Humbug: Glenn Beck Charges $125 A Ticket In Ohio Town With 15.8% Unemployment

In the spirit of Christmas, Glenn Beck will be bringing his radio and TV shows to economically devastated Wilmington, Ohio tomorrow, and he is even inviting residents to join him at his radio show taping. Of course, Beck being the “populist” that he is, will be charging the residents of a county where unemployment is at 15.8% $125 to attend.

To the surprise of no one, except maybe Beck himself, Glenn is having a bit of trouble selling tickets. Despite the fact that his appearance is tomorrow, seats are available starting in the seventh row of the 999 seat Murphy Theatre. This fact has more to do with the $125 price tag of tickets to watch Beck tape his radio show than it does the popularity of the Fox News host.

You see, Wilmington, Ohio has been devastated by the Great Recession. The town lost 10,000 jobs when their major employer DHL closed down in 2008, and is still mired in an economic nightmare.

Here is the background from CBS’ 60 Minutes:Fast forward to 2010, the unemployment rate in Clinton County, where Wilmington is located sits at 15.8%. The overall unemployment rate in Ohio is 9.9%. Into this daily struggle for survival, steps Glenn Beck to spread a little holiday cheer for the small price of $125, or $500 if you would like to personally meet the conservative embodiment of populism. Beck gave a preview of his message to Wilmington today on his radio show.

Beck told the people of Wilmington, “We’re going to go do a show there tomorrow, and we’re going to show the nation that you don’t have to be depressed. You don’t have to hold your hand out and cry about it. You can stand up, and stand together, and pull yourself up, and that is exactly what Wilmington is doing. The small towns are going to give us the answer and the way out, and Wilmington, Ohio is going to lead the way.”

As Media Matters pointed out, in his feel good conservative story of self-sufficiency, Beck neglects to mention that Wilmington has received $13 million in federal funding, “So in total, approximately $13 million in federal funds have flowed into Wilmington in recent years. But Beck pretends the town isn’t accepting “any money from the government.”” The real kicker is that the very theatre will Beck will be taping has $300,000 in federal aid, and is set to get $1.5 million tax payer dollars to cover the cost of refurbishing.

Glenn Beck sells himself as the everyman populist, but only an out of touch egomaniac would attempt to go to a town where unemployment is running rampant and literally sell the message, at hundreds of dollars a pop, that these people need to stop whining and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. It is an insult to every single unemployed or economically struggling family in that county that Beck would dare charge $500 for the chance to meet the Pasty Prince of Propaganda in person. Beck claims that his appearance there tomorrow has gotten an overwhelming response. I guess selling six rows worth of seats is what passes for overwhelming in the imagination of Glenn Beck.

If Beck was a true Christian or actually cared about the plight of the people in Wilmington, he would be putting money back into the community, instead of trying to extract rare and precious dollars out. Why isn’t Beck appearing for free? Why isn’t he donating the cost of tickets to see him to help feed the hungry over the holiday season? The answer is that two things matter to him more than anything else, money, and Glenn Beck. Many of us have known for a long time that Beck is a fraud and a phony, but stealing from the poor during Christmas is something straight out of A Christmas Carol. America, it is my great displeasure to introduce to you Glenn Beck, the multi-millionaire media Ebenezer Scrooge.

Note Beck’s website claims that all “net proceeds” will go to local non-profits. It should be noted that Glenn is not donating the total proceeds, but the net. This means that after all costs associated with the events, some local unnamed likely politically allied with Beck non-profits will get a small cut after Beck takes his for appearance fees and expenses. Don’t be fooled. There is a big difference between donating ALL proceeds and net proceeds. Beck will make sure that he gets paid.

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  1. The Right has been undeniably successful at selling BS to the people because their message is so full of hope (and denial): You, too, can pull yourself up if you just try hard enough.
    The fact that this message comes from the very people who drove the jobs out of this area is sickening, but even sadder is that people buy into it.

    How about this as a counter message? Americans are hurting right now, but the American spirit of helping our brothers and sisters through tough times is prevailing as Americans band together to help the less fortunate this holiday season. This spirit of cooperation will bring us through these trying times even stronger and more united than before.

