Ron Paul And His Insane Supporters Get Skewered By Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann took Ron Paul and his crazy supporters who put out a bizarre racist video about Jon Huntsman to task in his Worst Persons segment.

Here is the video from Current TV:

Olbermann said, “They’ve decided to attack the real threat to Congressman Paul’s chances in the New Hampshire primary former governor former ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman by implying he is an agent of the Chinese government. Seriously, like the movie they call their video Manchurian candidate.” After showing an edited form of the video, Olbermann said, “He has a daughter adopted from China, and another adopted from India. Ron Paul has Rand. And Ron Paul’s making fun of Huntsman’s kids?”

Here’s the full 72 seconds of insanity:

There are a lot of things wrong with this video. First, the premise itself is flawed because Paul is a few points ahead of Huntsman in New Hampshire. Why is a group that supports Ron Paul attacking a candidate that is at about 13% in the polls? If they actually wanted to help their candidate, shouldn’t they be attacking Mitt Romney? You know the guy their candidate is trailing by about 25 points.

Secondly, the ad itself is racist. Nothing makes the blood of Ron Paul’s supporters boil more than accusing Rep. Paul of racism. The candidate himself has taken the position that he can’t do anything about who decides to support him, which is true. However he also talks their money, which is seen by some as an implicit approval of their beliefs. I don’t believe that Ron Paul is a racist, but I do believe that many racists are attracted to his candidacy. His minorities should have no federal civil rights position appeals to racists near and far.

Anytime that Ron Paul or supporters claim that they are standing for liberty, it is always important to ask whose liberty they are standing for. Most of the time, these people are standing up for their own definition of liberty, which judging from this video does not apply to Huntsman or his daughters.

I have written about Dr. Paul and his supporters for five years now and I don’t believe that the candidate or the majority of his supporters are racist. However, the New Hampshire video was not only racist. It was insane. As Olbermann pointed out, Ron Paul supporters are the last people who should be bringing up another man’s children. Rand is no big prize himself.

Keith Olbermann nailed it. This video is so crazy that it is boring. This also the kind of insane attack that makes Ron Paul and his supporters look bad. Paul’s 2012 campaign has made a lot of progress, but videos like this one reinforce the idea that the candidate and his supporters are a bunch of fringe, racist, kooks.

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  1. Having been a POC for 50+ years, it is my belief that if one doesn’t denounce the racists with whom one is associated, it’s what it is: racism. It very hard to fool someone who has to live the life and stand by as others tell the world they’re they scum of the earth simply because they exist.

  2. Magna Carta? Seriously?

    Rand Paul is a straight forward woman hating bigot. He got it from his dad. Just my opinion.

    Incredible. I hope Paul backs away from that ad

  3. The ad was not only racist and insane, but it was also profoundly xenophobic. They were trying to make Huntsman’s fluency in the Chinese language a deficit and they made matters even worse by depicting him as an agent of that country’s government by showing him in Chinese garb. Regardless of whether Ron Paul is racist or not, the fact remains that he does not disavow the support of racists who support him. Although I would never vote for Huntsmann because he is a Republican and has some views I could never support, he is undeniably an intelligent man and this was undeniably a low blow.

  4. Ok, folks this is not a video produced or endorsed by Ron Paul, his campaign or the SuperPAC. Why did the “main stream media” pick up a video posted on a new youtube account, with no other videos and no subscribers? This seems a little strange to me especially since given that Huntsman is around 4th or 5th place in the NH polls, in other words Huntsman (and Santorum) will disappear like the anti-war left when Obama got elected.

  5. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

  6. Dr. Paul? If you don’t mind me asking, where did he get his doctorate and in what discipline (if you know).

    I’ve encountered a few people that claimed the title, but when pressed it turned out that their “Doctorate” was from a diploma mill or ersatz University (like the ones run by the dominionists). One person I encountered was pulling down a 6 figure income (based on his having a PhD) and when I asked him what his dissertation was about, he mentioned a topic with which I have a working knowledge. I started trying to talk with him about it, he suddenly shut up (I think he realized I was conversant with the topic) and next thing I know, he and his family left the area and he’d quit his job. I tried to find his dissertation, but researching his name turned up nothing.

    One person I knew even claimed to have a doctorate in Theology. Turned out she’d taken a by-mail Bible study and they awarded her with a “ThD” because of that (mail order Doctorate at that)!

    I get really angry when I encounter people who claim degrees they don’t really have, because I know the amount of work that goes into the degrees and also because I don’t like people claiming an honor that isn’t theirs.

