5 Reasons To Be Glad You Didn’t Watch The CNN Florida Republican Debate


Mitt Romney lies about being in his own campaign ad, and four other reasons to be glad you didn’t watch the CNN Florida Republican Debate.

1). Mitt Romney Lies About Being In His Own Campaign Ad

As Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney bickered over immigration, Romney expressed his outrage over a Gingrich ad, and Gingrich brought up an ad where the Romney campaign claims that Gingrich referred to Spanish as the language of the ghetto. Romney claimed that he didn’t know anything about the ad and that it didn’t belonged to his campaign, but as you can as you can see below, the ad is not only from the Romney campaign, but Mitt Romney reads the disclaimer at the end in Spanish.


The ad:

Once Romney got busted in his lie he asked Gingrich if he really said that, which proved that Mitt Romney was very familiar with the ad.

2). Mitt Romney Crashes And Burns By Blaming His Trustee For His Swiss Bank Account – Romney was asked about his Swiss bank account and he blamed his trustee, which means that common man Mitt is so rich that he doesn’t know what’s going on with his own money. How can Republicans expect this man to be able to connect with non-wealthy voters when he lives on a different planet than 99.5% of America? One doesn’t have to listen to Mitt Romney for very long before they realize that Romney always blames someone else, and every time he opens his mouth on this subject he looks less electable.

3). Ron Paul Invokes Federal Anti-Age Discrimination Laws – When asked if he would release his medical records, Ron Paul said yes, and told Wolf Blitzer in a lighthearted manner that there are laws against age discrimination. So Mr. Shrink The Government, kill all federal laws Ron Paul doesn’t mind federal civil rights laws when they are protecting him.

We finally found some federal civil rights laws that Dr. Paul supports. It’s also never ceases to amaze that so many conservatives who hate discrimination laws only hate the ones that don’t apply to them.

4). Mitt Romney Lies Again (This Time About Obamacare Taking $500 Billion Out Of Medicare)
– Viewers of these debates should begin to wonder if Mitt Romney is a compulsive liar. Romney told a real whopper which is a favorite of the right when he claimed that Obamacare will take $500 billion out of Medicare.

PolitiFact has debunked this untruth people like Romney are disguising as fact, “The bill doesn’t take money out of the current Medicare budget but, rather, it attempts to slow the program’s future growth, curtailing just over $500 billion in anticipated spending increases over the next 10 years. Medicare spending will still increase, however. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projects Medicare spending will reach $929 billion in 2020, up from $499 billion in actual spending in 2009. So while the health care law reduces the amount of future spending growth in Medicare, the law doesn’t cut current funding for Medicare.”

5). The Republican Candidates’ Wives Get Mentioned More Than The Jobless
– For some bizarre reason only known to CNN and Wolf Blitzer the decision was made to devote precious minutes to a fluff question where each of the candidates were asked why their wife would be the best first lady. While the four Republicans were gushing about their spouses, they spent the entire evening ignoring the jobless, except to make vague promises about how they will put people back to work through tax cuts for the wealthy and fewer regulations.

The point was made to America’s unemployed that the candidates for the Republican nomination don’t care about you.

Winners and Losers


1). Mitt Romney – Romney came out sharp tonight, and had the crowd on his side. Romney had several stumbles and his debate performance was long on attacks and short on plans, but judging from this audience no one should be surprised if Mitt Romney wins Florida. Even in a good performance, Romney pulled of the unique feat of making himself less electable.

2). Rick Santorum
– Santorum went after Mitt Romney hard in a prolonged exchange about Romneycare. Santorum is the only mainstream Republican on the stage who has the credibility with socially conservative and voters to damage Romney. Santorum attacked Romney as a false conservative, and he pinned him down on the individual mandate.

Santorum’s argument that Republicans can’t concede the issue of Obamacare by nominating Mitt Romney should resonate strongly with conservative primary voters who have their doubts about Mitt.


1). Newt Gingrich – It seems like Newt has lost his mojo. His attacks against Romney fell short tonight, and when he pulled his attack the moderator stunt, Wolf Blitzer stood tall and didn’t back down. All the other candidates on the stage are familiar with attack the moderator and jumped on Blitzer too, thus negating Gingrich’s attempt at a sound bite. Ron Paul’s attack on Gingrich’s claim of four straight balanced budgets really hurt. It was a bad night for Newt. The Florida crowd wasn’t with him.

