Joe Scarborough Blasts Republicans For Throwing Baby Jesus Under the Bus

Joe Scarborough Comes Out Guns A Blazin' After Republican Obstructionists
Joe Scarborough Comes Out Guns A Blazin' After Republican Obstructionists

Joe Scarborough and his entire panel in this morning’s “Morning Joe” came out shooting as they blasted Senate Republicans for using the baby Jesus for political posturing. Senate Republicans are disingenuously using Christmas as a reason not to work in the weeks leading up to the holiday, and Joe’s entire panel was outraged by the hypocrisy and the obvious failure to appreciate that our troops are working over the holiday, as are many average Americans. The entire panel agreed that “these (Republicans) are not serious people”, but Joe was particularly offended by Senator Kyl suggesting that Senator Reid wasn’t a Christian because he wanted to work close to Christmas, which caused Joe to point out that when the Republicans were trying to impeach President Clinton on December 19, 1998 they weren’t so worried about Baby Jesus.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Scarborough said, “It’s offensive that people would use Christianity for political leverage with an argument that is so baseless. I gotta say my breath is taken away. For so many reasons, do we want to start with the obvious one about who else is not going to be home on Christmas Day…troops in Afghanistan. Are they disrespecting a holiday by continuing to vote to keep them in Afghanistan? I don’t know. Mike Barnicle, there are a lot of working class people that i guess the Senator doesn’t know, the senators don’t know that work late into Christmas Eve, wake up still a few hours with their children and go back to work on Christmas Day. Are their employers disrespecting Christmas. Does Jesus not live in Washington, D.C.? Can they not worship Jesus in Washington, D.C.? To be sanctimonious and to use that is just — it is offensive. The Republican Party has the upper hand in so many ways. In these areas they need to shut their mouth. They’re embarrassing themselves.”

Mike Barnicle added, “We’ve been saying the same thing on several occasions with regard to issues like this and rhetoric like this, these are not serious people. They’re not serious people. I don’t know whether Senator Kyl and Senator DeMint either inject themselves with Novocain in the cheeks or soak their faces in cement. How I don’t can say that without bursting into laughter, it’s so absurd. It’s so offensive; I don’t know how they do it.”

But the coup d’ grace came as Joe pulled out the trump card: Republicans tried to impeach President Clinton over the Christmas holiday. I guess the lame duck session wasn’t so lame then, eh? Christmas wasn’t so sacred as to prevent them from working when they had an agenda they wanted passed.

Scarborough accused Senate Republicans of throwing baby Jesus under the bus, “To be self-righteous. Do we want to go through bible verses? But questioning Harry Reid’s Christianity suggesting he’s blasphemous… I remember we were voting on impeachment on December 19th or 20th back in 1999 (sic). No one was throwing baby Jesus under the bus that year…”

Scarborough called on Sens.DeMint and Kyl to apologize to Harry Reid, “I don’t usually say this, but I do think that senator DeMint who I know and like and respect and Jon Kyl owe Harry Reid an apology. I will say that. I will go there. It is unchrist-like to judge another man’s faith in the way they have judged Harry Reid’s faith, a devout Mormon, a devout Christian. There is nothing biblical about that. Nothing.”

It deeply disturbed Joe and Mica that the Republicans would not vote on the START treaty and that they were asking for it to be read on the floor (the START treaty is a 17 page PDF), demonstrating yet again that they were not serious about legislating for America’s best interest.

The entire panel felt that the Republicans may have blown it with this un-Christ-like behavior wherein they judged another man’s faith and suggested that this may be a Newt Gingrich moment. “Do they really think Americans are this stupid?” These boys haven’t even taken their majority yet and they are already acting like drunken frat boys, rolling in the inherited privilege of their daddy’s wallet. They show absolutely zero seriousness about governing and doing what’s best for this country.

When Joe Scarborough, who served in the House of Representatives and certainly can speak about the responsibilities with expertise, accuses you of being un-serious and says that Senators Kyl and DeMint owe an apology to Senator Harry Reid for being “un-Christlike”, the Republicans have jumped the obstruction shark before they even took their majority. Nothing says co-operation, Christmas and love for the Prince of Peace like accusing your colleague of not being Christian all because he’s asking you to secure the nation before you go home.