    Oh, well, it was worth as shot:-)

  2. He’s just a bit clueless, isn’t he? You’d think in the spirit of the season and to show what a good fellow he is compared to the nasty old liberals and progressives, that he’d give a bit more freely of his time. But more binds he and Palin than hatred and ignorance – there’s greed and the dream of a capitalist Griftopia.

  3. He is every bit as clueless and self-congratulatory as Palin is. The irony of charging an arm and a leg for the privilege of showing his face in the place is lost not only on him, but also on the lemmings without money who insist on enriching him and her, to their own detriment. I can only wonder what has to happen in order for people to wake up from their own self-imposed stupor, and deal with charlatans like Palin and Beck in the way they deserve.

  4. it is simply beyond imagination that he would dare to charge $500 just to meet his royal self. What kind of a man is this? You would think that he has people to do his thinking for him when he plans these outings because believe me he is not doing any thinking at all

  5. Shiva,
    It has been my personal experience in this life that a person needs to have a functioning brain in order to think. That might help to explain Glenda Beckie.
    Just my 2 cents.

  6. So how many will end up putting the cost of the tickets on their credit cards going even further into debt? or if there a xmas gift that they will forgo? or both? dinner? What does one give up to be in the presence of the “oh gloried one” when one has nothing?
    Becks priorities are himself, no secret there, but what does it say about the priorities of those who actually are willing to go into debt to see him?

  7. Hmm …

    More ignorant redneck Republicans voluntarily emptying their bank accounts to someone who they THINK will make their pathetic lives better, and then suffering the consequences?

    What’s not to like here?

  8. Yet, when U2 went down to South America a few years ago, it was fine when they charged more than the average family made in a year for a single ticket.

  9. I guess liberals do everything for free. Do the Obama’s give their books away? Does Gore make personal appearances free of charge? Does Pelosi roam the country side doing good deeds? No, they don’t.

    Beck isn’t forcing anyone to attend, and like Clue mentioned he IS making free appearances for the public. But even if he wasn’t, who cares. I just don’t understand why liberals hate Beck so much.

  10. Boner and his lame crew of has-been musicians do not carry the same political weight that concerns people like that of glen beck.
    i dont even know how you can compare the two.

    glen beck is supposed to be “looking out for people” being an joe everyman conservative media personality.
    his values in his work are centred around the principles of republican conservatism.
    based on this article, we can confirm that, yes, glen beck is a hypocritical douche.

    your comparison is an attempt to build a giant long bridge between to distinctally different type of information. it sounds really ignorant.
    do better.

  11. My goodness, Jason, the Beck bots are out in full force. I wish one of them would tell us exactly how much money he gave to the soldiers….and how much went to him? And if he’s going to donate money to anyone, why charge devastated people so much money to hear him speak? WHY? Why not offer a morale boosting event for free? It’s not like he needs the money. Can’t he even do one thing for others? His selfish greed is beyond imagination. GOLDLINE! CON ARTIST GLENN BECK.

  12. He is donating all the proceeds cronyism event tomorrow to charities in Wilmington. Anyone who cares to dig around can find that. Its on his site. Do your research.

  13. I did. Perhaps you should bother to learn the difference between gross and net proceeds before you come here and criticize others.

  14. Because he is an outright liar. Also when someone messes with my country’s history and historical figures and twist that information or their quotes to suit his needs as a lover of Early American history it peeves me off. I understand as political commentators many of the Fox political commentators are no different then say Kieth Olberman or Rachel Maddow, but Beck is a fearmonger of a whole different class.

  15. this article is just a slam of 1 guy, i dont like alot of the things he says, but he does give alot of money to charity, and he is gonna pay for the expenses of the trip with proceeds and give the rest to charity, i see no issue with that.

  16. You are assuming that he is only going to pay for expenses and donate the rest, but that isn’t how Beck operates. He and his staff, and everyone involved will get paid appearance fees. Beck will probably take a fee for each appearance. Notice that unlike when he appeared on 9/11 with Palin in Alaska, Beck has not said that he will donate his fee. Beck is running the same scam as Sean Hannity as far as charitable donations are concerned, and you better do some checking before you blindly assume that Beck is donating huge amounts of money to charity. The reality is not the same as the story Glenn peddles on the air.

