of days of increased activity. The average pages viewed per user remained pretty far above 1- if there were a DDoS, it would be extremely close to 1 for that time period. Time on site would also decrease- it in fact INCREASED, which indicates to me that a small group (perhaps one person) attempted to simulate an attack or artificially drive the volume up.

    What is more interesting to me is that the ebb and flow of traffic to her site is petering out. Spikes in traffic are coinciding with major press releases. In my political experience, this means that Palin’s popularity has plateaued and is starting to wane, which is good news for America. We do, however, need to stay on guard for the next loony toon that will take her place.

  20. Let’s look at the REAL victim here – she PUNKED Jake Tapper. She wasn’t getting any attention. Everyone was talking about Wiki and Assange and “anonops”. They were tweeting all about the DDOS.
    So when she tried to buy something online and her credit card didn’t work for some reason, she immediately assumed it was ALL ABOUT HER (that’s what psychopaths do with great regularity). So she emailed Jake Tapper and rather than INVESTIGATE or CHECK IT OUT, he ran with it.
    He deserves the laughter.
    I knew immediately it was not a DDOS when she said her “people traced the hack back to Wikileaks”. “her people” – “her IT people”? TimmyWhoLivesIntheWell and Becky ManSour??? And it was not even Wiki who was conducting the DDOS attacks.
    It was too obvious – it was a bid for attention. Those two creeps couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag with a GPS system.

  21. She told them that they’d traced the hack back to Wiki (a lie since Wikileaks wasn’t conducting the attacks), and that someone had messed with their cards information.

    Tapper looks like an idiot.

  22. palin is never around glamorous people. Hillbillies, kkk members and rednecks aren’t glamorous.

    The Haitians are in need of aid not in need of more bs from a woman who doesn’t have time for her own grandson, trig. Hell the idiot couldn’t stay bedside while trig was having surgery.

  23. Not only you a troll but you defend a stupid, uneducated woman. This speaks volumes of the type of clown you are. btw — dinosaurs didn’t roam the earth with humans.

  24. Just stfu with your delusional bullshit. You fit well into the palin meme. I can predict what you are going to say before you vomit out your unsubstantiated, irrational, dysfunctional fiction. Stop reading wahbaby beckyboy blackboard. Why don’t you and palin set up an hunting date?

  25. I think she picked ABC because Ms. Walters was so nice to her. Don’t you think that made her feel more comfortable with them?

  26. She proves to be a liar everyday. Hell the woman fb and tweets like an immatued 14 yo school child infatuated with her first kiss. It’s juvenile, deceitful and silly as hell. Not only that she believe her fb and tweet followers proves she is da shit. WRONG! Her group is small, unhinged, goofy, racist and haters.

  27. Yep. I knew it was fake too. Why did the idiots contact abc? Did they want to disparage abc because of the truth that’s being revealed by Cho and others about the lies on dwts? We all know she is vindictive.

  28. As you point out, it’s not like the host can determine the origin like they can for a hacking attempt, and certainly not in a matter of minutes as the Palin clan claim their IT person did. While the technology exists to trace the origin of very sophisticated DDoS attacks, it’s my understanding that it isn’t legal to use here in US.

    Attackers have been known to send an email to announce their attack and what it’s payback for. The FBI can trace the origin of the emails but they wouldn’t tell Palin, “It’s Wikileaks!” nor would any of the OP or Wikileaks people be so dumb as to send an email from their own computer announcing an attack unless they wanted credit for it, which clearly they do not.

    Before Palin gets too high and mighty on this one, she might recall how she hacked into a leading Republican’s computer and filed ethics charges against him based upon what she found on his computer. She sends teenagers to jail for doing this to her, but she is a-ok with doing it to a political enemy in order to advance her own career.

  29. Maybe ABC is the only main stream news outlet that is willing to print Palin’s emails as fact, like a press release (Fox doesn’t count as it hardly reaches a large audience compared to the big 3) being passed off as news. This isn’t the first time Palin has chosen to communicate with the press like this and they have complied. I believe it was ABC the last time as well but I’d need to double check.

  30. She’s a lazy (she quit her job governing the state that lives in her heart), liar (see post you are commenting on) and doesn’t understand basics such as the Constitution or the laughable irony of sending out a teen mom who is using her status to be called a star to preach abstinence to teens who aren’t parents.

    There’s nothing deranged about acknowledging the truth.

    Write all you want — can’t change reality that we all can see.

  31. Personally for me, I think Palin’s willingness to overtly and covertly use racial resentment to convince certain Americans that she’s going to restore them to a place of superiority that has been displaced since Obama became President.

    That her laziness, lies and complete ignorance is conveniently overlooked highlights that her whiteness and religion are all that matter to a certain segment of America.

    That Americans would rather be affirmed in their biases than look for ways that we all can benefit and share in the bounty of this country (we are so rich and there is no reason to have people go to bed hungry and homeless) is what Palin is counting on as she tries to grift her sleazy ass to the White House.

  32. He is an idiot. But I have to thank him for this mistake — now I know when he’s on TV or online that I can ignore him because he doesn’t understand what journalism is.

  33. idesign: Liberal looney?

    Doubtful. You’re here defending the object of your wet dreams and taking snipes with long words that you know nothing about. I think we’ve found the “loony”(there’s no “e”, smarts).

  34. Snowbilly Grifter could not go to the Gulf due to the fact that “those people” are of color as well – Cajuns, Creoles, and OMFG, the AAs.

    Snowbilly Grifter is out for herself only – the more she talks, the WORSE it gets and the MORE moronic she becomes – POWER to her is like likker to an alkie – she is DRUNK – or perhaps, psychotic.

    Sarah Jones, thank you for writing EVERYTHING I want to say about the Snowbilly Grifter – and doing it so well…..

  35. Actually, trollie, we DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING – we ENJOY with relish pointing out the STUPIDITY of the SNOWBILLY to FEWLS like you.

  36. As a resident of Tennessee, the fact that the Snowbilly Grifter came down here to testify against the kid and dragged Barstool with her to testify that “Barstool was alone in the woods and skeered” made us sick. If this college kid had been in Nashville or Memphis, the charges would have been laughed out of court – but Knoxville is conservative — after all, they had Zach Wamp as their congress critter. Wamp wanted to be gov, but alas, he is a C-Streeter and even the Tennessee Evangeliban would not go that far.

  37. Yes, he does. He sent me an response on Twitter when I tweeted him that he had been lied to about this cyberattack on Palin’s site and Tammy Bruce’s site(???).
    Tapper said,(paraphrased), he believes the Palin pawns over any statements from “Anonymous” and that Palin was on their target list.

  38. Excellent article and well reasoned and informative…Thanks–do not follow the quitter so had missed the ‘heroine’ aspect to her inane gobblygook…

    Puts a point on it though!

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