Fox News: ‘You Can Pee on Me All You Want, Don’t Shoot Me’

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The party of “ideas” has come to this: The Republican Party’s publicity arm Fox News had Brad Stine on this morning’s edition of Fox and Friends to justify Marines peeing on dead “Taliban.” After he got through explaining that liberals are coming from a position of idiocracy based in feminine values of putting too much emphasis on feelings, he explained that guys will be guys and under pressure, they pee on people.

Summing this up, he said, “You can pee on me all you want, don’t shoot me.”

Watch the January 16 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends here courtesy of Media Matters:

Before Stine got the stage, Republican Governor Rick Perry blamed SOS Hillary Clinton and President Obama for hating on the military, ignoring that a) both topped the most admired in the whole world list again in December of 2011 with Obama being the world’s most respected leader in other polls and b) the Obama administration has been more supportive of the military than any previous administration. Perry has been trying to come between the troops and their Commander in Chief for months now. During his gaffe-prone bid for the Republican presidential nomination, he said, “One of the reasons that I’m running for president is I want to make sure that every young man and woman who puts on the uniform of the United States respects highly the president of the United States.”

Brad Stine, the “conservative comedian” (pardon the redundancy), then defended peeing on corpses as not being a criminal act, something Doocy was all too happy to accept on face value. Stine assumes (and Doocy does not correct) that the urinated corpses were Taliban, so like the clown he is, Stine shouts to the President, “They’re the enemies!” as if Obama doesn’t know who our enemies are, when he is the only President who actually got Bin Laden.

The facts are that we don’t know if the dead were Taliban or not and desecrating bodies is a crime under both US military law and the Geneva Convention (conservatives were for military laws before they were against them). This will teach anyone who cares not to get their “information” from Fox News.

The Guardian reported:

Four US marines identified by the military as the soldiers filmed urinating on corpses in Afghanistan are likely to face a court martial after an American military commander said such actions are a “grave breach” of the laws of war.

The Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) has interviewed two of the soldiers featured in the video laughing and making snide remarks as they urinated on the bloodied bodies of three Afghan men, who have not been identified. It is not clear if the men were members of the Taliban.

In attempt to dampen the growing diplomatic storm around the abuse, the commanders of US forces in Afghanistan on Friday ordered American troops to treat the bodies of killed enemies and civilians with “appropriate dignity and respect”.

Apparently conservatives have zero concern for how we conduct ourselves internationally and are more than happy to allow us to frat boy our way around the globe pissing on anyone we please because it’s how male Americans deal with pressure.

Where would they ever have gotten such an idea?


Let’s see…how do we explain laws, values and morals to Fox News Republicans? The only way I can imagine this making any sense to them is to lay out what happens without laws. If they want to see videos of Taliban urinating on the bodies of our fallen warriors, then their current approach makes sense. If they want to put our troops in more danger, their current approach makes tons of sense. If they want to reduce our standing as a moral authority in the world (this is obviously an objective of theirs), then this is a great approach.

It’s hard to explain to these children why laws apply to them and not just to those they don’t like because all the world’s a frat house for them.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Fox News conservatives place zero value on either dignity or respect. They’ve made it their business to alert us to their frat boy mentality on a daily basis, just in case we missed it during the Dubya years.

Stine thinks that liberals should be more upset that we killed people rather than being upset that our troops urinated on them (somehow he has missed the decade long liberal protest of the wars). Of course, death is inevitable in war. At issue here is not death (never a good thing to liberals, though we know some conservatives find it applause worthy if it involves the poor and uninsured), but a code of conduct worthy of American troops. Yes, war is hell, and that is why we have rules about behavior. We have rules in order to keep some semblance of honor and dignity.

The issue here is not whether or not war is stressful or Stine and Fox urinate on others in order to relieve their stress (and he calls liberals idiots), the issue is that there are laws about how we treat dead bodies for a reason and if these Marines broke that law, they need to pay the consequences. Stine acknowledges that they were bad, but blows off the implications and possible consequences of their behavior. Stine joins that bellwether of peace Pamela Geller in his position. Geller said, “So let me be perfectly clear. I DO love those Marines. We are at war with an enemy that means to slaughter us and overthrow the United States of America. I don’t CAIR that these Marines wee wee’ed on murderous savages.”