  17. Well lets face it, what has Glenn said about the unemployed? Absolutely nothing that would be considered beneficial. I seriously doubt that any one who is unemployed will be going to see him. As far as I am concerned he is there to mock them more than anything

  18. U2? South America? Where did they play? Buenios Aires? Santiago? La Plata? São Paulo? Lots and lots of very rich people there. Lemme go out on a limb here for you. Mexico appears to be a poor country but guess what. Per population it has as many millionaires as the US. Russia the same, some of the richest people in the universe there. These countrys also have a middle class.

    Brazil, some very rich people in the major cities. Dont start off thinking everyone is poor in what appears to be a poor country.

  19. A threat? I know you are sarcastic. He is like Palin. A pair of buffons. He is a threat to people who cant think for themselves, not to those who see through him and his twisted stories.

    Beck is like Hannity. If his lips are moving, he is lying

  20. BTW, The proceeds from President Obama’s new book(the childrens books) will be donated to a scholarship fund for children of fallen and disabled soldiers. Something Hannity is supposed to be doing with his Freedom concerts and hasnt done at all.

  21. Really? I guess thats why the republicans are so concerned with the rich peoples paychecks that they are willing to add 900 billion to the deficit.. Come back with something interesting next time.

  22. Allergy to the facts? Hear them and keep on spinning. Love the attempt to sound like a reasonable person which naturally involves distancing self from Beck.

  23. You swore in your comment and called names. You weren’t civil. Are we supposed to feel sorry for you because a site owner won’t let you spew crap on his blog? It’s called capitalism. Ouch.

  24. He’s only a threat to his followers as he steals from them and cons them out of their hard earned pay just like Palin poh and then turns them into wackos who go off and kill innocent people. the only people who have threatened Palin are her own followers. How funny is that? Reap what you sow.

  25. haha:-) You know they’re desperate or stupid if they don’t know the difference between U2 and Glenn Beck. My god what does Beck feed these people? Whatever it is he gets them to give him their money. Win for Beck.

  26. Im sorry, did I miss something? Is the federal/state government paying for Beck to come to Ohio? I believe not, it will be the idiot unemployed who pay for it. Net proceeds or Gross proceeds, who cares, anyone dumb enough to pay $125 just to see this guy speak is an outright moron and deserves to miss a dinner or utility payment for it. Maybe that will teach them credit cards do not grow on trees. As for the rest of Wilmington, thank you for being responsible, you will pull yourself up by your bootstraps, you understand you don’t need to pay some buffoon to tell you what you already know.

  27. The whole point of the article is to accuse Beck of being Scrooge. I still don’t see it. Like I said, liberals don’t mind charging to spew out their drivel. So if this guy is charging for people to come see him, I don’t see what the problem is.

    John Kerry is charging up to $4800 for a ticket to come see him. Maybe if Beck was trying to pay the taxes he had tried to dodge on a yacht, he would have to charge more. And he is giving the proceeds to charity. I doubt Kerry is doing that.

    And before you call me a “Beck Bot” you will make some kind of rational argument for your point. I know rationality is a difficult thing for a mindless leftwinger, but give it a try. Once you’ve had a taste of logic and reason you might like it.

  28. @snowman

    1) Beck is not donating all the proceeds to charity. He never does. Beck also is not doing any fund raisers in Wilmington. He is doing a breakfast, radio show, book signing, tv show, Christmas show. Donating a part of ticket sales is not the same thing as doing a charity event.

    2). Trying to equate Beck with a sitting US Senator is not accurate in the least. Is Kerry pocketing the money, or is he fund raising? There is a huge difference. Beck pockets the cash. I believe what you are referring to is political fund raising, but as we all know according to Glenn himself he is not political, so there can be no comparison between the two.

  29. Your hatred and disdain for liberals is well acknowledged so why don’t you try making a rational argument that doesn’t rely upon thinly veiled (and laughable) contempt for “liberals” and their “ideas”. You out yourself as a beck bot with your attitude of hate and with your obvious failure to understand what liberals actually believe in. this is what happens when you indoctrinate yourself with hate kool aid fed to you by a man who never went to college and admits his most admired person is a con artist who was kicked out of the morman church for being a violence inciting creep.