  7. Isn’t it convenient how Ron Paul can release all kinds of racist statements, Newsletters and videos, and all he has to say is “I never did that” and his zombie eyed cult followers will jump up and down, drooling the koolaid, in his defense?,

    I call BS, Ron Paul DID write those newsletters, Ron Paul DID make racist statements and Ron Paul DID approve of that video and my only disagreement with Mr Easley and where I find he is wrong is that I do believe Ron Paul is INDEED a racist!

  8. I agree advocating for getting rid of the civil rights acts is code for racism. Ron Paul is an old school Texas racist who smiles in your face and then spits at you behind your back if you are a person of color. And don’t get me started on his endorsement by stormfront and his picture taken with the leader of this white supremacist group. All you have to do is google the two terms and you will find a treasure trove of Ron Paul racism.

  9. I can’t open the video, but are we talking about that clause in the Magna Carta where a woman may not be a witness in any case except the murder of her husband?

  10. keith olbermann is reaching. If there was any merit to his nonsense, the so-called “main stream media” would already be attacking him on it.

    Why does olbermann hate Dr. Ron Paul so much to drive him to stoop this low?

  11. Wow. Establishment propaganda rags like must really be scared of Paul, the unending string of baseless attacks and name calling is staggering! :-) Go Paul!

  12. The problem with your statement is that there are documented statements in his newsletters that he profited from whether or not he believed the toxic content in them. If he couldn’t take the time to read what was published in his name, why should we believe that he would be any more diligent as a president, when he would be required to read unimaginably voluminous material? In addition, the fact that he hasn’t disavowed this ad implies support for it. Of course, that’s not his only problem, since most of his ideas are harmful and outdated, anyway. People also used to accuse us of fearing the
    wanna-be-but-never-gonna-be, AKA Sarah Palin.

  13. Anne, his followers are a cult. You can present all the facts, documents, photographic evidence that have proven that Paul is a racist POS, but a cult follower will only except the alibi supplied to them by their cult leader.

    Paul reaches a out to those who desperately need a leader, they need a personal Jesus who will rescue them from the great enemy they feel has damaged their lives.

    He will then very charismatically tell them everything they want to hear, while hiding the much bigger picture behind his agenda.

    Ron Paul tries to wear the cloak of a Libertarian, yet, he is not, he is a John Birch Society conservative, which is an old pro-white organization who considers multi-culturalism “Communism” and preaches the conspiracy that all the Jews are controlling the banks and the Fed reserve.

    There is really no difference between Ron Paul and his political co-patriot Pat Buchanan, except Paul has a more hip schtick.

    Ron Paul is proof that it is okay to campaign in a KKK hood as long as you spout out that you are against the war and want to legalize pot. If you follow this formula you can pretty much be as racist, fascist and vile as you please, because all you have to do is lie about it and say you never said it and your misguided cult followers will fight tooth and nail for you.

  14. Their behavior is so reminiscent of Palinbots that it’s scary. They also defended their “leader” against criticisms that were imminently well-founded. Like you said about Ron Paul, they only accepted her lame explanations on everything and everyone else was lying. It takes a personality desperately in need of an authoritarian figure to defend, not to mention overlook, such blatant character flaws in the authoritarian figure in question.

  15. According to the logic being written in these comments, if you ever buy one Chinese made item then you obviously support the Chinese oppression of Tibet. Come on people try to step out of lockstep and think about what you are saying. Barney Frank receives money from the lobbying groups that support the bankers, but I don’t hear you accusing him of supporting the 1%…

  16. The article is about the dumb ad made by Ron Paul supporters against Jon Huntsmann. It has nothing at all to do with buying Chinese items or supporting the suppression of Tibet. Simply put, it is a clumsy attempt to portray one of Ron Paul’s rivals for the GOP nomination in a bad light.

  17. I have attended a few Paul rallies to cover them, and at one very large one in PA a contingent of racist skinheads showed up in boots, braces, and jackets with the symbols and emblems of the skinhead gang they were members of.

    Now, we all know the typical PaulCULT response to this would be that Ron Paul is not responsible for who shows up for his rallies, but again, I call BS!

    Any other political rally if they are truly against the concept of racism and gangs such as this would have asked them to leave, or gone as far as denouncing them from the podium.

    Did the Paul camp do this? NO!

    Hence, members of the Keystone State skinheads and the Maryland State Skinheads were as welcomed and very much a part of the atmosphere, because they belonged there, and the crowd had no issue with them at all.

