New Study Reveals That Stupidity Can Make You Conservative And Racist


Science has already established that people with right leaning political ideology are more apt to be prejudiced and that people with low education tend to be prejudiced, but now they’ve also shown that low IQs and conservative beliefs are linked to prejudice.

Cue the screaming poutrage of the Right.


Stephanie Pappas reported for Yahoo:

There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

“Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood,” he said.

And you wondered why conservatives don’t believe in science. If science told you that your beliefs were ignorant and a sign of a low IQ, you would (assuming you had a low IQ) do what any low IQ animal would do. You’d react with anger and perhaps verbal violence to stop the inevitable pain that results from cognitive dissonance among those who can’t handle it. Who can’t handle cognitive dissonance? People with lower IQs.

Now before we get all puffed up and start gloating toward our racist acquaintances, we of the superior intellect need to realize that gloating in the face of an angry, confused person with a low IQ will do nothing but give short term satisfaction.

As other scientists note later in the article, the challenge is how to get through to people whose intellect can’t handle being challenged with alternative realities. We can’t argue our way through to them; we have to find a way to appeal to their feelings. And yet, it seems compassion is lacking so we can’t put any stake in using compassion or empathy to appeal.

The ability to appeal to base emotions is exemplified in many of the has-been Republican candidates from Cain to Perry, but nobody does it like Newt. After all, it takes an unfathomable loss of ethics and integrity to knowingly and with malice exploit racism and fear for personal gain. It takes someone with no soul to be willing to destroy the unity of this country for their personal gain.

We see how well Newt Gingrich is using the Palin technique of exploiting the confusion and fear of lower IQ individuals by appealing to their racism, their fear of the “other” and their religious beliefs. Their alleged religious beliefs are based in the same fears – these are not New Testament love your neighbor type of Christians; these are the Christians who pray for President Obama to die and leave his wife a widow and his children fatherless (see Psalm 109).

These prayers of vengeance are called “imprecatory prayers” and they’ve been political public knowledge since the Palin prayer warriors engaged in them during 2008. In 2011, a sergeant was suspended for leaving imprecatory prayers against the President in a stack of bibles meant for inmates of the prison where he worked (inciting violence much?) and Alan Colmes got a pastor to admit on the radio that he was indeed praying for President Obama to die:

“Are you praying for his death?” Colmes asked.
“Yes,” Drake replied.
“So you’re praying for the death of the president of the United States?”
“If he does not turn to God and does not turn his life around, I am asking God to enforce imprecatory prayers that are throughout the Scripture that would cause him death, that’s correct…..”

These folks are the result of cruel, ugly machines of hate for political gain and deception. These are dangerous forces, and sadly, the lower the IQ the more dangerous they are. Imagine them as a wounded animal in the wild who’s been misled to believe that everyone who is not the same color as he is a vulture come to prey upon him.

They see everyone else as their enemy. This is typical in a simplistic mindset. And then the real vultures come to prey upon these folks, pointing the finger outward at Democrats, liberals and President Obama as “the problem,” sometimes using language meant to imply that the danger we pose is imminent.

If we are to have any hope of overcoming this ugly ploy, we must stop trying to use intellectual arguments to get through to these voters because that isn’t working.

We must find a way to appeal emotionally to people whose world views offend us. Perhaps we can start by realizing that even though they sound mean and low, they know not what they do. They are being used and manipulated by a master right now, but certainly the modern day Republican Party is no slouch at their Southern Strategy.

Newt Gingrich is a lot of things but dumb he isn’t, unlike the cunning but rather ignorant Palin to whom he is wrongly compared. Sarah Palin is as much a victim of her own ignorance as her followers are, though she is an obvious exploiter of others – the alpha ignorant, if you will. But Newt knows better and still chooses this path.

In response to the study, a scientist observed that perhaps simple and extreme ideologies attract dumb people. They gave the example of far left ideology believing that everyone is wonderful, though there was no data to prove this hypothesis. I consider myself pretty far left if the Republican Party represents the new middle Right, but I have seen evil on this earth and I know it exists and must be fought by any means necessary (Hitler, as an example).

