Busted! Sarah Palin Exposed as a Teleprompter Using Fraud

Sarah Palin and Her Teleprompter
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Sarah Palin and Her Teleprompter

Sometimes our life experiences come in handy. This is one of those times.

Who can forget Ms Palin’s endless mocking of President Obama for using a teleprompter and her cutesy way of referring to her hand notes (her three ideas for America were apparently hard enough to recall that they had to be written down for her) as the “poor man’s teleprompter”. And on every forum where some brave fool dares to write about Palin in a less than salivating manner, regardless of the actual issue at hand, a Palin fan comes to mock teleprompters.

At a Tea Party speech, Ms Palin mocked the President by saying, “This is about the people, and it’s bigger than any one king or queen of a Tea Party, and it’s a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter.” You must fill in the requisite sneer for full effect. The implication is that the President is a moron for using a teleprompter. This is made clear by the Right’s gleeful picking up of this meme and running with it at every turn, especially when they have nothing relevant over which to criticize the President.

Before we get any further into this story, I need to preface it by referring to my own work experience in film and TV. Some of that experience was behind an anchor’s desk, so I share Obama’s great sin in having used a teleprompter though I don’t recall turning into a Commie directly after it. Perhaps it’s too soon to tell.

So anyway, last week while watching “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, I could have sworn I saw a teleprompter on her home studio camera, but I didn’t care enough to do a screen grab. After all, there are so many lies to deconstruct and so little time. But then last night, as I was watching the latest episode (which I must confess is now a fun distraction from her tweets), she was showing us her studio in the house she built next door to her home on Lake Lucille. Sarah and Todd were making a show of how it was just the two of them putting on her little show. And while she made cute and Todd told her her hair was above his pay grade, I saw the evil socialist machine staring me down, clear as day. So clear that I could read the logo. Yes, a teleprompter.

Close up of Sarah Palin's teleprompter
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Close up of Sarah Palin's teleprompter

Who makes Ms Palin’s teleprompter? Autoscript. The number one selling teleprompter. The gold standard in teleprompters. The elite, if you will, of teleprompters. The farthest cry from the “poor man’s teleprompter” as you can get. You know, the one that the evil lame stream media use at no less than NBC studios:

“Autoscript is currently facilitating NBC with studio and portable on-camera teleprompter systems with high-bright LED backlit monitors, as well as WinPlus-NX news-prompter software, during the network’s coverage of the Vancouver Winter Games….

Autoscript also designs all of the different software packages that drive its teleprompter systems. Autoscript teleprompting software features multi-tasking functions, including the ability to simultaneously prompt and edit, run multiple scripts, change the run-order, mix fonts, and change the font size. Autoscript’s WinPlus-NX news-prompter software provides seamless integration to all major newsroom-computer systems.

WinPlus NX software can operate in a number of modes, depending on the design of the newsroom-computer system it’s being used with. Autoscript’s software also works with a variety of control devices, enabling prompter operators to control the system using a desktop control, foot control, wireless hand control, or Autoscript’s unique Voice-Plus voice-activated software to pace the script. WinPlus NX software can also send the prompted text to a Closed Caption encoder.”

Now what in heaven’s name can a paid contributor who is only on the air for a scant few minutes and who’s been given the questions in advance need a teleprompter for? Yes, Ms Palin requires that all questions be given in advance. And of course, the teleprompter kinda gives that away because it would be impossible to load it up with a script if Ms Palin didn’t know what she was going to be asked in advance. Um, well, here’s what happens when Sarah Palin doesn’t have a teleprompter. Notice how she can’t remember her three ideas for America so she has to check her hand:

And her hands reads: “Energy, Budget Tax Cuts, Lift American spirits.”

Or perhaps because one is attempting to avoid another embarrassing moment like the Couric interview or the Gibson interview, during which Ms Palin froze and the flop sweat broke out on her upper lip as she stammered for a non-answer. A teleprompter covers the sputtering non-answer and allows Ms Palin to converse about topics she knows little about.

Palin flop sweat:

And for those who don’t know, when using a teleprompter there are all kinds of neat tricks to help the talent: you can have the names of Iraqi officials phonetically spelled out, you can have smiley faces put in when you’re supposed to be happy, you can have text bolded to place emphasis on it. In fact, there are so many tricks that you can almost read the script for the first time on the air if you choose. If you’re good at it, that is. Although most professionals will at least do a cursory glance to get the flow of the piece before taking to the air and those with a work ethic will want to understand the topics they’re speaking to their audience about.

This might be a good time to take a walk down memory lane to the 2008 RNC convention.

US News & World Report reported:

“ST. PAUL—Interesting bit of myth-making, mistaken reporting or both. Did Sarah Palin’s TelePrompTer malfunction? A very little bit, but not much.

RedState is reporting that Sarah Palin’s TelePrompTer broke last night, scrolling “significantly from where Governor Palin was in the speech.” Politico’s Jonathan Martin disputes the report. “Perhaps there were moments where it scrolled slightly past her exact point in the speech,” Martin writes. “But I was sitting in the press section next to the stage, within easy eyeshot of the Teleprompter. I frequently looked up at the machine, and there was no serious malfunction. A top convention planner confirms this morning that there were no major problems.””

Myth making indeed. That is a talent Ms Palin has developed to a finely honed skill. Like the myth that little poor Ms Palin, the hockey mama, doesn’t use a teleprompter. She’s too “real” for that.

As for the RNC teleprompter myth, little hiccups are normal — especially because on the older systems, whoever is running prompter had to anticipate the speaker’s rhythm, so if the speaker changes or pauses, the prompter operator might need a second or two to catch up or slow down. I’ve also been responsible for running a teleprompter; and I can attest that things don’t always go smoothly. Software can malfunction or the computer can just pause for a second. But of course this happens to everyone who uses it, not just Ms Palin – and so far, no one else has been hailed as a mythical warrior for managing to ride it out.

This is one reason why it helps if the person is somewhat familiar with their script, and why it helps if the person can talk freely about the subject at hand. The teleprompter can help a speaker who’s under a lot of pressure remember words, key phrases, and jog their memory or it can be used as a complete crutch when you don’t know your script. It’s simply a tool, and a ridiculous criticism to hurl at someone. Only people who aren’t in the business would even buy this as a criticism. But of course, that’s Ms Palin’s audience.

Not only does this put a wee dent in Ms Palin’s constant mocking of Obama for using a teleprompter, but it should also be noted that the myth she sold on her show of just she and Todd doing her little show is simply not possible. Here’s the deal (and probably one reason why she didn’t want Joe McGinness to see over that fence): It takes at least three professionals to run the small set-up they have: A camera operator (who will also adjust lights even if the lights are pre-set as they are in most studios), a prompter op, and someone in the control room (like a producer) to watch the monitors for problems, monitor the sound, and make sure the talent doesn’t go off script.

