House GOP Says Unemployed Republicans Make Good Firewood

Considering the rather strong likelihood that there are considerably more unemployed Republicans than there are Republicans boasting a financial portfolio equivalent to that of Mitt “look upon my riches and drool” Romney, it boggles the mind when trying to comprehend why Republicans in Congress  are so determined to perpetuate the economic misery being endured by their own less fortunate cousins who elected them to office under the pretext that, as their representatives, they might actually care. At this late date I don’t think anyone expects the Republican leadership to care what happens to poor Democrats, even if those poor Democrats are fellow Americans, but you would expect them to harbor at least a flicker of warmth for members of their own family, right?

Yeah, well. In a word? No.

From the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Jan. 17, 2012:

A provision that some policymakers may seek to include in legislation to extend the payroll tax cut through the end of 2012 would authorize the Secretary of Labor to let up to ten states per year use unemployment insurance (UI) funds for purposes other than paying benefits.  The provision, part of the full-year payroll-tax bill that the House passed in December, would undermine UI’s fundamental purpose since its creation in the 1930s.

As the article goes on to explain in some depth, allowing states to use funds set aside for unemployment insurance for anything else other than, well, unemployment insurance, directly contradicts the purpose and intent of the entire program. This isn’t Unemployment and Whatever Else Needs Funding Insurance. This is money that has been deducted from the paychecks of working people for decades for the express purpose of providing them a minimal safety net when they lose their jobs through no fault of their own. This is not a hand-out. This safety net was earned, and as someone who is currently receiving unemployment, I am here to testify that it is indeed a minimal economic safety net, but it is critically important as I try to find another job as an adult of 50 plus years.

But like I said, I hardly expect the Republican leadership to give a damn about my circumstances as an unemployed Democrat. But I also happen to know some unemployed Republicans, and I’m wondering why the Republicans in the House would introduce legislation that could effectively begin the process of unraveling a program that has helped so many Americans (including Republicans), especially in times like these. Here in Michigan, our own Republican Governor Rick Snyder has already signed legislation that would effectively make it much harder for unemployed workers to get unemployment insurance beginning this year and that would cut back the length of time you can collect those benefits. Snyder says that the purpose is to encourage folks to work. Right. Apparently he’s forgotten that he is the governor of the one state that has been hit harder than any other during the economic crisis, and where the unemployment rate is among the highest in the nation. But I guess if you’re Gov. Snyder you can just close your eyes, click your little glass heels, and wish it so.

That’s a magic trick we all wish we knew how to perform.



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5 Replies to “House GOP Says Unemployed Republicans Make Good Firewood”

