Will Obama’s Tax Cut Compromise Wake Up Democrats’ Fighting Spirit?

President Obama’s tax cut deal with Republicans has engendered outrage from the left, and the Democratic Caucus has come out against the deal. That is the good news, and it means the democratic process can move forward and may possibly include some constructive debate and real compromise. However, it takes just a minute to realize that there is no compromising with Republicans.

Representatives in Obama’s party said they will not accept the deal “as written,” and it leaves the door open to some extra bargaining to achieve some kind of equitable agreement. Whether President Obama planned for more negotiations or not is unknown, and it’s possible that he’s letting the public see Republicans in action. Republicans’ complaints show their level of contempt for the unemployed, the gay community, Latinos, and rescue workers.

Democrats rightly complain that Obama made too many concessions to Republicans, and some Republicans know they got the best of the deal for their wealthy donors and the corporations they control. But there are some Republicans who are so vile in their goal to demonize and ruin the Obama Administration, their actions transcend evil.

Senator Jim DeMint, the righteous Christian warrior and self-appointed Tea Party god complained that the tax cut deal is bad because of the unemployment benefits extension. Regardless that relief for the unemployed is about the only item the Republicans conceded, DeMint thinks Republicans gave away too much. He took his brand of compassion a bit farther when he proposed that the unemployment insurance benefits be treated as a loan. His reasoning is that if the money is borrowed, the lazy unemployed workers will find a job so they can pay back their unemployment benefits. If that is true, then DeMint has to repay his salary and benefits for the past two years for lying to weaken the Constitution, being a bigot, and not fulfilling his duty to work for his constituents or the American people (saying no is not working).

In the Senate, Republicans blocked repeal of DADT because they want the tax cuts for the wealthy. That may be their public excuse for blocking repeal, but the real reason is their bigotry toward gays. They also believe that if they can prevent Obama and Democrats from fulfilling the promise to end DADT, that the administration will lose support. Republicans often speak of doing the will of the American people, but they reject the majority of Americans’ opinion that DADT should be repealed to punish President Obama and gays.

They also blocked health care for the 9/11 workers to force the tax deal because they are patriotic and forget who they called real heroes after 9/11. They are treating the emergency workers the same as they do our soldiers when the leave the military. One despicable Republican proposed charging veterans co-pay for their health care in a show of gratitude for their service.

Senator Reid postponed a vote on the Dream Act that addresses an immigration issue because 42 Republicans sent a letter saying they would not vote for any legislation until the tax cuts are extended. The real reason is Republicans’ aversion to Latinos. David Vitter stood on the floor of the Senate and said that the Dream Act would cost $17 billion and we shouldn’t pass that expense on to our grandchildren. Vitter never complains about the $70 billion a year for the wealthy’s tax cuts our grandchildren will pay for because he is a bigot and a hypocrite.

At what point do Republican and Tea Party voters see their representatives for what they are? Sooner or later, they will feel the economic squeeze and loss of services their beloved true conservatives have in store for them, and then Democrats may not look so unappealing. If voters don’t see that there is nothing in the conservative strategy for working people, they are psychologically blinded by their racism and bigotry.

Republicans were handed a sweetheart deal by President Obama in return for 13 months of unemployment benefits extensions and some college aid for parents. Obama has incurred the wrath of many in his own party and it may give Democrats renewed passion to fight. For Republicans, it is their time to shine as greedy, vindictive, bigoted Americans who are taking out their hate for a Black man in the Oval Office on the American people.

Eventually, Americans will feel the physical effects of Republican’s contempt at such a level that they will lash out with a vengeance for the deceit and subterfuge conservatives have used to control the voters. If the pictures today of restrained, polite English people rioting are any indication, Republicans better have an escape plan because the American people are going to be desperate, and they will not tolerate being raped much longer before they lash out. At last count, Republicans have burned the Tea Party, Latinos, LGBT community, veterans, the unemployed, and racial minorities whilst only helping the wealthy and corporations.

The tax cut deal is the best Obama could get from Republicans and the left knows this. Democrats in the House and Senate can seize the opportunity to stand united and make a public display of fighting for the people. It is an easy fight because the Republicans are laying out their intentions to protect the rich at the expense of the country. Democrats just need to help Republicans showcase their contempt, and America may wake up.

3 Replies to “Will Obama’s Tax Cut Compromise Wake Up Democrats’ Fighting Spirit?”

  1. I never underestimate President Obama and neither should the Republicans or the Democrats. I understand why the President would come down more on his own party.
    Everyone knows what the Republicans are going to say and do. There’s no surprises. But they have to be dealt with because there’s not enough of a Democratic majority. And the Dems in both the senate and the congress did not come through with strength during the midterms so many of the liberal voters stayed home. Now the GOP truly believe that they can do anything they want. Obama has to play a very cautious strategy to gain any grounds for the people of the United States. The Dems have been mostly silent throughout this administration. They have had no fire or outrage over the President and his policies being attacked. Everything that the President has tried to accomplish or completed has been a major fight with little support. The Dems have been as critical against the President as the GOP in some instances. Obama has been attacked, disrespected, lied on, ridiculed, etc., etc., etc. Where were the DEMs backbones then? Where was the serious confrontation of the GOP in the last two years? The Blue Dogs refused to be liberal, so don’t blame Obama. He’s trying to do the best with the hand he was dealt. And that hand began with preventing a depression caused by the very people who have been voted back in to power under the name of Republican!

  2. None of them wanted to take on the fight against extending the tax cuts to the richest Americans before the midterm elections when the president wanted them to do it. They played chicken, and many of them paid for it at the polls. They didn’t get the job done, and when the president did what he had to do, they went on the attack. I wish they’d had the guts to fight against extending the tax cuts to the richest Americans, but they folded like a deck of cards. IMO, one doesn’t get to shirk one’s responsibilities, have someone else do his/her job, and then scream at the results. I’m not really taking any of this faux outrage as authentic because had the democrats taken their jobs seriously, they wouldn’t have been acting like a bunch of turtles the last 2 years, afraid of their shadows and afraid to fight for what they said they believe in. They’re all wimps.

  3. this is a disgusting innappropriate and emotionally charged bunch of garbage. Grow up. This is as non-factual as it gets. You’re really irresponsible. I’m a democrat, but person first. Are you so retarded that you don’t realize that people can disagree. Grow up. this is the kind of stuff that turns the attention from what needs to be done, and to nonsensicle hogwash that makes no sense, and in factually void.

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