And this doesn’t cover the professional make up artist and hair stylist, or the wardrobe stylist. Or the production assistants. And it is very obvious that Palin is getting her hair and make up done, at the very least. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s simply another thing she’s not being authentic about. Even the ex First Dude can’t do all of those jobs simultaneously, assuming he could magically learn all there is to learn about running a camera and loading the prompter and getting it to flow with the speech patterns of the speaker (lord help whoever is running hers).

Frankly I couldn’t care less if she uses a teleprompter. It’s a good tool for on air talent and politicians and there’s nothing wrong with it. What I have a problem with is that once again, Ms Palin is selling a myth that simply isn’t true and in the process she mercilessly mocks a good man, who has every reason to use a teleprompter because he’s a bit too busy running the country to memorize speeches, although I deeply suspect he spends more actual time writing and editing his speeches than does Palin. And goodness knows, Palin has free time on her hands now since she quit her job as governor to pursue her TV career.

The unveiling of this lie goes to the content of her character. And once again, Ms Palin flops when it comes to accuracy, integrity and honesty.

167 Replies to “Busted! Sarah Palin Exposed as a Teleprompter Using Fraud”

  1. It’s nothing new that Palin has used teleprompters. It only serves to make her and those of her fans who still mock Obama’s use of teleprompters even more foolish.
    After nearly 2 years of his presidency, they are still harping on this nonsense as if it were important instead of some of the meaningless crap they bring up to show their disdain for him.

  2. You’re right, she’s been using them for a long time – but having one installed in her home studio while continuing this pathetic accusation is the height of hypocrisy.

  3. Brilliant! I love this “And while she made cute and Todd told her her hair was above his pay grade, I saw the evil socialist machine staring me down, clear as day. ” and it being the “Elite of the teleprompters” b/c we ALL know HERSELF uses the POOR MAN’S TELEPROMPTER…hardy-har-har!
    omfg it gets better….
    Instead of her little dog & pony show… “but it should also be noted that the myth she sold on her show of just she and Todd doing her little show is simply not possible. Here’s the deal It takes at least three professionals to run the small set-up they have”
    ok who guessing the subject of the next tweet?
    “I DO NOT USE A TELEPROMPTER” you mean lib!
    “Fox gave it too me but I don’t use it, just Toad & I in the studio”
    “Everyone is always picking on me b/c I had TriG”
    “you just hate s’mores!”

  4. Teleprompter or not, Obama is a MASTER at giving speeches and Sarah just screeches insults and panders to her crowd. There is and never will be any comparassion betweent these two. One is an uneducated, willfully ignorant, petty, narrow-minded harpy. The other, a brilliant and compassionate human being.

  5. She never said she didn’t use one.. She merely mocked Obama (accurately) for ALWAYS using one. Like in a fifth grade classroom.

    You people are losers. Sad, sad, sad losers.

    Get an F’ing life

  6. Wes, we type super slow for you: Obama writes his own speeches often. He wrote his own book and won a Grammy for the book on tape version. He speaks all of the time without a teleprompter. He taught constitutional law without one.

    Sarah Palin makes a joke out of herself every time she opens her mouth. She did not know her three ideas for America one and a half years after running for VP and they are the same three ideas the GOP always uses. How sad is that? You people are so pathetic. If you can’t see the difference, no one can help you. It takes intelligence to recognize it in others just like it takes honesty and integrity to see it in others. You fail on these scores.

  7. “Wes, we type super slow for you: Obama writes his own speeches often.” <<< HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!

    Jack**s! You cannot be that stupid, can you?

    He was a speaker in a law class, not the teacher… Why the hell do I bother. You fools only believe what you want to believe.

  8. Anyone thats in high profile speeches and reasonably smart will use a teleprompter in case you go off topic or lose your train of thought. For Sarah to make an issue of it was totally foolish when she was using one and McCain used one frequently. But thats Sarah, still today lying or making up things to attack people with.

    BTW Wes, you have no arguement and you look very small in that elf outfit

  9. LMAO! Too funny, you will have RAM demanding you retract your statement.
    “That elitist teleprompter doesn’t even work” she will say.
    They will have a MILLON excuses b/c they have mocked POTUS from day 1 about this.

  10. She was mocking him for ALWAYS. I repeat for you slow idiots, AL-WAYS using a teleprompter. Even when meeting with his own cabinet.

    He deserves to be mocked for acting like a robot. You freakin stooges.

  11. Excuse ME! Did you not pay attention to the vid above? “poor mans teleprompter”?
    Your a brainless twit. You know who is a fu**ing loser? You. Because you believe all her BS and LIES!
    Oh but you are most likely a paid troll. Getting a lot of action lately ‘eh?

  12. Nice try. But we can help you with your denial. See my last post and thats probably the last we will see of you

  13. No Wes, she mocked him for using one. He used one no more often than others. And quite frankly a teleprompter is a tool to be used.

  14. Wes low info voter is you.
    He was a Professor of Constitutional law you dweeb! Get your head out your ass and watch something besides fox.

  15. “Even when meeting with his own cabinet.”

    I have to say, thats some serious brainwashing they got you on!

    A cabinet meeting is at a big table with people all around it! Oh god, kindergarten!

  16. I just ran into this idiotic website. Paid trolls are what Obama did during the campaign. His campaign gave out gift cards. A friend of mine “worked” for OFA.
    So F**K YOU!

  17. SarahTOTUS! I tweeted this shit out to c4p must be where wes is from the urinenation!
    Only someone from there could be so stooopid.

  18. “His use of the teleprompter makes work tricky for the television crews and photographers trying to capture an image of the president announcing a new Cabinet secretary o”

    LOL, it never said he used one at a Cabinet meeting! Read Wes!

  19. Well I guess we can expect nothing factual out opf Wes tonight. He is busy being a republican with no arguement or point

  20. What about it Wes? It says he uses one constantly. And? You lied about the cabinet meeting part

    Wes you are not getting anything right tonight

  21. Remember that this is the same numbskull that said the notes she read from her hand were the “poor man’s teleprompter.” Now, Palin’s face is the one that would be in the dictionary beside the word “loser.” This is just another example of her making a major fool of herself. It also speaks volumes about anyone who wants to keep defending her at any point. I have to wonder at what point of this woman’s insane stupidity do her followers say enough is enough?

  22. You know whats fun Wes? When you make a claim like Obama uses a teleprompter in a Cabinet meeting and your own link doesnt back you up. Then you claim he wasnt a teacher and you are proven wrong.

    Lets summarize shall we? So far all you have is name calling and refusing to point to where Beck touched you on the doll

  23. God its been along time since I was able to do that. Just want to thank Jason and Sarah and all the little people that supported me on my way to this momentous climax.

