Wall Street, Meet Seven Mountains Dominionism

Get thee down, Wall Street!

Most folks already knew this intuitively but the Seven Mountains Dominionists have just figured out that Wall Street is in the clutches of Satan. You’ve got to wonder if that oversight is a smite-able offense (we can only hope). Right Wing Watch is reporting that “Lance Wallnau Says Seven Mountains Dominionism is the Answer to Occupy Wall Street.” Of course! How can mere mortals hope to contest the will of the Dark Prince himself! We need genuine prophets to get that job done. It is to be hoped they are more efficient that observant.

As Right Wing Watch relates:

On Wednesday’s edition of Prophetic Perspectives with Rick Joyner, Lance Wallnau, a major proponentof Seven Mountains Dominionismexplained that the Occupy Wall Street movement emerged as a result of the fact that the Devil, and not right-wing Christians, was in charge of Wall Street banks, which he says led to the economic crisis.

Holy cow, and here we thought it was deregulation and greed. Who knew?

Watch the video from Right Wing Watch:

The Church is the local body of Christ, but what we’ve misunderstood is, the world system has to have teaching, because the only way you’re going to see nations made disciples is if we unpack what we’ve got in these systems. What are these systems? These are the systems that are in chaos right now because they haven’t been taught.

This is standard fundamentalist fare so far. It sounds, however, when talking about “unpacking” into “systems” that Wallnau is talking about introducing a dominionist virus into a computer, or perhaps having sex, forcing all systems into obedience. It may sound great from Wallnau’s perspective but it lacks appeal from where I’m standing. Bad as it is being serviced by Wall Street bankers, being serviced by dominionist morality police sounds far worse.

This is totalitarianism we’re talking about here. This just isn’t the American way, but that’s all the Seven Mountain Dominionists are selling. It’s better known as theocracy. But let’s listen to what else he has to say:

Right now you’ve got, depending when you watch this broadcast, you got the Occupy Wall Street movement. You know why? Because we didn’t Occupy Wall Street with kingdom principles regarding fiscal responsibility and discipline.

Wow, Occupy Wall Street with kingdom principals, huh? So…this doesn’t sound like regulation as we understand it but something far more ominous. And gosh darn it, Satan got all those hippies riled up again for the first time since Woodstock!

Now we got people who are frustrated, like Woodstock generation type, Next Generation people in the streets, who are upset because somebody didn’t deal with economics. So if you don’t deal with economics, guess what? The Devil will send kings into that area who will screw it up.

Hmmm..an iffy understanding of economic principles if I ever heard one. I don’t remember any “kingdom principles” from my college courses. But it sounds as though what Wallnau is saying is that if he and his guys and gals had been on the ball, we wouldn’t have had an economic collapse in 2008. An interesting, if laughable hypothesis.

Oh gosh, what is he going on about now…?

If you don’t deal with the arts and the music and the literature and the songs and the culture that your children are being baptized into, guess what? The Devil will send the influencers into the art world and they will pervert your kids thinking. If you don’t start to control truth in media and conscience in media so there is accountability, the Devil will send kings who will dominate the information process.

No, not those damn kings again. I bet they broke my immoral computer too. And here I thought science had explained it as an electrical issue resulting from a defective (possessed?) power block. Oh well, who says tech guys know more about computers than prophets of God.

So now we have come to the heart of the matter: theocracy. Control. Big Brother. Cross-wielding Taliban-like morality police on every street corner and in every home, ready to beat you down and put boots to asses for each transgression. You will only watch prescribed programming; you will only listen to approved music. You will read no forbidden book and have no independent thoughts.

Welcome to Talibangelical America:

If you don’t start to get a hold of government responsibility and laws properly framed that have a biblical worldview…these people that are there, unfortunately, not only are they under the Kingdom of Darkness, when they meet us they don’t always meet the best of us, we should be like Josephs who are solving problems, we shouldn’t be like angry prophets who are upset with the way the world is getting screwed up. Education mountain, I tell you, either we go there or the Devil sends people there.

