Stephen Colbert Mocks Newt Gingrich’s Open Marriage Debate Rant

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Stephen Colbert lampooned Newt Gingrich’s temper tantrum at the Republican debate over a question about open marriage.

Here’s the video from MSNBC:

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When asked about the new hot topic in the Republican presidential race, open marriage, Stephen Colbert parodied Newt Gingrich, “I just can’t believe that a journalist of your stature would lead with such garbage like that. I don’t care to answer that question, Willie. And I don’t think the people in this room want me to answer that question…I’m all for it, but you need two people to make that work.”

Colbert later compared Gingrich’s position on open marriage to Robert E. Lee, “You honesty is the best policy. Here’s the thing that I don’t think Newt Gingrich gets credit for. A lot of politicians screw around on their wives, but he was enough of a gentleman to ask permission first. Okay, that’s a Southern gentleman. That’s what Robert E. Lee would have done.”

It speaks volumes about the actual 2012 Republican candidates that a day before the primary, Stephen Colbert is generating more positive publicity than the frontrunners. Colbert may very well be stealing the spotlight from the real candidates. The good news is that the Comedy Central host isn’t wasting the attention. He has been using his platform to educate the country about the ridiculousness of the Citizens United decision.

People who have been seeing Colbert this week have learned more about this critical issue than they would have if they had watched all the Republican presidential debates. Stephen Colbert has performed a huge public service by challenging Citizens United in this way. As far as Newt Gingrich is concerned, the Republican Party should be horrified by the fact that the candidate who might win the South Carolina primary tomorrow has become America’s running joke.

Between Mitt Romney’s refusal to release his tax returns and Gingrich’s ex-wives, the Republican primary has become an even bigger train wreck than anyone could have anticipated. Newt Gingrich’s blaming of the media for his refusal to take responsibility for his own behavior deserves parody, and Stephen Colbert is the perfect person to satirize him.

Colbert may be a comedian, but by taking on Citizens United he is doing more for his country than any of the grandstanding and fatally flawed Republican frontrunners could ever dream of.

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  1. I found the Colbert bit very funny this morning. But I wish he would inject a serious note before he ends and tell America that they need to be horrified by citizens United. There are lots of people out there who might not even know what he is talking about when he uses innuendo.

    On the other hand last night Newt Gingrich showed why he could destroy Obama in a debate. As soon as he was asked that question about his wife you can see him pumping himself up for what was to come. In my opinion he first lied about the fact that he asked for an open marriage, he turned it right around to the media and stepped right away from his own transgressions, and then went right on to the media protecting Barack Obama by asking him that question which was way out of the realm of reality. Newt’s ability to talk circles around people makes him very dangerous because he rarely stays on the subject but always goes to something that will turn the subject around and throw it at someone else.

    I quite frankly think that Newt Gingrich is going to win the nomination. And he’s going to do it by spreading bullship just as fast and furious as he can. Until someone can step up and show that Newt Gingrich was part of what was wrong with Washington a long time ago and that his constant taking credit for our entire American history as well as Greek and Roman history just doesn’t fly

  2. There are a lot of instances showing Gingrich saying outlandishly stupid, incendiary, and off-the-wall things that can and should be used against him in ads. It doesn’t even have to be a case of taking a few words out of context, when the ads showing the entirety of the particular situations are devastating enough.

  3. Shiva — I think that those sorts of questions have no place in a presidential debate. As Anne says, there is more than enough material to attack the Grinch through TV ads. And there are plenty of questions about his political history that he cannot deny, without being called a liar by (if not the President during a debate, then) the media.

    Just my humble opinion, viewed as an outsider but trying to keep track of all things political! Oh, and BTW, it seems he turns off women voters, whereas the President turns them on!

  4. You make some good points and I know Newt will try to destroy Obama in the debates but Obama is so cool headed you don’t think he is studying ways to deflect Newt and don’t forget he was a lawyer and knows how to twist people. Newt thinks he is the smartest guy in the room while he is only a big bull shitter.

  5. Last night they read a list of words from just last night that he used to describe himself. This man is so grandiose that his feet have never touched the floor. Good grief he compared himself to Pericles among many other names

  6. while I can’t argue with whether or not it should have been in a presidential debate, it does confirm what we have known about Newt Gingrich all along. The man is a dog. On one hand I would agree with you because there were so many questions that were not asked last night that the time should’ve been better spent. All they did was rehash the same BS that they rehash in every debate

  7. yes I know you are right, I am sure that Obama is studying the game tapes. You are absolutely right that newt is a big bull shitter

  8. Of course, his feet have never touched the floor. He’s the Goodyear Blimp.

    The bullship is the one whose arrival they await religiously in Pamplona. When it docks, the bull runs wild in the streets…oh, wait, no, that’s the American election season.

  9. All of the GOP debates have been a mockery of our political system. They have actually been painful and nauseating to watch so now I wait for the highlights the next day. I can’t sit through it anymore. What Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have been doing to expose the reality of Citizens United is brilliant! I saw where Chuck Todd of MSNBC blasted Colbert on the news claiming Stephen is making a mockery of our political system and that he must want to hurt the Republican Party. It’s a shame that Stephen is a comedian, but when the MSM such as Chuck Todd don’t have the guts to tell the truth or promote anything other than GOP talking points, then Colbert and Stewart take the spotlight. We used to have more serious journalists like Tim Russert from the old Meet the Press. He would do serious research and the candidates had to really be prepared to sit before him. You couldn’t get away with talking points or Newt’s bull crap or Romney’s shallowness! It would be exposed for the reality of it. Gregory replaced Russert after his death, and it’s just been a platform for GOP talking points. We need more journalists to speak up and out on the reality of this extremely important political season. America is at stake! Please pay attention. Under Republican red states and the GOP majority in the House and Supreme Court have created Citizens United and a lot of things working against the middle class. They’re trying to defund healthcare; they want to suppress our voting rights, deny our rights as women, eliminate collective bargaining, reduce education, pollute our environment and water, send our jobs overseas, and no longer invest in our crumbling infrastructure. It’s tragic! We have to get out and get registered if you’re not and vote. We have to win the House back because they control the purse strings of the US. We have to reelect President Obama and give him the support he needs. He can then make the proper Supreme Court Justices appointments when necessary to end the Conservative majority. America needs your vote to be Democratic or the likes of weak, spoiled Romney or dangerous Newt Gingrich will have the power to hurt this nation more!

  10. But newt is the one who politicized fidelity years ago and lynch mobbed Clinton over it. Let’s not forget that he asked for the open marriage six years into his affair!

  11. I’m convinced he’s clinically “manic” with abnormal personality disorders; not “disorder”, multiple disorders. We have yet to plunge the depth of his being. He is a crisis piled on a disaster who sincerely believes he has a destiny of greatness the magnitude that no human has ever witnessed…

    He’s the stereotype found in those old cartoon of the guy dressed as Napoleon surrounded by the men in the little white coats.

  12. This is what I receive from some one any one know about this coming up?
    I don’t know what happen to this country why become like this?

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  13. Well good, I like socialism better than conservatism that kills its own citizens

    Thanks to you we can all sleep better

  14. So fox isn’t the media even though tis the biggest cable news channel? Lol. Wright and Ayers are all you have. Who is the radical? Looks to me like it’s the republican party. Bunch of nut jobs who are mentally I’ll and claim god picked them.

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