  30. And the proceeds for both shows in Wilmington, OH will go to local non-profits, guess the disinfo zombies forgot to mention that little bit of info and to think i was almost outraged by this crap.

  31. This man and sarah palin and their precious party of liars have to be the most disgusting human beings on this planet and it just shocks me day after day and to no end that they are allowed to do what they do and get away with it!!Just never ending shock! What is wrong with us and this country when we let ignorant people like this control the conversation…..which is nothing but ignorant insane money making lies! wth?

  32. SNOWMAN…go sit by a fireplace please…with your your sick excuse of a man beck and his hateful self. You are as sick as he is if you can justify the man. And not too bright either as we can see from the article on ALTERNEWS this morning “Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid” POOF! People alwasy asking for links and proof on what we say. Well, there you have it SNOWMAN! You are walking proof that this article was accurate and FACTUAL.

  33. In america you have the right to set your own price for services and people have the right hire your service or not. This is a non story unless you are a socialist in my opinion

  34. You must be doing something right Jason. Funny how truth makes the bots, (yes, I call you guys the bots), come running to defend their almighty heroes.

    I think you hit a nerve. This site has been overrun of late with comments about how mean we all are by bashing Palin and Beck, all the while, bashing us for stating our opinons.

    I actually think they are kinda funny. They get really worked up trying to justify the grifters and their money making schemes.

  35. The funny thing is, I don’t watch Fox News or Beck. I find them both tedious and one sided just as I do MSNBC and CNN.

    And I should have clarified. I don’t mean to imply that all liberals are mindless and irrational. There are many well meaning people who follow the liberal agenda because they think it is a generous and fair philosophy. Unfortunately it is also plagued by crazy reactionaries that wouldn’t know logic and reason if it jumped up on their face and started to wiggle. But hey, the rightwing is equally as plagued with heartless, greedy people who could care less if the country goes down the tubes as long as they’re in their yacht.

    As for the lefts need to fabricate ways of criticizing Beck, I’m still at a loss. I don’t see the distinction between Beck charging to see him lecture or Kerry Charging to see him do what ever. I don’t care if one is a senator and one is a radio personality. The point is they are both charging. Beck is charging $125 a ticket and Kerry is charging $4800. So I just don’t understand the anger at one but not the other. And when Kerry tried to dodge the taxes on his yacht where was the outrage from the left?

    So my response is, No! No I don’t hate the left. They just dumbfound me with their narrow vision and selective hate. The only time I even hear what Beck says is when one of my liberal friends will post something in outrage. When I watch it all I ever find is a guy giving his opinion on something. I’ve yet to see the big LIE he is always accused of. I’d be happy to listen if there is some great un-truth he is spreading. But if you just disagree with his opinion feel free to listen to someone you do agree with.

  36. Snowman, I think the outrage is that Beck is charging people alot of money in a town with very high unemployment. It would have shown him to be compassionate had he just offered to come and speak with these people and lift their spirits in an act of kindness. Instead he seeks $500 from people for the opportunity to meet him. Yes, that is his right, but is it right?

  37. “adding 900 billion to the deficit.” another lie passed down from the lips of a liberal. typical. if we pass the fair tax, we wouldn’t have arguments over taxes, who’s paying less, who’s paying more. but liberals want money. republicans want power. nothing is going to change. put that in your juicebox and suck it.

  38. Craigtamy, I agree that charging people in a small town a huge fee just to meet him looks to be in bad taste. But since he is donating all the proceeds to local charities the point seems to be moot. And anyone that is unemployed and having money trouble that pays $500 to meet anyone is too stupid to hold down a job anyway.

    Is he exploiting the town for his own ends? Maybe, I don’t know. But I don’t think he is hurting the town. In the end, Beck will bring in a ton of much needed money into the town.

  39. Jason you are a tool… Glenn Beck raises more money for foundations then u ever will and does more good for people then u also.

    Quit your bashing and why don’t you try to do something good for the people instead of bashing people that are trying to help… Let me guess you are jealous because Glenn Beck is successful and you are not. Just another jealous liberal

  40. Am I missing something here? Is anyone FORCING these people to pay money for his show? If there is almost 16% unemployment there, that means that 84% of the people have a job and are earning money. Am I wrong to believe that these people should be able to spend their own money any way they wish…and if that’s buying a ticket to see Beck, that is their right to do so? When did “making money” and spending it how you choose become a crime?

