Ralph Reed Seeks Resurrection as Republican Kingmaker

While so many Republicans rush toward self-martyrdom, one, Ralph Reed, is headed in the other direction – toward resurrection. We’ve been tracking Reed here, and have looked already at his bizarre claims that dominionism is a conspiracy theory, and that the evangelical vote is a myth. It has been repeatedly proven that any Republican who wishes to get ahead must make outrageous (read that as egregiously false) claims and Reed is no different.

After helping to establish Evangelical dominance of the Republican Party and indeed, of America’s political process, his apogee being Time Magazine’s 1995 “Right Hand of God,” his star eclipsed due to his own actions, resigning in the Christian Coalition in 1997. After a brief period of being nearly invisible (Time Magazine wrote Ralph Reed’s political epitaph, July 23, 2006), he reappeared, seeking chairmanship of the Georgia Republican Party in 2001, in 2006 running for Georgia’s lieutenant governor, and working on the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2004. He started the Faith and Freedom Coalition in June 2009 and since then he has managed to keep himself in the spotlight.

Resurrection has become a reality in 2012, with Right Wing Watch reporting that “GOP Presidentials Line Up to Kiss Ralph Reed’s…Ring.” Right Wing Watch tells us that in South Carolina “Romney, Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Rick Perry all paraded before a gathering convened by Ralph Reed’s “Faith and Freedom Coalition” just hours before the latest debate.”

“We are here today because we say unapologetically and unequivocally that there cannot be true freedom without faith in almighty God,” announced the disgraced-and-rebounding Reed, who led the Christian Coalition to prominence in the 1990s and launched the Faith & Freedom coalition in 2009 as a voter turnout machine for conservative evangelicals.  He claims that he is going to register 2 million new voters on his way to compiling a database of 27 million voters who will be contacted over and over up and through Election Day.  “If you thought we turned out in 2010, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” he warned Democratic leaders.  Reed said “in 2012 we’re going to stand up and be counted and we’re going to say that people with faith in God aren’t what’s wrong with America, they’re what’s right with America and we need more of them engaged and more of them involved.”

It’s been said so often that we barely notice it anymore, this claim that “true freedom” exists only in stripping everyone of their freedom and forcing them to worship Reed’s god. I’ve said before that it’s a strange species of freedom that requires slavery to come to fruition. But this is evidently the fundamentalist meme and they’re sticking to it down to the last man (and Bachmann espoused it as well before dropping out). The 2012 election is at its heart a war on secularism, whether it is expressed through our foreign policy (look at Israel’s privileged position in Republican political theology), or  by way of attacks on marriage equality or women’s reproductive rights or contraception and sex education. Even the economy is not immune, as we have seen from what Right Wing Watch calls Ron Paul’s biblical economics:

“The Bible says we’re supposed to have honest currency and we’re not supposed to print the money.”

On no front is America safe from biblical based assaults on our liberties – nor, obviously, are other countries. A replay of the Bushian crusade against Iraq is the least we can look forward to in a Republican-led post 2012 world.

And Ralph Reed like a spider in his web will be at the heart of it, playing kingmaker once again, just as he aspired to do in 1994 and 2004. With the Evangelical vote being more important than ever – since this is the only group the GOP is actively courting, having excluded everyone else from consideration – Reed stands to make another run as “the right hand of God” in 2012. Reed has a proven track record as an organizer, albeit a dishonest one, but dishonesty is demonstrably not a disadvantage for a Republican candidate this year. In all respects, he seems to be the right man in the right place at the right time (or the wrong one, depending on your perspective).

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  • Reed was involved with Jack Abramoff bilking the Native Americans out of money for casinos. They played both sides, for and against, casinos. In the process millions of $$$ were involved. He is a nasty, spineless little creep. He should have spent time behind bars, along with his friend Jack. Strange how these supposedly religious people are so corrupt.

  • This sort of religiopolitical bent represents, in my opinion, a psychopathology rather than a rationally-derived philosophy, and aside from serving the interests of the (extremely small) master class, it is designed to appeal to the little people who want to feel big by a (mythical) alignment with that class. This can be achieved only by giving such people designated "others" to define themselves against, So we have seen all sorts of such "others" being demonized. The categories are remarkably similar to those demonized by the Third Reich: just substitute Muslims for Jews (for now), Latinos for Slavs, and Democrats for all the non-Nazis, and you're remarkably close. The salient difference is the substitution of "Christianity" for "Aryanism", but I suspect if you scratch the paint, you'll find the same damn thing.

  • Sigh...here we go again...I love "smell", the stench of "sin" in the morning!