  18. You could have Googled it faster than typing that whole rant of yours.

    He received his MD from Duke University in 1961. He has been a practicing OB/GYN for decades. He has delivered over 4000 babies.

  19. When the US wanted to have taxpayers pay for a Congressional Medal of Honor for Rosa Parks, Paul opposed it on Constitutional grounds, said he had a better idea, then took a hundred bucks out of his pocket and asked the rest of the assembly to do the same so they could pay for the medal out of their own pockets, not the taxpayers.

    No one else offered to chip in. Ron Paul proved himself to be the only one willing to put his money where his mouth was in SUPPORT of civil rights pioneers.

    When Paul opposes legislation, he does so on Constitutional grounds, even if he’d rather have it otherwise. It’s respect for the law of the land.

  20. “Stooping this low” as to point out utter insanity and racism? What’s you definition of low? Get out please. Just… get out. And don’t come back, the internet doesn’t need you.

  21. As for Ron Paul, here are my thoughts as posted elsewhere:
    “I have a half dozen or so clocks on a shelf in my closet, none of which runs, but each of which has the correct time twice daily.

    The problem with Paul is that, even as on-target as he is with some issues, he is dangerously, naively wrong on foreign policy. Should he ever be elected president, my advice is to go into the A-bomb shelter business, because one could get rich before we get fried by all those nations “who don’t hate us, but just don’t like how we treat them.”

    I’m reminded of Tim Treadwell, the Grizzly man, killed by a G. bear, and Steve Urin, stung to death by his “fiend,” the sting ray.”

    As for Paul’s entourage, I don’t see any profit in calling naive kids who haven’t yet learned to think beyond their last twitter message, “cults.” In my experience, name calling starts where rational thinking stops. I have grand-kids and great-grand kids who think calling someone “poophead” is the height of invective. IMO, that’s about the level of intelligence displayed by political name calling.

    As for Olbermann, I wouldn’t worry too much about his comments one way or another. I understand that when he left MSNBC he brought all 50 of his listeners with him to CNN. Judgimg by his ability to be fair and reasonable, he is only about — that far ahead of Mr. Paul.

  22. OK, his degree is legit. That’s all I asked.

    If you don’t like my “Rant”, don’t read it. When it comes to dominionists, false claims of honors received is common and expected. Since Ron Paul is a dominionist, he’s suspect.

  23. Yellow journalism at it’s best….. This Video has absolutely nothing to do with the Ron Paul Message….. This was some hack making a youtube video in their basement…

    Ron Paul praises Huntsman for his diplomacy… It is always better to talk with countries than entangle them with sanctions….

  24. It was not known until tonight that Paul had nothing to do with it, and Huntsman probably does. When writing you write what you know at the time. The article IS about KO hitting at Paul. Perhaps you could calm your self down?

  25. Paul’s cult goes beyond just a few college stoners, in fact the worst of his drooling zombies are the scratchy middle aged alter cockers starting at 50+ who think they know everything and blurt out the word “Constitution” like a scratched record even though it is obvious none of them have read it when you actually start to question them on it.

  26. I’ve seen skinheads show up at a powwow. The difference was that they were there because they were out to make trouble.

    It seems they go to events for three main reasons… because they belong (Ron Paul rallies for instance), to make trouble (the powwow), or to try to win converts (I’ve heard of them at state fairs and so on).

    BTW… it seems to me that I’ve heard of skinheads at Ron Paul events before… and “curbing” people they didn’t like…

  27. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. This is a clear false flag ad.

    Even assuming for a second it wasn’t a clear fake posted by someone in Huntsmans camp, the ad was made by a YouTube account with no affiliation to Paul. If someone make an ad about you on YouTube that depicts you as a baby eater, and that ad is spead in your name, how would you feel?

    Look at the tags of the video, and do some research before you bash someone. Pathetic

  28. Your saying in hindsite you should have known you were getting brietbarted. By now most people know Huntsman was involved. You may relax now

  29. I call BS! If you go to the youtube video you can clearly see it isn’t associated with the official Ron Paul campaign. That’s the only video the account has ever posted and anyone who wanted to smear Ron Paul could have made the video and posted it. Seriously I can’t believe Keith Olberman and the person who wrote this article couldn’t take 2 minutes to look into before reporting on it. More then likely they know it isn’t associated with Ron Paul and just want to help smear him and label him a bigot since his campaign is so successful.

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