  41. Hey everyone. I hear people work for free. And security isn’t needed in America, because everyone loves eachother. You are right, Glenn beck should pay people to come see him perform. I mean he doesn’t put long hours in at all. He probably doesn’t even work. its just a 3d holographic representation of him performing and doing a Radio Show, and TV show..and numerous other such things.
    You are 100% correct.
    I also hear, that Glenn Beck went around the town and forced people to go to his show, he robbed them at gunpoint of their 125 dollars.
    I also hear that NOBODY from any other state, county, or city came to Glenns show, so I mean this poor town filled the venue @ 125 dollars a ticket all on its own due to Glenns gun wielding tactics.

    There is no such thing as tourism, or cars..or airplanes…People get around on horse and buggy, and only stay in the town they were born..You are right sir, and I commend you.

    * In case you couldn’t tell I was being sarcastic.

  42. Please see my comment.
    There are magical things called Cars, and Buses and Planes.
    People do this crazy wild idea called “traveling” to go to events.
    I guess the Superbowl will be filled with Texans this year only, because only people in Texas can go cuz its in their state. Am i right?

    You are so cute. Yet, I feel bad, because you are also so dumb.

  43. lol steve… exactly right. Jason doesnt think it costs anything to put on a show. I hope glenn releases the numbers so he can eat his words. Also you say that there is lots of tickets left but there isnt. Its sold out. The truth will set you free!

  44. Darn..gosh darn..darn…darn…
    I hear beck is putting guns to peoples heads to come see him.
    Darn gosh darn darn son of a..darn jerk..
    Someone get this on the news..
    He doesn’t deserve a dime for any time/effort/energy he puts into his company..HOW DARE HIM!!

    *Sarcasm ^^

    I couldn’t care less if he kept every single penny for himself and then laid out in his back porch in his money bin and rolled in the money.
    It isn’t your business at all. Not even 0.00000000000000001% of your business.
    Let me ask you, how is this any of your business?

  45. Its pretty sad when people don’t know the difference between Deficit and Debt.
    And people don’t even know what “tax cuts” are anymore.

  46. I live in the small town of Wilmington, Ohio and our downtown streets have been blocked off since early this morning. We’ve had traffic backed up all day, so people from one side of town can’t get to the shopping centers on the other. The reason given for this blockade is that APPARENTLY, Glenn Beck is bring his own audience with him. I seriously wonder why he’s here, other than for a photo-op; This is a very liberal town founded by Quakers. It’s a dying city since the purchase of ABX and the exit of DHL. Businesses are dropping like dominoes, people are moving to other states for jobs (my brother is one of them). It’ll be a few more weeks before Wal-Mart sneaks out of town. The last thing this Quaker town wants is some racist Mormon idiot inviting himself over to tell us whats wrong with America. “Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.”

  47. Wow, really? You’re going to spread slanderous lies about the man now? You really have no other recourse than to spread lies and hate?

    Rationality and intelligence aren’t strong points are they Joseph?

  48. Hey your streets are backed up because someone brought thousands of people to your town… The people there want to help your town and spend their money there. That is a good thing and im sure the businesses there are very happy to see the crowds.

  49. Dont worry, he only drew 2500 people. Next to nothing for the man who changed the world with a rally

  50. Tell that to Glenn Beck. He is totally unaware what truth is. Why dont you recap all his predictions for this year and tell us which one came true

  51. You know, I really find it funny when people like you call anyone who thinks differently than you stupid, but often in the same breath accuse us of being “elitist” because we have an education…I mean, do you even realize how hypocritical that is? On a side note, do you even know what the word “rationality” means? You seem to be lacking it.

    One last thing. Before you accuse me of hating Beck because he points out the “truth” or some nonsense like that, know that I hate him primarily because he distorts history into a way that fits his ideals. As an aspiring historian(and a libertarian before you accuse me of being a “mindless leftwinger”) I find his distortion and twisting of history to be the highest sacrilege. History is what it is, nothing else. It cannot be twisted to fit anyone’s means; what happened, happened. It’s disgusting and pathetic when someone tries to change it; especially when that person has never truly studied it.

