Why the Civil War Might Kill Mitt Romney’s Chances in South Carolina

Mark Sanford (R-Appalachian Trail) was on Fox’s American Newsroom (Fox News’ Saudi Prince Newsroom didn’t have the same ring) this morning to explain to us all just how the Republican base thinks, and why Mitt Romney’s chances might not be so hot in South Carolina.

The Republican base is a direct result of the southern strategy as evinced most perfectly in South Carolina, where they don’t take orders well, according to Governor Sanford.

Watch here courtesy of Media Matters:

Transcript from Media Matters:

MARTHA MACCALLUM: I gotta go, but very quickly, if you can, the last question is can Mitt Romney do better with these groups? He did well with evangelicals and with those who call themselves very conservative in New Hampshire. Can he do the same thing this time around in South Carolina?

SANFORD: I would just say that South Carolina’s not that good at taking its cue from other places. And you can look as far back as the Civil War where young cadets were firing cannons there on Fort Sumter. I mean, South Carolina — South Carolinians are going to decide for themselves. I think he has wrapped up much of the institutional support, but I think — Huckabee’s doing an event here on Saturday, because about fifty percent of the folks out there in this state have not yet decided. So I think it’s still a very fluid race.

It’s so cute how they hold up the values of fierce rebellion as a matter of pride, even as they take orders from Fox News and the band of fallen conservative angels hired by Fox to show America that conservative values are a farce.

And to lead their charge, they have General“Governor” Sanford of the “I found my soul mate on the government’s dime while lying about where I was to my staff and family because I am a responsible conservative family man.” Sanford can think of no better siren song for the viewers of Fox News than the Civil War. Apparently, the Civil War explains why Romney won’t have such an easy time of it in South Carolina. The Palmetto state doesn’t like to take orders or something like that.

Nothin’ like a war analogy to get them riled up! And that particular war resonates deeply with the Southern strategy Fox cult. I suppose Sanford is right, given that many of them are in denial regarding the end of the Civil War (aka: the war of “Northern Aggression”), as evidenced by the Confederate Flag flying in greeting at the front of the State House after it was moved from the dome.

And now we get to the real heart of why the Civil War might kill Romney’s chances in South Carolina. It’s not that he is an “establishment” favorite. It’s that he is not the right kind of white (see Southern Strategy: Mitt Romney Faces Same Biases as Obama in the South).

Want to know what they call the removal of the Confederate flag from the dome to a memorial by the front door in South Carolina? They call it the “ethnic cleansing” of white Europeans:

The South Carolina Conservative Action Council wants the flag moved up to its former location on top of the dome.

William G. Carter, a chairman of the group said, “We feel that’s a form of ethnic cleansing. That people of European American descent have their culture and their heritage, just like black people. And at the same time, if we’re going to live in a so-called multi-cultural society, where do we fit in? Where do we stand?”

Secretary Nelson Waller agrees. “It stands for the Confederate troops who sacrificed so much and in many cases paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we know today,” he said. “It stands for the South, its beautiful traditions. Its illustrious, honorable history. The South was the birth of the country. It produced numerous of the Founding Fathers and presidents. We are very proud of the South.”

They want that flag back at the top of the dome and refusal to do so is a form of ethnic cleansing of white Europeans! This argument belies the southern claim that the Civil War was not about slavery — why else would they assume that no black people served in the Confederate army and how else could moving the Confederate flag represent the ethnic cleansing of whites?

Of course, this argument changes based upon convenience, for revisionists also like to pretend that tens of thousands of black people fought for the Confederate army to “preserve the Southern way of life,” as if to suggest that the enslaved liked it. This, of course, is not true either. Historians can’t find primary evidence of more than a few “non-whites” actually fighting for the Confederate army, whereas hundreds of thousands fought for the Union.

The Civil War Gazette interviewed Civil War historian-author Steven Woodworth about the question of whether or not black people fought for the Confederate army:

“It would be hard to prove that absolutely zero blacks fought in the Confederate army, but I think it must have approached that level… I’ve never come across a single instance of a black serving in the Confederate army. Whatever may have been the number of blacks serving and actually fighting as soldiers in the Confederate army, it must have been a minuscule percentage–completely insignificant for anyone trying to make the argument that blacks saw the conflict as a war of Yankee aggression, felt it was their war too, and joined up to fight for the Confederacy. That’s just a fairy tale.”

Also, the The South Carolina Conservative Action Council feels that the Confederate flag stands for the freedoms “we know today” which suggests that the Confederate army was victorious. And they think the South was the birth of the country. Ahhh, South Carolina; land of resentful white “Christian” nuts.

But “Governor” Sanford is right about one thing. Romney faces big challenges in South Carolina, after all Mormonism is only slightly better than being a Muslim for southern Republicans. I guess the Mormons didn’t fight for our “freedoms” in the Confederate army either — well, certainly Romney wouldn’t have, given his penchant for dodging the draft as he traipsed around France as a Mormon missionary.

