A Rudderless Ship: The Left’s Betrayal of Obama and Women

The Assange Wikileaks affair has engendered outrage and anger from the Right and it is expected that super-patriot Conservatives would rail against him for exposing America as anything but exceptional. If nothing else, Conservatives are united, consistent, and predictable in their opposition to perceived anti-Americanism, and that includes their relentless criticism of President Obama.

Conservatives can also be counted on to consistently oppose women’s rights, and Republicans are notorious for voting against women’s interests as a matter of course. That being said, one expects the left to be the polar opposite of the dogmatic right, but recent events have proven that many on the left are no different than single-minded right-wing-nut-jobs.

The president’s tax deal caused the left to explode with rage inciting some to call for a replacement candidate to run against him in 2012. Regardless that the deal included extending unemployment benefits for millions of Americans, assistance for college, or that every American got a tax cut, the left fixated on the wealthy tax cuts. The compromise was not ideal and Obama said his focus was helping all Americans, but it didn’t matter to the idealistically fractured left because the group’s laser-sharp focus was on the wealthy tax cuts. The loudest protests came from MSNBC’s Beckian pundits who railed for days on end about Obama abandoning his base.

It is disgusting to hear Progressives and Liberals abandon their president because he didn’t fulfill their every whim regardless that he made a difficult choice to help the entire nation. One expects the left to think critically and look at issues from a broader perspective than those on the right, but there was little objectivity from the left and their criticism sounded like right-wing-nut-jobs and teabaggers they mock and deride.

When Assange released diplomatic cables on Wikileaks, the Left’s reaction was fairly predictable although some called for his head like their counterparts on the right. But when it came to light that two women in Sweden accused Assange of sexual misconduct, many on the left abandoned reason and showed their intolerant misogynistic true colors. Apparently where women are concerned, there is no discernible difference between the left and the right.

The amount of vitriol from left-wing teabaggers concerning women is shocking and absolutely despicable. Without knowledge of the particulars of the rape charges lodged against Assange, many on the left lashed out at the women as “honeypots” and accused them of being lackeys for the CIA. There is little doubt that many governments would like to muzzle Assange, and many on the right branded him a terrorist and some called for his assassination. But the Left’s attack on the two women demonstrates their disposition toward women is no better than the right’s.

The chauvinism expressed on the Internet and particularly this site proves that women are still held in contempt for speaking out against a man who sexually assaulted them. Instead of waiting to hear details, or a court proceeding, the women in the Assange case have not been treated as victims, but as vindictive feminists worthy of character assassination. It would be one thing if at trial the women confessed to setting up Assange for profit or favors from the CIA, but to find fault with them before any details are known shows that the left is still influenced by the male dominated society that devalues women.

Liberals and Progressives are supposed to be critical thinkers and models of objectivity, but that is an epic mischaracterization. Instead of waiting for facts, many saw that two women charged a man with sexual misconduct and immediately attacked them as if they were criminals.

Some comments on this site were shocking and not what one would expect from liberals just like it is unexpected that they attacked Obama for being a sellout. Obviously the enlightened left is rife with misogynists who accuse women for being victims. The timing of the charges is suspicious, but the instantaneous reaction that the women are at fault reeks of male chauvinism and is unexpected from the left. However, much like Obama’s tax deal, the left’s response and willingness to malign the women exposed them as little more than teabaggers who are Democrats.

Liberals who are critical before hearing facts of an issue are reminiscent of the Fox News crowd who worship Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin; the difference is they worship MSNBC and Keith Olbermann.  The attacks on Sarah Jones for her prescient, unbiased article were sickening and what one expects from the most ardent RWNJ. Sadly, many who read the article saw the word rape and automatically responded with anti-feminist rhetoric aimed at Ms. Jones and labeled Assange’s accusers as honeypots.

