Daily Archives: Sun, Dec 19th, 2010


Is Corporate America This Arrogant?

In a charity campaign aimed at helping school lunch programs in the U.S.A, GAP is promoting FEED USA bags. These bags cost between $19.50 and $39.50. For each bag you purchase, GAP donates $5 to school lunch programs in the United States. It sounds good until you realize that GAP decided to sell bags “Made in China” for just under $40.00 and donate $5 to FEED USA.


The Failure of Bible Based Bigotry to Keep DADT Alive

Repealing DADT is a civil rights issue and nothing more. It is not about imposing social change on the country and is not an attack on any religion or the family. The senators and opponents of repealing DADT are attacking the civil rights of every American, and are attempting to impose their bible-based radical agenda on all Americans. Now that the Congress has repealed DADT, maybe they can repeal religion that imposes bigotry on America.

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