“You can pee on me all you want, don’t shoot me.” So Stine is okay with you peeing on him if you get stressed out?Tough talk for an armchair warrior, but you don’t see him having to deal with the consequences of these Marines’ behavior like the rest of our troops do. Also, we’re still waiting for Hannity to get water-boarded and Limbaugh to move.

Doocy encourages viewers to write in and tell him what they think of Stine’s position, a handy way of getting around the fact that Doocy used a misinformed comedian in order to misinform his viewers and yet deny culpability for it. They distort, their viewers “decide.”

14 Replies to “Fox News: ‘You Can Pee on Me All You Want, Don’t Shoot Me’”

  1. So this guy’s into golden showers, huh? Wonder what the ‘family values’ folks will think about that. LOL

  2. Yeah, they do have a few kinks, don’t they? Stine has urolagnia and Geller “DO love” her some Marines. She must like it rough. Meanwhile, it’s for clear that to them “American exceptionalism” means “nobody can do this except Americans”.

    Well, guess what? I’m an American. Say “Aaah”, guys…

  3. Pam Geller may “love those marines,” but I guarantee the Marine brass doesn’t share her affection for those knuckleheads, who just pissed on the equivalent of a high voltage electric fence.

  4. Pam Geller is a bona fide nutcase who has earned a reputation for being virulently anti-Muslim to the point of being an activist for her negative cause. She and these other fools who try to make excuses for what those idiotic Marines did have a skewed idea of masculinity. They apparently confuse frat boy immaturity with positive, intelligent manhood.

  5. Remember this is the same immature crowd who thinks waterboarding is fine; who thinks Gitmo should stay open forever; and who think Obama is a coward despite bin Laden, positive results in Libya, and the end of the Iraq war on his watch. Must drive them to drink. No wonder they appreciate peeing. We can only hope that their bran dof patriotic crap is wearing very thin, and that the GOP is experiencing its death rattle. And kind of funny for the 2nd Amendment huggers to say, “don’t shoot me!”

  6. Stine must be a go to boy for making silly sentences, Doocy is just plain unbelievably stupid. Im shocked Rush hasnt piled in with the frat boy apple filling for his pie of BS.

    Boys will be boys? Since when were people who are trained to kill without remorse boys? Give them $10.00 and try to take it away from the “boys”

  7. Don’t forget Allen West, who said “war is hell!”, and told everyone to stop talking about this. Methinks he might be a little sensitive about the subject, considering he was fined and dishonorably discharged for beating a prisoner. Even worse, this was an important part of his successful campaign for Florida Representative, which further demonstrates the right-wing mindset toward removing the rights of anyone whose values don’t match their own.

  8. I guess no one noticed that the guy is a “comedian” and he was probably trying his best to be funny. I would not attribute any comments from any comedians on the Left to you guys, if you there was anyone on the Left trying to be intentionally funny.

  9. the right wing trying to be funny? are there any famous conservative (successful ones that is, really famous) comedians? NONE. There is a reason for that; conservatives dont take life lightly. they are way to serious about everything, GOD, GUN, GAYS, even Gummy bears i suppose.

  10. ‘You Can Pee on Me All You Want, Don’t Shoot Me’ Yep. Yessiree. That there’s rill ‘Merkkkan comedy gold, ain’t it. Hardee har for Fox patriots.

    Until it’s their son’s, or their wife’s, or their dad’s dead body that is filmed being desecrated. Fox = immoral.

    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  11. So, war a rape of one country by another, yet everyone worships the effectiveness of wars for domination and submission. Big problems with international law when even Condolezza Rice once said, regarding Iraq, international law doesn’t apply to us. This is just another in a number of events showing the real international law is might makes right and we don’t have to be right. We do occassionally care what the rest of the world thinks for appearance sake and go in public to denounce something if it is made public and there have been many like the the bad apple scapegoats of Abu Graib or Mai Lai when we do allow killing innocent civilians, women, and children, just as in the Sand Creek massacre of Native Americans but we like to have our cake and eat it too, trying to tidy up for appearances sake. With Cheney’s gloves off and going to the darkside we don’t really care for appearances anymore but that could develop soon into consequences.

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