NewtGingrich seems to feed off the crowd, and when he doesn’t have them he looks lost.

2). Ron Paul – Rep. Paul isn’t competing in Florida and he didn’t seem particularly energized in the two debates this week. He had a good moment when he called out Newt Gingrich’s four balanced budgets as not being so balanced, but overall, this wasn’t his strongest outing. Paul didn’t do badly, but he didn’t seem overly interested in this debate.

Final Verdict –
Mitt Romney may have done just enough to win the Sunshine State primary. Newt Gingrich was not on his game at all, and Rick Santorum seized on the opening to try and become the conservative alternative to Romney. It should be troubling to all Republicans that Mitt Romney’s biggest applause lines continue to come from boiler plate attacks on Obama. As for the debate itself, the more Mitt Romney speaks the less electable he becomes. The real winner of this debate was once again President Barack Obama.

9 Replies to “5 Reasons To Be Glad You Didn’t Watch The CNN Florida Republican Debate”

  1. A caveat to # 1, Newt lied about saying spanish is a ghetto language too.

    People may wish to be concerned that Paul wants to kill the 16th. I sure am.

    Mitt is a compulsive liar because he uses the Obama is cutting medicare every time he speaks

    I totally agree Romney and Santorum won, however I put Paul up there too.

    I died laughing when he went after Wolf the cringer and he didn’t cringe. Wolf is a softball player but I think he was totally ready for Newt tonight. Huge loss for Newt even though the crowd boo’ed

    I about chocked when Paul told Gingrich he was wrong about the balanced budget. Newt had no comeback at all. Paul won that like an old man beating his son.

    The god gave us the constitution convinced me they were crazy. My last tweet of the night was why did this god wait hundreds of thousands of years until Thomas Jefferson came along to throw those rights our way? And why does 99% of Europe have the same rights we do? Does that mean, of god please no, mean that god is giving others rights like he is telling a bunch of candidates he wants them in the whitehouse?

    Altogether Jason I admire you for stopping at 5 reasons. Remarkable restraint, you’re a good man.

    It wont surprise me if Romney wins. But I will never understand Latinos being republicans either. Has to be a fad.

  2. Aww, c’mon, you can’t really say Willard’s blaming his trustee for losing track of his money proves he’s out of touch with the common man. Just last week my trustee dropped a bunch of quarters I was saving for laundry day down a storm drain.

  3. I actually watched this one and was relatively entertained. Gov. Romney had a very strong showing and I personally enjoyed seeing Newt’s ad hominem and bombastic attitude fail.
    Your second point about the bank account, well I more or less found that a non-issue. If he in fact does have a blind trust, that’s actually not a bad thing, since in theory he will not be able to influence things that make him money (notice I said in theory) and he did say he paid US taxes.
    As much as I enjoyed seeing Newt be deflated a bit, the part I enjoyed most was Ron Paul saying that religion should have no part in decision making whilst President. If only more people took that approach…
    Of course I think the moral of the whole debate was that no one had anything to offer other than the policies that led to 07-08 in the first place so really nothing new to see here…..

  4. Ron Paul often sounds like the wisest of these fools, maybe because he is less prone to lying and therefore less prone to being tripped up by lies. I didn’t watch the debate but am glad to hear that, once again, no Republican candidate can seem to hold it together for two primaries running.

  5. The wives question was a softball but it was also obvious. They were hitting at Newt. Blitzer & CNN wanted to get back at Newt for the way he treated John King and the media in general but they also didn’t want to give him an opportunity to hit it out of the park. So Wolfie pitched this pathetic throw. It was so pathetic that no one caught what they were doing, not even the MSM.

  6. I really wish that CNN would’ve done what NBC did regarding applause…Newt was completely lost during the NBC debate. Newt was lost during last nights debate as well but it was b/c the crowd did turn on him and he also went after Mitt for the Freddie/Fannie stock thing without fully vetting his own stuff…Really fun to watch him flounder.

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