Behind Jan Brewer’s Tall Tales of Intimidation Hides a Dishonest Despot

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  1. Jan Brewer need to go to AA or NA like her compatriot Sarah Palin also,too!
    What a disgusting person. What a disgrace to her state?
    And what was a article I read yesterday? When she was in Leg she was p/u for DUI yet NOT ARRESTED?? She hit a vehicle while intoxicated!
    Are all “A” states corrupt?

  2. DUI? Of course. She should be impeached. She’s not well. Mental illness runs in the family too. She’s a disgrace!

  3. Start by calling her out on her lack of basic manners and continue downhill with all of her other character flaws. Arizona should be ashamed by this governor.

  4. The way this blog entry was headed, SarahJ –studiously AVOIDING any mention of the similarity of Jan Brewer’s despotism to that of the former governor of Alaska — I thought I’d have to write a comment about that.

    I’m glad you did mention Sarah Palin, albeit ever so slightly — “Palinesque” was too little and too kind to either of the Red Queens.

  5. Jan Brewer is such a 1% wannabee. She has seen how power can work and wants to have that power.

    Why did the people of AZ give her some of it?

  6. Those who complain the loudest are attempting to distract others from their own shortcomings. Palin loves to point out crony capitalists and crony bureaucrats, yet she, Rick Scott, Jan Brewer and other conservatives are the worst examples of that they deride in others.

    When will the MSM cry foul?

  7. Sarah, I tip my hat to you. After 45 years in Arizona, I thought I knew everything there was to know about Jan Brewer. You sure dug up some juicy new bones. Well done!

  8. How on earth does a guy get 75,000 in SS? I singed up for mine 2 nights ago on the net, and I will not live long enough to get 75,000 big ones. And I have worked for SS wages since I was 16. Is his dad named Mittens by any chance? WTF?

    This sounds just like Walker. He has sole right to sell off Wisconsins power plants to anyone he wants for any prices he deems right. I am betting she works for the same people as Walker does.

    But if the people of Arizona elect her again, its proof that all of them except for DL deserve what they get

  9. It is a mystery to me how some people get elected. I suspect there must have been a lot of dead headless people voting her in as Governor!

  10. I remember when she cut out organ transplants from the medicaid budget budget.. therefore coining the term “janacide”

  11. When an alcoholic’s brain gets too wet, the alcoholic comes down with Korsakov’s Psychosis, which creates a compulsion to lie and lie.

  12. I have a neighbor who has the diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia, has served several years in prison for grand theft and commercial burglary, and his benefit is $671 a month. During the 2 years he was in prison, SSI was not stopped until his conviction, and his father was receiving his benefit as his representative payee. Once the SS Administration calculated the period of payments while awaiting trial, they began to deduct a small amount from his future checks – as a recipient can not receive benefits while incarcerated. He is still having money taken out after 3 years out of prison.

    The father, a staunch conservative, used the SSI benefits to pay an attorney, and feels no responsibility to make up the shortfall in his son’s benefits – even though as the payee he should have notified SSI that his son was in jail awaiting trial, and not spent the money on a lawyer.

    By my estimate – Brewer’s son had a high paying job just before his illness induced rampage. Likely a state government appointment from mommy. He may have been eligible for $5 K a month in benefits.

    More evidence of a broken system – when the son of government employee who can afford to support her son and the cost of his illness instead relies on the Federal government, that she publicly mocks.

  13. He wasn’t ever employed was taking social security ever since he was a kid and then as adult because of his disability of being insane. Brewer didn’t tell the Feds he was in mental hosp just kept taking the money for years. She was supposed to be paying the hospital that money but that didnt happen either. Typical bagger !

  14. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s role in the collection of her son’s Social Security benefits was under investigat­ion for more than a year by federal authoritie­s trying to determine if about $75,000 in benefits was improperly paid on behalf of her son.

    Sources familiar with the investigat­ion said the case was referred to federal prosecutor­s, who have declined to pursue charges. However, sources said, Social Security officials are considerin­g efforts to recover the money through administra­tive procedures­. One described the case as “highly political.­”
    The precise scope of the probe could not be ascertaine­d because state and federal officials would not reveal the informatio­n, citing federal secrecy statutes and patient-co­nfidential­ity laws.”


  15. As most Arizonans know, Governor Jan Brewer’s maiden name is Drinkwine.

    Wags had plenty of fun with that — and with Brewer’s married name — when last year the record of her 1988 booze-rela­­ted accident surfaced, an incident in which officers from the Arizona Department of Public Safety wrote her up for driving while snockered.

    Arizona’s future chief executive, then a state senator, was handcuffed­­, driven home, and never charged with a DUI, though she admitted to DPS officers at the scene that she’d downed a scotch or two before ramming a van on Interstate 17.

    Call it “amnesty” for state legislator­­s. Not unlike the kind enjoyed by a fellow Republican­­, state Senator Scott Bundgaard, after his roadside fisticuffs with ex-girlfri­­end Aubry Ballard in February.


  16. The incident if anything, perhaps provides a glimpse into the pitfalls of public figures who are suspected of drinking while they politic, it can cause unintended consequenc­es, at least when the leader of the free world is winging into town, the pesky national press corps is just everywhere­.

    One can understand how the main stream media considers waving a finger in the face of the President unseemly, especially for a public official, like say a Governor.