Perhaps the Liberals and Progressives who criticized Ms. Jones and the Swedish women have no mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, or grandmothers, or perhaps they have no compassion for anything except their single-minded pet issues. It is impossible to respect the left who have attacked the president and women before hearing the details of an issue. The idea of critically analyzing Obama’s tax compromise or the Assange affair escapes many on the left, and distinguishes them as left wing teabaggers; they should be ashamed.

However, they are not ashamed, and once the details and final results of the 111th Congress were revealed, the left celebrated President Obama’s accomplishments without any mention of their displeasure from two weeks ago. No one knows how the Assange rape charges will play out, but the left has exposed itself as misogynistic and biased against women. Progressives and Liberals must be proud of themselves for their wavering support of President Obama and women’s rights. It is easy to predict that when the facts are in, the Left will arrogantly claim they are the segment who was on the right side of the issue regardless the outcome. One thing is certain; the right is consistent in their ideological positions, and right or wrong, they stick to their guns. Liberals and Progressives though, abandon their core beliefs to fit the news of the day and it is just one reason Republicans and their conservative base control the narrative on every issue.

It is time for the left to go to the dark side and join the teabaggers, or lose their arrogance and start working together by critically analyzing issues and using their famed objectivity to rebuild what little integrity they once possessed. As of late, they have shown neither objectivity nor integrity whether it is their condemnation of President Obama’s tax compromise or misogynistic attacks on Sarah Jones and two Swedish women for no other reason than they are women.

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  1. You nailed it I too have been getting on some of my liberal progressive comrades about that their attitudes.

  2. Thank you for this, so true! I was attacked on FB for posting Sarah Jones “Shut up Barbie” by a Far Left person chauvinist who called me a “Fundamentalist” & said I was like SarahPalin in my opinion of Assange! I told him he sounded like a RWNJ! I am shocked at the comments directed at Sarah Jones! These people call them selves liberals? Not supporting the President? Putting down Women???? OMG! We have Lefty teabaggers now…!

  3. Objectivity seems to have gone out the airlock, Rmuse along with critical thinking skills. It’s almost as though ideology is a narcotic. I think you present here a solid indictment of the left’s own bad eggs. We need to find a way to send these children (on both sides) out of the room so the adults can govern. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to get an adult as president.

  4. You really did a great job of articulating the real problem going on here and that is the mass hysteria and mob mentality of the far left who believe what certain people tell them, even after those people are found wrong over and over again. These are the same people who attack the President constantly – and often about things over which he has no control.

    As Hraf said, they are children. I haven’t thought of a good name for them yet, but I thought Jason’s Olberbaggers was pretty good. Speaking of him, KO still has not corrected the misinformation he fed his viewers and then MSNBC invited on a right wing “feminist” to back up Naomi Wolf’s “rape is not rape” concept. This is what it has come to in order to sell their agenda. How is this different from Fox News? The dangers of epistemic closure abound since they’re not dealing with facts. These people can’t see how crazy (and smug and arrogant) they look from the outside.

    Rmuse, thank you for pointing out the chauvinistic angle of the comments on that first Assange/rape piece. What really took the cake was the liberals who accused me of being a feminist or having a feminist agenda, as if this were a bad thing:

    “Feminist activists have campaigned for women’s rights—such as in contract, property, and voting—while also promoting women’s rights to bodily integrity and autonomy and reproductive rights. They have opposed domestic violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. In economics, they have advocated for workplace rights, including equal pay and opportunities for careers and to start businesses. ”

    We’re supposed to be ashamed of working for the above now? Wow.

    Lastly, you, Hraf and Jason have demonstrated what the President’s t-shirt says quite nicely. You are all equal rights and human rights advocates and under fire, you don’t back down or shirk your responsibilities to your values. Well done:-)

  5. I love this article! Thank you for it. I expected more from our liberals as well. They are being too hard on Obama; he did not want to continue the stalemate and be as stubborn and immature as the right, Republicans whose only selfish agenda is to rid the government of Obama and will say no to any Democrat’s bills, no matter how beneficial they are to Americans.