However, I disagree that assuming the best in human nature is dumb or a sign of low IQ (I would hypothesize the opposite, actually, that anti-war ideology might be found in more evolved people, for example, so long as that ideal was an acknowledged impracticality and not a dogma) but I would agree that overly extreme ideology tends to attract people who don’t like complexities inherent in balancing human nature as it is versus human nature as we would like it to be. Extremes generate emotional responses that too often overwhelm intellectual engagement.

What we do know right now is that far right ideals attract people who are racist and have low IQs. The whys are up for grabs. We also know that the Republican Party is exploiting this in a dangerous, destructive manner that is bad for our country, and that they are being aided and abetted in this mission by too many religious leaders and corporations (including our mainstream media) for the purpose of enacting policies that benefit the 1%.

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  1. But but sarah you cant call republicans what they are, it hurts their feelings abd the press doesnt like it when u tell the truth about conservatives!

  2. Maybe I need to stop watching these political shows, because it makes my blood boil whenever I hear one Republican after another regurgitate the same lies about President Obama. They bring up the names of Alinsky and Soros all the time to discredit him. It’s as if they have a carefully scripted playbook that they all faithfully read from. And yes,they do embrace stupidity and ignorance whole-heartedly while also encouraging it. That’s how they keep getting elected.

  3. Good chess players are able to see several moves ahead; excellent chess players are able to imagine every move, and every possibility of moves by their opponent, right through to checkmate. I’ve read that President Obama views the moves he makes in the same way, along with enviable patience and the ability to take in and process the advice of others.

    These attributes are non-existent in those of low IQ. Lack of patience, inability to imagine the consequences of their decisions down the line — these seem to be the hallmarks of the GOP/TP people. Oh, and the ability to lie with a straight face…..blech!

  4. Well, everything according to Goebbels: repeat, repeat, repeat the same lie from every quarter, make sure no conflicting point of view can reach your audience, and sooner or later, almost everyone will come to believe it (remember the leadup to Iraq?)

    And before we get too smug, let us remember that the German nation was once counted one of the most intelligent and educated in Europe, yet desperation in the face of declassing and change made them chumps for Hitler. William Shirer saw the hideous change with his own eyes. When people are downwardly mobile and in a state of constant dread, even the intelligent behave as if they were stupid; their thought processes slow down and narrow in focus, and they are susceptible to any suggestion that seems to give them a focus for their fear and their rage, an “other” to blame, and a simple formula for a way out. That is why Dissocialists like to create fear, threat, and hardship- that, and their inherently masterful sadism. Newt is Exhibit A.

  5. Note that although the manipulated include large numbers of those lacking in intelligence, the Machiavellian manipulating them can have prodigious amounts of it. It’s aided by a cunning deviousness and a ruthless unfairness that most people would blush to attribute to a normal human being. That is why President Obama seemed so ineffectual countering it in the beginning. Having confirmed that it’s real, though, he has, I believe, the capacity to be a dangerous man.

  6. Good article, Miss Sarah, especially your descriptions of Gingrich and Palin. If Americans are stupid enough to elect Newt PRESIDENT after he has already been thrown out of CONGRESS for ethics violations, then we shall get the leadership we deserve. You are doing your part to educate the masses, and I have done mine. I don’t know that there is much else we can do to halt the insanity of cultural ignorance at this point, but keep up the good work!

  7. I am surrounded by these kinds of people here in Middle GA, and there’s no way to make any kind of inroads into the way they view the world. I’ve tried sharing the truth on the local newpaper’s online articles, but it always come back to, “Obummer is a liar,” “Liberals want to take other people’s money,” “Gay people choose to be that way!,” “We need the flat tax to solve our problems with income inequality,” or some other regurgitated top-down RW drivel they seems to be more than willing to internalize. These study results do confirm something we liberals have been saying about most of the TP participants, though–they really don’t know what they’re talking about and have ceded their thinking to the Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin members of their party.

  8. I am not quite sure about the study but stupid seems to flourish in the Republican party right now. Just read and article on Huff Post about Sarah Palin and prayer cards on Alaska Airlines. Anyhow, the article said that Sarah palin still has clout with the people. He mentioned South Carolina, being influenced by Palin to vote for Newt.

    I definitely agree that Newt is cunning and not stupid. He knows how to use the stupid down and out people. He openly used the race card in the South, knowing full well the sentiments of quite a few in the South. I doubt that Newt would use the race card in the California primary if he gets that far. He already boasted that he could get more Latino voters than Bush.

