Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh: The Idiot Influence in American Politics

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American politics is out of control and it’s not only because of the lies and deceit from Republicans, or their incessant call for less taxes and corporatism. The problem is that pundits, media celebrities, and think tanks are defining the narrative for ignorant voters and it is destroying democracy.

Radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh spout hateful racist commentary to their audiences and rail against imagined enemies to the point that their lies become reality to listeners. Does Limbaugh have expertise in governance or setting policy for America, or is he just an entertainer? It is obvious that although he has no standing as an elected representative, he does wield power over the Republican Party, and their relationship is strong enough that he is a featured speaker at Republican functions.

Glenn Beck is not an elected representative, but he “educates” his audience daily about government and Obama’s Socialism and tyranny. Beck is instrumental in pushing the Tea Party agenda on his radio program and his show on Fox adds visual acuity to his vitriolic rhetoric against all things not Glenn Beck. Although Beck and Limbaugh are staples in the nonstop attacks on Democrats and especially President Obama, it is Sarah Palin who is most offensive.

Palin holds no political office, and in fact, quit her job as governor when her incompetence became well-known and she became the target of investigations for malfeasance. The question is; what does Sarah Palin do? She weighs in on every subject as if her opinion carries any weight outside of her moronic Facebook followers. It doesn’t matter that every time Palin opens her filthy mouth, she gives her detractors reason to belittle and demean her.

It is also curious that the main stream media gives Palin coverage when she is a big nothing in American government. Does the media give Palin attention because they think she has any prescient insight Americans can learn from, or do they publish her remarks so intelligent people can deride her? In a non-scientific poll, 70% of men said they like Palin because they want to have sexual intercourse with her. The remaining 30% said that regardless of her attraction, they wouldn’t have sexual intercourse with her because she is too stupid. Outside of the ignorant Christians and gun fanatics who worship her, Palin’s reputation is little more than a joke.

Palin is a clown and a curiosity for most Americans, and few think she is qualified to lead the country. Her reality show on The Learning Channel is one big advertisement for guns and Sarah Palin. Does the network believe that Palin beating fish and shooting majestic animals is a teachable moment? Palin’s show is a mutual benefit for the network and her, but it sends a message to Americans that she is little more than an idiotic killer. Even Karl Rove has commented that Palin or her show do not represent leadership necessary to be president. Karl Rove is not a politician either, but he at least has experience in government; although why he continues to wield power is a mystery; unless one follows the money.

The problem with allowing entertainers and pretenders to educate and inform the voting public about issues is that, like all things American, they are fueled by money. Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, and the commentators on Fox News are money-making machines, and that is not bad in itself. It is bad that their unilateral opinions favor the party that is raping America and they are responsible for much of the support Republicans have today. It doesn’t matter that their commentary has as its basis nothing but lies and deceit; they are making money for themselves and conservatives.

If Americans were intelligent, they would look to more than one source for their information about American government they elect. But Americans are lazy and full of hate so they hear exactly what they want to believe whether it is true or not. The main stream media is culpable as well as Fox News and the lying entertainers because they refuse to cover stories that expose the lies from the right wing entertainers.

It is sad that so many Americans listen to the likes of Beck, Limbaugh, and Palin to learn how they should vote.  American politics is becoming a carnival with clowns and actors setting the narrative and policy of one political party, and it has damaged democracy in the process. Voters base their beliefs on lies from Beck, Limbaugh, and Palin, and refuse to look elsewhere for verification or repudiation of alleged facts from the right.

The midterms demonstrated what happens when voters choose candidates based on an entertainer’s endorsement. Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and Joe Miller are examples of idiots who are so bizarre that voters rejected them for their ridiculous views and policy statements even though they enjoyed undying support from Sarah Palin.

Until Americans learn the issues that shape America’s future, we are in for a wild ride. There is no justification for listening or following the suggestions of money-grubbing entertainers who have no sense of what government is or does. But that is what happens when people with no standing in the governing process make policy for Republicans from a position of stupidity.

Although Beck and Limbaugh are hate-mongers, everyone knows their game, but why anyone would listen to Sarah Palin is a mystery. She is wrong all the time, makes up facts to suit her pea-brain, and has no standing in the government. Just what does Palin do? What gives her the right to weigh in on every single issue in politics? The answer is so obvious; Americans like success stories and Palin has parlayed a failed political career into a multi-million dollar industry. It always boils down to money; truth is not relevant.

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  1. I always look at Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh as people who never accept responsibility for the things that they say. in the cases that have happened were things that Glenn Beck have been used for criminal intent he has ran as quickly as possible away from the things that he says.

    Glenn Beck’s modus operandi is to always tell people to not take what he says as gospel. That gives people a comfortable feeling. Of course they never look for a second opinion because if Glenn Beck was willing to say that he must be right. And he knows that.
    Rush Limbaugh just says things with impunity. He knows absolutely no one is going to say anything about anything he says. At least no one important because if they do we will make them apologize. His idea of this country is that poor people can crawl around the fields on their hands and knees looking for food.

    But Sarah Palin? she is by far the most quoted of the three morons. Why? There’s an article on Huffington Post today about the fourth estate being dead. That pretty much explains it. When you have no journalism you go for the easy stuff. And Palin is about as easy as it gets. Just quote her and do not check anything.

    The tea baggers want to take their country back. You cannot do that without the fourth estate there to investigate everything the government does like it did during the days of Nixon. If we had a fourth estate Bush would not have lasted three years. if you want your country back tell the media that you don’t need the garbage they’re putting out like the three amigos mentioned above. Tell them you want the news

  2. I was just looking at one of those brain scans that reveal striking differences in the conservative vs liberal thinking patterns. I wonder now, as I stumble into this, if in the absence of Palin Beck and Limbaugh wouldn’t we just have some other’s in their place doing pretty much the same thing? They are all masters at strike certain cords, simple cords that seem utterly obvious yet I cannot hear nor comprehend fully (so these brain scans would tell me), but many turn their heads when they hear them. Any fool can strike these cords as you have seen.

    Is there any victory in this direction, where we point out how moronic insidious and insipid these people are, all in tones tailored for ourselves? We’ve been pointing it out for years, yet converts are rare. What are we accomplishing with this article, those that are willing to know this already know it, and those that don’t won’t.

    I think a friendly bake sale has a better chance to breech the broach, while their walls are unguarded. Ha, who am I kidding, that fails for Christians too. Perhaps if you could get a Christian that is really good at converting Christians… now theirs a man that would know a thing or two about what we need to do.

  3. I guess the converts have to become reverts, where one day they wake up in their chairs, set the crack pipe down and realize that Rush and Beck are quite simply lying to them. Theirs is not a world one would really want to live in.

  4. Superior and terrific post – thank you Rmuse for saying what so many of us think on a daily basis – these hatemongers are in “it” ONLY for money for THEMSELVES – they could care less about religion or country – $$$$ is all they know and they get away with it due to the FACT that the Fourth Estate has NOT called them out – not called ANYONE out in years………………where is the “Woodward and Bernstein” of the 21st Century? The originals are still with us – they cannot top Watergate and sustained their fatcat status for 35 years when they could have been HELPING train new investigative reporters to do the hard work they did – it is just pure laziness now – no hiding in parking garages and visiting in people’s home in secret. Just “Google” and regurgitate.

    Thank you for the insight and TRUTH.

  5. All three of them have blood on their hands. They are racist and are ex-junkies(?.) I would also include loofahboy to the list. Their racist views and lies are back-up by the repug party.

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