    I must however apologize for allowing him to get off subject

  24. its from POLITICO RWNJ RAG! Prob owned by Murdoch.
    Palin Lies about her Teleprompter.
    And anyway we are not talking about POTUS her we are talking about the LYING Grifting vileness know as sarah.

  25. This comment has been removed for violating terms of service. Wes, do not continue to antagonize people with ugly name calling or threaten people or you will be banned.

  26. Really f**k face?
    No one I know got a card? A “psychotic monkey f**ker” sounds like YOU since you obvious have the hots 4 palin but not the ballz. She like her Cajones man!
    You don’t got sh*t!

  27. Moonbattery? I havent seen that loon site in a while! Does it tell about how Sarah uses a teleprompter while blasting others for using one?

  28. Clapping here. Great show:-) Only a Palinbot will take this site’s commenters down to the gutter, but you rose up proud. I see Wes still isn’t helping himself to the socialist web. Get’s his info from Mooney news and Glenda and Sarah the Queen of Mean. It’s rare that we find one so blatantly ignorant.

  29. Well her supporters are actually quite cultish. When she QUIT they were in meltdown mode, saying they couldn’t eat, wanted to DIE etc.
    Some have even said they would take a bullet for her. I kid you not. So that’s where you get these weenies like Wes here…he’s either a paid palin troll or a cult member who can’t handle truth.
    Another famous palinbot trick is to switch the conversation from palin to Obama———–> AS IF——> there is any comparison, but its just a way of avoiding the facts which Sarah Jones has nicely laid out here.
    It so sucks to be Palin! SarahTOTUS!

  30. The height SO FAR. In the end, Sarah will make these tiny petulant hypocrisies seem like trivialities compared to the bombastic hypocrisy she will reveal in her attempt to get to the White House. This, I believe.

  31. Hey everyone –

    Glad to see the lively debate but please keep the language clean or I will have to remove your posts for violating tos. No name-calling, no swearing, no threatening anyone. If you threaten anyone you will be banned.

    Resume programming now…..

  32. Poor bobble head Obama. Even while reading his teleprompter he still pronounces words like Dubya. Obama speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast and was talking about a Navy Corpsman who assisted the suffering people of Haiti. Obama pronounced it “Corpse Man” three times. Obama is: • An empty suit. • A man who is proficient in reading what is written for him on a teleprompter, but jerks and stammers …Obama’s handlers must be grimacing in agony every time he opens his mouth without a teleprompter….LOL

  33. Congratulations Sarah Jones! Most excellent catch!
    I just love it every time Sarah Palin is busted on her flippin’ lies! Interesting that it would take a small crew to operate that home stage. No wonder she was so mad about Joe McGinniss moving in next door – her stage crew must live nearby, like the white house they rented on the property adjoining their turret house or perhaps walk over from the motel on the other side of the house Joe rented.
    The whole point is that no one would criticize her for using a teleprompter, but she was compelled to lie about it after being embarrassed for writing her talking points on her palm.

  34. Truth is that she was green with envy that Obama got a teleprompter and she didn’t at her little tacky speeches so she had to write stuff down on her hand and she got mad about it and mocked him for it – but as usual she couldn’t wait to try to be him. Did you see her Costco thing with the red white and blue bunting like she was President being welcomed into office? She is really eaten up with jealousy. Her catty comments about Michelle Obama in her book and now her tacky tv show make me laugh. it must be hard to have no class and be so pathetically consumed with jealousy and spite.

  35. We are 10 years into the 21st century, with all kinds of technical tools. The teleprompter is a wonderful tool for speeches and broadcasting. Who wants to look at the top of someone’s head while they constantly look down at their typed script like Sarah does? I know Sarah can’t swallow her pride, it is against her narcissistic personality disorder.

  36. Man I know liberals are stupid, and liberalism is a mental disorder, but O-M-G!

    You unhinged idiots think because Sarah Palin uses a teleprompter, like EVERY television anchor and commentator on the planet, makes her a hypocrite?

    Really? REALLY?

    Your messiah, Obama, can’t say hello without someone feeding him the line. He can’t speak extemporaneously at all. You give him more than 5 words to say, without his trusty TOTUS [Teleprompter of the United States] by his side and he’s screwed.

    All you have is a bunch of “ohs”, “uhms”, and other ridiculousness like saying people with asthma need a breathalizer, or the Constitution is “20 centuries old”! Hell if you’re really lucky you’ll hear something monumental stupid like him telling people he’d visited 57 states, but had one or two to go. Or ramble on forever about doctors taking out tonsils or cutting off people’s feet for money.

    Not only can that moron not speak without all kinds of help, he’s also a supremely stupid human being.

    Don’t even get me started on Biden.

    On the other hand, while giving what is widely regarded as one of the best political speeches in history, one that is compared to Ronald Reagan’s iconic 1964 stemwinder, Sarah Palin’s teleprompter broke. She never missed a beat, again, giving what has been heralded as one of the great political speeches of our time. She only ad libbed one line, a joke that brought the house down.

    Sorry liberals, you are drowning in failure on this one.

    Grow up and wise up. You could have a 100 Obamas or 100,000 and they wouldn’t be equal to one hair on Sarah Palin’s head.

    Seek help from a mental health professional.

  37. Actually, idesign, can you stay on topic of the post presented here? It is O/T & false equivalency to write about President Obama in relationship to a post about the phony Mrs. Todd Palin. Do you have any comments about Mrs. Palin’s owning a teleprompter, since you are not faced with the photographic evidence that she does own one and keeps it in her home, no less?

  38. So what? Who cares who uses a TelePrompTer. If you give a PowerPoint presentation, that effectively serves as your TelePrompTer. If you give a speech with notes that’s your prompt. Cue cards etc. The only people making hay over obama or anyone using a prompt are those with ZERO public speaking experience. Not even a job where anyone gives a crap about what they have to say. If the president has a TelePrompTer in his bathroom, I don’t Care, he has a lot to say everyday. He often gives multiple speeches a day. I defy any of you haters, especially Wes the wetbrained mouthbreather, to memorise even one speech and deliver it in a day. It’s not so simple. Get over yourself you have nothing substantial to add to the dialogue, you are a sycophant of the highest order.

  39. O/T comment, and a use of false equivalency, & therefore, irrelevant. What does Mrs. Todd Palin’s lying about using and owning a teleprompter have to do with the President’s (and every president before him) use of teleprompters? He never said he didn’t use one. She not only uses one but SHE OWNS ONE IN HER HOME. Her very own pet teleprompter.

  40. I actually think baby Wes could be Rebecca ManSour. She always also too calls people “freakin this or that” like a 13 year old. You’ve really got it bad for Palin dont you “Wes.” Do you honestly think coming on here and calling people names, along with your poorly worded imagined arguments helps Sarah? Part of Sarahs problems are her fans. Everyone writes about what illiterate shallow misinformed dolts they are. And they prove it time and time again
    Just like you just did “Wes.”. By the way, you are very wrong about President Obamas role as a constitutional law professor. He’s an amazing speaker, so to criticize him for that, Vs concrete policy issues, only shows what superficial and uneducated idiots you and Sarah are.

