The Radical Right Wing Agenda Behind John Boehner’s Tears

On Sunday’s 60 Minutes program, Americans got a glimpse of incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner, and it was not a pretty sight. The Ohio Republican broke down in a fit of blubbering, snot-nosed weep-fest that could have been mistaken for either a drunken outburst, or a heartfelt expression of care and concern for America and its children; it was disingenuous at best.  For Americans who are ignorant of Boehner’s voting record against the American people, he may have made points as a politician who genuinely cares for America and its people, but for those who follow the politics of Boehner and Republicans, it was a phony display meant to garner sympathy.

Boehner broke down while telling host Leslie Stahl about his life’s history and his concern that America’s children have the same opportunities that he had growing up. Boehner grew up at a time when the tax rate for the wealthiest Americans was over 90%, and the nation enjoyed a building boom with the Federal government funding a national highway system, and union jobs were responsible for creating the middle class. Union jobs meant workers could buy homes, cars, and durable goods that in turn created more jobs. It was also the time when returning service members were offered the G.I. Bill to assist with education and buying homes.

John Boehner is a product of big government spending and high taxation of the richest Americans, so it is curious why he is so enamored with tax breaks for the rich and no government funding for social programs. Boehner also witnessed politics that counted on cooperation, compromise, and a desire to work for the American people instead of corporations and the wealthy. In other words, Boehner’s policies today are the exact opposite of the politics and policy that enabled him and all Americans to prosper.

The reason Boehner began his creepy-weepy breakdown is because he wants children to have the opportunities he had as a child, but his voting record belies his concerns for children’s education. He has consistently voted to fund private schools with a view toward a voucher system that will in effect, privatize all schools in America.

He has voted consistently to put prayer in the public schools in spite of the fact that in Ohio during Boehner’s childhood, there was never prayer or god in school. Boehner strongly favors teacher-led prayers in school, and sought to tie Federal funding for schools to schools that require prayer in school in direct violation of the 1st Amendment. If Mr. Crybaby attended public schools in Ohio, he never had teacher led prayers, so it is curious why he votes to instate prayer in school. This author attended schools in Ohio and there was no school prayer in the classroom, and mentioning god was frowned upon because it was a private matter and school was not the place for religion.

If Boehner was really concerned about children and families, he would not have voted against 4 weeks of maternity leave for federal employees so mothers could spend time with their babies for the first month of their lives, or against gender equality in pay. Did Boehner break down and cry when he voted against maternity leave, or did he vote no and go hit the bars?

Boehner has voted consistently to ban union organizing, and in Ohio, union jobs in the automobile industry helped create economic stability that he benefited from. If Boehner is concerned that children in America won’t have an opportunity to prosper, why did he vote against raising the minimum wage for the parents who lost good jobs? Does he understand that there is a difference in the cost of living between the time he was raised and today? His claim that it is important to guarantee that Americans have the opportunity to prosper today like they did during the 50s and 60s falls short of believability when his voting record tells a completely different story.

John Boehner has consistently voted against the American people on every issue that comes before him, and instead supports policies that punish hard work while rewarding corporations for outsourcing jobs. When Americans lost their jobs to outsourcing and downsizing, Boehner voted against extending unemployment benefits that are crucial for families and the welfare of children that he wept profusely over on 60 minutes.

Mr. Boehner has voted against every bit of legislation that gives equal rights to women in the workplace, so his excuse of crying for the children and young parents is a lie. He also has voted to reward marriage as THE institution in America by supporting constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage, and voted against allowing gay couples to adopt children. Apparently, Boehner prefers that children live in foster homes rather than a loving environment; does he weep profusely at the thought of children being shuttled from one temporary home to another?

It is good that Americans were able to witness the blubber-fest from John Boehner, and better yet that they heard his reasons for the emotional breakdown. At least for the next two years, Americans will see firsthand the hypocrisy that Boehner lives by, and they may see that his interest is not in children or working families, but in protecting corporations and the wealthy. By his own admission, he does not believe in cooperation or compromise, and that too will become evident for those who did not see the 60 Minutes interview.

John Boehner believes in protecting corporations and the wealthy, and he will work tirelessly to destroy what’s left of the working middle class. He will defund the education system in favor of privatization so there can be mandatory Christian prayers in every school. Americans will also see the deficit grow and more jobs lost because Republicans have no ideas to create jobs except the lame notion of trickle-down economics that has never proven true. In short, Americans will learn that Boehner’s crying is a ruse to trick them into thinking that Boehner cares for any Americans; except the wealthiest. View John Boehner’s voting record here.


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  1. I have always said his tears were crocodile tears. As far as I’m concerned, it amounts to nothing more than the histrionics of a drama king, who frankly couldn’t care less about everyday Americans. His voting record tells the whole story for those who are interested in the truth, and it completely belies all his words of concern that American children have the same opportunities for the American dream he has had. He has voted against every measure that would make a world of difference for struggling families between mere survival and being able to aspire to the American dream. That’s why I dismiss his theatrics with the contempt they deserve.

  2. Boehner is either a good actor or has a little problem called general anxiety. The syndrome he has in my mind is one that makes you cry at the drop of a hat. Go to your neighbor’s daughter’s wedding and you will be crying. This is mostly prevalent in people who drink. And quite frankly it’s not something that you can bring on or shut off.

