Demand That John Boehner Be Expelled Or Resign For Keystone XL Scandal

A good job with benefits and a pension are hard to find and if any American is fortunate enough to have a job, it is unlikely they would resign unless circumstances made remaining on the job intolerable. There are, however, occasions when a compassionate employer finds it necessary to force an employee to resign for bad behavior instead of terminating their employment. Members of Congress are unlikely to ever resign unless there is an impending ethics investigation or morality issues that are egregious enough to spark an investigation and subsequent trial to expel the offender from the House or Senate. Newt Gingrich was forced to resign his position as Speaker of the House in 1999 after being fined and reprimanded for ethics violations, but it was pressure from Republicans that forced his eventual resignation.

The current House Speaker, John Boehner, has demonstrated that he, like Gingrich, is averse to ethical behavior and it is time for him to resign his position or face an ethics investigation and eventual expulsion from Congress.  There is precedent in calling for Boehner’s resignation or expulsion, and ironically, it involved another representative from Ohio.  James A. Traficant Jr. of Ohio was expelled in July 2002 after he was convicted of receiving favors, gifts and money in return for performing official acts on behalf of the donors. John Boehner’s case is similar to Traficant’s in that he is performing official acts on behalf of the oil industry and seven Canadian tar sands companies that stand to benefit if the Keystone XL pipeline is built between Canada and the Gulf Coast. Boehner’s official acts on behalf of Canada’s tar sands industry are scandalous because he owns stock in the aforementioned seven companies, and he is using his financial gain as impetus to hold 160 million Americans’ tax cuts hostage in return for immediate approval of the Keystone pipeline.

On Sunday, Boehner told “Fox News Sunday” that Republicans may tie approval of the Keystone XL pipeline to the next payroll tax cut extension to force President Obama to give his backing to the project. Boehner said, “We’re going to do everything we can to make sure this Keystone pipeline project is approved,” and as Republicans have shown with the debt ceiling, holding the payroll tax cut hostage is not out of the realm of possibilities. The only beneficiaries of the Keystone pipeline are Canada’s tar sands companies, the oil industry, and John Boehner.

Boehner’s 2010 financial disclosure form reveals his investment of $15,001 to $50,000 in Canadian Natural Resources Ltd, and they are in the business of tar sands oil and are just one of seven companies  Boehner bought stocks in. His 2009 disclosure shows no stocks in Canadian Natural Resources Ltd leading any semi-intelligent American to believe Boehner bought stock in Canada’s tar sands just in time to reap financial benefits if and when the pipeline was completed and carrying Canadian oil to Texas for refinement and sale on the foreign market. Boehner’s push, as Speaker of the House, to build the pipeline is beyond simple conflict of interest; he is performing official acts for favors (campaign contributions) and money in the form of dividends from his oil sands stocks. Boehner’s gifts in exchange for performing official acts for the oil industry are $144,150 in the form of campaign contributions in 2010 alone. Boehner must resign or face an ethics  investigation that may result in his expulsion from the House.

Boehner makes his unethical activity worse by lying to the American people about the number of jobs the pipeline will create and his assertions have been disproven time and time again. The fact that Boehner lies to the American people for pure personal financial gain and future oil industry campaign contributions is a matter for a House Ethics panel investigation. If Boehner wants to avoid a campaign to remove him from office, he must resign voluntarily to save himself and his family the embarrassment of a protracted ethics investigation.

As Speaker of the House, Boehner could have bought stock in Canada’s tar sands oil companies and let the State Department and Environmental Protection Agency conduct studies to grant a permit for the Keystone pipeline without pushing the project by lying and now, potentially holding 160 million Americans’ payroll tax cut extension hostage. However, the lure of personal financial gain was too enticing to Boehner and he took the only path available to an unethical congressman who stands to profit from performing official acts for money and gifts. Boehner must resign.

Boehner has obstructed, lied, and cheated the American people long enough. He is a hypocrite for calling for Anthony Weiner’s resignation for sending  sexually charged pictures over his phone at the same time Boehner bought stocks in Canadian tar sands companies. Pushing the pipeline that only benefits the Canadian companies Boehner invested in, foreign oil markets, and the oil industry while jeopardizing prime agricultural land and critical aquifer is unethical at least and inherently despicable. John Boehner can resign and go to work as a lobbyist for Canada’s tar sands industry, but he cannot be their lobbyist and Speaker of the House at the same time. When Boehner was caught handing out payments for the tobacco industry, he promised he would desist from any act that appeared unethical, but his arrogance and love of oil money proved too tempting and drove him to perform official acts for gifts and  money, and if it was enough to expel another Ohio congressman, then it is good enough for Speaker Boehner. Mr. Speaker, it is time for you to go.



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  1. Practically, he will only face action if the Democrats retake the house. Of course, if one can win his seat also, this whole unpleasantness can be avoided.

  2. Now we know that Boehner is not only the most inept Speaker in recent times, but that he is also ethically challenged. He really does need to go, because he is willing to hold Americans hostage if he doesn’t get his way with this pipeline that he has a vested interest in. There couldn’t be a more blatant example of conflict of interest.

  3. Wish I knew. Put Democrats in wherever you can, though, because no Republicans will ever act against him.

  4. while nothing the speaker Boehner did is illegal it is certainly unethical in the same frame as Justice Thomas and Scalia. It might not have been so overly noticeable he hadn’t lied so heavily to push the pipeline. 100,000 jobs? You have got to be kidding.

    When the news came out about his investments it was so obvious that he was dirty. While we know that the Republicans in the house will do absolutely nothing about it, president Obama put a spotlight right on Boehner’s face last night during his speech. The American people know and articles like this will just spread the word further. As far as I’m concerned they should stop all trading by Congressman while in office. If you hold stocks when you get elected than those stocks should be frozen. They can gain interest, you can sell them if they lose money but you’re not buying anymore stock. You not taking any more gifts from lobbyists and passing checks out on the floor is out.