    Now why don’t you get a freakin life and go to a forum with others with your same beliefs. I mean geez, your life is so full and happy that you actually start arguments on a board on purpose because you have nothing else to do. Geez “Wes” I’m so impressed.

    Are you sure you aren’t the ManSour? She isn’t a very happy person either and she’s a huge detriment to Sarahs little plans to paint herself as someone with a decent grasp of the English language.

  41. Applauding Shiva and chrystalwolf. That’s the best laugh in a long time.

    Wes sounds like the wacko that showed up on Palingates last week. That guy also ‘just stumbled’ onto the site.

    Great post Sarah. That was a great catch and your gift for words made it another great gotcha moment for Mrs. Palin.

  42. Wesley you are quoting blogs!!! Do you have an education? Because those are not accurate references for a 9th grade term paper!

  43. I think what got the rap going on Obama with the teleprompter was his penchant to mess up even while using the teleprompter. Or the teleprompter messing up.

    I’m just not sure I understand why, if it was a non issue in Obama’s case, why the litany of amazement now because Palin used one?

    For the record, I chided many a conservative commenter for making an issue of the teleprompter thing or references to the TOTUS and stuff like that. I felt it cheapened legitimate difficulties with this President, of which there were and are many!

    But I will say this. On the one hand, you have those that illogically seem to love Mrs. Palin and will broach no ill word for her, regardless of accuracy or inaccuracy.

    Is Ms. Jones any different in her seemingly unnatural hatred, disdain or whatever it is she has for Palin that makes ridiculing her a cottage industry for her?

  44. Actually, is there proof she was using a teleprompter? Are there any views of the front and the content? I mean, all you (what’s the opposite of a “Palinbots”) :-) also accuse her of being vain, or enamored of FOX or FOX enamored of her!! Perhaps she was 1.) Simply admiring herself on T.V. or 2.) Catching O’Reilly!!

  45. Hank, I think you missed the point. Nobody dislikes Mrs. Palin for using a teleprompter. We agree that it should be a non-issue. What we dislike is that Mrs. Palin makes fun of Pres. Obama for doing something she does herself. She has made an issue of it several times. Had she not done that, this post would never have been written.

  46. I just saw a picture of her without her glasses – My god she’s looking odd. That plastic surgery was a mistake. She was so pretty before that. Never liked her politics but I did think she was an attractive woman. Now she looks like Michael Jackson with those big cheekbones.

  47. “I’m just not sure I understand why, if it was a non issue in Obama’s case, why the litany of amazement now because Palin used one?”

    For heavens sake Hank, it isnt about her just using one, its about her bashing Obama for it then finding out she does it.

    And stop changing the subject

  48. When Palin actually appears on a network television show with questions that are NOT pre-screened and answers them extemporaneously, then you can possibly begin to compare her to actual thinking politicians. However, she has not done so in over two years. You also seem to forget that Obama was invited to a Republican meeting back in February or March where he spoke for over an hour and a half WITHOUT notes or teleprompter. There were several GOP members who actually were stupid enough to complain to Luke Russert about him being there and the event being televised. FOX didn’t air the event in its entirety because it was so embarrassing to the Republicans. But you can live in your delusional little world where Sarah is queen, it’s OK, there’ll be someone there to hold your hand as she crashes and burns if she should attempt to run for President. When over 70% of the country says they won’t vote for her, including almost half of the Republicans @ 43%, you’re done.

    You do realize that it was a Republican who gave Obama the title of “messiah” and “the one”, don’t you? Nobody I know thought of him as anything other than what he was, a man who was running for President, it was the GOP that was scared to death of him. They were so stupid that they only worried about taking down Hillary first and they didn’t see the writing on the wall.

    Palin’s past will be vetted if she runs and we know she won’t be able to keep her mouth shut. She’ll complain about everything that is said despite her criticizing Hillary for “whining”. She’ll be so busy reading the blogs and trying to return insults to any reporter who dares to question her, that she’ll never be able to concentrate on any type of campaign. She’s not going to suddenly change her ways. She’s been known to be vindictive, petty and immature. She’s proven it again and again and the Presidential campaign will be her undoing because if there is one thing Sarah’s behavior will never be described as, it’s “presidential”. She’s a poor excuse for a politician, mother, and human being who lacks compassion or concern for anyone but herself.

  49. When you wrongly accuse me of being a hater, it proves that you can only deal with hate. You are unable to rebut the point of the article and like Ms Palin, must lump anyone who dares to fact-check her into the category of “hater”. That’s simply unreasonable, Hank and I did think you were capable of more. It’s as if you are suggesting that no one can write the truth about Ms Palin without being a hater. The truth is not hate. The truth shall set you free, Hank:-)

    As for your insinuation that she might not be using it, it’s on the end of the camera, Hank. Below that is the monitor she uses to look at herself on camera. There’s no reason to have such a heavy, cumbersome piece of equipment on the end of a camera if you’re not using it.

    She has mocked the President for this, so she should expect to be mocked in return when it’s discovered that she has been throwing stones from glass houses. She set the bar so low that she and her fan base don’t have a leg to stand on when they complain that anyone is mocking her.

    Merry Christmas Hank:-)

  50. And don’t Forget the “Poor mans teleprompter” WHEN SHE GOT CAUGHT WRITING ON HER HAND!
    And Hank, telling the truth about sarah paylin why do you say Sarah Jones is “ridiculing” Her?
    We don’t have to ridicule her, she does that herself almost every time she opens her mouth!
    What say you about the snark about FLOTUS last night?
    And about Libs, and about bloggers?
    Its time the LameStreamMedia stops tweeting everyone of her stupid tweets and hate missives and starts paying attention to the truth of this lying grifter.
    One thing I agree with paylin, LameStreamMedia. If they had done their job two years ago, we wouldn’t be having this conversation!! Sarah Jones is one Voice whose is not the LSM and doing her job! Shame on you.
    If you don’t like what she write why do you come here?

  51. Whats the “Dil”? You don’t “Fil” the conversation here? We are not talking “Eye-Rack” or OBAMA we are talking about SARAHTOTUS!
    Sarah Palin uses a most Elite Teleprompter!!!!! LMAO!

  52. So Hank, Sarah Palin calls out “idiot bloggers” all of the time. Are you on her fb page telling her to stop being mean to people? LOL. As if she would keep that comment up.

  53. Shiva – Please don’t give me orders. Thank you.

    I didn’t change the subject. Re-read my comment and try to stay on topic.