  9. I saw this on yahoo yesterday and glad, you are writing about it Sarah :)
    It is really getting the cons panties in a wad!
    Now last night I saw a movie called “I am” and I highly recommend it, a director of several movies comes to his senses! After many interviews with learned spiritual and respected people, he learns that:
    Democracy & co-operation is one of the laws of nature.REALLY!
    Not Darwin’s survival of the fittest!
    I will say it again:
    Democracy & coo-operation…Everything RW’rs are against!

  10. Darwin didn’t come up with the phrase “survival of the fittest”; it was coined by Spencer who used it to justify stratification and greed, after he read Darwin’s book on biological evolution.

  11. I, too, live in Middle GA; when dealing with this type of ignorance, I always ask for examples of what they are complaining about. That is one thing that does stop some of the blather for a few seconds. We have got to start confronting this type of ignorance in a willful and respectful manner—I just don’t have it figured out yet.

  12. So…the GOP base is dumb and ignorant, and the GOP top is smart and evil. Oh yeah, and rich.

    Arg. Why, hello, Fascism! Thought you were dead.

  13. I heartily agree with the idea of a larger fear center in conservatives. If only for the fact that I truly believe racism is borne out of fear and ignorance.

  14. “New Study Reveals That Stupidity Can Make You Conservative and Racist.”

    Yeah? Well, I don’t have a good comeback but, but… but…

    …you’re a stupid redneck white girl!!

  15. Gosh, if only these challenged people could commit to a religion that teaches tolerance and compassion for others.

  16. Judy, Maji ! I live in middle GA too ! I’ve been thinking I was the only liberal for miles ! I live in Perry and work in Warner Robins. I work retail and have had to bite my tongue so many times over what customers say, I’m suprised I have one left. Maybe we could meet sometime. It would be nice to talk to a sane person.

  17. This is news? Really? At least we have something to quantify what we’ve known all along. Now we get to listen even more attacks on science, similar to the opening of ‘2001’, where the pre-homonids try to break the black stone because they don’t understand it…

  18. Aw, come on, Comrade Con-Heart…yew kin do bett’d than that! I know yew kin…just get into one of those “Stuperfyin’ Jones”* trances and wammy her with some crazy-eyed stare and talk in tongues…that’ll learn’er!

    * movieslilabner59gstupe02%5B1%

  19. Ratz! it did’unt link ryght…

    (there’s a great picture of Julie Newmar playing the role in “Littl’ Abner” where she “stupefies” Jerry Lewis in a cameo role).

    Speaking of “Littl’ Abner…

    Sara, you’re on to something in your report, but the subject matter is more complex when attempting break down or dissect all the dynamics involved; psychological in all their social, religious and group dynamics as well individuals within those environmental pre-packaged societies. Part of their “ignorance” is due to lack of nurturing or learned responses to their environment or biological; I’m talking diet, sleep habits, and “inbreeding”…the answer, as always, is education.

    We, as a larger society, lost control of this “game” a long time ago; no one would listen after WW2 about the threat of mind control via cognitive dissonance even though it was thrown in our faces via Hitler’s Reich. A. Huxley, after WW2 proposed an actual program for educating American children (actually inoculating them) on the evils of propaganda and mind control…it was making the rounds on Capitol Hill when “guess who” got wind of it and crushed it like a rock?
    Joe McCarthy…

  20. …”That is why President Obama seemed so ineffectual countering it in the beginning…

    It’s not only the President that’s had a hard time comprehending the depth and breath of these kinds of people; it’s everyone who has never experienced living within one of these isolated narrow-minded community cults…ask Walkaway…most americans have not been exposed and therefore, it’s not a “problem”; it’s a lifestyle “choice”…NIMBY.

    We as Americans do not want to “acknowledged” that we have little pockets of totalitarianism in our own backyards EVEN THOUGH it’s right in our face! The reason is, we think if we “fair-minded folk” look over the fence and “judge” someone like a Warren Jeffs or a David Koresh, we’re taking away his right to “believe” that he’s god and his home is his castle…we all have that right, don’t we?? No one wants to set a community standards on “the weirdo” as it’s part of the bible not to “judge least you be judged” or something like that…so, we’re proud and loud of our tolerance and yet…there’s a cognitive-dissonance element that makes us “uneasy”.

