5 Reasons To Be Glad You Didn’t Watch The CNN South Carolina GOP Debate

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Mitt Romney admits he won’t release his tax returns until after he is the nominee, and 4 more reasons to be glad you missed the CNN South Carolina Republican debate.

1). Newt Gingrich Blames The Media For His Cheating Heart– CNN’s John King started the GOP debate by asking Gingrich about the claims of ex-wife #2 that he wanted an open marriage, and this allowed Gingrich to get all indignant and lecture King in his best how dare you voice for asking him about the story. Gingrich earned himself a standing ovation for blaming the media, and accusing the media of protecting Barack Obama. The other candidates jumped in on the bash the media narrative, and only Ron Paul pointed out that the media is corporate controlled.

2). Romney Falsely Claimed That Obama Is Cutting The Military Budget By A Trillion Dollars
– Mitt Romney couldn’t really come up with a plan of his own that was different from what Rick Santorum suggested to help veterans who are returning home so he claimed that President Obama is cutting the military by a trillion dollars. This is simply false. The cuts that Obama announced amount to $487 billion over 10 years. The other $500 billion will come at the hands of congressional Republicans who caused the debt ceiling crisis, which led to a deal that caused the eventually failed super committee being formed, and an automatic defense cuts trigger that amounts to $500 billion.

3). Ron Paul Tells Republicans They Can’t Repeal Obamacare – As the other three Republican presidential candidates delighted the South Carolina debate audience with tales of how they will repeal Obamacare, Ron Paul told them the truth. Paul told the audience that theoretically they could repeal Obamacare, but the chances aren’t very good. Ron Paul = Republican killjoy :(

4). Mitt Romney Admits He Won’t Release His Tax Returns Until After He Is The Nominee – When pressed again on releasing his tax returns, Mitt Romney admitted that he will release this year’s returns once he is the nominee. When asked by John King if he would follow the example of his father and release 12 years of tax returns, Romney answered, “Maybe.” Mitt Romney is trying to hide his tax returns until after he is the Republican nominee, and his party is stuck with him. Republicans should be very worried about what is in those returns.

5). All The Republican Presidential Candidates Agree With President Obama On SOPA
– Do you want to know how dead SOPA/PIPA really are? All four of the GOP candidates in tonight’s debate agreed with President Obama that SOPA is the wrong way to go. Ron Paul said that he was the first Republican to sign on with Democrats to try to stop the bill. Paul predicted that SOPA was dead, but he warned the Internet about the next bill.

Winners and Losers


1). Newt Gingrich –
The surging anti-Romney candidate was throwing red meat out to voters all night long. Newt pulled out his old attack the moderator tactic, and he expanded it to an attack on the media. He weathered a strong attack on his time in the House from Rick Santorum, and generally had the audience with him all night. Gingrich made sure that he stole the spotlight by releasing his tax returns during the debate. Gingrich closed out the debate by dealing Republican voters the drug they crave most. He called Obama a Saul Alinsky radical. It is easy to see why Mitt Romney is so worried. Gingrich is definitely on the rise in South Carolina.

2). Ron Paul – Rep. Paul had himself a good night. Paul is always able to look good in debates that don’t highlight his differences with the Republican Party on foreign policy. One of the changes that has occurred in Paul’s campaign since 2008 is the ability of the candidate to take a softer tone on certain issues. Paul isn’t going to win the Republican nomination. He may not win a state, but his strong showing in 2012 may legitimize the Paul name as a candidate for the Republican nomination in future elections.


1). Mitt Romney –
Angry and nervous Romney returned to the debate stage tonight, and his defense of his time at Bain as being punished for his success was a total dodge. The crowd got noticeably restless when Mitt Romney tried to squirm his way out of giving specific details on releasing his tax returns. All you need to know about the limits of Romney’s appeal with Republicans is that his biggest applause lines came when he attacked Obama.

2). Rick Santorum –
The battle for the conservative vote continued between he and Gingrich tonight, and while Santorum was solid, he didn’t do anything to distinguish himself from Gingrich. When asked what he would change about his campaign if he had a do over, Santorum said nothing and proclaimed himself happy to be in the final four. Rick Santorum seems to know he is not going to win. He’s just happy to have made it this far.

Final Verdict: The first hour of this debate sizzled. The second hour fizzled. Mitt Romney may have lost South Carolina tonight. With only four candidates on the stage viewers were able to get a longer look at all of the candidates, and this did not benefit Romney. If Gingrich wins in South Carolina, it will raise questions about whether Mitt Romney has a problem with Southern voters, and it will extend the nominating process and expose more of Romney’s weaknesses. If Santorum or Paul can’t pull off a win in South Carolina, the GOP contest will become a two person race. Mitt Romney will have lost two of the first three contests, and the narrative of his inevitable nomination will be shattered.

The big winner tonight was President Obama, because he is going to get to face one of these four in the fall.

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22 Replies to “5 Reasons To Be Glad You Didn’t Watch The CNN South Carolina GOP Debate”

  1. Romney also lied right off the bat about the 500 billion cut from medicare that Obama care is picking up. There is no cut and he knows it. Romney lies like Sarah Plain on Steroids.

    The Grinch is still begging and saying he will force Obama to debate him on his terms. Grinch can out talk people and that’s his biggest asset. Over riding what others say.

    No questions on the military, foreign policy, birth control, muslims or anything of consequence. Another boring debate to me.