  52. Actually, Jason knows more about the costs of putting on a show than you do. Or maybe you don’t know who he is. Ouch.

  53. So, bringing national attention to a town in need, bringing in tourist money, focusing attention on the towns businesses that are still operating by exposing their businesses through a common website for purchasing their goods, donating money to the towns economy….these are bad things? I believe the Glenn Beck show has encouraged people from outside the town to come and spend their money in the town, and those that can afford to attend the show will likely spend much more in the town. Aren’t these the rich people that everyone wants to pay more taxes anyway? So instead of funneling the money through the government, it goes directly to the town. Yes, they didn’t point out that the town had accepted some money from the government, few towns can probably say that, but maybe the point is the people of the the town, not the town itself. Maybe the towns people don’t want to have accept that money anymore. I don’t understand why someone trying to help a town via their celebrity status is wrong. Instead of complaining that Beck isn’t doing enough, point out what you have done, and include yourself in those that are doing their part, or how your effort is better or more effective than Becks….but use facts, not name calling.

  54. English Saddle, you sure are quick with that wit. And so incisive. You truly epitomize what I’m saying about the left wing. Congratulations!

  55. It is so inspirational to hear the stories of those in Wilmington.
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Its always those ultra-liberals who sit and blog and don’t do a thing and then rail against the right. They don’t do a thing to help.
    Glen Beck brought to the world a story of hope and love; he brought happiness and tears of loving. He has done so much more than the ultra left who hates anyone who was born here, worked here and was successful; or who simply complains – but does nothing.

    Media Matters has done nothing for so many and trashes thee American spirit.
    shame on Media Matters and cheers to Wilmington and the good work of the church and the excellent coverage by Beck.

    Bah Humbug to the left, who refuses to work with others.

  56. The clowns are the ULTRA LEFT….and if you find offense at this, then I challenge you to:

    1 Contribute tonight to a child.
    2) Work at a food bank.
    3) Do something for your neighbor

    4) and stop your HATRED of people like Beck who actually care about Americans.
    Such a shameful web site – hope you clean up your act.
    We will pray for you…..and hope you find your way.
    Right now you are just a despicable site.
    Its time for you to stop your hatred and start being nice….
    and no – that does not mean attacking, slamming others….
    Shameful behavior.
    Do something nice tonight like Beck….and then write about what you have done to better America. In the meantime Pelosi and her uber left – just learn to be nice.

  57. SHIVA: “The proceeds from President Obama’s new book(the childrens books) will be donated to a scholarship fund for children of fallen and disabled soldiers. Something Hannity is supposed to be doing with his Freedom concerts and hasnt done at all.”

    Shiva, is Obama donating ALL the proceeds, or the “Net Proceeds”? Since it seems that this is such a big issue with Beck, why isn’t it with Obama? Of course Obama is donating the net proceeds, all profits after the costs are paid, just like Beck. And good for both of them, this is a noble deed.

    As for Hannity, let me get this straight: You’re pissed because the money that he raised to pay for college for the children of fallen soldiers hasn’t been spent yet, despite the fact that the majority of these kids are still in GRADE SCHOOL? Would you rather he spend it all now so nothing is left when the kids actually hit college?

    Pull your head out of the sand and look at the actual facts, don’t just buy the lines the left is feeding you. And yes, that same piece of advice goes for those on the right as well.

  58. “ALLOWED” to do what they do? What they do is speak, and share their point of views. You are in shock that they are allowed to do so? You terrify me. Perhaps you should not be “allowed” to speak either?

  59. Shiva, I suggest you would do well to do your research on any topic before offering an opinion. That admonition is for both “sides”. Why don’t you recap all of his predictions for 2010 and tell us which ones did NOT come true. There are definitely some, but I think they are outnumbered by those that did. I have found that it takes about 3 hours a day watching and reading both “sides”, and history books, to arrive at even a loose grasp of perspective and truth. How much time do you spend?

  60. Well? How many came true? We are waiting.

    I am willing to say none came true. If you spend all that time as you say, perhaps you could school us.

    But Im thinking not.

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