Democrats Thank South Carolina For Giving Them A Shot At Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich wasn’t the only winner in South Carolina. Democrats owe South Carolina Republicans a big thanks for making Newt Gingrich’s politics of race viable.

How big was Romney’s South Carolina collapse? Romney blew a 10 point lead to Gingrich according to the CNN poll. He blew a 14 point lead in five days according to Rasmussen. Romney had an 11 point lead according a January 15 Insider Advantage poll, and a 25 point lead on January 14 according to Reuters/Ipsos.

The DNC marked Romney’s collapse by tweeting, “BREAKING: Mitt Romney loses #scprimary after enjoying a 25-point lead in the state.”

Mitt Romney was hoping to lock up the nomination by January 31, but now it is debatable whether he is still the frontrunner. Romney’s double digit lead in the state evaporated as questions about his tax returns and two lousy debate performances made him vulnerable, and Newt Gingrich was right there to throw the South Carolina primary voters the red meat that they so desperately craved.

One statistic from the exit polling in the state should absolutely terrify the Romney campaign. When voters were asked which candidate can beat Barack Obama, Gingrich beat 48%-39% with Santorum at 8% and Paul at 5%. Conservative Republicans don’t think Mitt Romney can win. CBS News exit polling data found that South Carolina Republicans thought that Mitt Romney ran the most unfair campaign by a margin of 30%-26% over Gingrich.

If Mitt Romney can’t convince Republicans that he can beat Obama then it a virtual certainty that he won’t be able to convince America that he can beat Obama.

After his endless race baiting, Democrats would love a shot at Newt Gingrich. South Carolina gave Democrats the best gift that they could have ever gotten. Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and non-racists of all stripes would love to see Gingrich have to stand on stage, look Barack Obama in the eye, and call him the food stamp president.

If Gingrich is the Republican nominee the race based politics that the Republicans have been practicing for four years will be on trial. For Democrats a Gingrich nomination isn’t just about reelecting Obama, it is a chance to speak out against the strategy of trying to win elections through racial division.

Thank you, South Carolina Republicans. You’ve not only made Newt Gingrich viable, but you’ve also given Democrats the opportunity to strike back against the politics of racial hate.

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  1. I think Romney’s fall from grace is less about Romney and more about Gingrich. Every time Gingrich says something that’s the final word on everything. Certainly mittens could’ve done better on the tax thing, and he was a bit back on his heels in the debates. But I feel that by far and away most people already had their minds made up. The polls will be skewed by those just making their minds up late. Gingrich is going heavy-handed on everything and yet he has really nothing to say. Where is his tax plan, where is his job plan besides beating kids and putting them to work? Newt Gingrich has not come out with a single thing or viable plan. Newt Gingrich has said absolutely nothing on foreign-policy that he would do, or even could do

    The most amazing thing is that teabaggers are climbing onto people who will raise their taxes to make up for socialism for the rich. You’ve got to love that. That’s a gift to Obama that just wont stop giving

    I tweeted earlier that today we discovered that you no longer have to be a Christian nor a conservative to be a Christian conservative. We have discovered that those things really don’t matter as the exit polls indicated that the only candidate they wanted was one that could beat Obama. And all of these people are going to go into shock when their taxes go up, the rich get richer, and more than 80% of a country’s wealth will be in the hands of the rich. That’s what these people are voting for. Because there is no such thing left as conservative values

  2. Because Newt would not be a survivable president, it is vital, if he is the candidate, to watch out for faithless electors, Diebold, extremes of Swiftboating, and our old acquaintance, Gerry Mander (along with Brooks Brothers rioters, ballot stuffing/destruction, and assassination attempts).

  3. All these fools care about is beating Obama, and they are closing their minds to the true character of Newt Gingrich which is strongly illustrated by his own words and deeds over the years. They would never give such a benefit of the doubt to Obama, Clinton, or any other Democratic politician. Because they only care about beating Obama, their hatred of him is clouding their judgment and making them willfully blind to the fact that a Gingrich presidency would be an unmitigated disaster. As much as they despise the bloodless,heartless elitism of Willard, they fail to realize that Gingrich is every bit as much of an elitist in spite of his bluster, bravado, and phony populism. I totally agree with Shiva that these folks would be in for a very rude awakening upon learning that Gingrich would be every bit as willing to raise their taxes and lower them on the rich as Romney would be. He would also be every bit as willing as Romney to send their kids off to die in a pointless war against Iran.

  4. The gerrymandering has already been done. I made the point in another thread that the Republicans have gone so far to the right and so far into the abyss that they cannot afford to lose this election and will get it anyway possible. And at that point they will have to find a way to prevent anyone else from ever getting power and punishing them for what they are doing.

