Republicans Hang a Whites Only Sign on America

What Republican political theology insists upon in 2012 hearkens back to the Puritan ideal of the City on the Hill – a special place for special (i.e. God’s) people, who happened to be white conservative Christians (converted Native Americans were always second class citizens).  In the 21st century, that special place is reserved for – white conservative Christians.

And it’s not only a matter of skin color. There are taints of other sorts, what I have referred to here before as the Canaanite disease, where everything outside that perfect city is relegated to the role assigned to the Bible’s Canaanites – the cultural and religious other, skin color notwithstanding.

It’s difficult to imagine these days, particularly when looking at this fellow…

…but there was once a day when the Irish were not considered white. No Irish Need Apply. Those signs were once as familiar as Whites Only signs. The despised other can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

You see, whiteness is defined not by some pesky gene but by the idea of what America is and what Americans are according to a narrow-minded bunch of religious bigots.

We’ve seen that in this mindset America is God’s city. What America isn’t, we are being told, is dark-skinned (even though the original Americans had darker skin than permitted under current regulations), foreign-language speaking (even though millions of Americans who considered themselves white and came to these shores spoke foreign languages – like my own Norwegian and Swedish ancestors), non-Christian (even though Thomas Jefferson said religious tolerance meant it didn’t matter if a man worshipped 20 gods or none and owned a copy of the Qur’an), atheists, or gay (makes you wonder what they plan to do with all those gay animals other than insisting they’re an aberration), or feminist (sinful temptresses with uppity ideas have no place in the City on the Hill).

There are a lot of things America is not (too many to list here) but only two things America is as God’s city: white and conservative Christian – Palin’s “real” Americans.

Republican rhetoric is full of examples (again, too many to list here). The Old Testament is full of examples too. And there are many points of intersection between the two. In fact, much of the former derives from the latter. Republican political theology is a gospel of rejection of the Other.

All of us who aren’t them threaten white Christian privilege. It all started with the Civil War, of course, which white southerners still haven’t come to grips with, when Lincoln freed the Other and essentially said, they’re like you. Cue cognitive dissonance on a grand scale. That is why you see this, which makes no sense on any level for a self-professed “patriot”:

In many ways, cognitive dissonance has become a Republican disease. Ideology insists on reality being a certain way, but nature cannot provide evidence for the claims made, which, nevertheless, still must be true. The GOP’s marriage to conservative Christianity only exacerbated the situation by tying the Bible to politics. The Bible is manifestly dated in many respects scientifically but the Bible can’t not be true because it is the literal word of God. Enter cognitive dissonance again.

Blacks are inferior. Mexicans are nearly as bad:

And we all know where gays stand:

Because, as we all know, God hates fags (only part of a long list, again, too lengthy to get into here).

And then there is Obama, who is damned on two counts: for being black and for being, supposedly [gasp] a Muslim (psssst. He’s not one of us aka he is the Other with his Kenyan, not American, thinking).

(Basic literacy isn’t a requirement for extremist ideologies)

It takes a little (half-baked) cooking but what you want eventually comes out, and presto:

White conservative Christians are threatened by loss of privilege. They have had America to themselves for nearly two centuries, lording it over Native Americans, blacks, women, Irish, Mexicans, Muslims and others. Now demographics are against them. All these folks are non-white, whatever their skin color, because white is synonymous with American and these folks aren’t American. They can’t be. They don’t fit the definition.

It’s no wonder White Supremacists are having a celebratory circle jerk:  they have found a friend in fag-hating, woman-hating, creepy brown-skinned people-hating Ron Paul. At last, one of their own in the White House! But there are many white people who, if we use their own formula – white conservative Christian=American – are white supremacists who won’t admit it, including all the rest of our Republican hopefuls and their base.

The forces of reaction are terrible to behold, as America (and the world) have seen. President Obama, elected by a landslide, is somehow a usurper. He must be. He can’t possibly be the guy God wanted in the White House. Palin promised God would do the right thing for America but the right thing didn’t happen.

Cognitive dissonance again.

When evidence doesn’t support belief, something has to give. Lunacy seems often to be the result. After all, a noted Christian scholar can write a 700-page examination of the Resurrection only to conclude at the end that Jesus must have been resurrected because he had to have been. No other explanation is possible.

No stealing the corpse of belief.