    ~~ The problem is most of the main stream media, is unaware Governor Brewer’s nick name around the State capital is~~ Otis~~, a reference to the town drunk from Mayberry.~­~~

  17. Did you know…

    The attorney Brewer uses, one Linda Hauser, is the same one used by Pearce to get all the petitions against him disqualified?

    “It’s not the first time Hauser’s gone there. Her résumé on the website of her law firm, Gammage & Burnham, notes that she “represented ‘Bush for President’ before the Broward County [Florida] canvassing board during the 2000 presidential election recount.”

    Another vermin who has poisoned the well on her climb to the top…and Brewer was going to have her cretinous “Precious” sitting on the bench next to Scotty Bales?

    Oh hell no! I wonder if this one is connected to the one defending Arpio, one Eileen GilBride? Equally as “qualified” and chewed alive by the Az Supreme Court…

  18. Well, originally, she wasn’t…she was an “appointee”…and actually, the “Honorable Glendale Community College grad in Radiology” was appointed by sheer luck…

    “…As State Senator, Brewer sought legislation with the intention of creating an office of Lieutenant Governor in the state, arguing that holding the office of Secretary of State does not make a candidate qualified for Governor, and that the office should be filled by a member of the same party, should a vacancy arise…”

    And the “vacancy” arose…everybody knew that Napalitano sold out AZ for her own gain, as she always has*

    …how the cretin Brewer got re-elected is beyond the beyond!

    *Napalitano sold out all the little children in and around Warren Jeffs compound in the 90’s–the law was after Jeffs and his “family” knowing what was going; there were something like 17 cases of high level child abuse surround his “family” and Napalitano swept it all under the rug, to the disgust of the AG’s office (whom, after she left Terry Goddard went after Jeff’s aggressively along with the other AG’s in border states).

    Napalitano didn’t want to “upset” her chances for the Mormon vote in her bid for Governor…then, after she gets elected, she starts a “thing” on how much she loves all the little chill’dren and is going to revamp CPS, which has been a disaster ever since…

  19. OH-MY-GAWD!!!

    The real picture of these “gangsta’s” can be seen if you scroll down to the comments (with out the faces removed). These are under-aged young white males, teens, holding AK’s, Oozie-looking weapons, etc…and who took the picture? The person who gave them the guns in the first place? This is not just “intimidation” or a mere political statement, this is a death threat! These teens need to be tried as adults and locked up–who ever “supplied” the weapons, throw the key away…imagine if a brown skinned teens were photoed doing the same…would the law “post the picture” as if it’s “cute” and call it a “political free-speech”?

  20. Typical white woman syndrome when the meet an intelligent, articulate black man who does not bow down and takes them to task for their foolishness. She is an example of this sick society and the “wickedness in high places.” She got her two minutes of fame and continues to look and sound foolish with her sick pathetic antics. No wonder this country is in such a mess!

  21. Remember – she was NOT elected governor but ascended when Janet Napolitono moved to Homeland Security in 2009. Brewer has proven herself unfit to BE governor. Now it’s up to AZ citizens to throw her OUT of office. She likely won’t be – her anti-immigrant position is very popular – but her theatrics and lies might undermine even that. Let’s see if the voters of AZ are as smart as they think they are.

  22. Look into the history of the corrupt twisted incompetence that we routinely elect to office here in AZ. It won’t answer your questions, but it will show that there’s definitely a theme…

  23. You know what they say about Karma!??? She refused to allow organ transplants on those who needed them. She’s been extremely racist regarding immigration. The disrespect to the President was paramount, but there’s been so much disrespect of President Obama by the extreme right that they see it as normal now. I remember when Napolitano first alerted the public to the extreme right domestic terror groups and militia increasing and they came down on her really hard. I know there’s a lot of Arizona people who believe wholeheartedly in Sarah Palin and anything on the right. The best thing that Arizona has produced is the brave congresswoman who was gunned down by one of Arizona’s madmen. Her courage and spirit will rise above the Jan Brewer’s and Sarah Palin’s of the world and bring the power of positive humanity back to the forefront of the US. The one good thing about all this blatant racism raging over the airwaves these days is that it makes it clear. People can see it is what it is. There’s no doubt. Hopefully it will help our beloved President on election day. Please rise above the hate. Let’s get our President reelected and vote out the Tea Party everywhere possible.

  24. Bless every member of the “secret people” :) and my heartfelt thanks to them for keeping our First Family safe.

    Brewer has called up scorpions for breakfast; may she have them for lunch and dinner as well.

  25. She’s gotten away with so much, she now believes she’s completely above the law. And it would appear that she is.

  26. Ha! The name matched with the picture is what drew me here… Couldn’t have done any better… Having lived a few years in Arizona politics there are a little strange to say the least. When I was a resident in Az the Gov was Evan Meecham… And with Sheriff Joe still running around if I were still living in Az today I would just blame it all on the heat.. But let’s not forget there is no global warming :)

  27. Hey, Arkansas resents that! Faubus is dead, Clinton & Huckabee have moved on to greener pastures. Our current governor is a progressive democrat who knows how to behave ethically. Please don’t lump us in with the crazy-bots!

  28. She did get elected in 2010 on the popularity SB1070 (the anti-immigration bill). The video above was from the 2010 election’s one and only debate.

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