  6. i believe Obama is the most reasonable person on the Hill! Now is the time for improving our country- when we have a leader who is willing to negociate and is in tune with the backbone, the working classes, the working poor and seems to be trying to stabalize our nation

  7. Indeed! Thank you Hraf and Jason for being educated and supporting women’s rights! And for not making femminism a dirty word… I believe in men and women working together, communicating, listening and learning. I am so happy that i can go to a place and not hear, “shopping is women’s work” or that our downfall is “our emotions” I am reading a wonderful book called “The Chalice and the Blade” I’m sure you know of it; it was first published in 1987, but I was only 2 then! It has been called the “most important read since Origin of the Species” I wish you all Peace in everything you do!

  8. Why are they so upset by having another point of view put forth? The way the fan boys are acting you’d think they were in a cult.

  9. Being liberal is no guarantee against being intolerant and self-righteous. Although the lunatic fringe on the right is dominant at this point, we also have our share of nut jobs. Just because I am a liberal does not mean that there won’t be times that I disagree with someone whose beliefs are in alignment with mine. Even more importantly, when there are credible accusations of wrongdoing against even another liberal, I am not going to make excuses that absolve him or her from accountability for his or her actions. As a woman, I find the treatment of these other women reprehensible. It demonstrates that these folks treating them this way have a blind spot in at least one area of their thinking.

  10. That’s exactly the idea, Breanne. Men and women working together to make this a better world. I hope to see your comments more often here. I like your spirit:-) Peace to you as well.

  11. Thanks for doing absolutely zero research and jumping to the bold conclusion that “liberals” as you have so easily labeled a set of people are going against those women speaking out for the “rape” accusations. Did you read the police reports? There is no solid evidence that the women were FORCED to have sex with Mr. Assange. I am all against rapists and the equality of women but these two women are akin to the personality of sue happy americans.

    Following the night of the alleged “rape” one of those women bragged on her twitter about having sex with him and invited him to a party the following night. Did she develop some sort of stockholm syndrome and fall madly in love with someone who raped her? Although possible… HIGHLY unlikely.

    The other “victim” woke up in bed with him after hooking up earlier that night, went out to breakfest and crawled back into bed with him. wtf? Stating something to the tune of “He did something odd and the condom broke.” Yeah okay. Good luck losing your court case ladies.

    To the author of this article. I hope you have a day job. You are a horribly biased fear mongering author and for the goodness of morality please don’t ever write garbage like this again. You are just getting people riled up over unsubstantiated claims that are trying to come off as facts when they are nearly opinions from your hateful mind.

    Liberals who are critical before hearing facts of an issue are reminiscent of the Fox News crowd who worship Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin; the difference is they worship MSNBC and Keith Olbermann.

    Thanks again for generalizing all liberals.

    “It is time for the left to go to the dark side and join the teabaggers, or lose their arrogance and start working together by critically analyzing issues and using their famed objectivity to rebuild what little integrity they once possessed. As of late, they have shown neither objectivity nor integrity whether it is their condemnation of President Obama’s tax compromise or misogynistic attacks on Sarah Jones and two Swedish women for no other reason than they are women.”

    Misogynisitc attacks? Are you kidding me? At least you have an audience willing to lap up every bit of hate you spew without thinking twice about whether or not it is true. I guess it works since you are good with words and can twist them to say what you want. Leave America, it would be better without you.

  12. I tend to agree about the left’s treatment of Obama. And I certainly support women’s rights. But I have nowhere near your reaction to the rape charges. It seems to me the charges are very shaky and the women less than ideal plaintiffs. Furthermore, everytime I read about the alleged crime it seems different.

    I am waiting for some acutal testimony.

    I am truly disappointed in Biden’s and other liberals’ reactions to Assuange, as well. I suspect that he is doing EXACTLY what the founding fathers had in mind the reporting class should be doing- but isn’t.

  13. The problem with you is that you are misinformed and obviously only think innocent until proven guilty applies to you and your “Side”. There aren’t sides here, but you can’t see that.