  54. I love it when you strike a nerve with these bots. They lose their freaking minds ’cause you caught her talking smack about Obama and then doing the same “flipping” thing. Boy oh boy they get up and fluffy don’t they? Can’t reason without using profanity and stooping to fifth grade level taunts. That was hilarious. Shiva, crystalwolfakacaligirl, English Saddle, you guys are on top of it! That Wes certainly seems to be more than just a fan, perhaps someone very close to the wicked witch of wasilla?

  55. Sorry, I never thought Palin was nice looking. She has those big ears and that horsey face! Christine O’Donnell looks much better and much younger than Palin.
    The sound of Palin’s voice is like nails pulled along a chalk board. Her verbiage reminds me of a scene where Piper (her youngest natural child) pulls pages out of a dictionary and throws darts at the words to put together speeches for her mother.
    Her inside is not at all nice. She lies, throws people under the bus. She uses people like tools, especially the pro-lifers. She “says” she is pro-life, but she’s taking advantage of their prime directive, and milking them for their votes. She especially uses her children as props and human shields. She is one sick puppy.

  56. So, those who listen to the word salad that she puts out for her Alaska reality show, which has to be her speaking spontaneiously, are not grimacing? She seems to insult everyone she speaks to on that show ,and she gleefully enjoys doing it. No cards or any prompting here. That is the real Sarah.

    Was George Bush”s word salad any better? They wrote a book about his jumbled speech. What’s the deal about the teleprompter? The intent of this article is not about positive or negative about using a teleprompter, it’s about Sarah Palin lieing about using it and mocking others. Both of these traits seem to come very easy to her as has been shown on her reality show and in many other places.

  57. Bravo Sarah Jones! Very eloquent reply to Hank and anyone else accusing you of being hater for simply stating the truth about Palin. For now, she gets a little mileage from this strategy, but should she official declare her run for POTUS, it won’t work any longer.

  58. Can’t wait for the tweet whining about how this reveals AGAIN that the media is out to get her. That’s her trick for attempting to make rational people forget that she’s been caught in another lie.
    I’m beginning to believe she believes that it’s not lying when she does it.

  59. Hank,

    why do you think Sarah Palin mocked the POTUS for using teleprompters when she also uses teleprompters?

  60. dearest Wes,
    why exactly shouldn’t the President of the most incredible country in the world not use a teleprompter? What’s the use of becoming President if you can’t structure how you give your speeches the way you want to?

    The man is the POTUS, you know?

  61. So obvious she has professional help with her hair, or a wig. You can tell when she does her own, it looks like a rat’s nest, complete with rat. Maybe she didn’t want McGuinness to see her wig collection?

  62. idesign shows up all the time at different sites–(ALL the time!!) to dispute things written about Palin.

  63. That was funny; greatest speech since Regan? Whom, word salad Palin?!

    Anyhoo, remember that Republican summit that Obama was invited to; the repubs had all their questions written down, which most of them read from. Obama responded and destroyed them with his unscripted, unwritten, straight from his thoughts to his mouth response!

    Remember so many town hall style meetings he has and he responds to variety of questions, from health care, to energy, to trade rights with china, to some business clause, or other non topical questions and he almost always has a response. (That is what I find so amazing about this man, how well informed he is)

    So Obama relying on a teleprompters as his only form of knowledge; this is a canard by the hideous Limbaugh I’m afraid.

    That’s what makes this post of yours so laughable and easily dismantled to show the lies that are written.

    However it be good to note that using a teleprompter is not wrong, or doesn’t always mean the user do not have any knowledge on the topic. What is being criticised here is the hypocrisy and outright lies of Palin regarding telepromters.

  64. Can you believe that Ms Palin uses a teleprompter and still makes no sense in when speaking?

    I am amazed!

  65. I think, as someone else posted, that “Wes” is really Rebecca Monsure (or as I call her – Rebecca Manure for all the B.S. she spreads).

    Phuket Tom
    Phuket, Thailand

  66. Sarah Jones, that was a great article on the hypocrisy of the grifting quitter ex-governor. Well-done. Congratulations on your paying attention and making that catch of Paylin using the Autoscript teleprompter.

  67. Hey, look. Here’s a guy who has conveniently put together a photo gallery of Mrs. Palin using TelePrompters:


    Also, Snopes.com long ago dismantled that old canard (heh) about Obama and the sixth grade classroom:


    But my very favorite factoid about Mrs. Palin is that she used a TelePrompter to deliver her famously garbled and nonsensical “I quit!” speech on July 3, 2009. It wasn’t visible in the video footage aired on most networks, but you can see it around the 1:11 mark here:


    Hard to believe that she actually wrote that mess out beforehand, isn’t it?

    I’m going to go ahead and guess that you’ll never bother following any of these links because it would be too painful to readjust your romanticized notion of the mythical Mrs. Palin. But at least try to round up some original arguments and insults. Your talking points are so moldy that I can smell them all the way up in Alaska.

  68. Just FYI to the Palinbots, President Obama speaks extemporaneously all the time. Recently, he visited India and took 5 questions at random from high school and college kids in Mumbai. Every single one was a tough question about US wars in Pakistan and Afghanistan, I remember one was very sharp and pointed, something on the lines of Don’t you see Pakistan is playing a double game with you?. Obama spoke eloquently and at length for about 1 hour.

  69. Where was the derision for the Bushes, Clinton, and Reagan who all used teleprompters?

    I wish you folks would say what you REALLY mean instead of focusing on something as silly as teleprompters. Beware–scary black folks are taking over the country and the world. WATCH OUT!!!!!!

  70. I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you. . . . . Sarah is a hypocrite and her bots would believe she had caribou chili running in her veins if she told them so. I just giggle because I really think the TelePrompter is a good thing for princess garble. Sadly, as with most things in Sarah’s life—–nothing helps.

  71. We should at least thank Sarah Palin for one thing–highlighting the extent of mental illness in this country. It’s amazing how many delusional people actually understand her incoherent, inarticulate speech and ceaselessly defend her. I voted for the president, but I don’t defend everything he stands for. I was against the wars Bush created, and I’m still against them, even though the president is much more hawkish than I am. I support his presidency, and think he’s done great things that benefit all Americans, including demented Palin supporters. (When it comes right down to it, I suspect that uninsured teabaggers will gratefully sign up for health care in 2014, the same way they depend on Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and unemployment insurance.)

    It’s unhealthy to support someone like Palin, who really doesn’t like the folks who salivate all over her 24 hours a day. She only likes that they’re stupid enough to have made her an elite multimillionaire. In short order, she’ll have more houses than her boyfriend McCain. She’s a contemptuous, arrogant, empty-headed dolt, too lazy to sit down and study history or foreign policy. She’s pulling the biggest con in American history, with the support of cynical billionaires and a sick population foaming at the mouth that black folks live in the White House. (Well black folks BUILT it, so it’s only fair). Palin is an uneducated demagogue who has no discernible opinion or one clear thought in her head.