So Wallnau figures the Founding Fathers were operating on behalf of the Prince of Darkness too, apparently, since the benighted fools established a secular, not religious government for the American people. That’s what they get for leaving God and Jesus and the Ten Commandments out of the Constitution. What were they thinking?

I’ve got a feeling that those Wall Street tycoons are going to wish they had just obeyed the government regulators. I can’t imagine they’ll be happy to have Religious Commissars standing behind their desks monitoring their every decision. And Wall Street thought it had it bad before. Hah!

Oh, and just to rub his nose in it, this is the dominionism Ralph Reed tells us doesn’t exist.

8 Replies to “Wall Street, Meet Seven Mountains Dominionism”

  1. the irony is that if Christ were alive he would be an occupier.. and i do what his first words would be.. “mic check”..

  2. …”So if you don’t deal with economics, guess what? The Devil will send kings into that area who will screw it up…”

    Ohhh, so their REAL intent is to take back, “occupy” the job they gave the “The Choosen People” centuries ago…you remember, the job of money lending! Middle Age Christians thought usury was “dirty work” and the Muslims had laws stating you cannot charge interest on “money”…here we go…now the real stuff comes out; they want all the money! The Jews are Satan, the Saudi Princes are Satan, and the Communist secular hippies are Satan…as the Church Lady used to say, “How con-veeeen’yent!”

    This stuff gets better and better! I can’t wait for them to fly this one up the pole during the debates with Obama!

    Great article Hraf…hilarious interpretation!

  3. I am confused.We have the several chosen by god to be president people who haven’t said a word about wall street. Hasnt god let them into the loop?

    However Santorum comes close to being these peoples candidate.

    Unfortunately the devil is man. Man is in control of Wall Street and men are protesting it. And quite frankly the vision Hraf has of morality police is exactly what these people would give us. Traffic tickets paid to the church. Its either their way or the highway.

    And what happens to those who arnt in on the secret? Santorum has the answer. “”What must we do to win? We must educate, engage, evangelize and eradicate.”

  4. I find it terrifying. The fact that worries me is that they’re so open with their goals now that with the exception of a little dogwhistle, they are almost using plain language to talk about them – and in public.

    Occupy needs to be wary especially of anyone who tries to bring religion into the mix. This is a “Battle call” to the dominionist followers to infiltrate a good movement and turn it evil (theocratic).

  5. If you read their main thinker’s writing (Rushdoony), you’ll realize that they mean to eradicate more than Muslims.

    As a social scientist, I find his plans for us horrifying. “Re-educate or eliminate” is about it… concentration camps for academics who don’t teach from a “Biblical perspective” and if we refuse to be re-educated, their plan is to put us to death.

    I think that goes for anyone who isn’t like them.

  6. Absolutely – homosexuals, Muslims, atheists – everyone else among the Other. Same old song and dance as in post-exilic Israel

  7. The Dominionist are a much greater danger to the country than the worst of the Islamic extremist because they live among us as “good Christian, patriotic Americans”. They are the Taliban for Jesus rather than Allah and would destroy America as we know it.

  8. Please, understand…these destructive, aberrant cultist don’t want you to know “something” about them; they are more afraid of YOU than you ever imagined!

    They live in constant fear all non-believers, women, un-straight people of all colors, genders, lifestyles, everything that doesn’t conform to their mythical world-view.

    They are mostly a danger to themselves and there is nothing you can do, as a “survivor” to help them or stop them; they have to bottom out. A fundamentalist is “addicted” to a dog-whistle that is blown by a master; it is a life of self-loathing oppression that they have layer upon themselves and their peers. The only way they have to communicate is through lashing out, hating, pounding their chest that they are superior. They are frightened of any kind of humans who do not mirror their imaginary world…inside they are ashamed of what they are.

    Laugh at them! Laugh in their face, loudly, proudly and regularly; watch how the react. Whenever I run into one of “them” I stop, smile, open my arms and say “Big hug for Jesus! Come on!” and the scurry away hissing…they never take me up on it…they’re frightened of me regardless of my sincerity.

    Evil can’t stand to be laughed at…but, you knew that already.

    (the kids down on Wall St will be fine, not to worry…)

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