3 Replies to “You Read Your Spouse’s Emails and Now You’re Going to Jail”

  1. this is pretty funny in a way. The word personal privacy should be removed from Webster’s dictionary because it just doesn’t exist anymore.

    Even funnier, if you are married and you are both on the same cell phone plan, you can write to the phone company and get a copy of all the text messages from both phones. You don’t even have to snoop because you can do it legally.

    I have a feeling in the future that there will be more and more Assange type leaks. the government is going to do whatever it can to force its way into foreign countries to get these people. Little understanding that if they weren’t so brain-dead in their dealings they wouldn’t have these leaks nor would there be any need for them. I don’t have any problem with what Assange did. I think we have a right to know that Turkey was supporting Al Qaeda financially and that we should have the right to demand not of our money goes to Turkey.

  2. That’s selective prosecution, a violation of equal protection. The Cook County Sheriff staff regularly impersonate me by using my name and e-mail address to make vulgar and defamatory comments on commercial web sites such as cookcountyjail.com (where I answer questions as a volunteer) so that they can destroy my reputation and carve in stone a civil death – a goal for the corrupt in Chicago is to destroy witnesses through defamation (your a nut, a slut, or a criminal) brought about by unlawful arrested and wrongful convictions as well as slander about mental health. The FBI has been given all the information about such cyber attacks and has done NOTHING. As long as you are an “enemy of the state” (whistle blower to the corrupt) cyber attacks are OK to the U.S. Attorney and FBI.

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