  5. I am not so sure that Democrats should start to celebrate. Newt is a very hateful bully who will use anything to his advantage. Reynardine is right in this. Not only that the fanatical religious crowd, the tea party crowd and even the Sarah Palin crowd have a tremendous amount of energy behind them. There simply is not that amount of enthusiasm for Obama this time around.

    Not only is Newt a bully he is a good debater (actually screamer) which a lot of his base loves. I have been around and I saw how many Democrats belittled wonderful George as the dummy which he was, yet he won (OK not really, but does it matter) twice.

    OK, I know a lot of you do not believe it, but Obama’s base just is not as energized as the frantic other side. That is why they simply did not and still do not like Mitt.
    If Newt should actually prevail and win the GOP nomination, the only way to really get some excitement into the Obama base would be for Newt to have Sarah Palin as his running mate.

  6. I think you’re right, although wishing it weren’t true. The Republicans have themselves in such a hole that they will do anything, ANYTHING! Regardless of who wins the R nomination, the upcoming campaign is going to be the meanest and dirtiest of all. SCOTUS showed in 2000 that they are not above giving the election and I wouldn’t put it past them again, even with the new members. They have also thrown the Texas maps back to the state legislature so gerrymandering is alive and well. Kind of makes one sick.

  7. LOL Ralllllllllph comes from Cheech and chongs up in smoke movie.

    It appears chong was really high, a cop asked what his name was and he leaned over and threw up in Cheechs lap. Cheech looked up at the cop and said. “he said his name is Raaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllppppppph”

  8. OK, never heard of them, but I googled everything (maybe I am naive) but I still cannot connect it to my post.

  9. Are you kidding?

    A Newt nomination would absolutely mobilize Obama’s base. It would be massive. And if Palin is anywhere nearby – look for the biggest Democratic fund raising in American history by a huge margin.

    Don’t you even remember ’08? Republicans were energized back then and got they got hammered in the election.

    Palin – and therefore Newt – is toxic.

  10. i also think former potus clinton, would love to be in the mix to take down the newtron. after, while the newt was schtupping his girlfriend while speaker, he was the official spokeshole for the rightwing and wasted clintons 2nd term…. and how funny it is for the t baggers who excoriated washington plutocrats, have the master of the puppets to be their nod….. the hope is with the newt, that it will take down the rest of the GOP ticket in the fall for the house and senate. in know axelrod, and schultz are triangulating as we speak…

    and dont forget what a newtron bomb is. it blows up, kills all the people, but leaves the buildings standing…. just like citizens united.

  11. no doubt folks, newtron has game, and knows how to blow red meat out his rear. i know you youngins here in blogland are too young to remember the clintons 2nd term, but i hope there are more vids of the newt and his pals playing games to take him down that today would seem like childs play…. the newt knows whats he’s doing, even if he doesnt have an organization yet, or even if hes off the ballot in his home state of VA….

    the newt is a golem…. google it.

  12. Lets also remember if Obama brings up the past Newt will get on his soapbox and slap Obama down in a hissy fit that will look kingly

  13. We’ll see. Hubby says there are ‘a lot of blue collar dems who are just as racist as Newt and eat up his speeches, and this three marriages!

  14. Mr. Obama won’t have to. Nancy Pelosi was on the committee who issued the 1200 page ethics violations when Newt was Speaker of the House. Apparently Nancy helped write that document. She knows whats in it, and she has already expressed delight in disclosing the contents.

  15. Why should we believe it when it’s not true? The evidence is out here..we are more ENERGIZED than racist idiots. Go figure. Democracy is sexy!

    You are so Wrong.

  16. Yeah, sorry, they’re out there. I know a lot of Dems who aren’t ignorant racists and are engergized by the brilliance of all that President Obama has accomplished thus far and can’t wait to make sure he gets a second term.

  17. oh the newt will have a newtron meltdown at some point. hey, he even yelled at his pals at fox and fiends this am. so as he gets more ragged and the toll of the grind wears him, he prone to a good blast of hotair….

    can you say landslide?

    more here>

  18. While some people are vocal in their lack of enthusiasm potus the polls say his base is strong and so do the donations. I think you’ll be surprised by the support, though won’t be the same as 2008 but then some people like him more now.

  19. I am so proud of what the President has accomplished. I don’t listen to FOX NEWS. Even in a schoolyard there are two sides to every story. The republican party has turned into a gang of bullies. If we could get millionaires with hearts to run for president from any party (i.eBarrack Obama) the US would continue to thrive. A newt is a kind of lizard look it up!

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