Is Corporate America This Arrogant?

 In a charity campaign aimed at helping school lunch programs in the U.S.A,  GAP is promoting FEED USA bags.  These bags cost between $19.50 and $39.50. For each bag you purchase, GAP donates $5  to school lunch programs in the United States.  Sounds like noble cause, something I think I could get behind and support, especially now that we are in a severe recession, where 1 in 10 are out of work. 

There are more and more American children going to bed hungry because our American corporations have gone overseas in search “greener”, I mean cheaper pastures.  The children’s parents are struggling to pay the bills, sometimes working 2 or 3 jobs. 

 The American dream that could have been obtained for millions when American companies respected the employees and paid a living wage is diminishing, instead they respect their foreign investors more. 

We have a Chamber of Commerce pushing for more and more outsourcing. You can see the President of the Chamber, Thomas J. Donahue advocating for YOU to lose your job to CHINA.

The United States manufacturing base is focused on heavy machines, instruments of war,and financial derivatives. America no longer makes basic things any more, like bags, at least not to the extent that used to FEED America before “free trade”.

So in an effort to reduce hunger, and feed our children. GAP decided to sell bags “Made in China” for just under $40.00 and donate $5 to FEED USA.

I’ve got an idea, rather than making bags overseas, give an American the job and you wouldn’t have to worry about raising money to feed children at school.

Their parents would be able to afford to feed them without your help. This all just a gimmick, it’s obvious corporate America  doesn’t care about America’s workforce, they just need a TAX WRITE- OFF.

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