Obama Mobilizes Supporters To Battle GOP’s Voter Suppression Campaign

President Obama continues to raise huge sums of money, but he is also mobilizing supporters to do battle against the GOP’s 2012 voter suppression campaign.

Here is the Obama For America video (Warning, fundraising pitch included):

What is more impressive that the $68 million fundraising total is the number of people who are getting involved with the president’s reelection campaign. In the past year, the story being put forward by the mainstream media, including a few folks who are considered part of the left is that this president is such a disappointment that he has lost his base, and is generating little enthusiasm.

The reality is often evident both in the media’s own polling and in the number of people who financially committed to the president’s reelection campaign in 2011. Over 1.3 million people donated in 2011, and more than 583,000 people donated in the last three months of 2011 alone. Over 200,000 of these contributions came from new donors. Instead of losing steam, the fourth quarter numbers reveal that people are getting enthused about joining the fight to reelect Obama.

It is these people that have the Republican Party so worried. The Citizens United decision means that the conservative billionaires will be able to throw hundreds of millions of dollars into the race in order to run negative ads against Obama. Unlike in 2008, money won’t be an issue for the Republican nominee.

The problem for the Republicans is the number of people who are motivated to get this president reelected.

The voter ID laws that Republicans are passing in state after state ahead of 2012 are designed to target these Obama supporters. After being beaten on the ground in 2008, the GOP is doing everything they can to eliminate the Obama grassroots army. In Florida, Rick Scott came into office and promptly signed a new law that crippled voter registration drives and cut down the number of early voting days. (Obama carried the state in 2008 in large part due to his campaign’s ability to mobilize support during early voting). In Ohio, John Kasich also came into office and signed a new law that limited early voting.

At the state level, Republicans have also pushed new voter ID laws. For example, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and Republicans in North Carolina have both put in place new voter ID laws that were designed to make it more difficult for Obama supporters to vote. For Republicans, 2012 is all about making the electorate smaller and whiter.

As a general rule, the number of donors is a decent indicator of the level of grassroots support that a candidate has. The new fundraising numbers reveal that Obama’s grassroots support remains strong despite daily non-stop attacks from Republicans, and a mainstream media that is all too happy to push the Republican narrative that Obama is doomed.

Obama’s fundraising numbers are going to continue to be mind boggling, but 2012 won’t be about money. The big story is going to be how the Obama campaign spends the money that they raise to overcome Republican efforts to keep his supporters from voting in 2012. The Obama campaign is planning on spending huge sums of their money on grassroots efforts to overcome the GOP campaign to suppress the vote.

The 2012 election will be less about Barack Obama versus the Republican nominee and more about Democrats versus the voter suppression tactics of the Republican Party. The outcome of the battle to make sure that Obama supporters can still vote for their candidate may determine the outcome of the 2012 election.

Image: Toledo Blade

18 Replies to “Obama Mobilizes Supporters To Battle GOP’s Voter Suppression Campaign”

  1. It’s Obama who money isn’t an issue for. The only votes conservatives want to suppress are fraudulent votes. Stop trying to make this election about something it isn’t.

  2. I guess you must be referring to the Investigation that James o’Keefe was trying to MANUFACTURE….. the little Lawbreaker… HIMSELF.

  3. Why is this so-called effort to suppress “fraudulent votes” only occurring in states with Republican governors, like Wisconsin?

  4. The only votes conservatives want to suppress our fraudulent votes? I assume you have no idea how absolutely ridiculous that sounds knowing that this oppression is happening in minority neighborhoods and that the laws are being changed to only affect minorities as a rule. Fraudulent voting is something that’s almost unheard of, that’s why for example the law in Georgia is been struck down because they cannot prove any fraudulent voting.

    I think from now on I’m going to have to assume that you are writing sarcasm. Because you seem to be extremely uninformed

  5. taking individuals and individual parties out of this, this is the most obscene thing I have seen in a long time. To me this election is turning out to be exactly the same as met Romney leaning over and saying I’ll bet you 10,000.

    We desperately need reform to produce elections that do not cost more than the United States is worth.

    On the other hand I think people are seeing what the Republicans around this country are doing. I am hoping the Republicans in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin are showing the people exactly what the Republican Party has in store for them if they vote Republican. Because we need the votes to make up for those who are repressed. We need to get those people who are repressing votes into the prison system.

  6. Voter fraud is something like .003 %. What a ridiculous statement by Mr Herrick. If anyone is known for voter fraud or stealing elections, I think that would be the GOP. Remember 2000 Gore vs Bush and the Florida vote decided by the Supreme Court when brother Jeb Bush was the governor? And remember the Wisconsin election last year where the GOP controlled election discovered a supposed lost box of votes after the fact by someone who already had questionable integrity? And some towns in Michigan, have been robbed of the power of the elected officials and GOP governor appointed so called “managers” who are paid six figure salaries by the taxpayers have taken over.

    But that’s ok because we as DEMs should do everything we can to get voters registered and out to vote. I hope that some of the campaign funds raised will aid those who need assistance in getting registered. We need the numbers!
    Because the main stream media continues to only promote comments by those who claim to be disappointed or frustrated by President Obama. The media and GOP messaging has done a really great job of brainwashing and deceiving the public with lies and GOP rhetoric. It’s scary that so many have been disillusioned that they now buy into the GOP promises and they have total memory loss of how we got to this place. And celebrity types like Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie are not helping. I can’t believe that they would rather have a war hawk President instead of one trying to clean up and end the wars. And it’s understandable how many could be disappointed or frustrated, but it could get a lot worse with the GOP. And if they are predominantly removed from office, we could get some real business accomplished in this country. Let’s vote for progress and not GREED! Get registered!

  7. The only votes conservatives want to suppress are Democratic votes. There, fixed it for you!

    Oh, and hasn’t the issue actually been voter REGISTRATION fraud? Not quite the same thing as voter fraud, is it?

  8. The main stream media is going to continue to fan the flames of this Presidential campaign because they stand to profit immensely by the negative ad campaigns launched by these Corporate Super Pacs.

  9. What needs to be done in our state is to contest the laws that virtually outlaw voters’ registration drives. They are so burdensome that even the League of Women Voters can’t operate.

  10. The Republican Party doesn’t seem to get the fact that ‘corporations as people’ doesn’t put feet on the ground the way that actual voters do–and voters don’t want their voices denied. They will turn out in large numbers to defeat Republican suppression–and the Republican candidate.

  11. TRANSLATION> Hey guys you know how our party works, we get dead people to vote, illegals and sometimes when we really do a great theft job we get college kids to vote in their hometowns by absentee and in the states where they attend. Please don’t let those Republicans take that abilility way, we won’t have a snowballs chance in hell if we don’t get our votes.

  12. Could you tell us how many cases of voter fraud have been reported or prosecuted in your state? My guess is NONE!

  13. I need ID to get my kids in school. I need ID to prove who I am if I take them out of school early. I need ID to buy cigarettes and lighters. I need to show ID to buy cough medicine. You need ID to buy booze, cash a check, drive a car. So what they are saying is that poor blacks don’t have kids in schools, don’t smoke, never buy cough medicine or booze, never cash checks and don’t drive? Really now, this outrage over voter ID has ZERO to do with keeping blacks from voting and everything to do with dead people not being able to vote and fake names, illegals and felons not being able to vote. The left know without the ability to steal by their illegal tactics, they can’t win anything. Keep voter ID rules in place and then we can fair elections.

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