    I don’t know who pass these laws or who is responsible for the law that says Congressman can perform inside trading whenever they want but that is one of the most absolutely stupid things that a house of Congress could do. It is nothing more than legalized bribery with our representation. I think from here on out anyone who is caught doing this should be expelled from Congress immediately without passing go or collecting their $200. I think speaker Boehner should step down immediately or prove to us that unethical behavior is the norm

  5. Please Resign Mr. Boehner, You are holding up Progress!
    Signed, Paula Tangeman (A Voting Citizen of the United States)

  6. A republican congress got rid of Gingrich.

    If the Democrats and Republicans in Congress will not do it, it is up to We The people!

  7. By the by…

    >>Boehner told “Fox News Sunday” that Republicans may tie approval of the Keystone XL pipeline to the next payroll tax cut extension….

    And just a little over a year ago he and the GOP were promising that:

    “Advance Legislative Issues One at a Time
    “We will end the practice of packaging unpopular bills with “must-pass” legislation to circumvent the will of the American people. Instead, we will advance major legislation one issue at a time.”

    We’re they lying then or just breaking that promise now (and so many other times?)

  8. President Obama called out insider trading by member of congress last night. Speaker Boehner must have (s) hit his pants.

  9. Where is the petition so we can sign it? An article like this should have one so that action can be called.

  10. You are scandalous, You were only thinking of you investment…Your a crook, liar and a cheate, i hope your ostracized by all. Got caught didnt you? your a sorry piece of s**t for trying to get Americans to pay for your pipeline.

  11. I live in Ohio. Justin Coussoule is the democrat running for his seat in November. I would advise everyone to do whatever you can to support his election to the House. I know for a fact you cannot e-mail Boehner anymore if you do not live in his district. You also cannot call him because his voice mailbox is full. The only way to get through to him is on twitter. I am not in Boehner’s district, but if you all want any information on what you can do to help with this election, contact Chris Redfern, the chairman of the Ohio Democratic party. He’s probably already all over this.

  12. You state that “Boehner purchased stock”, but are you sure he paid for the stock…

    Maybe the stocks were given to him in return for his support.

    If he is purchasing stocks out in the open, just think about all the stocks, options, etc… he is purchasing in shell names, family members names, friends, offshore LLC’s, etc…

    These greedy bastard’s need to go to prison before they destroy our Country.

    Does any of this corruption make anyone think about the roman empire?

  13. Democrat, E. Wayne Powell is running against Cantor. He has a Facebook page. Haven’t seen anything yet about an opponent for Boehner, but he needs to go.

  14. I don’t remember seeing Boehner smile even once during the entire State Of The Nation.

    Not sure if it was anger or terror on his part.

  15. We need to replace the Democrapublicants with Justice party candidates and do away with both of the same corrupt partys. They are all in this together and if you doubt me go to and check who owns who and who took what from who…..


  17. I think the author thinks it’s up to someone else to start a petition. We can use the White House petition tool, I guess. Or get a petition going thru Rep. clyburn, the ranking member on the ethics panel. Here is an excerpt from the Ethics Rules regarding prohibited gifts from a foreign entity: “A charitable contribution (as defined in section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) made by a registered lobbyist or an agent of a foreign principal on the basis of a designation, recommendation, or other specification of a Member, . . . officer, or employee of the House (not including a mass mailing or other solicitation directed to a broad category of persons or entities), other than a charitable contribution [made in lieu of an honorarium].” (Id., clause 5(e)(2)); ”

    Seems like the sentence about foreign principle on the basis a designation, recommendation,… may be the one to investigate Boehner on. Was he lobbied by a foreign entity to promote the Keystone XL project? Maybe. Also, how did he get the info on the Canadian oil company he bought stock in, when did he get it (prior to Keystone push by TransCanada?) This would be insider trading, then. But not a breach of Ethics Rules.

    Here is link to Clyburn’s office. Maybe he can point one of us in the right direction as to how to proceed. I’ve sent him email with link to this article.

  18. I signed the petition and just sent a link from this article to C.R.E.W. & asked them if they were aware of this and did they have plans to bring it up to the ethics committee. They have a lot of influence & circulate petitions which gather signatures in the hundreds of thousands. The more attention we bring to this, the greater the chance that something will be done. “We the People” have been getting results lately with these petitions, phone calls, letters. Letting the Congress know we’re not the silent majority anymore should put them on notice.

  19. BOTH Dems and Repubs buy stocks, etc. based on their knowledge of what’s pending. That was the point of the 60 Minutes show recently. It’s so silly to focus on just one guy. (You could also study what the spouses are buying and see conflicts of interest.) They ALL end up rich, but not off their salaries. But, the law says it’s legal. And, who writes the laws? So, forget Boehner. Focusing on him is only satisfying if you like feeding on hatred and he’s the entre de jour. Push for changes in the law, or at least sunshine rules. Let all members of the House/Senate post their investments online same time they do their taxes. Spouses too.

  20. I totally agree with you that both parties do it. There is absolutely no doubt. But what John Boehner is doing is extraordinarily egregious. It’s not silly to focus on one person because that person becomes the focus of a cause that could possibly be the end of this trading. I have to tell you that I think that the punishment mete out for themselves will probably be slaps on the wrist but we will see

  21. I am calling on Mr Boehner to resign. He will go so far as to hold the american peoples hostage just for oil. Resign Mr. Boehner.

  22. Those are antisemitic lies (along the lines of those promulgated back in the dark ages of this country – before the 60s), and what’s so wrong about being Jewish anyway?

    Jews are people just like everyone else!

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