  2. The media is protecting President Obama? Do you mean the smart,kind,funny and caring and morally superior man that has never cheated on his wife,abused his children or been caught lying and boffing a congressional page/or wide stancing in a men’s room? Is that who you assholes are referring to? This is why none of you will be President.

  3. Are the voters in SC really so easily taken in by a man who cheated repeatedly on his wives/mistresses, was thrown out of Congress on ethics charges, and cannot tell the truth about anything? He couldn’t even get tenure at his small school because he broke the rules by using his time to run for office instead of teach the classes he was being paid for? Yeah, that guy would be great back in DC. Think he wouldn’t screw you as fast as he could? Think he wouldn’t start bombing countries despite what the military advised? Think he wouldn’t end the minimum wage, child labor protections, the EPA and every other department he chose? Think he wouldn’t gut women’s rights? newt would do all of that and more…in a heartbeat. Think South Carolinians…vote Democratic!

  4. Ginrich is a big bully who does not care who he bloodies in the process, as long as the cheering section is behind him. His two daughters rooting for him remind me of the ‘Cinderella’ fairy tale.

  5. The only thing that would have been tempting to watch was the absence of Rick Perry and contemplating who will be next–but I resisted temptation!

  6. I didn’t want to say anything–but oh my goodness!
    It was like they were waiting to watch cinderella get the glass slipper.
    Poor things. How can he use those poor creatures like that.

  7. Same way Cheney used his daughters…his oldest has become his “Mini-me” and the other one takes after her mother…mean,proud and,loud.

    Both, when appearing on stage with Cheney had some weird look like Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrain (Dukes of Hazzard) when Boss Hogg was about to pounce;the daughters always looked like they were about to scream “Gett’m day-dee!”; families of republican politicians rarely look sane. They either appear “manic” and salivating or, clinically depressed, like Rand Paul who stands there so tight lipped you wonder when he’s holding his arm down so he doesn’t salute the Fuhrer!

    I realize the topic was the GOP debate, but we all know that this is just another form of some game show (Family Feud) where contestants are eliminated by a select audience…it’s not a presidential debate. The GOP has managed to turn our political process into a fundamentalist red meat tent revival for a distinct, radical minority audience…Gett’m day-dee!!

  8. I am also sick of always attacking the media, which all too often doesn’t ask enough of the right questions. The fact that Newt blamed the media because a member brought up one of his ethical lapses, and the ignorant crowd there cheered him, speaks volumes about both him and them. Gingrich is a loud-mouthed, small-minded bully who thinks might makes right. He shows this in his dealings with people and in his agreement with the idea of declaring war on Iran if he should become president. Rather than showing him as a real man, it shows him as an old fool of nearly 70 who is stuck in perpetual adolescence on the idea that bluster and belligerence equal manliness. The same is true for the folks who support him on the grounds that he would “stick it to Obama.” They are too stupid and delusional to realize that they would be sticking it to themselves and the rest of us if this hateful blowhard ever became president. All of them, but especially Gingrich, demonstrate the same ugly, divisive rhetoric that caused most voters to reject McCain-Palin in 2008.

  9. I agree. Newt would be the most dangerous man to ever have that degree of power. And the way he attacked John King and CNN serves them right. They are so good at running GOP talking points nonstop 24/7 and it’s like brainwashing. It dumbs down the public. Hopefully this will give them the guts to actually report the news and the truth again instead of trying to be Fox faux news. The MSM has been very pro the GOP except for a few hosts in the evenings on MSNBC like Rev Al, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schults and Lawrence O’Donnell.
    Newt gets an A in feeding red meat to the extreme Right wing base! He’s a ego maniac and that also makes him dangerous. He’s uncontrollable and unethical. He’s heartless and racist. He’s extreme and has no moral character.
    What he did to the first wife while she was battling cancer is one thing; then pressuring his second wife to ok his long standing affair with current wife while she was battling MS. And note this, our beautiful, intelligent, classy first lady Michelle Obama gets such grief from the right. But Newt wants to make his third wife the first lady of our proud nation. She allegedly carried on an affair with Newt long before he asked for the open marriage from his ill wife. What that says about her character in combination with Newt’s is not very flattering and is not what the Right Wing claims are family values. Unless in SC, family values means something totally different. The former governor Sanford abandoned the state house to run off to see is soulmate in Argentina when his wife and the rest of the state were clueless as to his whereabouts or his return. There are rumors that current state leader Nikki Hailey also allegedly had some infidelities. So obviously infidelities in SC has nothing to do with moral character in political office.
    So Newt will rise again because he is guilty of having no moral character and that’s what the extreme right loves as power. Last night’s debate was disgusting that those are literally the actual choices for President of the United States if the Republican Party is successful.
    The way they throw red meat at their audiences reminds me of the old movies when the Romans sat cheering in the arena when the beasts would kill the vulnerable! This is America people!

  10. Who knows maybe Newt’s attack on the media might turn the media against him? Maybe they will stop the fawning and really do their job of exposing him as the mean nasty unethical person he really is. Unfit to even being considered a presidential contender.

  11. You probably didn’t miss anything just the same old blah blah, hate Obama, repeal Obamacare, Obama is a Kenyan Socialist Marxist, Obama is worst President ever blah blah blah.

  12. I think they should have let Michelle,Cain, and Rick Perry on the show. I know they are not running anymore, but neither were the dopes who showed up

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