Fox News’ Attack On Obama For Using Air Force One Crashes And Burns


In what may be the most absurd attack on a sitting president ever, Fox News criticized President Barack Obama for flying on the presidential plane, Air Force One.

Here is the video from Media Matters:


On Fox and Friends, Eric Bolling said, “Let me just do the Air Force One guys, $181, 757 per hour to operate, so I just did a little math. I followed the money a little bit. I did the flight times between the cities. You end up with DC to Iowa, Iowa to Arizona, Arizona to Vegas, et cetera, et cetera back and forth. Eight hours and forty eight minutes, and that comes to about $1.6 million just to fly that airplane around the country. Forget security and the other things that are associated with it, so it’s costing the taxpayer a lot for Mr. Obama to show up at these places.”

Fox News is outraged that President Obama is hitting the road to give speeches that are based on the State Of The Union Address, but they didn’t seem to mind when President George W. Bush used Air Force One to campaign for reelection more than any other president.

On June 16, 2004, CNN reported, “President Bush is using Air Force One for re-election travel more heavily than any predecessor, wringing maximum political mileage from a perk of office paid for by taxpayers. While John Kerry digs into his campaign bank account to charter a plane to roam the country, Bush often travels at no cost to his campaign simply by declaring a trip ‘official’ travel rather than ‘political.’ Even when the White House deems a trip as political, the cost to Bush’s campaign is minimal. In such instances, the campaign must only pay the government the equivalent of a comparable first-class fare for passengers. It’s a minuscule sum, compared to the $56,800-per-hour it costs to run Air Force One.”

In 2012 terms, each one of President Bush’s 77 trips to Crawford, TX on Air Force One cost the taxpayers, over $727,000. President Bush’s trips to his ranch alone cost the taxpayers the equivalent of $55,979,000. This doesn’t include all of the campaign stops that the then president used Air Force One for in 2004.

Presidents have always used Air Force One for political activities. Back in 1984, Ronald Reagan used Air Force One to run for reelection. Obama technically wasn’t campaigning with his post State Of The Union western swing. He hasn’t mentioned his reelection in any of his remarks. The president is using the bully pulpit to rally support for his agenda.

Beyond the hypocrisy, the most absurd part of Fox News’ Air Force One attack on Obama is the fact that they don’t think the president should be flying in the official president aircraft. If President Obama isn’t supposed to use Air Force One, how is he supposed to fly? The President Of The United States can’t fly commercial. President Obama isn’t using Air Force One as his personal taxi to head down to the ranch like George W. Bush did.

Bolling’s attack on the president was Fox News’ latest attempt to delegitimize Obama. White Republican presidents are allowed to abuse Air Force One as a birthright, but the African American president is not allowed to use the presidential jet for official business.

Leave it up to Fox News to launch the dumbest attack on a president ever.

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29 Replies to “Fox News’ Attack On Obama For Using Air Force One Crashes And Burns”

  1. F you fox noise. Yeah, thats right. I went there. You racist pos! Obama is more worthy than any of your candidates.mhes smarter, supremely competent, compassionate, a loyal husband and great dad and his dog doesnt ride on the roof of his car. He also fixed the mess your idiot left. Raised our standing internationally and more.

    Howd ya like those navy seals carrying out another successful obama mission, fox? F u!

  2. “…White Republican presidents are allowed to abuse Air Force One as a birthright, but the African American president is not allowed to use the presidential jet for official business….”

    That says it all!

    Rupey-Poopie and Jolly Roger need thier big boy man-pants, actually Depends, “changed” as you can smell them dragging their bottoms all over the place–eewuweee!

  3. Every one of these loons is a certifiable racist nutcase. Just when we think they can’t come up with anything nuttier,they always manage to prove us wrong. It’s quite obvious that racism is driving them, because nothing else makes a bit of sense. President Obama has all the class, intelligence, and integrity that are so obviously lacking in these jackals. Yet, these fools have the absolute audacity to question the patriotism and the right of our president to avail himself of all the amenities that the previous 43 presidents have partaken of. They are a bunch of contemptible, intellectually stunted, and emotionally arrested cretins on a station that has no business calling itself a purveyor of

  4. The POTUS does not have to justify himself to these people. Obama haters want to deprive this president of every single honor, title, perk and benefit that comes from this office. Joe Wilson’s “you lie,”Jan Brewer’s finger-wagging, and tea-party Obama-as-Hitler posters can be directly attributed to the hate and fear mongering stirred up on a daily basis at FUX News. Their viewers are the lowest of the low in terms of intelligence, education and the milk of human kindness. And it’s playing at every all-you-can-engorge buffet diner down in Dixie.