    I don’t think he’s a good enough actor to cry on command. He has a problem. Not only is this problem personal but he is a problem to American politics. he is against everything that America stands for. Part of that being a persons right to be free. If this is a free society than women’s rights and gay rights should not even be up for discussion. They should be as natural as every right that a man or a heterosexual enjoys. This is just so utterly absurd in the year 2010 that it boggles my mind of how much further ahead we were in 1970. I think Mr. Boehner is going to show the American public what the Republicans are made of and how completely useless they are.

  3. You did a great job of going right down the line and showing the difference between when he was “growing up” (which I fear he never did) and now, and how his voting record has actually helped destroy the very things he claims to stand for.

    I just wish more Americans paid attention to what was going on instead of the pictures on TV, because he comes off like a decent man until you look under the hood. I didn’t see the entire interview, just the part where he broke down. While I believe his sentimentality is false, I believe it comes from a dark place of mental disturbance brought on by alcoholism. It’s very common to see alcoholics weepy over the state of how things used to be, while doing nothing to actually right things in their power and the further they slide into the abyss, the more weepy and sentimental they get. Frankly I was shocked by the lack of stability I saw in him; he literally broke down into a seizure of maudlin self-pity. At least we were spared the drunken burps this time. As usual, Rmuse, you did a one two punch and took down the hypocrisy with your mighty keyboard:-)

  4. Boehner is a hypocritical sack of post-digested waste. His “concern” for the American people is theater, his only concerns are keeping his special interest bosses happy and furthering his own grotesque career. Has he done anything of value as a politician? Or is his mark on the world going to be that he dug in his heels like an 8 year old and just said No?

    And someone really needs to have an intervention with him about his addiction to spray-on tanning. Humans are not supposed to be orange.

  5. Shiva,

    Agree with you 100%. I believe Boner is an active alcoholic in denial – having spent 15 years in AA and dealing with sober alkies on a daily basis, it is OBVIOUS that he needs help – lots of meetings and a great sponsor. Same with Beckanoia – Beckanoia is no more sober than Boner – unfortunately, Boner is now in a position of authority and Beckanoia is a clown on Hate Radio and the Faux Noise machine.

    The night of the HCR vote, the “Hell No” night – Boner was completely wasted – it was very evident to anyone who has ever dealt with alkies — he could not talk without slurring and when reading he actually said the word, “hyper-bowl”.

    This is going to happen frequently – until he he removed by some of those who have actual sobriety – there are plenty of recovering alkies in Congress, as there are plenty of recovering alkies in every single walk of life – this is DANGEROUS to America.

  6. Sarah,

    You are correct. Boner is deeply disturbed – when someone lies constantly, suffers from egotism to the extent Boner suffers, the crying is not fake is simply a deranged drunkard. Boner’s color is not good – he lies about the tanning or he is suffering hepatitis or cirrhosis…..take your pick – his mind is gone and cannot be recovered until he takes Step One. Admit you have a problem and your life has become unmanageable.

  7. Remember how Speaker Pelosi was mocked and vilified when she “choked up” when trying to tamp down the hate rhetoric over HCR? She mentioned “previous violence” meaning the Harvey Milk murder and the right-wing said she was too emotional to be Speaker and should resign immediately.

    Why does the right-wing always call for the termination or resignation of a liberal when they don’t like a policy, yet DEFEND a drunkard or hater of Americans?

    Hypocrites, one and all.

  8. It’s blatantly obvious to me that he’s in the deepest stage of his alcoholism and not only will this play out on national TV, but our nation will be adversely impacted by his illness. It was beyond irresponsible of the Republicans to give him the Speaker position. If we know, they know. He won’t admit his problem so long as they are enabling him. Meanwhile, he is in a great position of power- THIRD in line to the Presidency. The shame of the Republican Party knows no bounds.

  9. Sarah,

    Tis true – I live in a rural suburb north of Nashville – very unemployed, uninsured, high alcohol/drug/domestic violence area – the Great Flood of Nashville wreaked havoc on what remained of this little factory town (Triton Boats and AO Smith Water Heaters) – very redneck, Rethug for no reason except POTUS is black — my AA home group is in this little town — Boner is discussed frequently before or after meetings – NOBODY thinks he should be in Speaker position – the alcoholism even has the rednecks up in arms – but then again, these are SOBER rednecks.

    Boner will go ballistic on live teevee one of these days – McCarthy all over again…..they should NOT allow him to be Speaker. Cantor, although a moron, does not appear to be a drunkard. Spence, maybe –DeMented, likely.

  10. Did you see Kyle almost choke on his words this morning (knowing he was lying thru his teeth–the man probably never goes to church LET ALONE PRAY!!!) saying Christmas is the biggest of holy days and therefore we just can’t do anything to complete the legislation they are holding up! wth? THEY ARE THEE MOST VIAL OBSTRUCTIONISTS IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY. Plain and simple. THEY SHOULD BE FIRED FOR NOT DOING THEIR JOB!

  11. Good one:-) HELL NO he won’t vote for middle class, children or education. HELL NO and give that man another round.

  12. I am in agreement with the deep into alcohol group on this thread.
    On many occasions, it has been very obvious that he is absolutely wasted when he’s speaking. It’s no secret that he hits the bars – in DC it’s practically a legend.
    It appears as though he is drinking more often – perhaps to cope with the increased profile he has achieved. Even his interview last weekend was a drunken mess.

  13. He apparently has two addictions: Tanning and Booze – preferably brown liquor, specifically his Rob Roys.
    He’s nothing more than a cheap drunk.

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