Federal Court Says Murkowski In, Miller Out

I wrote the other day about Joe Miller’s refusal to accept defeat in his race against Lisa Murkowski, who was the victim of a Palin-Tea Party Express ambush before the primary. She came back strong in a write-in campaign and edged Joe Miller in the general election.

Murkowski had the grace to accept defeat in the primary. Joe Miller hasn’t been able to demonstrate he even knows what grace is, let alone intends to demonstrate it. It’s not for lack of opportunity:

Joe just lost out on his federal case – the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals threw out his lawsuit on Tuesday, just a week after the Alaska Supreme Court did the same. The federal judge said Miller hadn’t raised any federal issues and that he would not second guess the Alaska Supreme Court. Take that, Sarah Palin! You brought in out-of-state money to beat Lisa Murkowski but the much-hated federal government won’t interfere in what is the state’s business.

How that must hurt.

Miller of course, is still whining:

“I am disappointed with the federal court’s ruling today. The U.S. Constitution’s Elections Clause presented the most significant constitutional issue. Specifically, should the courts be required to follow the legislature’s standard for the selection of U.S. senators or create their own? My legal team believes that the clear language of the Election Clause as well as precedent support our claims. Thus, we are evaluating the ruling and determining what our next step should be.”

Miller can always appeal. But that won’t stop Lisa Murkowski from taking her seat in the 112th Congress on January 5 because the federal judge lifted the hold on the certification of the election.

It’s a done deal. Only Joe Miller seems unaware of it.

Miller beat Murkowski in the August GOP primary but lost to her in the November election. The Alaska Supreme Court ruled against him. A federal judge has ruled against him. More importantly, the people of Alaska ruled against him by casting more ballots for Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski told the Anchorage Daily News

“This is pretty great news. It means that I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that next week Alaska will have two senators in the United States Senate and there would not be any lapse that could have happened had certification been held up very much longer.”

She has reason to be happy.

“I have had a bottle of champagne in just about every refrigerator where I have visited over this Christmas holiday, and I haven’t been able to release that cork yet.”

What Miller will do is anyone’s guess. Unlike one of Palin’s other favorites, he’s an employable individual, being an attorney and all, and won’t have to steal from his campaign funds to get by, or form a pac to give himself a paycheck. Even so, he really wanted that seat and he shows no signs of giving up trying to find a way to weasel it out of the winner’s hands.

I suggested last time Miller hold man up. I won’t suggest any of us hold our breaths.

16 Replies to “Federal Court Says Murkowski In, Miller Out”

  1. Joe Miller promised that he would quit if the math said he could not win. Even with the disputed votes thrown out he is still almost 3000 votes behind.

    and pour Sarah Palin had to put up with the fact that Joe Miller will not say that she is qualified to be president. Jim DeMint has to face that he has a failure on his hands

    The only thing I can say that Joe should do is get a job with Sean Hannity. Sean can’t tell the truth either.

  2. I like your solution to Joe’s problems. Pairing with Sean Hannity would be a perfect fit.

  3. I’m not sure if Joe is employable or not…his last record of employment ended poorly. The Tea Party seems to attract people who dislike actual work, but what would you expect from a party led by the quitter?

    But of course you’re right – some Right Wing think tank or politician or radio show or tv show will hire Joe. They;ll insist he finally shave to the great relief of many Americans and maybe he can start a talk show with Christine O’Donnell if she stays out of prison. OR not. They might run a good show from Prison. “How to fleece the people and arrest journalists for asking questions when you run for office”. I see a book in their future!

  4. Joe Miller is a pathetic excuse for a candidate. In his infinite wisdom, he tried to thwart the will of the Alaskans with the use of courts. Apparently, the will of the people is to be upheld only if he gets his way. Miller’s behavior before and since the election has given us great insight on what kind of senator he would have been. He declared social security, the federal minimum wage, and unemployment benefits “unconstitutional,” only for his own use of unemployment benefits to come to light. In other words, he wanted to deny to others things he has benefited from.
    His over-the-top statements about issues like the Berlin Wall, as well as the thuggish behavior of his minions when questioned by a reporter, were enough by themselves to disqualify him even for dog catcher. He also quickly gained a reputation as a liar, and had been forced to leave a job where he used company computers for political activity. One thing is certain, though. He is a poster child for all the things that people find unappealing about the Tea Partiers. In addition, he is a sore loser just like his chief endorser, Palin. His toxic presence on the political scene in Alaska is certainly one more reason for Alaskans’ disenchantment with Palin.

  5. Hehe, brutally accurate, Sarah. Yes, I was perhaps a little too generous where Joe’s employability is concerned.

  6. Well put, Anne. Tea Party candidates in general are the dregs of human society and show a complete absence of morality in their behavior and the Palin “gang” are the worst of the worst, which is saying something.

  7. I think candidates like Miller, O’Donnell and Angle were simply trial candidates meant to find out just how far the right could go without the candidate being unelectable. The next round of tea bag wunderkinds will probably be just a little more mainstream in their rhetoric while still being out to lunch in their policies. That’s assuming, of course, that they have any actual policy in mind. I think the new FOX show should have four co-hosts: Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, Ted Nugent and Dog the Bounty Hunter. The Dogster could also be useful in arresting which ever co-host has the arrest warrant issued first.

  8. His thoughts have merit, lets face it hardly any tea party candidates were even up to lump of coal standards

  9. That would be rich just in terms of comic value. I also wonder if Barnum & Bailey has openings for these clowns.

  10. The Alaska Department of Law is thinking about going after Miller to cover its costs of defending the state against Miller’s claims. The amount comes to about $16,000. I read about this on the following blog:


    Miller is also saying that he may seek public office in the future, but if the comments I’ve been reading on the Anchorage Daily News site are any indication, he’s done. Miller had no idea how outraged the Alaska voters were to hear that the majority of his funding for his senatorial campaign came from tea party groups outside of the state. He was also not helped by an ADN article about some of the tea party members disembarking from a cruise ship to run Miller’s campaign.

  11. I find it very ironic that he runs to the federal courts to help him out when he stated very clearly early on that he “hates” federal intervention into anything dealing with the states or individuals’ rights. He rode the tea party dinosaur and ended up losing the election. Serves him right. He sought to harness the power of the tea party and ride to electoral victory, but it turns out, the Alaska voters didn’t love the tea party the way Miller thought they did.

  12. Hehe…gotta like that, majii. Those outta state Tea Baggers did pay his way. He can go share a tent with the unemployed Christine O’Donnell – assuming they both stay out of jail.

  13. Maybe he can click his heels and go right back to Kansas, where he is originally from. But my guess is that he would find it difficult, if not impossible, to win any election anywhere due to the extremely unfavorable image he has earned.
    It would serve him exactly right if he were made to pay back at least some of that money he has wasted on what has turned out to be a fool’s errand.

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