  5. That name Eric Bolling says it all. He loves Sarah Palin and wants her to run for President.He is a shrill for Palin.He fit in really great at Fox.

  6. Obama is supposed to buy a mule and ride around the country on it. And his children are supposed to follow along to scoop the poop. The GOP is just terrified of this very nice, very intelligent and very GOOD President. There is not a person in the entire GOP who can hold a candle to him, and they know it. Ain’t it a shame we won’t even have a contest this fall.

  7. The Dissocialist machine has nothing to offer their lumpenproletariat marks but, “At least we’re white”.

  8. But wait! Ron Christie, on Chris Matthews’ show today, said there is not ONE proven instance of racism from the tea party! Yes, yes! We on the left made UP all those Hitler/Obama posters! We made up all the disgusting racist crap they show at their rallies. We forced that one congressman to call Pres. Obama a “tar baby”. This, from Fox, is the epitome of stupidity, truly. I think it shows their absolute desperation now, as they watch their party circle the drain, slowing imploding. They’ve just got nothing else.

  9. it appears Mr. Bolling is just a male prostitute for the pimps AKA Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. Dig dirt when its convenient for you but never mention the lack of family values in their House Speaker (good thing Newt’s not a marriage counselor)!

  10. For your information, it’s President Obama. Not Mr. Obama. He has earned the title and deserves your respect whether you like him or not. Stop being so childish and grow up.

  11. “Ain’t it a shame we won’t even have a contest this fall.”

    No, not really =) But I understand your sentiment. For the duration, we’ll just all sit back and pop popcorn for the show.

  12. This is about the black guy on the president’s airplane! When will these idiots understand the world is composed of people who all look different! I am totally fed up and ready to call anyone out on their racism on this one!

  13. Fox News is NOT the problem here.

    As a conservative who totally disagrees with Obama’s policies I don’t begrudge him, the president, in using Airforce One.

    However Fox News is correct when it says that He is flying all around the world on tax payers money.

    In a time when you have a REAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of 16.5% is it really wise for the government to spend that kind of money on air plane trips that the president really need.

    I don’t think flying around the country as often as he does is necessary…

    But what I wouldn’t give to be able to just call the Air force and book one round trip for myself….I mean it is OUR airplane not His.

  14. So basically all presidents who have used AF 1 were wrong? Because Obama is doing nothing that presidents since Johnson havent done

  15. “Tom” is just trying to put a different spin on the same old racist bigotry.

    Conservative = Racist Bigot. Refer to the thread about the ties between conservativism/racism and low intelligence.

  16. you forgot — very intelligent and very (BLACK) President . Not that they will actually say that.. unless they say something like he’s the food stamp president. How stupid do these frackin’ people think we are?!

  17. Hey Fox, at least the govt gets the private jet write-off. Otherwise, I’s sure the country would go bankrupt. Remember when Michelle Backdraft said the Presidents trip to India cost $2B per day? Same shit.

  18. Their accusations, complaints and laments get more and more outlandish every day. They must be feeling very very desperate.

  19. I’m sure Obama would be happy to use a smaller plane and he has on occasion. However he is the President and he can’t be hundreds of miles away from secure communications with the nation’s Defense network. All Presidents have toured the country except Harrison, who was in bed sick for a month before he died.

  20. Are these people serious? The racist media pushing GOP policies have to be shown for what they are here. Wake up America, the GOP is dragging our country back to the dark ages and shaming us world wide. As the world progresses we go backwards daily, all due to these so called religous nuts who USE religion as a bat to beat idiots into submission. Glen Beck has no business being on the air and any decency left in this country should be used to demand beck be sent packing..He shouldn’t even warrent the dignity to be quoted at this point. He is what is wrong with this country and those who worship his racist hatred.

  21. Whether the idiots at Fox realize it or not, Obama is the President of The United States of America and there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it, except, maybe, commit suicide and save themselves the mortal pain it causes them.

  22. Technically, there’s a reason for it being Mr. President, and Mr. Obama is correct. The idea is that this is simply a citizen of the country (yes, he was born in Hawaii, so get over it!) filling a post. NOT a royal or inherited position. So “Mr. Obama” should be taken as a mark of respect for the office, not a slap. The fact that so many people try to make it one should not affect the reality.

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