Setting The Record Straight: Correcting The GOP Lies About Obama’s Oil Record

We have all heard the lie, that President Obama is the worst domestic energy President ever. Unfortunately, the facts have a progressive biased and run counter to the Republican claims.

In an August 27th, 2011 article of the Wall Street Journal, you know the liberally biased newspaper? (sarcasm) It states that there are “1,069: The number of rigs drilling for oil in the U.S. this week.”

“The figure reflects a huge surge in U.S. oil drilling, up nearly 60% in the past year and the highest total since at least 1987,”

“The U.S. pumped 3.9 million barrels a day from onshore fields in March, up 5.9% from a year earlier and the most in nearly a decade.”

“Rising production—along with other factors such as increased use of alternative fuels and reduced consumption due to more fuel-efficient cars—is helping to make the U.S. less dependent on foreign oil. U.S. crude oil imports last week were down 11% from a year ago; on a percentage basis, the U.S. imported less of its oil last year than any year since 2003.”

Now there is a difference between oil rigs on private land and federally owned land. So let’s look at Obama’s record on oil rigs and leases according to the Bureau of Land Management,

Here is the bureau of land management stats on NEW LEASES for drilling on federal land. In 2011, 2,188 new leases were given out by Obama. In comparison, George Bush gave out only 2,022 in 2003. While the numbers do not mean much to me because leases increase and decrease due to the price of a barrel of oil. When prices increase, oil companies want to drill, when prices decrease, it is not as profitable and they do not want to drill.

In 2002 the average price of a barrel was $25 by 2006 oil was at $79 dollars, a record high at the time. You can see how it correlates to new leases in the link above, as prices increased so did the amount of leases.

The number of NEW wells in 2011 was 3,260
, while under the Bush in 2003 only 2,957 new wells were drilled. As you can see the numbers DO NOT show a radical change in anything.

And finally to put the final nail in the coffin of the lies coming from the GOP is the number of permits given out.

Under the Obama administration, there have been 4,244 permits given out for onshore drilling on federal land in 2011. In contrast, President Bush, the oil man, gave out ONLY 3,802 permits in 2003. It then SPIKED to over 5,000 due to oil prices.Aamazingly, new permits in Obama’s first 3 years were all over 4,000.

This shows how lies regarding President Obama’s record is being falsely promoted by the party whose leader said, our only goal is to defeat Obama. This means even lying about Obama’s record and making him seem extreme. Unfortunately for them, the real record tells a different story.

Now this article probably will not sit well with my environmental activist friends, and that is OK. I am not championing his record, I am just setting the record straight.

I believe we need to keep drilling in the near future, obviously, but we need to use the tax credits and subsidies that are going to these oil companies and redirect them to green energy initiatives so that America can be energy independent, not independent by drilling more oil, but independent of oil entirely and move away from the Wall Street speculators.

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  1. Moving away from speculators should be priority one. Next, NOT drilling when the price goes down tells me that there is no oil shortage and the price of oil is artificial based on the vagaries of the oil companys. They need to drill steadily regardless of daily prices. Its too bad our national oil expert Wasteland Palin has no idea this is happening or supports it while her minions cry drill baby drill

    I think its time we charge the oil company’s for our oil. It needs to stay here and export when we have a glut.

    I have a feeling Obama’s oil record, which is obviously far better than Bush’s will be heavily discussed in debate

  2. I wish there was some way to PM. Let’s just say that I knew that there is no real oil shortage nearly ten years ago, from a truly authoritarian source – and that there won’t be one for a long time. Yeah, it’s a finite resource and we MUST get away from using it for fuel. But there is a hell of a lot more “down there” than people are led to believe, and the oil companies know it.

    Your point about speculators is especially valid, by the way. Speculation and 30% profit margins (minimum) are what are hurting us. Not scarcity, not cost to extract, process, and deliver… just profit.

  3. Even so, in 1975 just a relative few minutes after the Nam war ended we had a huge oil shortage. My factory closed, many lost their jobs, and later it was found the entire thing was contrived. Not one person went to jail.

    I think oil can get away with whatever it wants. It(oil) runs the world basically

  4. So, if imports are down,then why are prices going up on import news? As far as how much oil they pump, that is of little consequence since they won’t build newer, better refineries.

  5. Oh please. Does it really matter? Republican, Democrat … they’re all bought politicians owned by the corporations and big money interests. They all lie. They all cheat. They all steal. They all kill. They all maim. They all plunder. They’re all fuckers and they all just don’t give a flying fuck about any of us.

    THAT is the truth that really matters.

    Were it not for the corporate money interests of the energy companies, the entire world could be powered via 100% renewable green energy sources (such as solar, wind, and hydro).

    Until corporations are barred from politics, until professional politicians are prohibited from running for office, until money is removed from the political process, nothing will change, and nothing will matter because, quite simply, we don’t rate or measure to those in control.

    TRUTH: They do not give a bazillionth of a flying fuck about any of us.


  6. All the wars have taken the oil away from Americans, besides the oil companies selling it overseas. This is just a conspirary to have we the people be so scared that there’s not oil in the ground.

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