    If folks want to turn over the country to that, then God bless America.

  72. “After all, there are so many lies to deconstruct and so little time.” I love this line, Sarah!
    Great post, as usual too, also!

  73. Excellent take down of Mooselini! What won’t the hypocrite lie about? I dare say that subject will never be identified. She seems to prefer a lie even when the truth would be so much easier….egomania ultramistress, that’s her.

    Keep up the great work! It is a very worthy cause. :)

    Check out this excellent piece just posted by Vyan at daily kos. It is well worth reading and bookmarking…for 2012. You betcha. Also.


  74. This women is such a dishonest hypocrite. She is the laughing stock of the entire world.
    She should be voted most negative, dishonest, scamming woman in America. She’s a FRAUD and it will really show if she jokingly decides to run for anything. She a money
    monger as well as her entire family. What a great role model she has been.

  75. oh, you hit a nerve, the trolls are out in force! thank you, the smart sarah, for your astute observations. i know you wanted to add :so in yo’ face, grizzled mama!” but you have too much professionalism and integrity to do so, which is a good thing in your business. keep up the good work! i enjoy your writing.

  76. I did not make a point anyone disliked her because of her use. I did question why it’s an issue for one and a non-issue for the other and I did assert the issue with Obama (Wrongly so in my opinion) was the errors brought about by t.p. mistakes rather than his actual use of a teleprompter.

  77. Didn’t someone at Vanity Fair take the speech and do corrections on it? I seem to remember seeing that as well as seeing an article on someone trying to diagram what she said. It was impossible. For the acceptance speech at the Republican convention they had voice coaches who worked with him and she practiced the speech a lot.

  78. I’m not sure you’re making sense. (In this instance while not belittling your over all capacity to do so.)

    Your expansive compendium of Palin hate/dislike articles suggests, to me at least, that you are indeed a “hater”. And I think with the growing influence of the “blogosphere”, one should be more aware of that influence and the error of hate just for the sake of hate.

    And you are an intelligent lady and I would think even you would have to concede that much of your “truths” are subjective opinions.

    I did not “insinuate” anything. I just pointed out that without actually seeing the screen, one cannot be 100% certain what is on it. But I would concede it most likely is a teleprompter. And with that said, it’s no larger an issue for me than it was for Obama. Regardless of who is trying to make it an issue or for what purpose. Simply put, if Palin did make an issue out of simply the fact he used a t.p., she was wrong to do so. Likewise, anyone that would endeavor to make an issue of her use of one is similarly wrong, in my opinion. Again, as I recall I think he was chided more for the errors made even though he was using a t.p. as much as the fact that he used a t.p.

    And with that said, I would again question what makes some one with an unnatural hatred or disdain for everything Palin any worse than someone sycophantic to her?

    Merry Christmas back at you. :-)

  79. “She’s a poor excuse for a …….., mother, and human being who lacks compassion or concern for anyone but herself.”

    Can you cite anything whatsoever at all to support that comment?

  80. After reading all this pure crap about Palin, how can any reasonable person assert that those who unreasonably hate her (disdain her or whatever you wish to call it) are in any way worse that those who unreasonably support her??

    While you may have wished or intended to expose something unflattering about Palin, what you have accomplished is expose “Palin Haters” for being absolutely no better nor worse than their counter parts on the other side.

    Although I’m certain you did not intend it that way, this has turned out to be a telling little essay. :-)

  81. He was great at that meeting, and the Republicans said it was a mistake to let it be televised. The Republicans all spoke the same words from the same playbook. They didn’t look very good.

  82. Thanks for pointing out Sarah’s sick and repeated hypocrisy. I truly think this woman is mentally ill.

    When watching one of her latest interviews I was pretty sure she looked like she was reading, thanks for proving it.

    Ha, she’s old school, real and genuine, just a down home hockey mom of 5 children, who quit her job, broke an OATH, is now a millionaire, lives in a mansion, has a huge expensive motor home, and all the spoils that go with the lifestyle.

    Did you catch her using “organic” when speaking of feeding her family hunted meat? Yet she blasts Michelle for attempting to bring attention to our junk food lifestyle that is unhealthy for our citizens.

    Did you notice she used the term “nerdy” when referring to her family playing games around the campfire? Trying to prove they care about education and learning when clearly they do not. God, she is so sick.

    Thanks again for a well written article.

  83. How about the time she showed up (on that free Samaritan’s Purse airplane, again) with a plate of cookies to help a village of starving, frozen Native Alaskans? Very compassionate! Mmm, cookies for everyone!

  84. I think she’s sort of starting to look like those puppets or marionettes from the 80s from that English show – can’t remember the name. They had Reagan and Thatcher – it was pretty hilarious.

  85. Have you noticed where the trolls defend her by attacking others; they never offer any facts are links to try to sway anyone to like her. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think it’s a very good way to get a person elected to anything. The more she is exposed to the public, the more people are turning against her, but her cultlike fans dig in to defend her. It’s rather like a pre-teen defending her latest singing idol, whom she will not even like in a couple of years.

  86. Although I’m certain you did not intend it that way, your post makes no sense.

    First you ask:

    “… how can any reasonable person assert that those who unreasonably hate {Sarah Palin] (disdain her or whatever you wish to call it) are in any way worse that those who unreasonably support her??”

    Then you state:

    “… what you have accomplished is expose “Palin Haters” for being absolutely no better nor worse than their counter parts on the other side.”

    What are you trying to say? Are those who express negativity towards the 5/8-term ex-governor of Alaska better, worse, or the same as those who support her? Sheesh.

    As for the whole “reasonable” thing, there are plenty of stated factual reasons for said negativity. Personally I don’t waste time or energy hating her. I’d rather save my strength dealing with the ignorance of her unreasonable supporters.

  87. Cool, we’re haters. Are you done yet? Anything else to add we may need to know that you can inform us of? Any more questions about why we are soooo mean to Palin? What difference does it make to you? That is my question. How in the world does it affect you that we are “haters”? And, if it bothers you so much, why do you come here and read the comments?

    I don’t choose to go to sites that slam liberals and toss a firecracker in the middle of a hatefest there. Just doesn’t do it for me. I prefer to stay where my comments don’t annoy and/or insult and degrade the citizens who share my feelings on certain topics. You have every right to come here and spout off about how awful we all are, if that’s your cup of tea. But remember, we have tried over and over again to explain to you in detail the vast reasons why we think Palin is a hypocrit and liar and we dislike her. You just choose not to listen.

    Passive agressive much?

  88. Sorry. I would have thought anyone bright enough to come up with character and personality flaws like, “her hair looks ratty” would have understood my intent. I was practicing my, “George W. Bush Elocution Writing and Speaking” methods.