If the Republican Party of 2012 has many features in common with zombie-ism…

…the dangers of which have been well-catalogued elsewhere)…

There is good reason for this.

Zombies don’t think much either. They seem like a perfect metaphor for the modern-day Republican, possessed of a single-minded purpose and driven by an all consuming need. You can’t reason with a zombie. You can’t reason with a Republican.

In many ways zombies would be preferable. At least they wouldn’t put up obscene signs advertising their unsavory passions before stripping you of all your rights and freedoms because you don’t meet their requirements for being American. They just eat you.

But they’re fictional. The real zombies are all around us, there is nothing make-believe about them, and there is no handy survival guide to protect you. America is threatened with across the board segregation, not only of blacks but of other minorities, as well as women and gays and atheists and those other religions the “real” Americans classify as “cults”. What the Republicans are selling is white America, and if you’re one of those who thinks your skin color is going to save you, think again.

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  1. As of this day I renounce my Christian American faith. Going to find me one that is more honest and tolerant of my brown skin and black brothers. I have lived this American bull shit all my life 65 years to be exact, this wills no longer hold, and I am done. Keep your powder dry hater, for when that day comes you know who’s side ill be on

  2. Palpably since Nixon, obviously since Reagan, blatantly since Bush, and flamingly since Palin, the Republican Party has been purveying a politics of exclusion, and each time, they’re actually excluding more and more people. Meanwhile, they keep telling people like the (clearly not too well-off) ones in the picture that if they exclude those icky “others”, they themselves will be back in the magic circle. When will the poor marks understand they’ve already been locked out?

    (I note, with considerably more interest than I give to the Stars and Bars, a Stripes and Nothing. No starsatall. Comment?)

  3. Thanks again for the elegant, yet down-to-earth analysis of the socially-bigoted delirium crowd (10-20%?) attempting to throttle to death America’s ideological landscape known as democracy.

    This is not a battle over who is right or wrong in terms of political affiliation, it’s a battle of absolute dominance via a myth…an urban myth of dubious origin…(more like a Freudian or Jung dream-scape).

    Again, the psychotic fairy tale known as the “Puritan’s history”, that is perpetuated by the white privileged, socially-reta*ded bigots, is over-whelming easy to disprove with facts (factual historic records). And yet, these down-right obsessive-compulsive, obstinate, competitive “high-hurdle” Puritan event persist as the only game in town…and the funny thing is, the “Puritan team players” can’t even quality on skill level or actual competitiveness, but, on skin color alone…so, am I to assume that is how the Puritan team has “skin” in the game? Is that why they consider themselves #1 by default? Is that why no one else can play “America” and should immediately submit or leave?

    Truly an amazing transference! This whole phenomena is truly a reversal of accepted core values by “normal” fact-based educated, American people…mean while…
    The white privileged “puritan” base are those who have formed an overly superficial acquaintance of a spoon-fed christian theme that lacks total introspection.

    As H.L. Mencken once said: “A man full of faith is simply one who has lost (or never had) the capacity for clear and realistic thought. He is not a mere ass; he is actually ill. Worse, he is incurable.”

  4. And then there is Rick Santorum . . . .

    Santorum told the GOP crowd, ”I don’t want to make Black people’s lives better by giving them other people’s money, I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn their money and provide for themselves and their families, The best way to do that is to get the manufacturing sector of the economy rolling”.

    So us monolithic black people are living better off of others people money AND if he could just get huge corporations to come back home and stop oppressing their employees in other countries maybe “his” black people could get jobs. Cause in Rick’s world education isn’t for us and we just sit around getting rich on food stamps.

    Racist Bastard Pig!

  5. As I was sleepily sitting on my couch this morning considering making coffee and watching morning Joe a sudden thought came to my mind. We use the term Republicans. From now on when I see that term Should I use it to define political entities? Because I have to wonder if the all-inclusive term of Republicans includes those who vote Republican. Republicans are now being forced to accepted only conservatism. Is it possible that the voting bloc of Republicans will accept people who are other than white? or are the majority of the Republican voting bloc racists And willing to only vote conservative? I find this hard to believe within myself.

    Or are Republicans who vote being driven into this conservative pocket of racism and hate towards Americans of all colors and monetary levels?

