Gingrich Makes Like McCain – I’m an Outsider

How can anyone forget John McCain, busily hawking the same old same old we’d been seeing out of the GOP for the past eight years-plus trying to sell himself as a “maverick”? It was the theater of the absurd. By definition, McCain would have had to been willing to do something no other conservative was willing to do and if there was such a thing he was unable to articulate it (and no, being the only one willing to call yourself a maverick doesn’t count).

Remember how the Obama campaign dismantled those claims?

Undeterred by McCain’s failure, Newt Gingrich wants to do the same thing: The twenty-year veteran of the House of Representatives says he is an “outsider.” He wants everyone to know that he is not one of the “elites in Washington and New York.” Only Newt Gingrich, he says, represents a conservative-populist approach.

Just to be clear on this, he says “I’m the people’s candidate, not the capital’s candidate.”


But like McCain the maverick he says he is going to bring change to Washington and that the political establishment is afraid – very afraid. This is what he sold ABC’s Good Morning America yesterday: “They are very frightened by the idea of a genuine outsider.”

Watch the video from Hulu:

This is probably true. But you, Mr. Gingrich, are not an outsider.

This was not his only attempt at establishing this narrative; when he declared victory in the South Carolina primary he claimed that the elites in Washington (of which he is not one, he claims) “have no understanding, no care, no concern, no reliability,” and are trying to “force us to quit being American.”

Forget about the mythical “liberal elites” Republicans like to talk about – the elites are the 1 percent and they are conservatives to the core. Just focus on the “outsider” bit.  Reality really doesn’t enter into Republican thinking at all, does it? Twenty years in Congress, four as Speaker of the House. And he’s an outsider. For the math challenged, that’s ten terms. TEN. And 7,300 votes in Congress.  That’s a lot of votes for an outsider.

As to that, as the Los Angeles Times puts it, “At 67, Gingrich…has worked in D.C. as a legislator, business consultant, policy theorist, and author for the better part of 30 years…” Mitt Romney accurately depicts him as a lobbyist (which Gingrich denies while somehow managing to call Romney dishonest) and calls his post House-career “influence peddling.”

Part of that consulting was done for mortgage giant Freddie Mac to the tune of $1.6 million from 1999 to 2008. But he’s an outsider, he says. As an outsider, what could he have possibly had to sell Freddie Mac?

I’ve never held office. I am an outsider. So are most of you.

Gingrich is not.

Of course he has no problem saying he IS an insider when he thinks it helps his cause, for example, his reputation as a job creator for Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. He brags about helping to create the Republican majority in Congress as well, a neat trick for an outsider.

Huh? And maybe an Oops!

Guess he can’t take credit after all, since he’s by his own admission an outsider and could not possibly therefore have had any influence on job creation. Only insiders can do that.

Gingrich isn’t all that different from Romney – or most politicians for that matter – who somehow equate the concept of honesty with saying anything that will get you elected – and then saying something else later. After selling himself as a maverick McCain now says he never considered himself a maverick (wonder who was impersonating him during the ’08 campaign then?). He said it was laughable – and in that, at least, he was right. It was.

Perhaps, like McCain, Gingrich will also realize (when it is no longer convenient) that he was never an outsider. He is already having problems embracing the idea because of his need to sell his insider accomplishments.

As a final thought, McCain and Gingrich had almost identical scores from the American Conservative Union (ACU) in 1994: 96 and 100 percent respectively. In ’95, when Gingrich became Speaker of the House, their scores were 91 and 100. Neither qualifies as outsiders or mavericks as their lifetime 82 and 90 percent voting scores indicate, grades most students would relish – a B and a B+/A. No, these men are both proud members of the conservative establishment. But keep it up, Newt. We need something to laugh about.

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  1. That spiel about being an “outsider” got old a long time ago. For people like McCain and now Gingrich to pretend that they are outsiders is dishonest on so many levels it’s not worth going into here. In addition, being an insider is a good thing when one wants to actually provide solutions to problems for everyday Americans. It’s a problem when being an insider causes one to only focus on what he or she wants. Gingrich’s phony populism is a sickening spectacle, and it’s even more sickening that anyone is dumb enough to fall for it. He’s just as heartless about the most vulnerable Americans as Romney is, and he’s just as much of a warmonger. In order to buy his nonsense about being an outsider, one would have to pretend that he was never Speaker of the House or a lobbyist, among other things.

  2. One of the high points last night was Newt Gingrich running from the label of lobbyist. He talked circles around that one. The man can say so much while saying so little.

