Dems Get Almost As Many Signatures To Recall Walker As He Got Votes In 2010

The organizers of the effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker have submitted almost as many petition signatures for recall as Walker received in the 2010 election.

The groups championing the recall needed 540,208 signatures on petitions to force a recall election, and they got over a million. Democrats successfully collected almost as many signatures to recall Walker (1 million or so) as Walker received in his successful 2010 gubernatorial campaign (1,128,159).

Much of the focus will be on the likely recall election of Scott Walker today, but equally as important is the fact that Democrats are expected to turn enough signatures to also force recall elections on four more Wisconsin state senators, including Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. After the Democrats finished one seat short of taking control of the state senate in last summer’s recall elections, they need to pick up a seat to put a firewall in place in case Walker prevails in his recall campaign.

The movement may have started with Walker’s power play to strip away public sector collective bargaining rights, but the governor’s gutting of essential public services and education in his first budget, his voter ID law that is designed to do nothing but suppress the anti-Walker vote, an economic policy that has turned Wisconsin into a job loser, and the John Doe investigation which is revealing an administration infused with rampant corruption have all provided ample reason for Scott Walker to be recalled.

The election to recall Gov. Walker may not happen until June or later, but now the real work begins for those who support recalling the governor. The same shadowy conservative forces who tried to defeat democracy in Ohio are already filling Scott Walker’s coffers. Walker has already raised $5.1 million, with half of the money coming from out of state.

Democrats are certain to be outspent in the campaign, but the Issue 2 election in Ohio proved that democracy can overcome Koch dollars. Walker may have the cash, but as the million plus recall petition signatures show, his opponents have freedom’s insatiable desire on their side.

Today is the day we’ve been awaiting for almost a year now; today is officially the beginning of the end of Fitzwalkerstan.

This is what democracy looks like. The people, united, will never be defeated.

Image: Winning Progressive

14 Replies to “Dems Get Almost As Many Signatures To Recall Walker As He Got Votes In 2010”

  1. This heartless, soulless robot can’t be gone soon enough, and I hope that he will be made a prime example of when he’s shown the door.

  2. Go Wisconsin!!!! Thanks to politicususa for covering this fight when no one else was. Imma have to celebrate this victory. Can u hear us now Scott?!

  3. This is an Inspiration to all of us concerned about real freedom , not freedom of the rich to stomp on the rest of us. I’m hoping that we can get the same results in Michigan with czar Snyder and his financial planning henchmen. That law cannot be gutted soon enough.

  4. *snicker, snicker, snicker* Too bad we won’t see the door hit his ass on the way out until summer….he can do a lot more harm in that time.

  5. This is extraordinary, and very encouraging! I wish we had the will in Arizona to oust our state government, which has forbidden Latino studies and banned the program’s books from the Tucson school district.

  6. Governor Walker is in a ton of trouble… well, actually 3,000 lbs of signed recall petitions is more like a ton-and-a-half of trouble! However, having a million wisconsinites against Governor Walker may come to naught, because the Koch brothers are behind Scott a BILLION percent… wink! wink! and Kathy Nickolaus will still be counting bags of newly discovered votes until he wins in Waukesha County!

  7. At least this is a tiny bit of good news. I just wish we could recall Rick Scott and the Republicans in Florida. They’re talking about cutting or eliminating medical care for kids so to increase spending on schools.

  8. Our Hats must go off to the PEOPLE of Wisconsin and the Nation…This is not just a Dem movement..I know repubs who have seen the light in WI, OH, and Michigan, etc!

    These are AMERICAN PEOPLE not the sheep anticipated by the anti American kock, pope, ALEC cabal !

    Up with AMERICANS!

  9. as long as I will live, I will not understand why in the United States the people of any state Do not have the right to recall any elected official from local government all the way up to federal. to quote a famous Italian it’s inconceivable that that right does not exist. No elected official should be immune to recall

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