    Your statements about the women are 1) inaccurate and 2) irrelevant.

    But you did prove that you don’t mind slandering people you know nothing about and thatyou don’t bother to inform yourself before beheading your enemies like a mob.

  14. Liberals and Progressives are supposed to be critical thinkers and models of objectivity, but that is an epic mischaracterization.

  15. this article is full o nonsense.

    On “abandoning the president”: he’s the president, not my mother. we’ve seen how he can bend to the right when there is pressure…. some of us would like to see if we can bend him to the left. Obama always looks for the center. in D.C., the center is more center-right, status quo and pro-corporate. Any progressives who try to break through that bubble, i say great. I like Obama as a person and will be happy to have him to tea when he is out of office, but right now he needs to feel how seriously we take the issues, not how nice we think he is. that is if we want to try to have an effect, rather than be his cheering section. it appears he pays no mind to his base either way, but cant blame people for trying.

    yes, some people concentrated on the tax cuts for the rich in the tax bill. I have a question, why do we call it a compromise? because it has tax cuts for the middle class that democrats wanted as well? republicans love tax cuts, even for the middle class. getting them to agree to “democratic” tax cuts so they can have their “republican” tax cuts doesnt seem a very impressive compromise. give the republicans what they want so we can have what they also want? im not furious over it, i just dont call it a victory. its more Bush economics. democrats have now accepted the republican idea that tax cuts help the economy. Obama will have to own it. hooray for us.

    “abandoning women”… what? OK, there is misogyny everywhere, including the left. to the extent that some idiots assume Assange is innocent of any charges because they like his political activities, point taken. but being a little suspicious of the charges against him does not require hatred of women. if he’s wronged these women somehow, let him be found guilty. thats what the courts are for. i’ll beat him up as soon as he’s found guilty of something. until then lets recognize he’s not famous for breaking condoms, he’s famous for publishing leaked information. thats what i would rather talk about.

    I am mostly unimpressed by Obama. he is a decent president, just not the one we were sold. and i’d like to see Assange’s journalism treated as distinct from his personal life.

    Strangely, i dont feel as if i had to “betray” anyone to come to my opinions.

  16. Good for you at least you are willing to wait for the evidence before calling these women every name in the book. I just read an article here saying the same thing you did about Biden’s comments re Assange. I don’t see why I can’t be pro-transparency and pro-WikiLeaks and anti-attacking the women. Let the Swedish govt answer why they did this. But the charges I read were serious and they should be treated that way because even though I am proWikiLeaks, no one is above the law.

  17. The fact that you are using the derogatory sexual term “teabagger” turns people off to listening to you in the first place, and lowers the credibility of what you write.

  18. So let me get it straight: you want the liberals march in lock as the conservatives do? Apart from a few who immediately start throwing names, the whole rape-thing DOES smell fishy (he did not drug an underage girl to have sex with him, yet the Interpol was so much more interested in him, than in the dude who actually did, for example). Not trying to defend him, but it seems like the media immediately declared him guilty. Which is telling, especially that there are so many actual rapists walking freely. It does look like a smear-campaign. Add to this the reaction of the WH, the different politicians openly calling for murder (and getting away with it), the fact that the US government pressured private companies to sever ties with Wikileaks, you have a very scary picture about what “freedom” really means.
    For liberals to be outraged about the whole handling of the wikileaks-affair, about the tax-cuts, and all the other Orwellian or spineless acts is perfectly valid. If they weren’t, they’d be the same as the Bush-worshippers who think invading another country is fine as long as “our dude” is doing it.

  19. Masterful job of simple minded analysis.

    Just set up the straw men and knock them down – that way you don’t have to ask yourself any uncomfortable questions. Just abide by a couple simple principles.

    1 – All accusations of crimes are automatically justifiable and should not be questioned.
    2 – Exhibit unconditional support for anyone with power who has voiced support for your agenda.
    3 – If others reach the conclusion that an official action which you personally support was much more harmful than helpful, paint them as immature or crazy.