    Basically, there is a learning curve to understanding what is actually going on out there amongst our socially retar*ed, what makes people like this “tick” and resistant to change, and how to handle them…lots of people, not just the Prez, are waking up to this infestation rotting our social-psychological landscape. And, it’s about time!!

    It’s hidden behavior…just

  21. (Laugh!) I’ve felt that way for years, and was delighted to encounter a woman at a garage sale (early 2009) who was liberal. She was complaining about the Republicans, which surprised me. We got to talking and it got to the election (she was thrilled with President Obama). She then told me about all the problems they had keeping Democrat signs in their fenced-in yard. She said everytime they’d put up a sign, someone would tear it down and often destroy it within a day or two. A few times they even replaced her sign with ones supporting Republican candidates. They finally gave up fighting, but she was bitter about it. (During the election, I only saw ONE sign supporting Democrats, and I heard and read all sorts of complaints about private signs on private property -supporting Democrats- being destroyed).

    We were lucky in that we found our UU church, which along with our school is considered one of the havens of liberal sanity in a sea of ignorance, stupidity, and bigotry. Indeed, some of my friends and colleagues in this county say that they almost feel like those places are a fortress under attack from the fundamentalists!

    They don’t call this the “Bible Belt” for nothing…

  22. This could be a partial explanation: People think in types and stereotypes (especially Americans). The more intelligent, the more groupings of types and the more inclusive those groups become (and the fuzzier the boundaries get).

    It’s easier to think in stereotypes (lazy thinking, actually) than to confront the complexities of life and of relationships.

    Add being taught to automatically fear the Other and to look down on them, and you get racist bigots.

  23. Fat, dumb and republican is no way to go thru life. this article just reinforces what we already knew. Too bad they keep making more.

  24. Those politicians like Newt who slyly use the race card get a taint on them. Historically the likes of Newt and Ron Paul will mention they were racists who used dog whistle politics.

  25. “Extremes generate emotional responses that too often overwhelm intellectual engagement.”

    This is a succinct statement in your article that defines so many in the Republican party. I could see the word “extremes” being substituted for “republicans” and applied to a myriad of bumper stickers!

  26. The Teachers Unions are not about education, they’re about status quo. We’ve had 40 years of prgogressive education policy, and have thrown more and more money at it, yet its not working… And you blame the Right for that? (infamous quote of former FTA president, when children start paying union dues thats when I will represent them).

    Sadly, critical thinking and reasoning skills are lost on the Left. Must be the lack of math and other skills in education.

    btw, EQ matters more than IQ.

  27. Not even the original article has a direct link to the study. Why is that? Are we to always take at face value someone’s analysis of a study without examining it? Has it been peer reviewed? Or are we simply grasping at straws?

    The irony of this study will be that Liberals will say that being conservative will make you less intelligent… (the irony being that those saying it fail to use a logical argument to conclude that, hence a unique form of ignorance in our soundbite world).

  28. He does lie often. Anyone of intelligence that analyzes his speeches will find the careful choice of wording he uses to make it seem like he is honest. But the reality is he’s fooling most of you.

    Sorry, but I have a very high IQ. And more importantly a high EQ (which matters more). I listened to his SOTU speech several times, watched it without sound as well (nonverbal communication makes up a the majority of communication skills), as well as listened without watching.
    Quite frankly, I am not impressed by him. And coming from Germany, I don’t know why anyone would want to become like Europe as are his intentions (to turn us into a largess socialist style Euro government). There’s a reason we all left and came here.

    Maybe it’s time to find a new country that appreciates Exceptionalism and doesn’t subsidize being poor as a great lifestyle choice?…

  29. You are obviously a paid Romney poster. There is nothing Obama is doing that makes him look like he is following Europe.

    Sorry, but your super dooper IQ doesn’t stop you from getting caught

  30. Your exceptional intelligence has told you that Americans are dumb enough to conclude, from your words, that you are a German. If carefully parsed, though, they probably mean that you were either at Rammstein or you changed planes at Dusseldorf. And, excuse me, if you are trying to convince us you’re German, why do you call yourself Pierre?

    Being poor is not a lifestyle choice. It’s a misfortune. If we make it our policy to kick those who suffer misfortune, we’ll be exceptional, all right.

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