Michele Bachmann Tries To Woo Voters With Her Mad Tax Attorney Skillz

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On ABC’s This Week, Michele Bachmann attempted to woo Republican voters by claiming that she is the only tax attorney in the 2012 race.


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TAPPER: Well, one of the — one of the dilemmas that you’ve had is that a lot of the voters that you are competing for, conservative voters, Christian evangelicals in some cases, are also being wooed by Rick Santorum and Rick Perry. And Santorum has momentum right now. He is at third place in the Des Moines Register poll. And if you look at the last two days, he’s in second place. He has strong social conservative credentials. He’s fluent in foreign affairs. He won statewide twice in a key swing state, Pennsylvania. So why should voters go for you and not him?

BACHMANN: Well, because I’m the strongest core conservative in this race. There is no comparison with all of the other candidates and my credentials. No other candidate has current national security experience in the race. I sit on the House Intelligence Committee. I am daily involved with the issue of national security. No other candidate is.

And as what we — what we are seeing happening with Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon, that will be a formidable issue immediately with the next commander-in-chief. I’m ready. No other candidate is currently ready in that issue.

Also, I’m the only federal tax litigation attorney in this race. When it comes to dealing with the number-one issue that’s on voters’ minds, which is out-of-control spending, I have that credential in spades over any other candidate, because no other candidate was leading on this issue in the halls of Congress or in Washington or nationally. I’m the one that called for saying “no” to letting Barack Obama increase the national credit card limit.

And when it comes to social issues, there’s no one who can — who can compare with my record. I’m a mother of five, a foster mother to 23 children that we’ve raised, and also I have an unassailable record on life, on marriage, on religious liberty. So when it comes to values and issues, there is no one who comes close to where I am on those issues.

Bachmann being Bachmann undercut her own claims of expertise by referring to debt limit as our national credit card. Apparently, her new strategy is to talk to the American people like they are six years old.

Jake Tapper followed up by pointing out that Bachmann has been saying these same things since the summer, and she is in last place in Iowa now. Bachmann’s basic reply was that the polls are wrong because momentum has shifted to her. She had nothing to back this up with, but she knows it has.

One has to question the logic of trying to woo Republican voters by with the claim that you are qualified to be president because you were a federal tax attorney. Her pitch becomes especially dubious when one considers that she is trying to win the nomination of a political party that opposes all taxes by touting the fact that she used to handle tax collection cases for the IRS. (Of course, she left that little detail out).

As much as the critical tax attorney vote might be wowed by her appeal to them, the American people aren’t sitting around thinking, “You know what would really fix this country right up? A tax attorney president, that’s what we need.”

What it comes down to is that Michele Bachmann is out of money, sunk in the polls, and her staff has already moved on. When a candidate hangs their hat on the fact that they are the only tax attorney in the race, they are totally screwed.

It has been an odd little ride for Michele Bachmann, but in the end she is going end right where everyone thought she would be, at the bottom of the polls and heading back to Minnesota before the first blooms of spring.

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  1. Bachman only ever handled ONE case while working for the IRS. Most of the time she was pregnant and on leave. The ONE case, though, involved an American Indian that worked for a non-profit and made $10K annually. Way to go Shelly!!! What a hero! You should have sued Marcus for taking federal funds while scamming the gay boys.

  2. According to the Star Tribune August 20, 2011:

    In her tenure as an IRS attorney in St. Paul, however, it appears that Bachmann seldom entered a courtroom and fully litigated only two cases in four-plus years, according to judicial records. Co-workers from the time describe her as pleasant and professional, but cannot recall one important case or criminal prosecution she handled.

  3. Google is your friend. Bachmann’s single case involved Marvin Manypenny, an indian activist from MN. The resident of the White Earth Indian Reservation contended he was exempt from income taxes because of the April 8, 1867 land treaty between his Chippewa Indian ancestors and the U.S. government.

    He lost his case. Manypenny questions how this tax collector can go after him for $3K when she supports tax cuts for the wealthiest citizens.


    In her official biography that was posted on the now defunct http://www.keepitpositive06.com she stated she was proud of her work for the IRS and that she had handled 100’s of cases. Big whopper of a lie.

  4. There was a time, in the good ol’ days before Reagan, when someone in Bachmann’s condition would be ‘diagnosed’ and sent off to a quiet little place for rest and medication. Sadly most of those facilities were closed by Ronnie to save a few conservative dollars. In today’s GOP/TP arena ‘borderline’ has become a resume’ plus. Suddenly the former old-money stody, gray flannels love the crazy and bizarre! The crazier the better and with Bachmann, all the way to certifiable. Distract the citizens with smoke and mirrors while the real business of the 1% marches on behind closed marble doors. So this year they outdo themselves and give the Nation a seven ring (and counting) circus tour. Entertaining for sure but hardly a way to rehabiliate the mentally challenged or move the country forward.

    IMHO the right doesn’t want first chair but they have to be ‘seen’ by their base as putting up a candidate. Their only goal is sealing up Congress much as they have accomplished with the Supremes. Wouldn’t they just love four more years of dismantling Federal and State governments, rewriting the Constitution in their image and moving more money upward while letting the President continue to take the fall for their economic and political schemes? It’s right-wing viagra but a poison pill for Democracy.

    OBAMA 2012, WARREN 2016

  5. She will have spent here entire two years in the House in campaign mode. Assuming that she drags this out. And she said early in this video that 40-50% of Iowans where undecided, so tonight, because Iowans make their decisions on the spot in the home of other voters. Are you sure, Shelley? Don’t you mean after they have swilled down all the corn liquor they made with their crops since they no longer get ethanol subsidies? And, she’s the only candidate ready for the Iran crisis. Yep, she’s ready to push the red thingy on day one. and WTF does being a tax attorney have to do with the debt and deficit, unless you count the fact that we don’t collect enough thru the IRS to run the country?

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