In case you’re getting the idea that the Republican Party is about identity politics of resentment instead of ideas, just look at how they forgive all of the icons of their failed values! They will forgive anything, apparently, except advocating for the wrong religion, color, income bracket, etc.; i.e., anything is forgiven if one is a propaganda puppet for the Southern strategy.

There is no comparison to the inanity of having Mark Sanford on Fox News to use a Civil War analogy to explain why Romney (the non-Christian) might not get South Carolina. The Republican Party has become a grand embarrassment of a political party; an example of what can happen when propaganda eclipses reality.

The modern day Republican Party is no better than this moment: Mark Sanford, who abandoned his state without telling anyone where he was as he cheated on his wife and family with his “soul mate” and charged the taxpayers for it, is on Fox News just a year and a half later, as a respected “governor” brought on to give insight into the state he abandoned and yet no one laughed. Mark Sanford and his Civil War Southern strategy ugliness wrapped up in a white conservative “Christian” facade represents too much about the Republican Party of 2012.

Note: “Christian” in this article refers to the Republican Party’s politicized usage of the term rather than the actual Christian faith.
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21 Replies to “Why the Civil War Might Kill Mitt Romney’s Chances in South Carolina”

  1. IMO, racism in the South was, and still is, about the refusal of these so-called Christians to accept the fact that God created us all in His own image and none of us is better than the other. I’ve experienced proof of this throughout my 50+ years living in the South while being black. You may have a better house, be better educated, and have kids who fit the model of an exemplary American, but you will never be considered as valuable a member of this society because of the color of your skin. It’s shameful, and it puts the lie to the claim that America is a nation based on equality where race, religion, and ethnicity don’t matter. They matter, a lot—especially in the South.

  2. I hope Fox has former SC Gov. Mark Sanford (R) read some of the ebullient prose that he wrote to his mistress after hiking the Appalachian Trail in Brazil: “…I could digress and say that you have the ability to give magnificent gentle kisses, or that I love your tan lines or that I love the curve of your hips, the erotic beauty of you holding yourself (or two magnificent parts of yourself) in the faded glow of the night’s light – but hey, that would be going into sexual details …” It fits nicely with “young cadets were firing cannons there on Fort Sumter”, eh Fox? Cue the Saudi Prince that owns Fox “News” laughing nefariously from his penthouse in Dubai.

  3. My (last) ex, a Florida Cracker, explained the difference between North Carolina and South Carolina: In North Carolina, they’re dumb. In South Carolina, they’re dumb and proud of it.

  4. I absolutely could not believe it when Fox hired Sanford as a serious commentator. It was a slap in the face to many people except Fox. But Sanford did not send his lovey-dovey letters to his mistress in Brazil but Argentina.

  5. It’s the curve of the hips that threw Voice off. Brazilian women, like Cuban women, are notoriously more…uh…

  6. Color of your skin or who your ancestors were.

    When it became public knowledge that I am American Indian (something I didn’t know until my mid 30s), I lost just over 60% of my customers in one month (I’d been in business for over 10 years at the time). I had a high-tech business providing services to manufacturers. Life became a lot harder… almost impossible at times. That happened in the mid 90s, and it’s been rough to nearly impossible since then. (We also were thrown out of one church because of race and driven from another, partially because of race.)

    My skin may be fairly light (I try to stay out of the sun), but I darken easily. I don’t fit the stereotype for a Native American (like most of my people), but that stereotype is based on Hollywood anyway and inaccurate. Still, they know I’m not a good ole’ white boy now (never was) and that is what is important to them.

  7. TY, Reyardine & Ingarose: Argentina: adulterous Sanford’s hiking trail of choice – got it.

    Anywhoo, good for the Fox to advocate for adultery by hiring Sanford, it’s soooo 10 commandments Christian of them.

  8. There’s nothing so stupid as someone like you who doesn’t read the article or pretends they don’t see that the author was quoting the conservative action committee who want the flag put back on the dome. Nice chip on your shoulder though. Too bad you make south carolinians look bad with your reading comprehension problems.

  9. I try to temper my anger and outrage at the acts of these radical Civil War racist, but, it’s hard. It’s hard to find words filled with solutions, words that do not sound irrational, fanatical or hopeless, words that are not cliches’ or talking points. It’s hard to actually engage, contemplate, think about what to do with/about people who actually dedicated their lives to hating races and “inferior” religions as long as they live.

    There is no dialogue you can engage with these people. There is no debating them without the same old stale, systematic strategy of answering a question with a question, and/or don’t answer an original question, use of a shout-down in opposition with talking points…plus, they go right on hating because people were born different/not into a “European-American” family. It’s hard to figure out how to get through, get them to see the “light”, but not impossible…and that’s why they don’t “scare” me…

    The light? I’m not referring to religious or spiritual enlightenment metaphor …no, the light bulb in their head. The one that goes “on” when the brain is engaged in actual thought, listening, open or impartial thoughts that maybe contrary…that kind of “light bulb”. When engaging or presenting a new thought, a different way of thinking, perhaps a strategy or presentation of an argument to those who have shut down conversation or with hold energy as a way to cling to irrational delusions, it is very frustrating…FOR THEM! (…for me to poop on!).