Joe Scarborough serves as somewhat of a measuring stick for how preposterously right the Republican Party has moved. Back in the 1990’s, he was a staunch family values conservative, fast forward a decade, and Scarborough isn’t far enough right for his party. It is deplorable that these Senate millionaires would dare bellyache about the prospect of working near or through the holidays, that is, if you consider what these men do to be considered work. Between all of the fundraisers and golf outings they can barely find the time to do any actual legislating.

These same Republicans were willing to cut off unemployment benefits for two million of their fellow Americans by Christmas. How dare they complain about the privileged lives that they enjoy while so many Americans are doing without? Joe Scarborough’s criticism should be the least of their concerns. Jesus would not approve. Welcome to the true meaning of Christmas, the rich, white entitled Republican way.

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  1. Great article, Jason and Sarah. Job well done. I don’t watch Joe so I’m glad you addressed it or I’d have missed out. It’s good to see him exposing their posturing and hypocrisy, and all the more meaningful as it comes from him and not Maddow or Olbermann.

  2. I love when Scarborough does something like this. Thanks go out to Jason and Sarah for doing such a great summary of this incident.

  3. The only thing that piques my curiosity about stuff like this?? Why is the disconnect on Capital Hill only noticeable and problematic to certain individuals when it emanates from either one side or the other??

  4. Thanks Sarah and Jason for this great post. Joe occasionally comes up with a conscious principle even as a conservative. It’s refreshing to hear a Republican actually speak with genuine concern about the country and it’s people when the majority seem to be ok with spreading lies or keeping their mouths shut at the wrong time or simply just holding the country hostage to greed, hatred, racism, bigotry and corruption. Obstruction has been the name of the game and hopefully the majority of the American people will wake up and smell the coffee! The GOP obstruction in congress is alarming and outrageous! The GOP will do anything to gain power and remove the Obama administration and that includes destroying our democracy! They may just play this hand to their own detriment. That would be the best that could happen to America right now. It’s time for the “good ole boys” to retire. We need innovation and advanced education. Americans are willing to work and pursue the American dream. The GOP is determined to rob and steal what’s left of that dream.
    Please don’t make another voting disaster like the midterms. We must remove the obstructive forces from power in 2012!

  5. Can anyone tell me what is good about what EITHER side in Congress is doing right now?

    In my opinion, the ONLY thing that makes Republicans look just slightly better than the Democrats right now is that they were preemptive. And that doesn’t speak well of the Democrats that they allowed themselves to be outmaneuvered!

    I think it’s safe to say that for whatever reason you want to believe, THIS Congress has, for the most part, been a HUGE failure. Please! Quit it with all the posturing. Get out and let’s see if we can do better.

    Remember, “Elections have consequences” and the American people have rejected you soundly. Quit pouting. Say good bye and let’s HOPE we can move forward with the business of running this country.

  6. And dammit!! I want a new avatar. How come I can’t get one of those shining book things?? :-) But noooooooo. The Conservative guy has to be some goofy looking little purple thing with bad hair!!! :-) muttermutterbunchaliberalsmuttermutter

  7. Hank, its because they stand up in front of the mic and say it. I know you are going right to well if the dems do it why isnt it publicized. Well gather your quotes and get it over with.

  8. Quite frankly I cant think of anything the republicans are doing except making fools of themselves. You can start with the START treaty.

    Go to, it allows you to upload a pick that you wish to use and it connects that pic to your email that you use here. It will work all over the internet

  9. Joe couldn’t really say anything else about this. Its either that or ignore it and I am glad he didnt. By 2012 the whole country will know what fools Kyl and DeMint are. They just slammed the troops and themselves big time with their carelessness.

  10. The biggest problem with the faux outrage from the Senate Republicans is that they spent the entire year obstructing important legislation. Now that someone has called their bluff, they resort to their hypocritical whining about the sanctity of Christmas. Scarborough was right to call them out for their hypocritical stupidity, and I wonder when they’ll start taking jabs at him for failing to walk lockstep with the Republicans in their strategy of destructive stupidity. At the rate they’re going, any sane person on either side of the political aisle will have decided long before 2012 that they need to be retired.

  11. Let’s hope. I can’t believe they can lie like this and the press just sits there and reports it like the puppets they are. Yeah, none of us know that they have people to read for them that WE pay for.

  12. Elections have consequences? Do you mean like 2008? Or how about 2010 when the American people refused to give the senate back to you fools? And after they see how the tea party obstructs real business, and you see how the tea party lied to you (KOCH), they will all be voted out in 2012.

    What i want to know is where were you in 2008 and why don’t you insist on respect for Obama’s policies since that is what the American people want (per polls and elections)?

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