Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Under Fire on Job Creation

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Gov. Nathan Deal (R-GA), who was once among the 15 most corrupt members of Congress, didn’t much like it when the progressive group, Better Georgia placed an ad in his hometown paper on Tuesday. And, now, apparently, Gov. Deal (R-GA) thinks he can say “liberal” three times, throw in some funny math and make Georgia’s jobs problem disappear.

On Tuesday, Better Georgia, drew the wrath of the Governor’s office when the organization placed this full page ad in the Governor’s hometown paper, The Gainesville Times. Better Georgia challenged the Governor on his abysmal record on job creation and pointed to the sad statistic that Georgia is 51st in the nation, right behind Washington, D.C. when it comes to job creation. (See page 3 of the PDF State of Working in Georgia 2011.)

In the State of the State address, Gov. Deal seemed to understand that Georgia has a jobs problem. After all, he proposed a huge middle-class financed tax break of more than $157 million for big corporations in order to spur job creation. Everyone expected Gov. Deal to offer up this sort of already-failed top-down strategy that ignores the fact that business most often chooses to expand in states that, unlike Georgia, invest public schools and transportation so there will be a ready, reliable workforce.

No one expected the Governor’s office to go completely off the reservation and claim there isn’t a jobs problem in Georgia, but, after calling the nonpartisan Better Georgia “liberal” three times, that’s exactly argument the Governor’s spokesperson, Brian Robinson chose to make. Don’t believe me? See the 11 Alive clip below:

Gov Deal Responds to Better Georgia from Bryan Long on Vimeo.

Seriously? Georgia has exceeded the national unemployment average for more than fifty straight months. How can we expect the Governor to solve our jobs problem if he doesn’t even acknowledge that it exists?  As one commenter said, soon, he will be rubbing Sonny Perdue’s head and making three wishes. I make light, but Georgia’s job situation is anything but. Georgia’s job creation stats are scary for families and offer little hope for recent college graduates. Governor Deal’s  lack of understanding  is downright dangerous. Just ask folks like this Atlanta couple.

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8 Replies to “Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Under Fire on Job Creation”

  1. Dont you want to make Deal a republican?

    Its the Tea Thug method. He is in a large group of his own voters, he can lie till the cows come home and no one will care.

    Georgia deserves better. the GOP isn’t better

  2. Deal’s a republican, but some refer to him as mostly an opportunist. On jobs for Georgia, he’s been MIA.

  3. Gov. Deal seems proud to be dead last in job growth. I’m proud that Georgia progressives are joining together to move the state forward.

  4. Deal seems confused. Very confused. Maybe he thinks that since he got a new job last year, everyone else did, too.

  5. GA resident here. These RW tools were exposed to the real Nathan Deal before last November’s election, but closed ranks and decided to vote him into office because, in their minds, “GA is a conservative state.” Their minds were totally closed to the idea of voting for the best candidate because he had a (D) beside his name. They wanted Deal and now they have him. Whatever misfortunes they’re now dealing with is of their own making. I know this may seem callous, but I’ve had it with their stupidity and hypocrisy. Deal reacted to Better Georgia’s ad the same way he reacted to, iirc, WSB’s report that his campaign had paid his daughter in law for services that he couldn’t justify. IMO, he’s another bully, similar to Chris Christie and other republicans, and those who voted for him will now have a chance to experience how he’ll use bullying behavior to justify GA being 51st in the nation in job creation.

  6. I hear you, majii, but Better Georgia will not be bullied, and we’re going to call elected officials on nonsense like this no matter what their office or party affiliation. You forgot to mention that Deal also gutted the State Ethics commission and replaced the only person who was willing to actually follow through on an investigation of his campaign spending with a cronie. You have to admit, there has not been anyone actively, publicly, holding folks accountable 365 days a year for a long time. The one-sided conversation – or worse the conversation that only includes the Republicans and the Tea Party – is over.

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