Fellow Republican Governor Deems Scott Walker and John Kasich Failures

An internal memo from Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s administration reveals that even Republicans think extremists like Walker and Kasich are failures. As you know, this sort of thing is simply not done in Republican circles, where they stick together no matter who has pictures of what airport bathroom.

Jan Murphy of the Patriot News reported on PennLive:

More surprisingly, the memo cites the shortcomings of fellow Republican governors Tom Ridge and Dick Thornburgh. It notes they raised taxes and legislative salaries. The memo, authored by Corbett’s deputy chief of staff Luke Bernstein, called Corbett’s first year in office “one of the most productive in the country.”

It also contrasted Corbett’s performance with Republican governors in six states, including Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and Ohio’s John Kasich, who gained national attention for their tough stands with unions…

The memo notes Wisconsin’s Walker, after pushing through a bill to strip unions of collective bargaining rights, “faced tens of thousands of protesters camping out at the state Capitol for weeks.” It notes Walker “faces a possible recall in 2012.”

For Ohio’s Kasich, the memo notes he pushed through a controversial collective bargaining law to Wisconsin’s, which voters “resoundingly defeated.”

Ouch. Recalls and defeats, oh my!

Corbett’s approval rating was exceptionally low among his own party in Pennsylvania. After a rocky start trying to enact the Koch brother Walker-Kasich-Scott-Snyder (also known as the four corners of gubernatorial doom) agenda, Corbett’s approval ratings sank and he disappeared from view. He then adopted his predecessor’s do nothing to rock the boat style.

But, hey, maybe doing nothing is the new black for the Republican Party this year.

A GOP strategist said he doesn’t know how Walker will take to this. The strategist explained, “The Republican governors have always been a close-knit group who help each other whenever they can. I just don’t know how kindly a governor like Scott Walker will take to this. It’s so over the top.”

That sounds rather ominous. What will the great Oz do to Corbett? Inquiring minds want to know. And can it be done from prison? Oh, I kid.

Come on over to our side, Gov Corbett. We not only respect people who take their own down, but we demand it. If you can score a goal for the other side while you’re at it, you can be a Democratic cult hero!

6 Replies to “Fellow Republican Governor Deems Scott Walker and John Kasich Failures”

  1. Ah, it’s a rough patch when your own team knocks you in the locker room.
    Being an Ohioan I can tell you they couldn’t possibly say anything bad enough about Kasich
    that would affect most Ohioans sensibilities. John Kasich a disgusting, guttural, hateful man who
    really thinks he is better than the people of Ohio.

    Unlike Wisconsin, we can’t recall his noxious self. We just have to boot him out in 2014.
    Most of us can’t wait.

  2. Corbett isn’t anyone’s idea of an acceptable governor either. Here in Pennsylvania, we’re just praying that there’s a state left after his untaxed, unsupervised gas-drilling cronies and campaign contributors poison our water supply and farmland for another three years. Have you seen the video in which people set fire to the water coming out of their taps? We’re about to have drilling-caused earthquakes like the same companies created in Ohio—earthquakes so bad and so clearly due to the drilling that even Gov. Kasich has ordered a halt.
    Corbett and his pals have also enacted laws to make abortion impossible by requiring outpatient surgeries to be equipped like teaching hospital emergency rooms and redistricted bizarrely so that curls of one district surround another district or float off in streamers to the opposite end of the state.
    Well, I guess he won’t be elected head of the Republican Governors’ Conference anyway.

  3. Governor Corbett is in for his share of trouble….guaranteed he knew more about the Sandusky case than he is letting on…he was the AG when concerns about Sandusky first arose….time will tell.

  4. If the Republican Party is going to survive, some Republicans are going to have to have the balls to deal with the extremism in a more public way. So far, all I’ve seen is cowardice!

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