  1. Why does no one point out the fact that if you go to any of the red states you will find people suffering so much more than in other states. Look at Ohio, Michigan, Arizona, etc. No benefits. No unions. No jobs! No good wages! Making their own laws!!! Lil Dictators if you will. And their deficits higher than blue states. Why does no one bring out how the Rick Snyder’s and Walkers of this country and all of their cohorts are doing every thing in their power to TAKE the power from the people and make them SUFFER LIKE NO OTHER all because they have unions! And that includes REPUBLICAN CONSITUENTS. For a party to let you suffer as a human being when there is no need to..but because they hate the black man in the WH who is smarter than them and has done more than they did in 8 years–says volumes about YOU as a person to take the abuse –and it says volumes about THE GOP! Reminds me of an abused wife who stays with the “abuser” because SHE LOVES HIM! Stupid! If he did it once..He WILL abuse you AGAIN! Trust me! And you want to vote for the GOP party again? After all the damage they did under Bush? would actually vote for a GOP again? Lying about what BUSH DID does not make it so. HE DID RUIN THIS COUNTRY! HE DID LEAVE YOU AND ME in the cold AND broke and busted without a job! HE DID ALLOW EVERYONE TO MAKE MONEY except YOU AND ME! Everyone should be at his door screaming at the top of their lungs for what he did TO US..instead they scream at Obama. ITS ALWAYS BEEN EASIER TO BLAME THE BLACK MAN FOR OUR CRIMES. And throw such hate at our President who is the only one trying to find jobs for us. BUSH should of given that 100 MILLION he received for that LIBRARY back to the people so they could create JOBS! He did not deserve that. He deserves to be in a jail cell with Cheney. The barbaric 2: TORTURERS! You people are sick who approved this along with them! I see you all out there cheering the GOP candidates. NOT ONE OF THEM OFFERING ANYTHING THAT WILL BENEFIT YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN OR YOUR GRANPARENTS OR PARENTS in the future. They have clearly stated debate after debate..NO TAX BREAKS FOR MIDDLE AMERICA..but YOU WILL PAY for the tax breaks they give to THE RICH to the tune of 1 TRILLION DOLLARS!! But lets blame Obama for that too–if it makes you feel good. Lets blame that deficit and your suffering by the GOP on OBAMA. YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE RICH TO STAY RICH UNDER GOP RULE! Is that really what you GOP constiuents want? None of this makes you mad? That not one thing in their debates includes one thing of for you? How could you vote for a party that is so blatantly cold blooded and DOES NOT HAVE A PLAN FOR YOU since Obama came into office. Stop thinking that once they get’ll get a job. Give me a break! 2-1/2 years of destruction –AND NO JOBS FROM YOUR GOP!!! Even if by some nitemare..they should win the can forget about everything you have. BECAUSE THEY WILL ONLY DO FOR THE BANKS AND CORPORATIONS! Do not kid yourself. They don’t want JOBS BEING CREATED –so you CAN BLAME OBAMA! You fools! WHY DO YOU NOT YELL AT BOEHNER CANTOR MCCCONELL ..your LEADERS WHO ARE HOLDING UP THE JOBS??? and getting us bad credit ratings! why??? Who stopped all the JOBS BILLS that Pres Obama put thru? The GOP! Who didn’t want you to get unemployment insurance knowing they caused you to lose your job!. THE GOP! Who calls you lazy all in the same breath? The GOP! Who didn’t want to save the auto industry and save millions of JOBS. THE GOP! Who didn’t want Obama to make the oil companies pay THE PEOPLE FOR THEIR LOSSES after their negligent oil spill make the people right again.. THE GOP! Who wants to put children to work? THE GOP! Whose breaking up unions because they are the basis of keeping salaries and wages fair! The GOP! Who wants to do away with min wage! THE GOP! WHO DOES NOT WANT YOU TO EVER HAVE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE???? THE GOP! Know why? because they can make more money letting the INSURANCE COMPANIES RIP YOU OFF! and heaven forbid if there is money to be made it will be ..for them and the 1% ..THEY WILL BE CONCENTRATING ON THAT..NOT YOU! Please use your “COMMON SENSE” when voting..because when you lose it all under the GOP..(and in turn make us suffer again!) DON’T EVER LET ME OR ANYONE SEE YOU CRY! Bigotry IS sheer IGNORANCE. It took years and years starting with our grandparents and parents (mostly immigrants) with their sweat to MAKE THIS COUNTRY WHAT IT IS TODAY. The GOP and their hate for all mankind will DESTROY IT! I pray to God the RW constituency is smarter than that ..I really do. For all our sakes.

  2. The fight has to be against who snyder and the rest of these people are working for. This is not a bunch of diverse rogue governors that are exceptionally unAmerican, they are working for some one

  3. Maybe Snyder is looking forward to a world where all those unemployed people go elsewhere to find a job. That would leave large expanses of unpopulated land that could be sold off for private investment to destroy as they see fit.

  4. This is what never ceases to surprise me. The fact that there are unemployed Republicans who would still vote for folks who want to keep them underwater is a testament to their inability or unwillingness to acknowledge the reality that is painfully obvious to any thinking American. Those folks don’t give a damn about them, and use wedge issues every election cycle in order to get their votes by riling them up.
    Do they seriously believe Willard or Newt would do anything for them?

  5. Stupid people vote for stupid people…that ask “What the hell happened?” when they find those they voted for screwed them. The tea nust think that by a miracle, they will be exempt for their party’s destruction poised against them. When they realize they screwed up and are in the gutter, it will be to late for them too.

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