    I’m sure you understood my intent and drawing attention to an insignificant writing error most likely means there is little or no substance to your own arguments.

    But if you feel like some of the pure catty remarks made about her appearance etc. made here are relevant to her worth as a politician, then I guess I most likely don’t have a whole lot to say to you.

    Good luck.

  89. Seems to me it’s more likely a video monitor back to the studio so she can see the people who are asking her questions.

    But way to use your imagination! You Palin haters never cease to impress with your creative fiction talent!

  90. Agreed. I was just trying to determine if there was any substance to your hate and thankfully, I have been able to determine there really isn’t.

    And agree with you on the other. I’m sure you fair much better commenting on sites where you aren’t challenged but can just join in on the circle jerk of mutual hate.

    I do think it is admirable of you to admit this has been little more than a hate fest. I would like to think Ms. Jones would want her commentary to provoke more thought than just the simple and simple minded hatred that has been displayed. I would like to think she is equally as disappointed from her view point as I am from mine.

    “Ratty hair”, “ugly nails”, “Moosealini”, you guys should be proud. (Although I did find “Moosealini” creative and somewhat humorous.)

    IF she does run and when the debates start, I would like to nominate a few of you for the opposition writers. Please?? :-)

  91. You Palin fans come here and tell the women here that we’re ugly and jealous of Palin and then you have the nerve to call us CATTY? LOL.

    Here’s what I really think, Hank. I think Palin looks like a tranny. I think she wishes she were a man. I think she wears a wig. I think her new cheekbones make her look like Howdy doody and why does that matter? Because she has BAD taste. She has bad taste all around, but in her plastic surgery she is wearing it. And yes, Hank, we all know what she was doing for 2 months when she hid after quitting and her face was all swollen and shiny and she came out looking like Michael Jackson.

    I think she wears water bras and tries way too hard to be sexy. She wears her skirts too short and her heels too high because that is all she has. I think she has nothing to say so she licks her lips and you, Hank, want to drop your pants but you’re to repressed to admit it so you whip yourself up into a conservative fever of lust aka “fanboy” for Sarah and you pretend it’s her policies your so heated up about. LOL. Name one, Hank.

    Go ahead – name ONE policy of hers while she was governing Alaska that she claims to stand for now as a reason you support her. Just ONE.

  92. Can you not read? Or see? the photo shows the equipment and it’s name. And below it is the monitor. Do you not know the difference between a monitor and a teleprompter? you should try google. Someone linked above to images. you should try it.

  93. like you said about the post? have you responded to anything anyone has said to you here? No, you just keep playing the victim. Wow. You must be Sarah Palin without the temper. You poor little martyr, no one will believe you just because you say it’s so. Life is so hard.

  94. I believe Hank that Wes started the debate off in a very negative direction. His ugly comment bordering on threatening to another commenter had to be removed, but his name calling and swearing right off the bat were not what we normally see here UNLESS we either get Palin fans or Glenn Beck fans – and then, all heck breaks loose and there seems to be no decorum. It’s also not the fault of the commenters that not one of the Palin defenders has addressed a real issue and has refused to engage in debate, which was offered up here by many commenters with links to back it up.

    I’m not disappointed in my readers, Hank. I’m disappointed in folks who refuse to deal with reality and the topic at hand and then call “hater” as an excuse for their own failings. The responsibility for the failure of debate here rests on one side.

    Let me remind you that the topic here is Palin’s use and ownership of an elite teleprompter when she has been mocking the President for two years for using one. Please comment on that if you would like to engage in thoughtful debate.

  95. Again, passive agressive much? And if YOU paid any attention to what I said, you would see I called the sites that slam the liberals the “hatefest”. Projecting your hate on us, doesn’t make me feel bad at all. You may enjoying baiting people, but I prefer not to. Your challenge is not my challenge.

    I see you come here and slam us for not being nice, and in the process you become what you portray us to be. Good job buddy.

    Not interested in your job offer. But thanks for the admiration.

  96. Sarah, can I take a moment to thank you for your articulate and informative blogs. I really enjoy reading your articles and appreciate the insight and attention to detail and facts.

    When those like Palin/Beck choose to diminish the accomplishments of Obama and the liberal agenda, then they should be held to the same high standards they set for us. By pointing out these issues, ie; telempromter hypocrisy, it levels the playing field a bit, in my opinion.

    I will no longer lower myself to the negative and unproductive Palin/Beck supporters’ comments and perhaps if they are ignored they will either go away, or improve their behaviour.

    You have a gift for exposing the heart of the matter and I hope to see much more of you in the coming new year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of the intelligent and humorous posters here!

  97. I think that a simple point is being made here; Palin is a liar and a hypocrite. She laughs at our President for using a TelePrompter but uses one herself. This is pretty simple folks, Palin can’t answer a question unless it is submitted beforehand, Our President answers questions constantly without all the hub bub. Now, how is she going to answer questions if, (God forbid) she becomes President.
    Unless she gets smarter, really fast, she doesn’t have a hope in Hades. Speed reading is out because I don’t think her reading skills are that good; “what do you read?” “Um, everything! What in particular”, UMMM EVERYTHING!!!” I was waiting for her to say coloring books or Playboy, only for the articles, of course. Unless there is a book for Dummies on finding your brain and using it, I think Ms Look at ME, is sunk.

  98. What the hell does this mean? are you people mentally deficient? I hope you’re under the age of 12 or else you really shouldn’t drive.

  99. Maybe I’m behind what everyone else already knows, but I believe sites like C4P and Team Sarah, who you have to be members of inorder to go to their site, puts out a alarm to everyone when a article and comment section like this comes along. We know C4P encouraged TV viewers of DWTS to vote early and vote often, and even informed them how they could vote by using different methods.

    What particularly annoys me with the trolls is their inability to stay on subject, stick with the facts, and calling people “haters”. That is exactly what Sarah’s MO is and they are only too happy to follow it. We need an educated electorate, and not people offering mindless comments to counter those who have put forth a response to what Sarah has done or said herself.
    I’m sorry for being off topic, but these trolls just annoy me.

  100. Seriously, Palin is a COMPLETE liar, hypocrite, ignoramus and fraud. She is pathetic.

    Normal people have finally caught up to the truth about what a fraud Palin really is. Smart people have known that Palin is a fraud for quite some time.

    Any Palin followers and defenders that are still left at this point are by definition brain-dead morons who have their head so far up their own ass that they can’t see anything.

    They are even more pathetic than Palin. If that’s even possible.

  101. It’s almost as if these Palinbots are too stupid to know how to use a dictionary and look up the word ‘hypocrite.’

    Then again, it has more than one syllable and the spelling is different than it sounds!

    stoopids for sara!!!

  102. Palinbots have trouble with the big words.

    Notice how these strange creatures ALWAYS mention someone else?

    They never talk about Palin. They just talk about some other person instead.