  6. And that Comment has to be going through the black community as fast as the news of the first shots that started the American Revolution. I hope it serves to point those people towards Obama and to vote for him again

  7. I really needed a laugh to get the day started, and this thread was the perfect cure!

    On a more serious note… I notice how the things the Republicans stand for sound suspiciously like 99% of the 1% (there ARE a few wealthy minority individuals in the 1%).

  8. This is what America has to look forward to, if anyone of those reich wing religous fanatics of the GOP gets elected. We will be dragged, kicking and screaming back to the dark ages….our constitution will not bear any resemblance to the original our forefathers drafted, to keep this from happening.

    These cults need to be regulated, and supposedly there were restrictions to their behavior, that in exchange for their TAX free status, they could NOT preach from the pulpit. It looks as though our government, once again, has different rules for the reich than for the remainder of the world.

    TIME to TAX these criminals and grifters!

  9. “TIME to TAX these criminals and grifters!”

    Damn straight!

    Oh. You meant religious organizations. Well, definitely. But I thought you meant Wall Street. Guess it was the “criminals and grifters” trigger.

    Taxes! So much more satisfying and effective than than guns for creating wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth, to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

  10. Those Paulistas last night (for those who missed it, “paulista” is what the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro call a chamber pot) caused me to use up most of my remaining data units, but this bit of news is worth the rest.

    My co-author and jurat brother, Joe, a Puerto Rican veteran and ex-cop who most of his life voted Republican, is ready to switch his votes next time because of the rank racist incitement being resorted to by the Republican Party and Fox News. Last night, at a chapter of retired cops, someone actually offered him violence because of the foregoing.

    Way to go, GOP. Be the party of the rich, white, Anglo, Dominionist and pure. Even with all the voter suppression you can ever engineer, let’s see what percentage of the electorate those are.

  11. This article hits a central nerve in what was originally called The Southern Strategy. I hope that Americans are finally beginning to comprehend the level of social, moral, economic, and environmental destruction this sinister concept born and bred at the end of The Sixties by Kevin Phillips and Lee Atwater has wrought!

  12. I saw this “man on dog” fool say his crap about black people, and he is definitely not an aberration within the GOP. As a black woman, I was completely disgusted but not surprised since people with his mentality can be found in so many places spewing the same garbage on the internet. The twisted logic of white supremacy means building up one’s own race by demonizing “others,” especially blacks, and ignoring facts which completely destroy the arguments of supremacists. For example, he must not know that there are far more whites on welfare, although there is a larger proportion of us in relation to our much smaller numbers. His argument also fails to acknowledge that the great majority of folks on it are trying to survive the best way they can, and that it is often a last resort for those who can no longer receive unemployment benefits. Because of Republican intrangigence, many folks have lost homes and jobs, and it’s unconscionable that Santorum is kicking people who are already down. If he or any of the others in the GOP clown car ever get elected, they would continuously push policies that drive people onto welfare and drive others even more deeply into poverty.

    I remember how one of the arguments in Herman Cain’s favor was that he supposedly wasn’t on the “Democratic plantation” and that he was self-made, as if he didn’t have some assistance on his way up like any other “successful” businessman. Somehow, he was supposed to be unique, although plenty of other even more successful black folks are both Democratic and Republican. The GOP/TP liked him because he foolishly echoed their senseless bigotry toward fellow blacks. Of course, we weren’t the only ones he alienated with his shallow, ignorant remarks on just about everything. The GOP depends on white folks who have bought into the dangerous myth about “‘ril ‘merikans.” These same folks they’ve managed to deceived are often doing poorly themselves, but have deluded themselves into believing that somehow they are immune to the destructiveness of the GOP ideology. They have also been given a sense of entitlement to things that “others” somehow robbed them of. Fortunately, there are many whites who see right through their crap, and that is what gives me hope.

  13. I meant all the criminals and grifters…. including the corporations, the billionaires, who pay 15% federal taxes or less, while I pay 30%. Sarah Palin, Cain, all those grifters who use PAC money to wrap their vacation bus as a PR stunt…. and hide it as campaign spending. Cain suspended his campaign, so he can still collect cash donations “For Expenses” The oil companies who drill for oil in our waters, destroy them with oil spills and force the tax payers to clean up their mess, while they pay no taxes for these privleges and then sell the oil they took from our resources, for FREE to others abroad for an absurd profit, all in the name of GREED.