    I myself enjoy the wonderment, the frustration on the faces of the fundamentalist when I refuse to do their bidding and dare to think differently. It’s sort of like engaging in brief “deprogramming session”, in that it “hurts” the participants in the head when their reasoning for hate is over-turned by logic and love. Intervention counseling (deprogramming) has been used on radical jihadist, former Klansmen and white supremacist with some success (sorry but I don’t have the link or percentages, but the BITE model works); it only seems natural that it could be used to win the minds of fundamentalist home-grown terrorist, radical religious Teabaggers…

    But how? How do you engage a racist/supremicist in a conversation with the goal of getting them to “see the light”? It’s almost like asking them to lay on one of their guns and commit suicide. Why? Because, most all these radical supremacist groups have something in common with destructive cults; loyalty or else. They are commanded to “surrender” to their race that “White Power” is god’s will and they are a white solider of God–they swear an oath to uphold their race. They also swear to kill any race “traitor” amongst themselves…uh-ooh.

    So, I suppose that means they have to DIE if they give up their belief system in racism, or they will be killed by one of their own cell group. (umm…maybe I’m on to something). Do you start to see a pattern, an over-lay in all global terrorist who have a basic belief system build around hate and violence, killing infidels, non-believers, especially non-white people based upon superiority via race and “myth”?

  10. ““It stands for the Confederate troops who sacrificed so much and in many cases paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we know today,””

    That should read “…in many cases paid the ultimate price fighting AGAINST the freedoms we know today.”

    Way past time to admit you were on the wrong side of the war and on the wrong side of history.

  11. I know that was a quote from the SCCAC. I never pretended anything. I was pointing out that this guy is saying that the confederate flag recognizes sacrifice for freedoms. I pointed out that the confederacy was not about freedom.

    What I wrote was directed at what he said. Not at South Carolinians in general.

    Christ, talk about a chip on your shoulder.

  12. The problem I’ve noted is that down here, a lot of the kids are taught one thing in school, but another by family. The meme at home is that the North was an aggressor who was trying to control and destroy the “culture” in the South, and that “Yankees” are the ones who choose what is taught in the schools.

    I heard that time and time again, that the Confederates were fighting for their freedom and against an abusive regime in the north. What put finis in their arguments in my mind was learning that halfway through the war, it became a common thing to hear a Confederate soldier cursing the Confederacy as he died.

    They do have a bit of truth in that the North was rather abusive too. I have some letters handed down in my family from the Civil War, and the letter tells how a soldier from my GG Grandfather’s unit term of service was up and he was supposed to be released. They threw him in the stockade because he tried to leave. My GG Grandfather’s unit fixed bayonets and charged the stockade, and the guards took to their heels. The north was well known for sweatshops and cruelty to their employees even then.

    It kind of reminds me of a fight between the 1% and the dominionists… I wish that would happen.

  13. One of the problems of the last 3 years is that a “sleeping giant” was awakened. That sleeping giant was a reflection on the Civil war, racism, bigotry, slavery, etc. The extreme right wing came out in full force backed by Corporate billionaires using the rage of the Tea Party over an elected African/American President. It was never really about bank bailouts or the nation’s debt. If it was about the debt, they would have been raising the roof during the Bush/Cheney administration while they were mounting massive debt without paying for any of it.
    Even the GOP’s need to privatize social security and end medicare and medicaid belongs to the same mindset.
    They want to change child labor laws, bust unions, eliminate the minimum wage, control women’s reproductive rights, suppress African/American voting rights and more. Does that sound a little like the return of slavery in some form? Those who believe that Romney is for anyone other than the rich and making them wealthier, get another thought. He may throw a few bones, but the real deal is for the top 1%. It really is time to unite and support our President. All of the complaints about disappointment and frustration over Obama have to stop. You have no idea what life would be like without social security or medicare. And that crap about Romney’s statement “liking to fire people” being taken out of context is bull. Millions of Americans already have no access to health insurance to be able to fire anyone. And some who have it now may lose it. And if you or your children have any pre existing conditions, get ready to suffer and possibly lose your homes. We also can’t afford for any more conservative judges to be appointed to the Supreme Court for life. And because Mitt does not think before he acts or talks, I would be terribly afraid of him having power over the military especially since he or his 5 sons have never served. This election is extremely important and if we don’t have enough funds to fight the oncoming negative ads, we must have the numbers to win this election. We can’t be complacent or complaining and allow another disaster like the midterms!!!!!

  14. I look at what may happen to Willard in South Carolina as a predictable result of the GOP’s courting of ignorant people. While I’m not one to bash South Carolinians as a group, there are some who are irredemiably stuck in the past, and they impede progress in their state. I just wonder how many of them will hold their noses and vote for him on 11-06-12, if he becomes the GOP nominee.

  15. NB: There was a comment, apparently since deleted, to which the following were replies; hence, the non sequitur

  16. For the record, my mood has changed since yesterday’s foul of mouth…

    There is nothing like a nice meal of chicken livers smothered in caramelized onions/mushrooms, mashed potatoes, chased by a Valium to set the world right again!

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