    I think Barack Obama needs to burst the Reagan bubble. Reagan was not a great president. If somebody wants to call themselves a Reagan conservative just remind the people how many times Reagan raised taxes and how he started the decline of this country. Newt Gingrich might also understand that there are a tremendous amount of people who call themselves conservatives Who were not around when Reagan was around.

    Newt Gingrich being an outsider is about as hilarious as you can get. It’s almost as hilarious as thinking Reagan was a conservative

  3. When I was growing up on a ranch, our sometimes hired-hand was a Colt .45 gun-slinging nutcase who went by the moniker “Two-Gun Tom.” Funny how much the current crop of Republican contenders reminds me of him.

    Ol’ Two-Gun carried a lot of firepower, tied down low for a quick draw, and probably would have scared the bee-jeebeers out of me, except for one thing: he was the worst liar I’d ever heard, and I lost all respect for him.

    When I hear Gingrich claiming to be a political “outsider”, and Romney attempting to pass himself off as just a regular working stiff, this rings as true with me as Ol’ Two-Gun boasting about hunting tigers in Africa (even as a kid, I knew he got his geography wrong), or bragging about him and his pardner holding 300 Mounties at gun-point (why were they trying to hold up a parade?)

    To me, there’s something about bald-faced lying that just naturally turns the liar into a cartoon. And I owe it all to Ol’ Two-Gun.

  4. Newton Leroy Ging-rick (the last name is pronounced “German” according to his sister; he changed pronunciation when he moved to Georgia, just like his Southern Baptist conversion), has some cognitive “issues”, selective “hearing problems” as well as “Low Vision” that applies to those unable to read the newspaper at a normal viewing…

    When it comes to “Newton’s Gigantic Brain”, it appears he has an incredible amount of inflammation, free radicals, and lots of deadly plaques that kill brain cells causing his memory to play tricks on him (like claiming he’s an outside, etc.) Plus, he was in Florida talking to a lot of people with the same “issues”. But, he’s no “panderer”, no sir!

    “Newton’s Gigantic Brain” is merely releasing those critically important “feel-good” neurotransmitter (serotonin) to his “audience” as well as the dopamine (for their walker mobility, libido, and youthful attitudes). As you may know, when dopamine plummets, Parkinson’s disease develops, but, let’s just ignore that part of the picture, just like the 8 years of Bush; outta’ sight, outta’ mind…

    “Newton’s Gigantic Brain” is going to implode like the Wizard of Oz fake head when Obama gets a hold of him and pulls the curtain back.

  5. I have seen the list of people that he has compared himself to, and it is just absolutely incredible. I wish I could find it again because you would spend the rest of the day lying in bed laughing

    I did notice last night that there was absolutely no mention of Bush, however there were a lot of Bush actions that were attributed to Obama indirectly.

  6. Well, Newt is an “outsider” in the – I fornicate with women who are outside of my marriage – category.

    Politically, Newt the Mr. Speaker operated outside the rules of decency.

    But Newt a Washington outsider? Hahahahahahahahahaha spin it, Republicans.

  7. FYI–I would never diss anyone with Parkinson’s disease as I just had a brush with the fates; the brain scan and blood work came back “normal” and I’ve been diagnosed with Benign Essential Tremors…the medical community are curing it “aggressively” with vigorous daily exercise, red wine and a little bit’a Valium (you should have seen my kids face when I told “the “cure”…they accused me of being a “republican”! I promptly washed their mouths out with soap…).

    The lose of dopamine isn’t pretty for anyone, but I think in Newton Leroy’s case, he needs a tad of something to curb that hyperthymic mania he’s trying to promote as “genius”…and something to keep his pants up wouldn’t be a bad idea either, too…

  8. The following is a “snippets” basing my contention (not diagnosis heaven forbid) on Newton Leroy’s bold initiative-de’jour by claiming himself a “Washington outsider”:

    “…Dopamine and anger – Dopamine is a key neurotransmitter in the modulation of anger and novelty-seeking. Intriguingly, sensory gating “prepulse inhibition,” which is highly influenced by dopamine activity, has been shown to be deficient in both hyperthymic mania patients and in pathological gamblers”…(H.Akiskal, MD, UCSD).

  9. It’s a pity that he wasn’t slapped with jail time instead of just fines for those ethics violations.Thet way his claims of being an outsider would have some merit.Ah well a man and his delusions.

  10. I swear I’m gonna have to vote democratic if ANY of the republican candidates besides Paul win…. Which means I’m voting democratic blech

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