  14. for years have been using the the label “FAITH INDUSTRY” to desribe these folks..I was noticing that yesterday Rick Scrotum did evrything except use the “n word”.. i sinncerly hope he stays in the picture long enough to give a window into the beliefs of these folks.. thats the only way, we can re-elect the President, take back the House, and hold on to the senate.. if enough of this bigotry is exposed teh Republican party will be out of power for a generation..

  15. I once saw this on the British casual gaming site,, and thought this would be a good time to share it.

    It’s the 1950s, during the days of segregation everything, and a black man finds himself thirsty, and can’t find the “coloureds-only” water fountain, so he leans over to get a drink from the one in the park close by. A white guys comes up, and says to him, “Go find a coloured fountain, can’t you see that says ‘white-only’?”
    The thirsty man replies, “Man, look, I just wanted some water, but as far as my skin goes, I’m black. When I’m born, I’m black, when I die, I’m black, when I’m sick, I’m black, when I’m hot, I’m black. When I’m cold, I’m black, and on regular days, I’m black.
    “You, on the other hand, on regular days, are white, but when you are born, you’re pink, when you die, you’re purple. When you’re sick, you’re green, when you’re hot, you’re red, and when you’re cold, you’re blue, so don’t go on to me about being ‘coloured’!”

  16. The one sign says quite a bit. “Obama: half breed MUSLIN”. Ignorant, can’t spell and that is white sheet thinking if I ever saw it. I was raised Republican but the type of Republicanism I grew up with would not accept me much less Abraham Lincoln. Those Fundie clowns are not MY kind of Republican. We are out there, we just need to speak up LOUDER. Happy New Year!

  17. Amen! I am a white, Irish-Catholic female and therefore doomed. LOL More and more people are seeing through the crap. I love Obama and think he is doing the best he can, a lightning rod for all of this dysfunctional ignorant crap. Newt lies by saying that Obama is tearing the country apart and then in the next breath calls Mitt Romney a liar.

    What all of these Republican candidates lack is character. I don’t care how much money they have or where they went to school, etc. THEY HAVE NO CHARACTER.

  18. I think – and hope – that this is the last shot, the last hurrah, of the WASP’s only crowd. The “browning of America” began years ago and in the next 20 years – if not sooner – the whites will be a minority. And they’re scared and they do not want to give up power. Well, they will have to because they’re going to be out-numbered. And thanks god for that!

    I’m almost 61 – and I am white and privileged – and have voted and worked Democratic all my life. To look at me, you’d think I’d be a Republican. I’m not and have grown to hate the Republicans more and more each election.


  19. Did Brooks move to Fox? I must have missed that. On the doomsday scale of fear-mongering, I’ll score him the full Grim Reaper (scythe, black-hooded robe and ominous music) for those opening paragraphs. Per Brooks: wmca senses “the nation has gone astray; marriage is in crisis; work ethic is eroding; living standards are in danger; the elites have failed; the news media sends out messages that make it harder to raise decent kids…”

    On second thought, make that, Chicken Little.

  20. I’ll miss ya on Sunday John. In the meantime, take a class on grammar.
    At your age you ought to be ashamed.

  21. Religion is suppose to give you inner peace but these Christian Republicans spew nothing but hate, ignorance and destruction. I believe in God, not religion. I don’t hide behind the bible spewing so much hate and I have the peace of mind that most bible thumpers crave and will never have regardless of how much they go to church or read their bible. I don’t judge and I accept and RESPECT everyone. They go against everything their so called religion is suppose to teach: love, compassion for the sick, the poor, the elderly, those in need and those that are different.

  22. @Alvin Peterson: No, John’s just fine. You, however, should be ashamed for making such a petty comment. Who cares about his grammar? Apparently only you, and I don’t think it’s **really** about his grammar, now is it? You just don’t have the guts to say it.

  23. Wow, you pegged that right on, Anne! While we often wonder why these middle class and poor republicans vote against their own self interests, I think you hit the nail on the head. The message to them is…”do you want to be one of us? or one of the “Other”? The “other” being something nasty and bad. It really appeals to a basic psychology of wanting to “belong”, to not be ostracized. Like you and many others, I’m heartened to see that many of us do see right through the crap. There is hope. I hope it doesn’t take decades to come to fruit, but I have hope!

