Rachel Maddow Calls Out The GOP Lie That Obama Has Grown Government

Rachel Maddow completely dismantled the Republican claims that President Obama has grown the size of government since taking office.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Maddow said,

It’s a default Republican talking point to accuse all Democrats of wanting to grow government and to say that instead government should be shrunk. Despite that Republican talking point, government did grow more than at any time since World War II under their Republican president, under George W. Bush and a Republican congress, and this Democratic president is proposing shrinking government, but that will not interrupt the talking point, which alleges exactly the opposite of what’s really happening.

It’s the same thing on taxes on regulations. It is a default Republican epithet that Democrats want to increase taxes and they want to increase regulations…So they say not only does President Obama want to increase taxes and regulations, he already has. And while that talking point is a tried and true talking point, it’s an applause line, right? What the Obama administration has actually done bears no resemblance to the talking point, and is therefore a bit of a flabbergast for Republicans on this.

In January of last year, it has gone down the memory hole for Republicans, but President Obama issued an executive order and wrote an op-ed in the rabidly right wing Wall Street Journal editorial page calling for a government wide pruning of unnecessary or overly burdensome regulations. In February of 2009, President Obama implementing either the largest or one of the largest middle class tax cuts in American history. That was part of the stimulus actually, but you’d never know it from the way that the Republicans talk about it. The administration also brags on having passed 17 tax cuts specifically for small business. So naturally, keep denouncing him as raising taxes, piling on the regulations, and raising taxes.”

Maddow explained that the Republican talking points always stay the same against Democrats, even when they don’t make sense. The MSNBC host also pointed out that the Republican invectives have become disconnected from what is actually happening in governing.

Not only has Obama shrunk the size the government, but he has reduced it more than Republican hero Ronald Reagan ever did. In 2011, President Obama became the biggest tax cutter in American history. Obama has cut more taxes than any other president in American history. Obama’s move to reorganize and cut government overlap represents who this president really is, and how he governs.

President Obama isn’t a tax raising, government growing, socialist. Obama is a centrist Democrat who has more politically in common with Bill Clinton and JFK than he does FDR and LBJ. The right wing portrayal of Obama is so out of touch with reality that only Republicans buy it. The far left is angry with Obama because they thought they were getting FDR, or at least what they thought FDR was, and instead have gotten a moderate Democrat.

Obama has done more to cut government than any Republican president in the modern era, but this hasn’t stopped the GOP from playing to their base with outrageous claims that have no basis in fact. In recent months Obama has flummoxed the Republican Party, and with each voyage into their alternate Obama universe, Republicans take another step away from winning the White House in 2012.

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23 Replies to “Rachel Maddow Calls Out The GOP Lie That Obama Has Grown Government”

  1. I’m sick and tired of the way that the lies continue in politics nowadays with little attack on them. Rachel has shown how the lies are out there, but noone else seems to be calling the GOP on them and so they just sit there. It seems like the Republicans have reached the point that they know that no matter what lies they come up with, there won’t be any backlash from them.

  2. God bless Rachel and her staff. I have rabidly right wing relatives, and I could send this to them, but they would blow it off as liberal propaganda. Fox and Rush have them so brain-washed that they no longer recognize the truth in anything. I suspect Fox could tell them that the Earth is now square and they would just nod stupidlty and blame the socialist fascist Obama. If Ailes and Murdoch planned a takeover of America based on dumbing down the populace in order for the idiotic GOP to rule forever, I’d say they have a great start. Lucky for those of us with working brains, we still outnumber them, and until the GOP shuts down the internet, we know we are not alone!

  3. “The Communist depended first of all on a screening process to provide them with the men most likely to succumb to brainwashing. They picked the ones they figured would be most useful to them from among these. Cunning was all that was needed, along with a complete disregard for ethics; no special intelligence. They have based their technique primarily on the complete abandonment of morality.”
    (1958 panel on anti-American activities).

    Now who does this describe, liken in today’s “modern” political foray? And, what citizens have been the most easily recruited for political gains via the big lie? And, what propaganda mouth piece continues to tell them…”the Earth is square and just nod in stupidity and blame the socialist-fascist Obama” (I’m paraphrasing Sally)?

    I captured this link because I think we have entered a phase where the old hard-line right-wing of the McCarthy era is in putrid decay (and are doing their best to sink the entire ship if they don’t get their way). The right wing must continue their “big lie” for the “Gipper Generation” or the “Moral Majority” who still believes that the “commies” are out to get us…when indeed, they themselves are fools who are just “following orders” by a central leadership who remains in the stealth, protected.
    (“C” Street”, Christian Reconstructionist, Vulture Capitalist…)

    If you watch the movie “Jesus Camp” where the ring leader “comrade christian white woman” claims that American children must be raised in the same fashion as the enemy terrorist in order to fight “them here”; watch and you will easily recognize who was “picked the ones most likely to succumb to brainwashing”…

    They are in decay, our empire is in decay and, either the course is changed by Obama’s centrist position or we face the same demise.

    (I know, there are more elements in all this “empires that have collapsed under their own strain” throughout history, but,do not fail to leave out the religious fanatics who wormed their way to the top and pulled levers, controlled the propaganda and the $$$).