  103. If Palin was packing an extra 50 pounds and looked like Susan Boyle, Hank and his fellow knuckle-draggers would not have anything to do with her.

  104. Autoscript teleprompter is in front of the camera lens. Duh.

    Viewsonic LCD flat-panel display to monitor video feeds is mounted below. Duh.

  105. Palinbot trolls don’t have facts on their side. They are faith-based.

    They worship everything about The Iconic Saint Sarah of Wasilla. It blinds them to such an extent that even obvious things like an Autoscript prompter sitting directly in front of Palin’s face and the hypocrisy of it all completely escapes them.

    Just as an earthworm cannot understand calculus – Palinbots cannot understand the reality of Sarah Palin.

  106. I did. See my original comment.

    “I think what got the rap going on Obama with the teleprompter was his penchant to mess up even while using the teleprompter. Or the teleprompter messing up.”

    Then check out the responses, NONE to which I responded in kind. I don’t communicate that way with anyone, in any venue.

    But I DO feel your body of “Anti Palin” work speaks to something deeper than simple disagreement. Regardless of her political leaning, I have observed NOTHING in her life to warrant the mean, nasty things said here by some people displaying an unnatural hatred for her.

    And I forget what kind of fallacious logic it is, but when you state it proves something negative about ME because I recognize the hatred, it’s fallacious logic. (That logic class was about 30+ years ago!! Sorry. :-) )

  107. I forgot to add. I agree Wes may have got it started. But that shouldn’t be an excuse. You’ll notice I refrained!! :-) ” ‘Cause He did it” always got me popped when using it as an excuse when I was a kid! :-)

    Merry Christmas to all. (You guys DO still celebrate Christmas don’t you??) ;-) ;-)

  108. Sarah Jones, I meant to send a virtual hug to you for discovering that teleprompter in Sarah Palin’s home studio! (((♥))) Now Palin will have to fill the void in her canned speeches with some other nonsense.

  109. They always diverge by alluding to the president,because their defenses of Palin are so ridiculous. They can’t defend her without figuratively bending themselves into pretzels, because it takes twisted logic to try making sense out of nonsense.

    In any case, the argument about using teleprompters got old a long time ago, and it’s a good example of grasping at straws to support an argment that has no legs to start with. The fact that presidents have been using teleprompters at least since Reagan seems lost on folks like this. The only plausible explanation is that the folks who keep bringing this up simply do not like Obama and are looking for anything that even seems to discredit him, no matter how petty or insignificant.

    After all, this is only one of the petty criticisms of him. There was one earlier this year about his putting his feet on the presidential desk. Then photographs surfaced showing other presidents doing the same thing. Just like this silly business about teleprompters, it exposed the people pushing it as being petty and immature.

    In Palin’s case, her gaffes and malicious lies have been documented for all time. They are revealing not only of her well-known immaturity and mental instability. They also reveal her undisguised hatred and envy of a man whom she sees as the “usurper” of her
    “rightful” position–the presidency.

  110. Calling someone a hater is an easy way out of an argument when you do not have a valid rebuttal.

    I hate liars, hypocrites, Sanctimonious false prophets; these are all Palin traits.

    The more Sarah lies, the more annoyed me and others become. I want to see how she lies her way out of her current predicament; I think that would seal the fate of that stupid election bid she’s on; if it hasn’t already!

  111. Willie G. I agree with you! Palin is a brilliant speaker. Here are examples:

    1. “As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border.” –Sarah Palin, explaining why Alaska’s proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience, interview with CBS’s Katie Couric, Sept. 24, 2008

    2. “The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.” –-Sarah Palin, in a message posted on Facebook about Obama’s health care plan, Aug. 7, 2009

    3. “All of ’em, any of ’em that have been in front of me over all these years.” –Sarah Palin, unable to name a single newspaper or magazine she reads, interview with Katie Couric, CBS News, Oct. 1, 2008

    4. “Well, let’s see. There’s ― of course in the great history of America there have been rulings that there’s never going to be absolute consensus by every American, and there are those issues, again, like Roe v. Wade, where I believe are best held on a state level and addressed there. So, you know, going through the history of America, there would be others but ―” –Sarah Palin, unable to name a Supreme Court decision she disagreed with other than Roe vs. Wade, interview with Katie Couric, CBS News, Oct. 1, 2008

    5. “‘Refudiate,’ ‘misunderestimate,’ ‘wee-wee’d up.’ English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!'” –a Tweet sent by Sarah Palin in response to being ridiculed for inventing the word “refudiate,” proudly mistaking her illiteracy for literary genius, July 18, 2010

    6. “But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies.” –Sarah Palin, after being asked how she would handle the current hostilities between the two Koreas, interview on Glenn Beck’s radio show, Nov. 24, 2010

    7. “We believe that the best of America is not all in Washington, D.C. … We believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard working very patriotic, um, very, um, pro-America areas of this great nation.” –Sarah Palin, speaking at a fundraiser in Greensboro, N.C., Oct. 16, 2008

    8. “[T]hey’re in charge of the U.S. Senate so if they want to they can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes that will make life better for Brandon and his family and his classroom.” –Sarah Palin, getting the vice president’s constitutional role wrong after being asked by a third grader what the vice president does, interview with NBC affiliate KUSA in Colorado, Oct. 21, 2008

    9. “We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic?” –Sarah Palin, admitting that her family used to get treatment in Canada’s single-payer health care system, despite having demonized such government-run programs as socialized medicine that will lead to death-panel-like rationing, March 6, 2010

    10. “Ohh, good, thank you, yes.” –Sarah Palin, after a notorious Canadian prank caller complimented her on the documentary about her life, Hustler’s “Nailin Paylin,” Nov. 1, 2008

    Now, please go take your medication.

  112. Wes
    Get a life? Really what are you doing? Commenting and giving a reply..Something you repukes do well is fit the title of HYPOCRITE!!! If you have a life, why are you on here? Hmmmmm For an adult to mock another adult for no reason necessary is childish..I am glad you defend her, Since you evidently are a child as well. Now go back and stick your head up your ass…

  113. Wes is all over this site..WOW and he’s telling us to get a life..This is just hilarious….A man or boy rather who can’t take his own advice….Here are some suggestions Wes. Go take a long walk off a short pier, count the leaves off a full tree, find a needle in a hay stack, go stare in the mirror and ask why and question rather why you are such a mistake..That will take some time and give you a life..Now get to it. The situation is Wes has no life..His joy is to find sites he opposes and starts fights. That why he defends the likes of Sarah Palin…They are pit of scum that exist in our country and for them to look any bit accountable they have to throw temper tantrums. Well Wes go find a playground and start there. I mean what a total bag this guy. Doesn’t have anything to do..Do you even have a job or living in the parents basement or back end of the trailerpark?

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