  24. Just a little side note about those super pacs and stuff. I have to say I was highly amused today to see Newtie crying in his beer over the superpac ads being run against him by Romney…oops, I mean the anonymous superpac that Newtie **thinks** is Romney (and we all know it is, let’s not pretend here). We of sound mind and morals have been screaming about money in politics, and lo and behold if it didn’t go bite Newtie right square in his rotund arse! Poetic justice! Course the only reason he’s pissed is because *he* didn’t have enough cash or anonymous superpacs to run the same kind of ads right back at the Superpac That Shall Not Be Named. If he had the cash, he’d be doing the exact same thing and not a word would have been said today by Newtie!

  25. Simply put, yes you are. It’s interesting that you should mentally separate ‘republicans as a political bloc’ vs ‘people who vote republican’. Very insightful. I need to use this distinction more, thank you!

    But the answer is an unequivocal yes. The republican party, that is to say the leadership that determines what the planks in the entire platform is and the rank & file elected officials, has moved so far to the authoritarian and corporate fascist right that a true conservative from the Nixon era would look like a socialist to them.

    Clinton started the idea of triangulation to find the ‘centrists and independents’ in order to appeal to a wider audience…but there are two problems with that. The first is that the right keeps moving the end zone further right so the imaginary center keeps moving right as well meaning you have to give up your principles and adopt at least some of the right’s talking points, which is very bad for the country. The second is that there is no vast sea of independents and centrists, the vast sea of Americans are jobless or poor and becoming more of each, and are preyed upon continually by banks and the largest of corporations in the price of gas, energy, and food.

    Promoting these concerns over the best interest of the American people are the republican party(the leadership and rank & file officials). It boggles most people who pay attention to such things why anyone but the wealthiest 1% of Americans vote republican…there is nothing there for the 99% and has not been for 20 years.

  26. Yep they really are quite terrified of losing control in this country. They are in their last desperate throes of survival, and because they knew they couldn’t publicly use race as the basis for the “taking back of ‘murca, they use religion to do it with. Pretty sad state of affairs.

    Phoebes, your one comment really rang a bell with me. I live in rural Texas, bastion of redneck republicans, and I often wonder, as I wander through the grocery store aisle, are others looking at me and thinking I’m just like them? Oh, if they had ANY idea how liberal this 57 yr old white girl is! I do sometimes see people who “assume” I’m just like them, and they’ll pop off with some racist joke or comment, and they’re always shocked when I hit back =) Ahh, the joys of getting older, the older I get, the fatter my mouth gets, and the less I care who I offend. It’s very freeing!

  27. Just a tiny objection. Those of us on the left and especially those in the academic community like to refer to white privelege which is, to the average white person in America, a meaningless term. It makes us on the left feel good because we’ve identified a real problem but since it only has meaning to us it’s a pretty useless term. I’d like to suggest just using exclusivity which is a term everyone understands and is a more accurate IMHO term for what we’re describing. It’s true that privelege is real, but since only a tiny sliver on the left even recognize what we’re talking about when we use the term it’s virtually useless in terms of communicating outside our own little circle. In other words, if we’re only talking to ourselves, I think we’re wasting a whole lot of air. Speaking more effectively to a wider audience makes a lot more sense to me.

  28. People are learning to recognize racism, but it’s a slow and long uphill battle and deliberate education is necessary. The people who support jackasses like Santorum sometimes display an ignorance that is abysmal (sometimes I feel it’s willful). I’ve encountered conservatives who (1) tell me I don’t look like an Indian (they ask about the special jewelry I wear and my headband/long hair), then (2) ask me if I live in a teepee, then (3) start railing about casinos or accusing me (or mine) of killing settlers and burning wagons. Sometimes they also start ranting about our people needing to get off the welfare rolls and into jobs… and that “it was about time that the gov’ment handouts to the tribes get stopped”. Some of the “nicer” Republicans around here act like “Oh, you’re Indian, that’s so COOL!! My grandma was a Cherokee Princess!” – but when I refuse to assimilate again and refuse to become their token Indian (and/or refuse to convert), they turn really nasty. Suddenly I’m a fake and only wanting casino money (my tribe is hostile to casinos) or a government handout. For some reason they cannot hear “I just want to be who and what I am!” If they can’t define me according to their standards, then I am not real.