  4. Standard Rove-Atwater tactics: it matters little whether Republican rhetoric has any basis in reality. All that matters is that you can sell it to the voting populace. If you keep repeating the lie over and over, eventually some people will conclude that it must be true, simply because they continually heard it being uttered.

  5. I also have rabidly right wing relatives. i feel your pain. My father is 75. He is the man who taught me to question authority and to think critically. I weep for him now, he is a brainwashed Fox viewer.

  6. We must Defeat Barack Obama and Obama’s Socialist Ideology in 2012 http://www.liberalmediawatchdog.com #obama #teaparty #defeatobama

    We now have Obama, on the surface appears like a nice guy, does he love his family “I am sure he does”, has he hung out with the wrong people “he sure has”, is he an ideologue who believes in equality for all and this ‘redistribution plan’ he has, sure he does, is Obama controlled now by the thugs who put him in office “Absolutely”. But guess what? This is the portrait of all those I mentioned who we all were running away from. Guess what else? People just do not learn, just a few hundred miles away from Florida, another beautiful and rich country has been taken over by another so-called “nice guy” a so-called “let’s redistribute the wealth” another “man of the people”, they now call him Chavez. the dictator, he has taken businesses away, his government now controls most if not all of the businesses, Venezuelans visiting their country get stopped on the streets and have to show papers; I am not Venezuelan, but this is what is happening just in our back yard; bottom line people just don’t learn. Let us not forget that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been prancing around our neck of the woods for the past week meeting with all the dictators in Central & South America, including Raul Castro….by the way “Does this worry anyone?” I think it should. Yet everyone is so involved in the B.S. rhetoric going back and forth between republicans, democrats and everyone in-between, that they ignore what can be considered a significant threat to the stability of our country and our region.

    Obama’s New War Front:
    – Pulled out of Iraq, exposing our security interests.
    – Iranian military activity a slap in our face.
    – Europe is now downgraded, Portugal Junk, France & Germany heading towards Junk
    – Greece in Termoil
    – Lybia and Syria craps on the USA and NATO
    – Pakistan is now our enemy
    – China has us by the short and curlies

    What Next? Revolution!

  7. Thanks for the article and comments. I’m borrowing some of them for my complaints to CNN, CBS, et al.

  8. “Obama’s Socialist Ideology”

    Good grief

    1. A negotiated pullout that did not expose anything. In fact today it has now been determined the day we pulled out is a national holiday in Iraq.

    2. What Iranian military action? Their little war games?

    3 And this has to do with Obama how?

    4 Liby and Syria craps on the US and the UN? Hello?

    5 Greece is being screwed by bankers the same as the rest of Europe. Bankers whop bought her debt and now want it all paid back. Partially by selling her islands which contain huge gas deposits. ANd this has to do with Obama how?

    6 Pakistan has always been our enemy

    7 China does not have us by the balls. If they do, they have had that for a long time. But they need us as much as we need them. That occur to you?

    8 Now go back to your silly little whining web site and tell them you believe anything. You have been had

    ““let’s redistribute the wealth””
    The really funny part is you have no idea what is meant by that becuase you are so easily lead. Lemme splian that to you. The Balance of wealth in the US is 80 -10 -0 approx. The balance of wealth in a successful country is 20 – 60 – 20. that’s 20% top, 60% middle class and 20 lower class. Im sure you can find someone to help you understand. What you approve of is the country failing by practices started by Reagan and taking this long to get us to where we are. Obama’s wealth distribution is by creating jobs for the middle class so that base widens back out to 60% like it was years ago. And all the time people like you are begging for our country to fail.


    Oh yea Niccy. Redistributing the wealth is NOT taking over all the businesses. That is consolidating the wealth. Where did you go to school nic? Why do you seem to know nothing but what you are told?

  9. Thank god the republicans will not be in power after 2012 to effect progress

    When Romney brings that stuff up at debates he is going to be crushed. Now we just need to find a way to crush the lies they are using now

  10. Rick santorum stated today 1/14/12 the more the country becomes immoral the larger the government grows. Sure wished these people that state there christian would pick up a Bible. Jesus Christ says feed the hungry, heal the sick and take care of widows,orphans and the elderly. The very people the Republicans want to hurt.

  11. I see that you’re a Pamela Geller fan, Nic Jones. Nothing more needs to be said. Oh, except, the Saudi Arabian bondage of Fox fear and still more fear, well, it just isn’t a heart healthy diet.

  12. He is just afraid the wooden stick christ like figure wont land only in the US. Thats why they are so scared of globalism. Jebus might land in the Netherlands

  13. Jebus might land in the Netherlands? Naw, according to those pagan Mayan predictions, it’s the end of the world as we know it, and they are believing it.
    If he does come back, let’s remember that some of the Gods have a sense of humour, apparently Yahweh doesn’t. He will come back in Australia, his name will be Josefina. :P

  14. Kurt, look at your chart. It shows the massive increase in spending under Bush, then shows under Obama it goes right back to the normal trend. It also shows a flat GDP under Bush and then under Obama increasing at the normal trend line.

  15. To be fair, he cut taxes because we were in a severe recession during most of his term……and we’ve not quite come out of it. He’s seeking to shrink government because we cannot afford it. Don’t leave that part out.

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