    I wonder...who gave the word to run down to the cellar and release "The Fundie Gimp", aka, Ralph Reed?! Gawd almighty, these fundamentalist evangelicals can't get enough of this pervert(cue Amy Grant singing "Jungle Boogie") during a presidential election cycle.

    The blatant, open dishonesty of Reed's his cult following is stunning! Reed's work is well-documented, he's well-known as a lair and a thief, yet the his madness still reigns like General Sherman decimating the South...yep, the cult is addicted and totally believe in his madness as a path to "true freedom".

    ...Yep, back to the "The Gimp"; his stuff sure worked the last, time...and the time before that, and the time before that, all the way back to the Civil War...yep, it really looks good thing this time too! Wonder how long his jail time will be this time? Oh well, "The Gimp" is used to his "lifestyle".

  • "It’s been said so often that we barely notice it anymore, this claim that “true freedom” exists only in stripping everyone of their freedom and forcing them to worship Reed’s god. I’ve said before that it’s a strange species of freedom that requires slavery to come to fruition."

    I think that that is the most important two sentences in this article. Religion as it operates in politics must strip people of their freedoms in order to control them. Please note that I said as it operates in politics because as it operates As a religion in people's lives on a daily basis it does not do that.

    fundamentalism as in Islam and Christianity must control your life in order to be successful. it has to make sure that you live breathe and think only of their particular brand of religion. Faith in God and freedom are two totally separate things and no matter how hard this guy tries to put them together people need to understand that there is a difference. It's just trying to get you to follow another master Who is human not a God.

    I wonder where Ron Paul found in the Bible that were not supposed to print money?

    • Shiva, you are so well-tempered in your commentary of Reed and his cult following...for me, mockery is they only answer as evil cannot stand to be mocked, or laughed at or made light of...these people do take themselves way too seriously.

      A good read on how politicians control the masses is the works of Gustave Le Bon. He was a French social psychologist, sociologist, and amateur physicist. He wrote on theories of national traits, racial superiority, herd behavior and crowd psychology...his most famous "The Crowd".

      • I regard these people as an enemy of the highest order. To me to mock them is not enough. However we all handle these types of things in our own way. Trust me, I get myself into enough trouble with what I say sometimes

        • Make no mistake as to where I hang my "turban" in terms of fundamentalism; it is a known deadly "disease" that infects humans. There are antidotes, but few know or believe "the cure" can be applied without the "middle name" of "freedom". Freedom lies in a realization that the antidote itself is made of boundaries and ethics as a form of "freedom", but few listen to that tune...especially when fundamentalist have neither.

          So,I keep "Cyrano's" principles close to my heart, head and tongue...

          I carry my adornments on my soul.
          I do not dress up like a popinjay;
          But inwardly, I keep my daintiness.
          I do not bear with me, by any chance,
          An insult not yet washed away – a conscience
          Yellow with unpurged bile – an honor frayed
          To rags, a set of scruples.
          I go caparisoned in gems unseen,
          Trailing white plumes of freedom, garlanded
          With my good name – no figure of a man,
          But a soul clothed in shining armor, hung
          With deeds for decorations, twirling – thus –
          A bristling wit, and swinging at my side
          Courage, and on the stones of this old town
          Making the sharp truth ring, like golden spurs! (I. 417-431)

    • "Faith in God and freedom are two totally separate things"

      I think you all know me well enough to know where I come from and that I am in no way fundamentalist or dominionist. However, for myself and many other people I know who are Christian, the two are NOT separate at all, and our religious views are that faith in God MUST include freedom.

      Only fundamentalism and dominionism have this as a tenet (not forgetting that fundamentalism has invaded most of the mainstream churches and has been a part of the religious side of this country since before it's founding). It's also part of all other religions... ALL have their fundamentalists and even the equivalent of dominionism - and their fundamentalists also seek to eliminate freedom.

      • I primarily said that in the fundamentalist vein. Their faith in God and your freedom are two totally separate things.

        However faith in God in my opinion does not require freedom. you can have freedom without faith in God and you can have faith in God without freedom. Freedom however it is difficult to define. Are we saying that freedom, is the freedom of religion, the freedom to believe? Or is freedom the fact that you are a free people who happen to be Christians? People in slavery throughout history have maintained their Christianity(Or other religions) with absolutely no freedom at all. However I could be misrepresenting what you are saying

        I do totally agree that fundamentalists have to eliminate freedom in order to maintain their control over The religion they have chosen for you.

        • This would require a further examination of the meaning of freedom. To me, you can be a slave and yet, have great freedom of spirit and soul. The Dominionists want to enslave the spirit as well as the body.

      • One aspect of freedom is to be able to believe in a god of your choice or not to believe at all. There is no aspect of freedom that gives anyone the right to enforce their religious beliefs on others.

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