10 Replies to “At This Point, Obama Has Created One Million More Jobs Than Bush”

  1. Thank you so much for this post. We have to have more ways to get this information out because the main stream media has no interest in reporting the facts. They just repeat GOP talking points because the networks are owned by Corporations. So rarely do you get any pro Obama information unless you tune into Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, ED and Last Word with Lawrence on MSNBC. And some of the more prominent left wing sources or “Progressives” are so busy expressing their disappointments that no one would know that our President has had any accomplishments. We’ve got to get better at messaging especially when all the attacks come full force.

  2. Sachet, I would love for this to go viral, but there are none so blind as those that WILL NOT see. People that do not like President Obama will not believe he has achieved ANYTHING, because they cannot credit him for anything. Anything good that has come from the WH gets credited to Bush, anything bad gets blamed on Obama. That’s a darn shame, since it’s been President Obama pushing the rock uphill, over speedbumps, the whole way. I’m voting for him again, this November. As well as other Democrat willing to put COUNTRY before party.

  3. I would love for the link up above to go viral- it is vital information that the public needs to know before the next election. However there is one sad thing- there are racist in this country that are very strong- they will never ever look past the fact that President Obama is a black man. To me if the President can get the job done- keep our country running well- help the job situation- then I could care less what color skin the President has- he could be purple polka dot and I could care less. I just wish all the “tea partying” republicans could see things the way I do!!!!


  4. People that are forced to be stay at home moms and Do-it-yourselfers should not count as private sector jobs. They were forced into this as there are no jobs available! Look where the numbers are coming from folks!

  5. Stay at home moms are not counted. People who work at home and/or make money are private sector jobs. Lots of people have jobs but do their work at home. Thats no different than working in a building. Poeple who form their own companys and work at home are the same

  6. Shanny, do it yourselfers should not count as private sector jobs? So a sole proprietor business is not a job?

    You tell us to look where the numbers are coming from, I say, you need to substantiate your claim that DIYers are not “real” jobs

  7. …and by your logic Shanny, every small business owner shouldn’t count as a private sector job? I own a small business (that doesn’t rely on a pyramid model) and I still have to pay corporate taxes AND at a higher rate than the billion dollar conglomerates that lobby in DC. Additionally I pay personal income tax from the salary receive as an employee from my business. As a private company I cannot pay myself hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax-free stock options like those big boy CEO’s either. So in essence I get banged twice from the government.

    The entire concept of DIY is the very foundation on which this country is built and the GOP has done the absolute minimum to encourage the growth of small business. I would love nothing more than to hire some help but the cost of operation under the last administration made it prohibitive. In the first decade of the 2000’s, the costs of employee health insurance and energy (fuel and electricity) have gone up not only for me, but my suppliers, causing them to raise the prices for their goods as well. Fuel alone at least tripled during the Bush Jr. administration. This meant spending $450 a week instead of $150 a week for the each fleet vehicle. This forces us to either raise prices or tighten our belts and lay off employees in order for the business to survive. I really hope you can follow this train of thought otherwise this has been 10 minutes wasted for me where I could be doing something productive. I suggest you do the same.

  8. Let’s see, bush had an avg unemployment of 5.4 currently it’s not showing the 11% because 2.5% have given up! What a crock this story is!

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