Big Pimpin’ and Media Whorin’ Around With Sarah Palin

There is one thing for certain; no-one can ever say that Sarah Palin is not a pimp or a media whore. The woman finds some way to make money or campaign capital out of every possible person or situation that comes along. Now that the quitter has been to Haiti, she is using the death and devastation to pander herself as an altruistic benefactor to the poverty stricken, diseased masses by calling for donations from the American people.

Palin journeyed to Haiti with televangelist Franklin Graham to…what was she doing in Haiti? Oh, she was on a mission of mercy with Graham’s group, Samaritan’s Purse, to learn firsthand about the disaster in Haiti and to talk to Graham’s volunteers. Palin’s visit was well-publicized, although the only coverage was from Fox News’ Greta von Susteren who accompanied Palin, her husband Todd, and daughter Bristol as they visited volunteer aid camps.

On the surface, the purpose of Palin’s visit appears to be to draw attention to the plight of Haitians, but the reality is that Palin is drawing attention to herself and her need of Graham’s evangelical religious-right voting bloc. If Palin was the Christian she claimed, she would give all her money to help the afflicted without asking for attention or recompense, but a pimp’s primary concern is making money and drawing attention to themselves.

Palin’s entire goal in life is keeping herself in the public’s eye, and she is willing to pimp her children in order to garner attention and sympathy from supporters. When Rahm Emanuel used the word retarded, Palin went pseudo-ballistic with false indignation and demanded his firing. She held up her Down’s Syndrome afflicted son and said that Emanuel had insulted mentally handicapped people with his remark. Palin never misses an opportunity to turn any comment into a derogatory remark aimed at her or her children when she needs the publicity.

On Facebook, Palin’s daughter went on a homophobic tirade against some boy and detailed the level of jealousy everyone in America has over the Palin’s success. Of course, Palin did not show any outrage at her child’s actions, and suspicious minds wonder if Palin didn’t put her daughter up to the outburst. Whatever Palin’s excuse, she uses her children to get attention and to keep her name in the press.

Palin would not have the pimp ability if not for Fox News and the media that she hates. Palin’s reality show about Alaska is an infomercial about the wonders of Sarah Palin, and the network and show’s producers are heavily vested in the Republican Party. The Learning Channel’s program is touted as a promotional series for Alaska with Palin as tour director, but it is less about Alaska and more about the marvels of the Palin.  When Palin isn’t pimping her children or the poor people of Haiti, she whores herself to the media and allows conservative power brokers to pimp her.

Liberty Media executive John C. Malone is a hard-line conservative and Republican supporter who also sits on the Board of Directors of the Cato Institute which is little more than a public relations firm for the Koch brothers. It is no accident that Malone’s company is one of the parent companies of the Learning Channel that carries Palin’s Alaska reality show. A former Fox executive, Peter Liguori, is the COO of Discovery Communications which owns the Learning Channel, and Liguori’s job is to market Palin for the network. Liguori should screen the programs before titling them because in one episode, the title claimed that Palin was a good shot regardless that she took 5 shots with a scoped rifle to bring down a caribou. Not only did the faker miss the animal over and over, she showed her inexperience in firearm safety, but Liguori managed to market her as a good shot. No one can claim that Liguori or the network didn’t pimp Palin, and she acted her part like a good media whore.

If Sarah Palin really hated the media, she wouldn’t allow Fox, Discovery, and Learning Channel to market her, but those networks have a vested interest in Palin’s political career, and as long as they keep her in the limelight, Sarah will play the whore all day long for them.

Palin’s visit to Haiti was not for altruistic reasons, and she has no interest in the plight of any people. Her approval ratings are dropping and her book is not outselling the bible, so she needed divine intervention from Billy Graham’s son. She went to Haiti for the sole purpose of pandering to evangelical Christians and to give Fox News promotional material for the next election. Her praise of Graham’s volunteer group didn’t bring one penny to help the Haitians, but most likely will bring a ton of money for Sarah Palin’s PAC.

Americans and the GOP are growing weary of Palin, and as her celebrity wanes, she is reaching out to evangelical Christians for support and money. Of course, they will support anyone who rides with Billy Graham’s son until they learn how Palin uses her children to further her own career. But that is what Sarah Palin is all about; furthering her career.  If it means pimping her own children, grandchildren, or the poor people of Haiti, she will do it. If it means whoring herself for conservative Media owners, she will do it for Sarah Palin; consummate pimp and media whore.


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  1. I could not have said this any better. Sarah Palin is a fraud. She praises both god and capitalism. Now if I remember correctly, there is a verse in that big book she knows so little about. “You cannot serve two masters” or “You cannot serve god and money”.

    Ever wonder why her ilk choose to ignore this?

