Ron Paul And His Insane Supporters Get Skewered By Keith Olbermann

Last updated on August 10th, 2014 at 04:43 pm

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Keith Olbermann took Ron Paul and his crazy supporters who put out a bizarre racist video about Jon Huntsman to task in his Worst Persons segment.

Here is the video from Current TV:

Olbermann said, “They’ve decided to attack the real threat to Congressman Paul’s chances in the New Hampshire primary former governor former ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman by implying he is an agent of the Chinese government. Seriously, like the movie they call their video Manchurian candidate.” After showing an edited form of the video, Olbermann said, “He has a daughter adopted from China, and another adopted from India. Ron Paul has Rand. And Ron Paul’s making fun of Huntsman’s kids?”

Here’s the full 72 seconds of insanity:

There are a lot of things wrong with this video. First, the premise itself is flawed because Paul is a few points ahead of Huntsman in New Hampshire. Why is a group that supports Ron Paul attacking a candidate that is at about 13% in the polls? If they actually wanted to help their candidate, shouldn’t they be attacking Mitt Romney? You know the guy their candidate is trailing by about 25 points.

Secondly, the ad itself is racist. Nothing makes the blood of Ron Paul’s supporters boil more than accusing Rep. Paul of racism. The candidate himself has taken the position that he can’t do anything about who decides to support him, which is true. However he also talks their money, which is seen by some as an implicit approval of their beliefs. I don’t believe that Ron Paul is a racist, but I do believe that many racists are attracted to his candidacy. His minorities should have no federal civil rights position appeals to racists near and far.

Anytime that Ron Paul or supporters claim that they are standing for liberty, it is always important to ask whose liberty they are standing for. Most of the time, these people are standing up for their own definition of liberty, which judging from this video does not apply to Huntsman or his daughters.

I have written about Dr. Paul and his supporters for five years now and I don’t believe that the candidate or the majority of his supporters are racist. However, the New Hampshire video was not only racist. It was insane. As Olbermann pointed out, Ron Paul supporters are the last people who should be bringing up another man’s children. Rand is no big prize himself.

Keith Olbermann nailed it. This video is so crazy that it is boring. This also the kind of insane attack that makes Ron Paul and his supporters look bad. Paul’s 2012 campaign has made a lot of progress, but videos like this one reinforce the idea that the candidate and his supporters are a bunch of fringe, racist, kooks.

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