    Colleagues in your echo chamber will respond with agreement and reassurance.

  20. Wonder why the media didn’t print Assange’s journal entries or his emails to 19 year old girl who told him to buzz off and then he used his contacts to call her unwanted over and over again at her home or his online profile – you know, the one where he waxes on about his asian teenage stalkers. Gee, wonder why we’ve heard about these girls and had an EHow artcle one of them copied attributed to her. But nothing about the pig that Assange was. Oh, right, he can be a pig and not be rapist.

    Like women can have sex but not be sluts, honeypots, or set ups. Right.

  21. While convenient to make such claims, not all attacks on women are out of misogyny or chauvinism. Had the left doubted and attacked two men’s vague accusations of assault against Assange, no one would even think of calling them anti-male chauvinists. While I generally favor women’s issues and rights, in this particular case, you’re confusing political conspiracies with misogyny. Women are just as valid targets of the unfair, bitter mudslinging as men are in this dirty game. Should the irrational media give Assange’s accusers more leniency simply because they’re women?

    You may be right about the women not being given a fair chance and judged before even hearing their case. But if the motivation behind that unfair, rush to judgement is political in nature, as is often the case against countless men in politics and international news, it’s not chauvinism or misogyny. You women are tough. You can take some mud in the face and sling it right back without crying chauvinist every time.

    I agree entirely with the article’s point on the left abandoning Obama. But it’s not like they themselves don’t cave against the Republicans on just about every issue. Yet here are the gutless accusing Obama of caving. Great.

  22. Where do I start?
    First…whoever wrote this is NOT a liberal…proof ^ is the CENSORSHIP above.
    Good luck with your Obama re-election campaign…you fake liberals are driving true liberals away from the democrat party in droves with your lame apologist snooty attitude.
    After spending 8 years of being attacked by republicans for criticizing Bush and being called a traitor I see that phony liberals are much worse than the brain dead Bushbots.
    You people think that the only qualification you need to call yourselves liberals is to have opposed Bush.Got news for ya…a monkey could figure out that Bush was bad for the country.

    Lets see how tolerant the admins are here…oh yeah…tolerance is a liberal trait so I expect my opposing opinion will be CENSORED.


  23. @Alan,

    It isn’t about your views. You didn’t personally attack anyone, use profanity, or spam us, so your comment was approved. If you can follow these 3 rules, you are free to disagree as much as you want.

  24. “It is time for the left to go to the dark side and join the teabaggers, or lose their arrogance and start working together by critically analyzing issues and using their famed objectivity to rebuild what little integrity they once possessed.”

    “…lose their arrogance […] their famed objectivity…”

    You’re not even objective enough to notice the spectacular intellectual train-wreck represented by putting those two statements together. In what dark, forsaken corner of your deluded imagination did you ever come up with the notion that there’s anything within ten light years of “objective” related to politics? If you can’t even come up with an objective definition of “left” and “right” in politics, how the hell can you pretend that either side can qualify as objective, let alone be “famed” for it?

    Jesus tap-dancing Christ on a purple pogo stick! This article sounded exactly like a Twilight nutcase trying to explain why being on the gay vampire’s team is much more objective and reasonable and scientifically accurate that being on the werewolf’s team. I swear, listening to someone trying to explain why his political beliefs are more reasonable and objective than his opponent’s is like listening to a 5-year-old child trying to explain how can it be scientifically proven that Santa Claus can deliver all the presents in one night.

  25. @Colombian Guy Well… you haven’t heard ME explain why my political beliefs are more reasonable and objective than my opponent’s. ;)

  26. Obama needs to be questioned. He has not stopped these stupid wars like he sayed that he would.If anything he has escalated them.Though he did finally see an end to discrimination against gays in the military. The fact is is that the far left is tired of compromise with the The Far right.We want action. We want Obama to do what he promised and end the wars.

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