    It used to be quite regular (more than weekly), but then I learned that if I stayed around liberals/progressives, the racism really decreased. Now I avoid the places (mainstream churches, certain specialty shops, etc.) where the others tend to be found. I still encounter it (you even get it in the big stores at times, like from customers at Wal Mart), but nowhere near as often.

    I’m proud of my heritage, but there were times (here in Florida and in Georgia) where I almost considered hiding or cutting my hair and not wearing anything that reflects who I am. What really disgusts me is hearing those same types prattle about how “Racism is a thing of the past!” and then insist that displaying their Confederate battle flag (the stars and bars) is “Pride not prejudice!” (And if they think you’re white… you hear their real views if nobody else is listening!)

    I’m trying to remember a movie I watched that was quite effective… where a white racist encountered several black folks and talked with them. He was so blind to his own racism and prejudice it was disgusting. But then, he went into a predominantly black area and suddenly what the people had been telling him hit him, and he realized just how much of an asshole he’d been. (From that point on he called himself a “recovering racist”.) I wish those people I’m talking about would watch that (and hopefully see themselves in that mirror). I also suggest that people read “RacistAmerica” by Feagin, “Two Nations” by Hacker, and “Failing Grades” by Kaplin (I was privileged to study race with him for a semester). Those books are also pretty good in getting people to recognize racism.

  29. My point was separating GOP activists and regular joe plumber on the street. My question, do all the joe plumbers feel the same as the activists and say, approve of scott walker for instance

  30. We need to get out of the ivory towers. Education is more than classroom or mentoring work… it is communicating ideas. We also need to communicate with “ordinary people”, not just the ones who come to school OR communicating via technical journals that only people with the same field of knowledge and similar interests will read.

    It does (for some) require developing a new skill set… communicating with “ordinary words” – although granted, they are usually less precise and that can be grating on the nerves.

    I like the term White Privilege. It is so incredibly accurate, but it DOES require that it be explained and the ramifications discussed.

  31. When they’re down to 200 families or so, they’ll have their sought after “just-us” society.

  32. thanks, you beat me to it, jo. 2nd “christian” in less than 1 hr to cast the shame stone at someone taking a stand on different ground.

  33. Of course not all the conservative individuals are jerk offs, especially in the case of Scott Walker (just looking at all the recall signatures should tell you that) – unfortunately it’s easier to lump all the mean and nasty ones into a big circle. In my personal view (and I have to clarify this to my friends) when I say “republican” I mean the mean and nasty jerk-face ones, and that those who are my friends AND conservatives need not feel targeted because they don’t belong to that group (else we wouldn’t be friends). So, to sum it up, there are way too many bloody people to make individual distinctions – not every conservative is a mean-face, but “republican” simplifies the process and any exemptions of that term just have to remember that they are.

  34. However, in my experience, the priviledge part of being white is often cancelled out by being female.

  35. Demographics will determine whose calling the shots in the next few years, anyway. Since haters make for poor breeders, the outcome will be obvious. One glorious mess. Whether for good or ill, any distinction regarding race, color or creed will be illrelevant.
    There will be a few holdouts, a couple of gated communities. An outpost declaring some deluded racial solidarity out in the woods. With their guns and their pseudo god, they will scream and rant about how their America was lost to the dark hoardes. their noise will be annoying, but as long as it is just noise, they can spew. Let’s hope that fact is not ignored.

  36. Good book. Good author. It’s all there, but getting the average American to read it would be like trying to pull their teeth with an old rusty crowbar and nothing to dull the pain.

    We have to take the knowledge to them.

  37. People need to remember how it starts noe very charismatic prominent leader with visions of one big happy white world,a population in despair( usually economically) and a few high profile religious and community leaders who join in because they truly have been conned into the leaders vision. When it happens just in a country it becomes the 1930s Germany, Cuba, Venezuela. When despair is worldwide, the possibility exist., however remote, to developed into the situtaion that arose in the 30s, which enabled the Holocaust to rear its ugly head.Pretending the Holcaust could never happen again is naive and unrealistic. Remember it started with the Jews and progressed to other ” undesirables.”You don’t have to be Jewish to talk about it , remember how blacks were treated , in this country.Remind people of its horrow, to warn against its return. Stay in the game,remember the past.. voice your opinions, don’t dismiss other peoples views…”pride cometh before the fall”.

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