  2. I am simply embarrassed about this Haiti trip. Waiting two years to go on then requesting people send money? Why didn’t she get in on it on it when people were sending millions and millions of dollars? Did she walk out in the streets pass homes that had been leveled and where people are living on blankets on the ground? She toured a aid camps. Isn’t that special? I would be interested to know why reporters from other pools were security risks but Fox news wasn’t? this whole thing of dragging her daughters around and trying to rebuild Bristol’s reputation is getting old. the camping trip thing was horrible.

    You have to wonder what the next grandstand act is going to be. Will she visit the scene in France where the Concorde crashed, look around and have another Tiara put on her head?

  3. If Palin was really concerned about the people of Haiti, she would have been pressuring conservatives in Congress to stop blocking the aid money that President Obama pledged to help them almost a year ago, or she would have been encouraging her supporters to contribute when the earthquake happened, but she didn’t open her mouth until she found some way that she could make herself look good by benefiting from their continued suffering.

  4. She was trying to insinuate that Obama wasn’t helping them without saying his name and then when the AP tried to follow up her people refused to “elaborate” regarding who she meant by that comment- meaning, she had no idea it was the Republicans blocking the aid. What a travesty.

  5. I saw a bit of this tripe on Greta’s show last night – could not take much of it – Snowbilly Grifter riding around in a car with Greta holding a microphone – Snowbilly had OBVIOUSLY having been coached by Greta’s hubby was PATHETIC and SICKENING.

    Why does Snowbilly Grifter ALWAYS seem to think people living in horrid conditions requires her to say to a camera, “they have smiles and are joyous”? Those people do not look at all joyous – the kids seen with the Snowbilly Grifter mainly looked confused and did not have clue who this “latest phony fro “rill Murrika” is or why she was there with a news camera.

  6. You can’t STEAL 335 MILLION VOTES! Bush DID but he had the BUSH $MILLIONS behind him. Palin is NO ONE. Just a woman lying her way to wealth. THIS WOMAN HAS APPROX 1% of the dumbest people in our population who think and believe everything she says ..and believe she could become president. THEY KNOW NO BETTER. THEY ARE UNEDUCATED. NARROW MINDED. BIGOTED. IGNORANT. LOCKED IN TIME. VERY VERY SMALL MINDED JUST LIKE PALIN and bought and paid for. She really believes she has the PRESIDENCY in the bag with the Koch Bros. AND ALL the far right HATEFUL BIGOTED Christians backing her. Thats how dumb she is. She can’t even COUNT! As for the the TBaggers–where are they? They were a paid group of racist bigoted folks ready and willing to do this GOP’S DIRTY WORK –jumping on buses to disrupt and distort every message–especially HEALTH CARE REFORM –anything good which would have benefited the right as well –IDIOTS THAT THEY ARE–PREJUDICE always BLINDS PEOPLE– they did ALL that for the GOP.. and NOW YOU ARE NO LONGER NEEDED!

    The very ones who voted them in are gonna get shammed so bad. Hows that conservative thingy going for ya? THE GOP IS CONSERVATIVE WITH YOUR MONEY! NOT THE WEALTHY’S MONEY! Just watch what they do to the people come January! They plan to strip you of every penny you might have left! SENIORS! I BEG OF YOU!!!. Please pay attention! They are not on your side. They will blow your money and not think twice about leaving you on the streets. Which is their plan!. Those tax breaks for the millionaires they just received will need to be paid. And they plan to do that with YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY! Does that not concern you?????? I swear I HATE THE WAY REPUBS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR SENIORS!!!! They sicken me. The GOP is a BLATANT SCANDALOUS PARTY OF GREED!

  7. It should come as absolutely no surprise that Palin manages to milk every situation she is involved in for money for herself. It’s also no surprise that FOX was the only network she allowed to cover her visit, because otherwise, she would have been exposed once again for the fraud we all know she is. There is nothing at all “altruistic” about this woman, and the way that Native Alaskans were treated during her administration should have been a major clue–not to mention the way she uses her own kids.

  8. according to Sarah, the rest of the news media were security risks. She instead went with the people who are truth risks

  9. I give.

    I like your site. I really do. I’ve enjoyed reading some of your articles and have found several of them well thought out and well written.

    But why don’t you just rename it, “We Hate Palin To The Point Of Being Ridiculous USA”. :-)

  10. Why don’t you ever comment on anything but the Palin articles? There’s plenty of them. 5 today. yet you are only on this one…..hmmm……

    and same over the last few days. What gives? Do you really like to read about politics or just Palin?

    Wait a minute, Hank — are you Palin Posse Man? Are you in a red suit with Palin’s name across your arms, back and chest right now?

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