Rush Limbaugh Compares Ron Paul To An Islamic Terrorist

While talking about Rand Paul, Rush Limbaugh claimed that the TSA would be justified in detaining Ron Paul because he sounds like an Islamic terrorist.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been detained by the TSA at the Nashville airport. He set off the alarms and refused a pat down, so they detained him. He sent his dad a note about it and it became a big story out there. Now if this had been Ron Paul, you couldn’t really blame the TSA. You have to admit Ron Paul almost sounds like an Islamic terrorist sometimes. But this wasn’t Ha-ha-ha, gotcha, this was Rand Paul.”

Ron Paul may be a lot of things, but he bears no resemblance to an Islamic terrorist. But in the Republican Party if a person disagrees with their position on anything, they get labeled an enemy of freedom. Rep. Paul may be a lot of things, but unlike Rush Limbaugh, he has actually served his country in the military. While Limbaugh has hidden behind his microphone, Ron Paul has repeatedly and successfully run for office.

I disagree with the majority of Ron Paul’s domestic policy positions, but to compare him to an Islamic terrorist is way over the top. (Even if Limbaugh pulled out his standard just kidding defense, comparing Ron Paul to terrorist is inappropriate). Rush Limbaugh’s joke is evidence of why the Paul clan will never be able to take over the Republican Party. The Pauls aren’t just viewed as outsiders. They are seen as a threat. The long term goal for the Paul movement has always seemed to be more about created a third party, a new Republican Party than overthrowing the existing order.

Rand Paul claims he was detained, but in reality he wasn’t, and the fact that this incident that Sen. Paul provoked in Nashville just so happened to occur on the same day as a huge Republican presidential debate that his father is participating in is I am sure irrelevant. (To put this into context, if you or I would have done what Sen. Paul did, we would not have been able to board a flight a few hours later, and head off to our destination. In fact, there is a chance that we really would have been detained, arrested, and found ourselves on the no fly list).

What Little Rand’s stunt did today was take some of the attention off of Gingrich and Romney before their big showdown in Florida tonight. Ron Paul needed something to get his campaign some attention and a new issue to rail on about, and he is certain to be asked about it at tonight’s debate.

Rand’s provoked TSA run in, which was provoked because he decided not to follow the rules that everyone who flies has to follow, proves that the Paul family are politicians not terrorists, and Limbaugh’s comments about Ron Paul prove that his douchiness knows no partisan affiliation.

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21 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh Compares Ron Paul To An Islamic Terrorist”

  1. “But in the Republican Party if a person disagrees with their position on anything, they get labeled an enemy of freedom.”

    Enemy = the go to Republican fear-mongering catch all modus operandi.
    Republicans 2012 – just doing their very best to divide this nation into the haves and have nots. Or as W said, “The haves and the have mores, my base.”

    And to Mr. Rand Paul – obey the TSA’s rules like everyone else, you sanctimonious hypocrite.

  2. One more thing: Americans need look no further than Rush Limbaugh to see the face of a terrorist. For he, Rush Limbaugh, is but a merchant of hate.

  3. Not toeing the strict GOP line, makes you a target to be thrown under the bus…why would anyone associate with this scum in the first place…they stand for nothing but destruction and death, and thank you very much, we have seen far too much in this life time.

  4. I’ve been asked for a ‘Random Patdown’ by the TSA before. Twice. Both times, I said no and walked away with no problems both times. Do you have a problem with me too, and all of us who know our constitutional rights?

  5. limbaugh uses his mouth as a terrorist..home grown fucker.

    Rand Paul is a puffed up liar. Those TSA people check us for our safety..not for his attention stunt. They should put his ass on the no fly list like every other person who broke the rules. What makes him so special? Absolutely nothing. What a creepy role model.

    It’s not TSA’s fault that they are real assholes out there who would blow up planes if they could get on them with their explosive devices.

    I just had to fly a lot between Islands so I’ve had this experience lately and all of us followed the rules for ourselves and our fellow passengers.

    Thanks for the article, Jason.

  6. No, I have a problem with a lawmaker that thinks he doesn’t have to follow the laws he enacts and expects me to live by.

    You have a “constitutional right” to fly? You walk through airport security without complying with TSA?

    Bulls*it, Harry.

  7. Cannibalism LOL that would require them to eat thier own but Ron Paul is not a true repub. Ron Paul is what we need someone who does not talk to lobbyists and does not take corporate money and does not believe in corporate welfare ie. BAIL OUTS

  8. Is that why Ron Paul had all those racist newsletters that he profited greatly from even when he said he didn’t read them? Is that why Ron Paul wants to turn certain programs over to the states, which would result in higher taxes on a state level to sustain them? And is that why Rand Paul seemingly has no problem with proprietors refusing to serve folks due to race? Sorry, Ron Paul’s few good ideas are outnumbered greatly by his atrocious ones, and his son is no better.

  9. I got a huge laugh out of the headline when I first read it. About par for the course in my opinion… stupidity commenting on someone whose end goals are much like their own. It was so typical – and so typically wrong!!! (Although I’d agree there were parallels between Paul and the not-so-militant political Islamists in that the words may be different but the end goal is the same.)

    In fact, it made me wonder just how little Limbaugh-the-blowhard understands the dynamics of the Mideast and how the Islamist terrorists fit in. Either he does and is using the language to (1) demonize and (2) divert attention from the reality on the ground, or he doesn’t and is stupid and bigoted – or all of the above.

    If he’d look, he’d discover a great many amazing parallels between the US and some of the Mideastern countries.

  10. Well at least you ran from Dr Paul. Its not my fault you know about 1/10th about him that you think you know

    The advertising is from google keywords. It picks up on words on the page and serves up ads accordingly.

    Websites are not free, I am thinking you have no idea what it costs.

  11. I am not running from Dr. Paul I am voteing for Ron Paul!!! The only candidate that believes in freedom,Do you realize his biggest concern with the war on drugs is the way it affects minorities ? second reason is he wants us to be able to grow hemp for industry due to its many uses.

  12. I don’t have any problem with you voting for Dr. Paul. I do have a problem with you not knowing anything more than you think that he believes in freedom. You might want to taking much closer look at what that freedom entails. For instance asking why he is trying to get the 14th amendment repealed. The one that gives your children citizenship when they are born. The one that gives you the right to a speedy quick trial. Your Dr. Paula setting your kids up for a test for citizenship such as military duty. He doesn’t believe in your freedom is much as you think it does. But it’s your right to vote for him and I say go right ahead and do it.

  13. The link I gave you said that Ron Paul’s racism is the least of his faults. You don’t have to prove to me whether or not he is a racist because I really don’t care about that as much as I care about his political beliefs. If it was proven that he was a racist then I would have a far lower opinion of him than I do. The fact of the matter is he published a bunch of stuff that is considered to be extremely toxic. I leave it at that. The number of things he is voted for against the people and against your rights to live in a better world are what turned me off on him. I am not calling him a bad human being by any stretch of the imagination because he says many things that I agree with. But it’s once you get under the covers that you start to understand all is not what it seems

  14. The TSA released the video on Rand Paul at the airport and Paul was detained for an hour in a security cubicle. You should update the article information.

    Also the federal and Paul’s state constitution prohibit law enforcement and TSA from detaining elected Congress members during session or traveling to and from session. The purpose is to protect representatives from not being able to attend congress for meetings and voting on behalf of the people.

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